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EXT. EMPTY STREET. DAY The victim is peacefully walking down a quiet peaceful street on a sunny day. VOICE OVER (V.O.) Life can be unpredictable, anything could happen to anyone at anytime without warning. So you need someone you can trust. He walks to the crossing and stands there and looks both ways before crossing. VOICE OVER (V.O.) BUPA is a limited by Guarantee Company, which means all our profit goes into treating you. The victim walks across the road still calm and peaceful. There is no traffic. He walks onto the pavement of the other side of the road and walks in the opposite position to what he was just walking in. VOICE OVER (V.O.) We provide some of the best health care around. We have trained specialists to meet your needs. We will be ready to see you what ever happens, whenever it happens. So come in and see us. He walks calmly to the end of road where there’s a corner he must turn round. Suddenly the attacker wearing a cardboard box comes round the corner and runs him down. The victim lays on the floor hurt as the man in the cardboard box runs off. VOICE OVER (V.0.) BUPA. PAUSE VOICE OVER (V.O.) You never know.

Bupa advert 2 script.  
Bupa advert 2 script.  

This is the second bupa advert script.