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Greetings and welcome to a preview of Round 3 at the Worlds Greatest Football Club. A slightly shorter version this week due to (1) last weeks being far too long and (2) a mid-week Kangaroo Island holiday for the writer.

ROUND 2 REVIEW One of the more remarkable rounds of matches at the AUFC in living memory. The C-Bombs, despite drawing level halfway through the last, ran out of legs and ended up losing by 4 goals to Lock n Keys and the Bastards destroyed the Roving Hams, but aside from those two “blowouts” get a hold of the other results:  A grade lost by 1 point despite having 14 more scoring shots, 4.21 to 7.4!!  B grade won by 7 points thanks to a late JC Superstar special  Sugar Ray & The Cowboys from Hell won by 1 point with the Nancy boy in his debut for the club kicking the winning goal with 10 seconds to go. Unfortunately after the goings on in round 1 Ray was waiting for the Sunday mail to go to print before singing the song.  The Chardonnays won by 6 points against Smallsbury.  The Scum also lost by 1 point in Homemaker Howie’s 250th game, in which he kicked 4 goal. So, 5 games and a combined margin of 16 points!! Incredible stuff. Anyway, we ended up with 5 out of 8 and a P1 thanks to the Greys flogging (even though they don’t officially keep the score, especially if they lose) of If-the-cap-fitz-roy on Sunday at Bob Neil 1. The round officially concluded with the Scum/B*stards degustation at Bunny’s Mantra restaurant. You may remember that last year Darragh Coughlan and Keith (the Irish boys) ended up $100 odd lighter in the wallet from an accidental taxi fare to Freeling after having a little luck with the ladies after the dinner. This year they managed to walk out of the Casino in time to realise they had already missed Dawn they did the only sensible thing at that time of the day......went across to the Strathmore Hotel for a counter meal and more beers! And Tyro convinced all first year B*stards to dress up in drag.

As always, detailed results/reports are on and you can also find this weeks teams on the site.

BOB NEIL PHOTO OF THE WEEK No surprises here.

ROUND 3 PREVIEW – FOOTER IN THE PARKLANDS Well this is the schedule that dreams are made of. All seven games being played in the Adelaide Uni Parklands with games being held at Bob Neil 1, 2 and 4 on Saturday. Only thing missing is a game at Bob Neil 3 (Adelaide Oval). Div 2 (Aussie Bob & The Contract Killers) Div 2R (Spud O'Rielly & the non-fighting Irish) Div 6 (Cyril & the C-Bombs) Div 6R (Sugar Ray & the Cowboys from Hell) Div 8 (The Chardonnay Socialists) Div 8R (The Scum) Div C1 (The B*stards) Div Over 35s (The Greys)


PAC OC at Bob Neil # 4 (Park 9) PAC OC at Bob Neil # 4 (Park 9) Woodville South at Bob Neil # 1 Woodville South Bob Neil # 1 PAC OC at Bob Neil # 2 at 10:15 PAC OC at Bob Neil # 2 at 10:15 Old Iggies at Bob Neil # 1 at 10:15 A much required bye

