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Leash of life You never realize how much life you have left Until you’re walking through a tunnel starring at death You never realise that life is a magical thing to be hold Until your hair starts getting grey and you’re skin starts getting old You never realise that you only live once Until you feel a force trying to take you from above You never appreciate that life is a wonderful gift Until someone or something comes along and tries to take it You never stop to appreciate the worlds wonder Until you’re almost six feet under You never realise how precious life is Until yours almost ceases to exist After Brian all most died he decided to savour every moment and live every day Never would he moan or cry or wish his life away He thanked the lord almighty that he was alive And thanked everyone around him he was able to survive He wanted to take each day and do something new Sadly he lost most of his limbs so there wasn’t much he could do

Leash of life  


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