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Thomas Tallis School – BTEC Programmes Observation Record Form Learner:

Luis Sanchez

Program me:

BTEC National Diploma in Creative Media Production (TV & Film)


Unit Name:

Communication Skills for Creative Media Production

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Description of activity undertaken (pleasebe as specific as possible) The student completed a period of research on their chosen brand/product including basic history, prior advertising,  SWOT analysis, place in market and  target audience; participated in several ideas creation workshops; developed  a range of advertising ideas, and used the material and knowledge gained to develop a presentation pitch for a TV  Commercial production. In pairs students then peer reviewed their presentations and agreed next steps for  improvements.

Assessment criteria (to which the activity provides evidence)

P2, M2, D2, P3, M3, D3, P4, M4, D4, P5, M5, D5

How the activity meets the requirements of the assessment and grading criteria (please explain how the learner met the criteria and the qualitative aspects of their performance)

Luis made a strong and engaging start by immediately jumping straight into his proposed ideas. His voice was clear and he seemed confident, but occasionally his use of space in relation to the screen affected his impact. It was nice to see Prezi used as a multimedia presentation tools for this topic as it allowed hima professional fluidity of presentation. The presentation was clearly proof read and spell/grammar checked but did still contain errors. He covered all relevant information combining, images, text, AV etc and embedded those into his Prezi effectively. There was the occasional reading from slides but on the whole he spoke confidently with a strong general knowledge of his product and the industry using appropriate advertising and audience terminology. He also recovered well when faced with some technical issues that were not his responsibility. Grade awarded: M2, M3, M4, M5

Assessor’s name:

Tom DW

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Level 3 Communication Skills Observations  

this is something or other.

Level 3 Communication Skills Observations  

this is something or other.