The Contract Killers take on the Tarnished Spooners at Bob Neil # 4 and will be looking to finally get on the board in season 2012. Its apparently ladies day at # 4 so no better time to get into gear and put on an impressive performance for the crowd. Into the team come a couple of hyphens, Roberts-Thomson & HurleyWellington (both recovered), and Heathy & Alesc who are both returning from illtimed weddings. Speaking of that, Aussie Bob himself is unavailable on Saturday (and not because of Blacks Caviar, tempting as it is) due to brother Dan’s wedding so Bruce Willis himself is back in the A grade hot seat for the first time since the 2006 Div 1 grand final. The Non-Fighting Irish are, by their standards virtually unchanged (4 changes) with Jono Hamer & Evo coming back into their team from the Contract Killers. Cyril & the C-bombs haven’t had a great week on the injury front so will be going in with a reasonably understrength team against Woodville South North East & West, whilst it appears as though the Cowboys from Hell are also in need of numbers given the number of calls that Sugar Ray was seen making on Thursday night. Chairman himself even got a call but fortunately had a good excuse (important function at Morphettville). The Scum and Chards both take on the Tarnished Spooners with the Scum having an early start at 10:15 presumably to assist the tarninshed ones with their ladies day? Anyway, with our own Blacks Caviar running at 3:43 I’m sure that our blokes won’t kick up too much of a fuss with the early start. Lastly, the B*stards, who have hit some form take on the Very Old Ignatians in the curtain raiser to the Div 6 curtain raiser. Hold your Bowlies on Saturday night will be hosted by the B*stards own Rocky Austin and apparently costumes will be involved, which sounds promising. Always good to get Rocky’s HYB hosting gig out of the way early in the season before he gets his customary ban from the pub in the middle of the year. As always, $8 schnittys, $5.50 pints and 2 4 1 vodkas from 9-12 are on offer. Lets ensure we keep up the momentum at our brilliant new venue.

THE SILVER MULLET Check out this great snap of two absolute club legends, Pete Abrey on the left and Ange the B grade goal umpire on the right. Personally I can’t split them, both brilliant (men and mullets) in their own right.

MATCH REPORT OF THE WEEK – B*STARDS V OVINGHAM Can't complain with a ten goal victory in the rain away at Ovingham. The Postage Stamp park is definitely not conducive to soft uni pooftah football, but we shook the tag and showed the larger bodied opposition how to play wet weather football. Prior to the game the boys were quiet inside the poorly lit changerooms, only the assuring sound of the buzzing fluorescent light and the occasional 70+ carriage train could be heard. However, as the rain slowly started seeping through the ceiling we knew we were up against it. Fortunately we had a secret weapon, no pre-match speech from Daddsy. No longer would the focus on football be taken away by the president's crude remarks, we would not be distracted. The focus was playing hard ground football and getting the ball forward at any cost. The first term started well with Del Shannon up front marking and converting while a feisty Chalk and Cheese tackled brilliantly in our forward line to set up further goals. The play was hard and the boys in the back lines had them stitched up. Jonathon Agnew and the Pine Cone, along with Little Rocky Austin the three-quell played a game of hard uncompromising football which would set us up for each burst forward. The first gamers of "Matthew Haydn Brett Lee", "Peter Coombe" and "Bob Neil Gray" all played a tough game, not bothering backing into packs and sliding head first to win the respect of their new team mates. At half time our finishing three midfielders only had a total of 4.5 games so the future is looking good for the b*stards. First year, deemed "Tyro's love child' by Doc Reid due to the long blonde locks they both shared at 19 played a Socartes McNeil inspired game getting the hard ball on the ground and slutting a few goals to boot and showing that you don't have to have red hair to be abused by not only the crowd, but the opposing umpire too. The only cost of the game was Baby Gaga who possibly gained a small fracture in the face and the Ovingham coach who has since stepped down, coaching his last game - the B*stards are now officially "coach killers"

Its worth including the A grade coaches report from last week as well given that Trimmers apology is quite humorous: I must begin by expressing my apologies to the players, officials and supporters of both clubs for my petulant child-like spat on the final siren. It was probably quite humorous really, to those watching from a distance? But all I have now is a sore leg and some embarrassing memories which take me back to my primary years as a tennis brat when the dummy rarely stayed in my mouth. I set a poor example and embarrassed not only myself (and my mother who was there let me know in no uncertain terms how much of a twat I was) but the players and the club. A much better performance, especially in regards to our competitiveness. We fought the game out to the bitter end. Unfortunately a fairly average first 10 minutes of the match where we conceded 3 goals - and the blatantly obvious goal kicking shemozzle, cost us the win. I was really pleased to see a huge lift in our intensity when Crouchy, Brad and Jack made great tackles in the first quarter. It was the spark we needed to get the fire burning. From then on the team played with more urgency and passion and are on the right track. It was pleasing to see a marked response from the midfield and a few players who were put ‘on notice’ regarding their previous performance. Let’s keep the intensity, passion and enjoyment on the incline now and continue to gather momentum. We’ve now had a few games together and it’s time to cut loose. Let’s look to engage our opponents from the opening siren (rather than 10 mins in) and enjoy playing hard, aggressive and exciting football.

