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Advert presentation Projector: what adverts I am prosing to make. What it will be like. Presenter: • Will be 3 30-second adverts. • All three adverts have the same theme, which is being prepared for the unexpected. I will use comedy to convey this theme. • Similar plot and narrative. Someone will be living their ordinary life and then a strange incident will happen to them. A voice over will come on after the incident and text will appear on the screen. Projector: how I will make it. Locations, props, cost actors. Presenter: • I will film two adverts in school and one just outside Thomas tallis. Becauseit’s convenient and sets the scene well. • The only props I will use will be a cardboard box and face paint and cardboard sign. • Making it in minimalist style so it brings nostalgia to people who remember Monty python and spike Milligan. Projector: Target audience Presenter: • Older people. From 30 upward. Becausethose people tend to think about the future. Trying to expand target audience by using younger actors. • A and b class people becausethey will have a lot of money and steady income to get private health insurance. • It’s aimed at suceeders and aspirers. They will want to show their wealth and be seen to above so called common people. • Not aimed at a specific religion, race, gender. It’s only a

coincidence all the actors in the advert are mixed race or white males. I don’t think it will matter.

Projector: secondary research I did. What it told me about strengths and weaknesses. Presenter: • This combined with my primary research showed me that AVIVA, AXA PPPhealthcare, Pru health and simply health are our main competition becausethese are the most memorable adverts and have the most hospitals. AXA, AVIVA more so becauseoffer unlimited maximum age. So bigger target audience. • my secondary research has shown me we have strengths and weaknesses. • Weaknesses:AVIVA has 800 hospitals, which is 400 more than AVIVA. AXA and AVIVA, simply and Pru health have won a lot of awards recently so they can brag about it in their adverts. Also BUPAhad 72%annual loss, which means we had to cut jobs so our health care won’t be as quick or as good as it was. • Strengths: some of our strengths that push above the competition is that we have tried to aim at wider, younger audience and our making progress. While AVIVA might use celebrity endorsements a lot of young people might not know who Paul Winehouse is. BUPAalso are a limited by Guarantee Company, which is a good USPwe can exploit. BUPAalso specialise in health insurance unlike other companies in like Tesco or AVIVA so we can use that as USPas well. Projector: primary research I did. What it told me. Presenter: • I made a questionnaire and gave it to people to respond fill it in. on questions to do with money like ‘how much per month would you or do you pay for health insurance’ I got a mixed response. No specific price got a large

majority. Some would pay high some would pay low. And when I asked about what people looked for in health insurance no one’s response was anything to do with money. Most people’s responseswere things like ‘access to immediate diagnosis’ ‘effective treatment’ ‘own room’. Most responseswere about comfort and quality so I will use that talk about that in my advert. When I asked ‘what health insurance commercials do you remember’ 8 people replied BUPAwhich show we have a bit of a fan baseand can raise above our competition. When I asked ‘what kind of health insurance you would like to see’ a majority replied funny with a serious theme’ so I will tackle the serious theme of the unexpected using surrealism.

Projector: how BUPAand other health insurance companies informed or influenced my advert. Presenter: • From the BUPAadverts I have discovered that they are expanding their audience. Using modern songs to appeal to a younger audience. They have recently been using comedy and are flexible with their slogans. Projector: legal restrictions. Presenter: •



Advertisements must not mislead by exaggerating the capability or performance of a product or service.

• I will not say that BUPA can ‘cure’ or ‘protect’ the audience no matter what happens. I will say that a specialist will see them what ever happens. 12.4 •

Marketers must not confuse consumers by using unfamiliar scientific words for common conditions.

• I can’t use any big words that are unnessacry. I will only use necisasry words I need to describe what’s happening and only give relevant detail needed. •

Television only – Animals must not be harmed or distressed as a result of the production of an advertisement.

• I had an idea for some one to hit the main character with a cat. It would be a fake cat but some people might mistake it for a real cat. And for the diegesis of the advert it would be portrayed as a real cat. So I have decided to drop that idea. Projector: how my adverts addressmy target audience and persuasive strategies I will use in my adverts. Presenter: • I will use pride by using words like ‘one of the best healthcare providers in the UK’ ‘comfort’. • I will use maternal and paternal love becausepeople who’ll buy health insurance might have children. • Using comedy.

advert presentation script  
advert presentation script  

my advert presentation script.