Bob Neville

Currently working throughout New South Wales Vic Border to Qld Border, AU

WELCOME TO COMMUNITY GOLD RESOURCE CENTRE After more than 30 years’ experience and mentoring of economic/social challenges of smaller communities I have seen the same challenges and mistakes arise time and time again. Consider: Beyond water, every community is dependent on sustainability of their micro-business, which accounts for at least 84percent of all private sector businesses by number, or even as much as 100percent. As micro-business/services diversity declines in smaller communities, so too does livability and their community. My life has been focused on how these and other individual and community social challenges can be addressed through around 300 FREE ARTICLES and FREE PUBLICATIONS. Go to "STACKS" for related topics. Please feel free to contact me via email regarding any related topic. Most can be DOWNLOADED freely as PDF's. Professional in-Community or Online Support (Community or Council Workshops/Projects) is available anywhere in Australia, New Zealand or Pacific Region, but I have no sales pitch. Contact Email: