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What’s your “individual capacity”…? To know what you don’t know, yet don’t know that you don’t know, but desperately need to know? (And what does this have to do with starting a small business or personal growth?)

The surprising, little understood answer to the above question reveals the real reason why so many business ideas never get started or simply don’t last. Understanding this could not only get you started, it could literally save your business life. Do you have the individual capacity to start and grow a business or to set a personal goal in life and “go for it”? And just what do I mean by capacity? Let’s start with a typical Natural Science analogy. I planted two fruit vines, both from the same supplier and both were similar sized seedlings, both healthy looking. Both of these seedlings were planted in the same kind of soil only a few feet apart and both were given the same level of care and water. Over a similar period of initial growth, one grew at twice the rate of the other and produced little fruit, while the slow growing one turned out to be the

most productive over time. Why is it so? The simple answer is that every plant, like every individual is unique, having different individual capacity due to individual genetic make-up. Something built into our “seed” over generations makes us what we are and provides us with our individual genetic capacity. In other words, what we do and achieve as individuals is going to be largely (although not totally) a product of our genetic capacity. Environment, education, training, resources, opportunity etc., will also play a part in whether we are able to achieve the full extent of our individual capacity, but the overriding factor is still likely to be genetic. One of our goals in life should be to grow in awareness of our individual capacity, so does this mean we can never grow beyond our individual capacity? The answer to that question is “yes” and “no”…! To understand why, let us consider another Natural Science analogy. 2 Copyright © Bob Neville 2019

What happens if you plant a seedling in a pot, one that normally has a capacity to grow very large?

Basically, the potted seedling will reach a capacity limit of growth due to its environment. In other words, the limiting environment of the pot will strangle the seedling’s capacity to expand its root system and therefore it will not have the capacity to take advantage of environmental conditions that would otherwise enable it to grow much larger. So if we as individuals have a much greater genetic capacity to achieve any personal goal, and if we limit our potential to grow (for example, by planting a business goal or personal goal in a pot) by being too

self-reliant or trying to be everyone and do everything ourselves) then we will soon reach the limit of our individual capacity, due to restraints of environment, time, collective resources, knowledge and experience. That capacity may be well below what is needed to achieve your goal or your full potential. Now, consider, what would happen if we take the seedling out of the pot and replant it in unrestricted good soil? Obviously the root system will have adequate capacity to grow and search out supporting nutrients well beyond the trunk of the tree and as a result, it will be able to grow to achieve its real natural capacity.

Read that one again and think about it? There is a strong message there. It’s like walking alone through a forest thinking that you have everything under control, but you don’t know that you are about to place your next step on quicksand. However, if you had a guide who had been through that same forest before, you would have been warned about something that you did not know and did not know that you did not know, yet needed to know. By having a guide who is able to show you the things that you need to know at just the right time, you can increase your capacity to move forward towards your full capacity.

These same natural principles apply to starting any business or in setting an achieving any personal goal. Too often we will limit our capacity to grow because we try to do too much and be too many people within a refined environment with too little resource capacity, thus making it impossible to reach our full capacity. So if we want to grow beyond this to attain our maximum capacity, we must be prepared to plant our seeds of personal fulfilment in an environment where it can grow unrestrained. To do this, we must first be aware of our natural capacity and just as important, what are our capacity shortfalls. We must come to know what it is that we don’t know, but don’t know that we don’t know, so that we can do something about it.

The simple lesson is that potential to increase our individual capacity comes through realizing and acknowledging that we can’t reach that individual capacity alone. We will always need the help of others, to greater or lesser extent, directly or indirectly. The biggest challenge ever for (particularly for anyone going into small/micro-business) is understanding this simple lesson and being prepared to do something about it, because regardless of coming to understand it and regardless of our apparent stated willingness to seek 3 Copyright © Bob Neville 2019

help and involve others in order to extend our capacity, we will still have a genetic limit to our capacity to do so. In other words, back to our analogy: Even if we have a guide through the forest who points out the presence of the quicksand at just the right time, we all still have some degree of urge to try to walk across it because the distance is shorter than walking around it. We don’t want to go to the extra time or expense of walking around because we want to get there faster. This attempts to explain the greatest mystery ever facing an individual going into business or why so many people never achieve their dreams. That is, (in one word) “mindset.” In spite of the fact that they might acknowledge their capacity shortfalls, they will still be reluctant to do fully what needs to be done to completely eliminate those shortfalls and risks, simply because that would require working against powerful genetic drives that are constantly pulling them in the other direction. Indeed, this principle can apply to each of us in just about every aspect of life, not merely in a businessstart-up sense.

So where does all of this leave us? It leads us to understand that there is a gap between what we realise is our existing individual capacity and our capacity to fully make the changes needed.

In other words, while you may come to realise that your individual capacity to climb a mountain might be 60 percent, and while you are willing to do and learn what is needed to fulfil the remaining 40 percent, even with this effort, your genetic capacity may still only enable you to reach 80 percent. How then do you fulfil the remaining 20 percent?

A separate dimension of Micro Facilitation, call Personal Path-Finder, can mentor individual who are “searching” for the pathway to their own personal fulfilment. (Read my Website article titled: “Facing Personal Challenge and Change”) Individuals who have a business idea can not only have the apparent viability of that idea tested freely and confidentially, they can also “hire a guide” to support

Simply, you need to search out and accept the support of someone who can close the gap someone whose own unique understanding and experience fills the gap where your own is lacking. You know, all of those individuals who gained fame for climbing the world’s highest mountains did not have the capacity to do it alone – they had help – a lot of it. They had guides with local knowledge to help along the best path, at the right time – guides who helped to carry their supplies, help them build their base camps and get them focused. Simply, none of them would ever have got there on their own – no, not one.

them along the initial stages of the climb. The MicroFacilitator knows the best tracks. No dangerous, risky short-cuts, but also, no dead-end diversions along tracks that take you nowhere but round and round in circles and getting nowhere. When you finally embrace this process and get beyond the quicksand, you will have reached a crucial milestone.

A process called MicroFacilitation addresses this challenge for individual who have an idea for a potential business, or to assist those in a small or micro-business who need help.

You will have then broken through the debilitating mindset barrier of selfreliance into a world of understanding that now with the support of a caring and reliable guide you can seek to actually increase your overall capacity to reach your goal. In other words, one who can mentor you as you seek to fill the elusive, foreboding capacity-gap that takes you around the quicksand and safely across the chasms of doubt and despair? The process of MicroFacilitation helps to open the door of the mind to one’s full individual capacity through the support of others so that you can have every potential to achieve your goal. Finally, please remember, just as the Mountain Climbers need others to get there, your business idea, or finding your pathway to personal fulfilment faces just as much danger if you try to go it all alone. Will you embrace this understanding, or will you simply go on not knowing what you don’t know and don’t know that you don’t know yet desperately need to know, but even more amazing, still don’t want to know. Contact a Micro-Facilitator watch the Video: https://www.youtu MVA9s03NP4&t= 11s

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What's your Capacity  

To know what you don’t know, yet don’t know that you don’t know.

What's your Capacity  

To know what you don’t know, yet don’t know that you don’t know.