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Worst censorship in countries around world Committee to Protect Journalists top ten list: • Eritieria • North Korea • Syria • Iran • Equatorial Guinea • Uzbekistan • Burma • Saudi Arabia • Cuba • Belarus Eriteria – accused by Navi Pillay of 5,000 killings and 10,000 political prisoners. They have been ruled by one party called the People’s Front for Democracy and Justice and one leader the president called Isaias Afewerki since independence from Ethiopia in 1992. No other political parties are allowed. No elections have been held since independence. They have been called for an cancelled. All privately owned media was outlawed in 2001. In 2004 the US state department called eriteria a Country of Particular Concern. Government controlled all of the internet, local and nation press North Korea – topped list of CPJ most censored countries until 2012. Topped CPJ list in 2006. Radio and Televison are locked to government frequencies. Content is delivered by the (KCNA) Korean Central News Agency. Internet access is illegal in north korea and only available for a few government officials through a Chinese connection. The rest of North Korea’s citizen’s only have access to the countries own internet called KWANGMYONG. Only a small number of foreign journalists are allowed in each yea and they are accompanied everywhere they go. News reports claim that China and USA were to blame for the Korean War. They have covered up the existence of torture and labour camps and are estimated to have between 150,000 - 200,000 political prisoners.

Worst countries for censorship in the world  

worst countries for censorship in the world

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