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Attempts to contact BBFC The BBFC is a non governmental organisation set up in 1912 and funded by the British film industry, It’s responsible for classifying and censoring films released in the United Kingdom. It’s also required by statue to classify videos, DVDs and some video games. They may be a good pro censorship voice to put in our documentary however they are one of the more lenient censorship bodies that have often in the past been lax on censorship if they left the work was of artistic merit particularly when John Trevelyan was director from 22 May 1958 – 1971 1 July so they may give more of a balanced even anti censorship view point. They would certainly be very interesting to interview for our documentary. I asked roughly the same questions however I added in some questions which spoke more specifically about film censorship such as ‘Do you think films are or have been made worst by censorship?’ and do you think films are or have been made better by film censorship?’. Email I sent them: I'm making a documentary on media censorship which examines the morality and impact of media censorship. I want it to be a balanced documentary which airs both the negatives and the positives of media censorship and it would be great to interview someone from the BBFC. I have pre prepared questions but you can answer however you please and talk about anything you want, preferably recent incidents or information relevant to today however it doesn't necessarily have to be topical. It's a BTEC media project made by Philistine Studios that will be go out online in March with hopes to maybe showing it at film festivals. We already have an interview with a journalist from the Sunday Times. We are hoping to make a documentary that is hopefully a lot more balanced than a lot of the other censorship documentaries as we will feature both the benefits and disadvantages of media censorship. For example we will question whether media censorship ruins audience’s enjoyment of media projects, then we will question whether the argument that a lack of censorship is responsible for tragedies like columbine and the batman killings. We want to spark a broader debate on media censorship. It would fit into the expository mode of documentary. I'm hoping to attract an older reformist audience as well as a younger audience also so this could be a good chance to get your organisations message to a new younger audience. The questions are quiet open broad so you can raise whatever point you would like to raise. I may ask more specific follow up questions depending on what answers you give. I also ask questions such as 'could you state the different forms of media censorship' so we can include the answers with other interviewee's answers in a vox pops style using montage editing. Don't worry if you don't have answers for all of the questions. There's a lot of questions and we don't expect everyone to answer all of them. Here are the questions: •

How important do you think the media is in modern society?

What is media censorship?

Could you state the different forms of media censorship?

Could you state the different bodies that impose media censorship?

Why do you think the media is censored?

Do you think films are or have been made worst by censorship?

Do you think films are or have been made better by film censorship?

Can the media more specifically films and television actually be held responsible for mass murder?

Do you think the media is hiding anything the public needs to know and could significantly effect an election?

Do you think Media censorship can affect national security?

Do you think media censorship has the power to lead to an autocratic state? And what role does it play?

How free do you think media is in the UK?

Do you think current media censorship is effective in the UK?

We hope you would send someone over for an interview it would be great to have your views in our documentary. We will send you a copy of the documentary prior to release so you can comment on anything you weren't happy with regarding the interview. We hope you can send someone to donate their time. Thanks for reading.

Attempts to contact the BBFC  
Attempts to contact the BBFC  

This is my attempts to contact the BBFC