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The script is vitally important because it lets the actors know what they have to do and when and how to do it. The advantage it has over the shooting script is that it doesn’t include lots of technical information like camera angels that doesn’t concern the actors. Actors could be hindered by having all this external information because it could distract them. The script is essential because it contains the stage directions that tell actors where to go and what to and how to do things. It’s essential to include detailed stage directions as well as dialogue because actors need to know how to do things. Also scripts are often the piece of pre production material that companies and investors base their decision on, of whether to get involved in a project. Therefore spelling and grammar are very The stage directions in my script weren’t very important. The dialogue also should be detailed but that is because all of the cast and something that actors could easily say. There crew knew had a good knowledge of the location we were filming in as that is where they shouldn’t be any tongue twisters. Experienced go to school. So I therefore didn’t feel the need writers such as Graham Lineham (IT crowd, Father Ted) advice writers to read out the to describe the buildings and surroundings around me as I would if I was filming in a distant dialogue as they are writing. location not on the school site or just outside the school site. The script was very beneficial as it helped me to place the dialogue and stage directions in the right places.

The shooting script is essential for the cast as it lets them know their role. The cameramen need to know what camera shot to be using at any specific moment. Some shoot scripts include information for other members of the crew, such as it might state that the sound should be lower for specific sequence or shot than the rest of the project. The shooting script is very important to the director as well as they need to coordinate all of the technical aspects of the production. This is essential as the director and the writer can often be two different people. So the shooting script could be a massive bridge between them, because sometimes the writer and director might not meet very often or at all sometimes. My shooting script was very helpful to me when filming and when editing. Because it helped me to order the shots in post production, because I didn’t shoot them chronically, so I needed to order them in post productions. I stuck to the shooting script in adverts 2 and 3, but I diverted from the shooting script in advert 1 because I discover that the windows didn’t open wide enough for the attacker character to stick out his hand in the way I wanted him too.

The shot list is used to order the camera shots. It’s advantage over the shooting script is that it’s more visually accessible. You can clearly see the basic information such as the shot number, on screen action and shot duration. Where as it’s harder to extract that information from the shooting script, because it’s mixed in with dialogue and stage directions. I didn’t find the shot list useful as I didn’t actually need it. I just filmed according to the shooting script as I needed to organize and the shots and the onscreen action at the same time.

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