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Guinness and safe style window essay In this essay I will analyze the Guinness and safe style window adverts. I will have a look at their persuasive strategies and how they achieve them and how they use them to advertise their product. Both adverts are aimed at different people. Guinness’s target audience will probably be e to c1 males of 18 and over, any ethnicity or religion. This is because of the traditional stereotype attached to drinking beer. The Safe style window adverts are aimed at d to c1 probably about 30 to 60, males of any ethnicity or religion. This is because males assume the gender role of fixing things and young people in there 20s have to much of an active social life to notice things around the house. They are both aimed at mainstreamers. Both adverts use humor. Both adverts use visual humor and facial expressions. In the Guinness advert it uses the surprised facial expressions of the animals to humanize them and convey that they know it's a strange situation. The use of diegetic sound also conveys the strangeness of the situation by adding realism. The animal at the end not liking the drink gives the advert a bit of humanity; it speaks to audience by making the animals identify with the audience. Also in the advert they don’t reveal what they are selling until the end by using the novelty of the idea to surprise the audience and to make the audience smile which is what mainstream audiences want from an advert not to have to think to much just to smile and that is also what they do in the safe style windows. Safe style windows advert are more tongue and cheek. The advert takes the mick out of itself with the text and saying 'Bogof' in the initials, showing it knows it’s cheesy and cliché. The use of sound in this advert also humanizes it and also takes the mick out of the advert with the presenters loud northern accent, and the sound of the windows hitting the floor and the fact that you can hear them make a loud crash makes it seem more over the top. The Guinness advert has got a high budget and uses sophisticated special effects where as safe style windows is low budget and uses that cheapness to make it even more comical. Guinness adverts also use inversion in the tag line 'good things come to those who wait'. Some people complain about the fact that it takes a long time for a beer to rise so they can drink it, so they have used a famous inspirational phrase and turned

the criticism into a selling point. It also surprises the audience and makes the audience smile because it supports the narrative, which might be why it's at the end of the advert and it also so makes it memorable. So people will remember the tagline and the theme of the advert and there for remember the product because it’s closely linked with the theme. Unlike chocolate adverts like Maltesers, in which the theme only has a vague relation to the product. The Guinness advert also uses gluttony. It uses gluttony in the composition at the beginning by making the beer the focus of the shot and at the end. The camera zooms in to the Guinness beers, which are center of shot. The camera zooms in to make the beer look bigger which is perfectly synchronized with nondiegetic trumpet sound of the grand finale of the song. Also the diegetic sound of the men sipping beer and putting the glasses down own the bar at the beginning uses gluttony because it’s quiet an identifiable sign of pleasure. And the fact that was the only point in the advert with no non-diegetic sound made it stand out even more. Safe style windows use avarice in a clear over exaggerated way. Text on the screen shows special offers like buy one free and also uses the sound of the cash register to draw people’s attention. This also shows they are targeting the e to c1 audience. The Guinness advert is subtler in conveying its theme. Also in the advert the character knocks over the windows to show you can get another one free. It’s giving the audience the power to knock one over or throw it away; It's making the audience feel empowered. The Guinness advert also uses conformity by the fact that there is a three shot throughout the advert and has actions matched of them walking through out at roughly equal speeds to show unity. And the fact they are all males and drinking in a pub which is a stereotypical man’s past time conveys a desire for just being one of the lads. A lot of Guinness adverts use unity and male bonding because the product is mostly bought by males in their mid 20s. This advert also portrays the men as going on a sort of adventure like in buddy comedies. It uses conformity because it wants to relate the audience’s desire to fit in and go on adventures with friends. Both adverts use security in different ways. The Guinness advert uses conformity and wants to make the audience feel that by drinking this beer you will fit in. It is making them

secure against the fear of them getting left out, that's why it's set in the pub because it's an environment where most people would drink beer so it could relate to a mainstream audience. The safe style windows advert uses security by giving you extra windows and showing a man knocking them over to show audiences even if a window breaks it's fine. Also there are lots of professionals in costumes to make people feel secure that it's a proper business and it will be all right. It’s very visual which is good for a mainstream audience. Both adverts are very visual. The safe style windows advert to explain things to the audience in basic terminology and make them feel secure and like they are getting something for nothing and not being cheated, where as the Guinness advert uses the cinematography to attract people’s attention. There are lots of adventurous camera shots like birds eye view shots and tracking pan shots. It’s filmed in the style of a Hollywood film trailer. It uses CGI like the spawning of the dinosaurs and lots of diegetic sound effects to grab the audience, such as the sound of the dinosaurs and the sound of the asteroid. Also the cross fades through out that allow for the audience to see the evolution grab the audience and surprise them. A lot of the advert hasn't got much to do with beer. It’s just used to draw people’s attention but it brings the beer into the advert at the end so that’s the last thing people will see. It takes more care in aesthetics than the safe style windows advert because it’s got enough money to do that. It lives a lasting impression on the audience and is more a work of art than the safe style window advert. I think both adverts are good but safe style windows use of avarice isn't brilliant because it's not ideal to have a spare window they are best bought individually or in need of emergency because having an extra window lying around will take up room and break easily. Also the advert breaks the 180degree rule when he kneels down by the man in uniform where as the Guinness advert has no editing mistakes. I also think that the Guinness advert should show the product on a more regular basis because some people will not know what they are selling or may not be patient enough to wait till the end of the advert. The adverts are very different. They are made on very different budgets. The high budget Guinness advert is more complicated using more complicated camera shots like establishing shots and birds eye view shots and tracking shots where as the low budget safe style window adverts only use 5 cuts and don't really have many complicated camera shots. There isn’t a lot of mise en scene in the safe style advert,

which may be why there is a simple background to make the mise en scene stand out more. Where as the Guinness advert has lots of beautiful surroundings and excites the audience. The safe style window advert is more topical and consistently advertises the product better than the high budget Guinness one does. In conclusion the safe style windows advert uses avarice and the Guinness advert uses conformity, inversion, gluttony and both adverts use humor and security. And I think both adverts uses humor but in different ways. The safe style windows advert uses a self deprecating form of humor, where as the Guinness advert is subtler and takes it’s self more seriously because it’s got a high budget and has more pressure to sell the product.

correct version of guiness and safe style windows advert  

this is a version of my safe style windows adverts and guiness advert with the corrections made.