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MOS Legal Transcription Service

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What Turnaround Times Do Legal Transcription Companies Provide Legal transcription companies provide customized turnaround times. This makes experienced legal transcription firms advantageous for businesses. Different clients have various turnaround requirements depending on their work schedule. Transcription services that cannot be customized to these



limited use for clients. Legal professionals and law firms need to have the information they




timeframe required if they are to benefit from it and improve their productivity.

Turnaround Times for Transcription Services Generally, experienced transcription companies offer 24 hours as the quickest turnaround time, depending on the quality of the audio file and the volume of transcription. A 48-hour period is generally acceptable for an audio file of around 3 hours. Legal transcription companies can also offer transcribed files of the above mentioned length in a much shorter timeframe of a few hours. The larger the dictated file, the more the time it takes. When transcription companies make further adjustments to their turnaround times to make them ideally customized for clients, they do so for an additional cost.

Legal Transcription Company

MOS Legal Transcription Service

Call: (800) 670 2809

Benefits of Outsourcing Legal Transcription The advantages of online legal transcription services from a reliable provider are: •


99% accuracy if audio quality of dictated files is good

Multiple levels of quality control

Dictation options of toll free number and digital recorders

Browser based file transfer

Availability of transcription server and EMR interface

Availability of complete work flow modules

Customizable turnaround time

• Toll free customer support • High security •

Round-the-clock customer service

Dictation Options and Accepted Audio Formats The options of dictating audio files include toll-free telephone number and digital dictation. The digital recorder facilitates dictation of the audio files in digital quality. This quality contributes to faster transcription and more customized turnaround times. The files are transcribed and delivered to clients promptly via email or through the File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Audio formats accepted include WAV, MP3, MP4, MPEG, and DSS. Audio files can also be sent through DVD, CD or other data transfer methods. Flexible Turnaround Times without Quality Compromise The greater the flexibility of the turnaround times, the more effective is the transcription service for businesses. Usually legal transcription outsourcing offered Legal Transcription Company

MOS Legal Transcription Service

Call: (800) 670 2809

by a reliable company is cost-effective. Legal transcription companies have all the resources and manpower required to hasten transcription processes without compromising on quality. The training provided to transcriptionists and the advanced transcription tools used make legal transcription services really accurate, with attention given to the exact legal phrasing, wording, grammar and speech patterns. Quick turnaround times, advanced encryption technology and other security features, and accuracy of the work make legal transcription companies the right outsourcing partners for legal professionals, law firms and businesses with legal chores. Busy legal professionals can get their aggressive turnaround requirements satisfied. Turnaround times are not only important for legal transcription but also other kinds of transcription such as medical transcription, business transcription and general transcription. The customized turnaround times legal transcription companies provide make them attractive for businesses.

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Legal Transcription Company

What Turnaround Times Do Legal Transcription Companies Provide  
What Turnaround Times Do Legal Transcription Companies Provide  

Legal transcription companies offer turnaround times in line with the needs of client organizations with the help of trained staff and high...