UPCOMING EVENTS – 80’S REUNION Ok so the first big event we will be holding is the 1980s reunion next week at Bob Neil # 1 when the A grade host Riverside (now officially merged into Portland but in the interests of the 80s theme we’ll go with Rivvies). No great science to this day, if you played or were involved in the 80s then get along for some discounted food and drinks and to catch up with old mates. Mr 80s himself, Rulebook, will be hosting the day and the long room will be open from 12:15 till 6:30, after which time its off to the cumby for an 80s inspired Hold your Bowlies. Lock it in the diary and get along. Other events as follows, note the change of date and locked in venue for the Blacks Ball. Miraculously, it’s the same venue as last year with a couple of very reasonable stipulations in place! Date 05-May-12 19-May-12 02-Jun-12 23-Jun-12 30-Jun-12 07-Jul-12 21-Jul-12 04-Aug-12 04-Aug-12 16-Sep-12 28-Sep-12

Event 80's Reunion Day Sponsors & Members Day 70's Reunion Day Quiz Night Premiership Reunion Day Ladies Day 90's Reunion Day Blacks Ball 1962 Premiership Reunion Lunch Super Sunday Annual Dinner

Venue Uni Oval Long Room @ 1:00 Uni Oval Long Room @ 1:00 Uni Oval Long Room @ 1:00 To be Advised, 7:30pm Uni Oval Long Room @ 1:00 Uni Oval Long Room @ 1:00 Uni Oval Long Room @ 1:00 Dom Polski Centre, 8:00pm Uni Oval Long Room @ 1:00 The Cumby Adelaide Uni

Either call or visit the Cumby to reserve your spot on the bus. Sounds like a terrifically loose day so be good to get a solid Blacks contingent along.

CORPORATE SPONSORS Sponsors Contact John Waltham Darren Thomas Alex Worthington Grant Miles Matt Hobby Andrew Cosh

Sponsors Business The Cumby T & R Pastoral Angove Family Winemakers Hayes Knight McCarthur Recruitment Minter Ellison Lawyers


Player sponsors and paid up members will be updated from next week (sorry, now two weeks delayed!).

A/B GRADE FIXTURES 2012 Round 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Date 14/04/12 (Sat) 21/04/12 (Sat) 28/04/12 (Sat) 05/05/12 (Sat) 12/05/12 (Sat) 19/05/12 (Sat) 26/05/12 (Sat) 02/06/12 (Sat) 16/06/12 (Sat) 23/06/12 (Sat) 30/06/12 (Sat) 07/07/12 (Sat) 14/07/12 (Sat) 21/07/12 (Sat) 28/07/12 (Sat) 04/08/12 (Sat) 11/08/12 (Sat) 18/08/12 (Sat)

Opposition Flinders Park Old Ignatians Prince Alfred OC Portland Walkerville Tea Tree Gully Modbury Port District Eastern Park Flinders Park Old Ignatians Prince Alfred OC Portland Walkerville Tea Tree Gully Modbury Port District Eastern Park

Venue University Oval Hunter Park Park 9 University Oval Walkerville University Oval Modbury Reserve University Oval Dwight Reserve Flinders Park University Oval University Oval Port Reserve University Oval Petaringa Oval University Oval Largs Reserve University Oval

AUFC Round 3 Newsletter 27/4/12  

AUFC Round 3 Newsletter 27/4/12

AUFC Round 3 Newsletter 27/4/12  

AUFC Round 3 Newsletter 27/4/12