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A romantic night I came and knocked at her door When she appeared I knew I could ask for no more You were looking beautiful in that glistening dress You conveyed a certain beauty like a graceful damsel distress I knew I could do no moaning and I can do no complaining Even though it was bitterly cold and awfully fucking raining We smiled and talked under shallow moonlight as we walked to the car Your voice was like a melody as we argued over Morrissey and Johnny Marr We drove to a restraint while beautiful songs played on the radio Like girls on film and wake me up before you go go We went to a restaurant and eat some fine stake We then argued about the bill, it was a piss take We talked about love, war, family, life and work And then we combined in saying cliff Richard’s a berk We then thoroughly discussed and debated politics And we conversed on the fact they were all a bunch of pricks You ideals on life fitted the beauty of the movement of your lips But that beauty was obstructed by the frequency with which you eat chips The love you gave me healed all my wounds and all my scars But i was still pissed off we couldn’t find the car We sat there and talked by an open fire through the night Because the electric bill was getting mental so I turned out the lights I looked at you and admired the beauty of your face

Then we joined in a wonderful embrace The wonder overwhelmed my sight and I couldn’t see at all It was then clear the vodka I’d been drinking was methanol

A romantic night  

A romantic night.