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IMG 9885 I don’t like this photo because it’s too bright. You can’t clearly se the background. The contrast is too high. The whole photo has a bright monotone and white monotone. This is probably because the aperture is 5.6, which is too high. I made the ISO 400 to try and counter there isn’t enough time to let a lot of light in. I think the reason the photo was too bright was because the shutter speed was to low. I set it to 1/500, which wasn’t quick enough.

IMG 9882

This photo is even worse. I kept the same shutter speed at 1/500 and the same ISO at 400 but I lowered the aperture to 4.5. This made things worse because the lens was open even wider so more light came in. this photo is really hard t look at. If the sun is shinning that much I should have set a low aperture of maybe about f26 and ISO of 400. I think I got the shutter speed right for a jump shot because I’m not blurred when I jump in either photo.

IMG 9876 This photo had a bit of a shallow depth of focus. Mr Hodges wasn’t in focus as much as I was but he was still clearly visible and not to blurred. A good depth of field for me would be where you can’t tell difference in sharpness but in this one you can. This is probably because the ISO is too low at 200. If I wanted to get the background and Mr Hodges in focus I should have used a bigger ISO 400. I let enough light in. we took in a shadow because it was such a bight say. The shutter speed was 1/640 so I didn’t let too much light in. I think it worked because this image isn’t monotone, which is what gives this picture good colour saturation.

IMG 9879 IMG 9879 This photo has a better depth of focus. Mr Hodges looks less blurred. They are still standing at the same distance. I made the aperture smaller at f22 to cut out the light, which might have been a reason why the photo was a bit blurred. Because even though I was in the shadow Mr Hodges was in the sun. I also lowered the shutter speed to decrease the amount of light that got into the shot. I moved the camera slightly so I was more in the centre of the shot and Mr Hodges was more to the side. I did that so I could fill a bit of the empty space left on the right hand side of the screen from the last shot. I left the ISO the same so I didn’t make it too dark.

Depth of field and Jump shot analysis  
Depth of field and Jump shot analysis  

it's an analysis of my depth of field and jump shots.