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Disney Sparkling Princess – A charming Sleeping Beauty Doll Open the doors to fairylands to your little girl with the Disney Princess Sleeping Beauty . From time to time, the charming fairylands have captured the imagination of little girls. The tale of sleeping beauty is very popular among them. If you have a beloved little girl at your home she would really adore this Disney princess doll. Girls love to have pretty dolls. Tell her the fairytale of the sleeping beauty, how she was cursed by a witch when she was still a baby and fell asleep at the age of 16. You can tell your child the vain attempts of the queen to get her awake, and how the whole castle was bound by a spell to sleep until the princess wakes up. And finally about the handsome prince who found the castle and how he freed the princess from the curse, beautiful and happier than ever. The sleeping beauty doll looks every inch an adorable little princess in the signature gown. It is jewel-toned and has glorious glitter details that every girl would be attracted to. The princess also sports a crown on her golden mane that gives her the royal touch. Her little pink shoes can be removed and kept aside. Your girl might create an imaginary world or play with the Disney princess doll in some story narrating fashion. It is certain that her imagination would fly high and she would play games

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narrating fashion. It is certain that her imagination would fly high and she would play games involving the sleeping beauty with her other dolls. T h e sleeping beauty doll is a great gift item for little girls on birthdays and special occasions. The doll comes with accessories such as the jeweled tiara, a sparkling necklace and an accompanying scepter. There are also other dolls in the series which are worthy to be collected. You can visit the Nebraska Furniture Mart (NFM) which has a wide range of products at reasonable prices.

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