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MTS Transcription Services

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How Medical Transcription Services Help Healthcare Providers Increase Efficiency Medical transcription services help healthcare providers increase efficiency through comprehensive and cost-effective handling of their data transcription tasks efficiently and within the required timeframe. The medical transcription company is an experienced firm that offers HIPAA-compliant transcription services with EMR interface for large, medium-sized or small healthcare practices, emergency care centers, trauma centers, clinics, individual practices as well as individual healthcare professionals. Healthcare





efficiency by concentrating all their resources and efforts on their core processes, without worrying




responsibilities. The cost savings for the healthcare provider could be up to 40%, if the medical transcription service provider is an experienced and reliable company. Numerous Advantages of Medical Transcription Services An efficient medical transcription company has rich experience in all the specialties of medicine. •

It always offers a number of user-friendly options depending on the requirements of the client. It provides dictation options of digital dictation through digital recorders or telephonic dictation with the aid of toll free numbers.


Many EMR requirements can be accommodated. Medical transcription service providers can offer many types of reports and provide features

Medical Transcription Services

MTS Transcription Services

Call: (800) 670 2809

such as online editing, remote access, faxing, emailing, e-signatures, and more. •

The system behind the medical transcription services, the interface, the file auto-send option and the overall functioning are all made userfriendly and flexible enough to be compatible with the system of any healthcare center or professional.

• To ensure security and legal compliance, no stone is left unturned to ensure the transcription is HIPAA-compliant. The other advantages of medical transcription services by a reliable medical transcription company are the three levels of quality checks through electronic medical dictionaries, the use of a web-based solution for documentation, clientspecified turnaround times even within 24 hours, following of AAMT guideline, 24/7 customer support and the option of a free no obligation trial for clients to sample the service. Experienced Professionals at the Medical Transcription Company The transcription company has transcriptionists who have rich experience in the various medical fields. They would have experience in many kinds of medical reports. There are also editors and quality assurance professionals. The general practice is to assign a team of transcriptionists to a particular client. This will ensure consistency in the medical transcription services. Clients are given the option of deciding whether to hand over the transcription to offshore or domestic transcriptionists. Security and Cost-effectiveness of Medical Transcription Services Various steps are taken for ensuring security throughout the process. The FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and 256-bit encryption protocol are employed for efficient and secure file transfer. But the most attractive feature of medical Medical Transcription Services

MTS Transcription Services

Call: (800) 670 2809

transcription outsourcing is the cost-effective rates that make these services accessible to even small healthcare facilities and individual professionals. Though there are many factors that determine the price such as the dictation type chosen, turnaround time, volume of transcription and requirements for the document flow management system, medical transcription outsourcing is generally a cost-effective arrangement. These are some of the ways how medical transcription services help healthcare providers increase efficiency.

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Medical Transcription Services

How Medical Transcription Services Help Healthcare Providers Increase Efficiency  

Medical transcription services enable doctors, nurses and all healthcare professionals to focus on their core tasks. Medical transcription s...

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