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MOS Legal Transcription Service

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Pick a reliable transcription company for accurate audio transcription Being extremely busy, legal and business professionals are on the look out for a reliable transcription company that can provide accurate audio transcription services. Going by some important guidelines can help pick a reliable transcription company to ensure quality audio transcripts: •

Web-based digital technology: It is important that the transcription company is equipped with the latest web-based digital technology. It should offer convenient dictation options such as via telephone or digital machines. The use





clear audio which can be





Transfer of files should be



modes such as FTP or encrypted e-mail. •

Qualified and trained transcriptionists: Audio files that come in for transcription could differ in accent, pronunciation and style. To ensure error-free entry, it is very important that the transcriptionists are trained to understand the matter clearly. The team of experts should be specialized in the area for which they are producing transcripts. For instance, legal transcription service would involve transcribing audio

Audio Transcription

MOS Legal Transcription Service

Call: (800) 670 2809

files relating to legal matters would require the transcriptionist to be well-versed in legal jargon and terminology. Providing transcription service for a legal entity would mean handling files for lawyers and attorneys. Only legal transcription companies can handle this highly sensitive task efficiently. A company providing legal audio transcription services is backed with expertise to provide accurate documentation of court proceedings, legal letters, general correspondence, memorandums, judgments, presentations, legal pleadings, and more. •

Transcription solutions in the required format: The service provider must also be able to deliver accurate transcripts in the desired format. This could be verbatim, which captures each and every word, or non-verbatim, which includes only what is necessary.

Measures to Ensure Accuracy An experienced and professional transcription company ensures accuracy and efficiency with the following measures: • Three levels of quality checks • Document flow management system for end to end tracking of data •

Methods of dictation: digital recorders and toll free numbers

There are even service providers that offer their clients high quality digital recorders free of cost for volume jobs. High quality audio ensures high quality transcripts. Audio Transcription

MOS Legal Transcription Service

Call: (800) 670 2809

Besides accuracy, legal professionals also have to be concerned about turnaround time when they outsource their work. The service provider should be able to return the completed files to them in time to meet their legal deadlines. The right service provider would also have measures in place to ensure the safety of all the data they are entrusted with. As there are many transcription companies out there, lawyers and attorneys need to be discerning enough to pick a reliable transcription company providing accurate audio transcription services.

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Audio Transcription

Pick a reliable transcription company for accurate audio transcription  

Audio transcription involves transforming audio files into text documents. However, the accuracy of the transcript document and the reliabi...