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How Medical Transcription Services Benefit Healthcare Professionals Medical transcription services benefit healthcare professionals in a number of ways. Transcription involves the process of converting the confidential information of patients into typed documents that can be easily accessed. Reputable medical transcription companies have skilled and experienced transcriptionists to offer services. These professionals work as a team to provide customized services that meet individual client requirements. Let us look at some of the benefits offered by medical transcription services.

Easy Access to Old Reports When a healthcare professional avails of medical transcription service, he/she can easily get access to the old reports of a patient, because these reports are all retained in electronic format. By accessing the old reports, it becomes easy for the doctors to have a clear idea of the patient’s condition, treatments provided, and recommend further treatment.

Save Time Medical transcription outsourcing can certainly save the time spent on the voluminous paperwork in an organization. With the time saved, medical professionals can concentrate on other core activities. They can spend more time on patient care and service.

Save Money When medical transcription services are hired, it helps healthcare professionals and institutions to save money because hiring professionals for

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carrying out paperwork in-house would not only involve time, but money, as well. These employees have to be provided with other employee benefits, which can be avoided when medical transcription tasks are outsourced.

Services in Different Areas Medical transcription companies offer services for all major specialities including: •






Nuclear medicine and many more

Convenient Storage and Retrieval One of the greatest benefits of hiring medical transcription services is that not only can data be stored effectively, but also retrieved as and when required. As a result, it not only reduces paperwork, but also reduces the total amount of space required for storing the data.

Overview of Benefits Offered by Medical Transcription Services •

24/7/365 Technical Support

Accuracy Level of 99%

All Specialties Covered

Competitive Pricing

Electronic Signatures

Feeds for EHR or EPM

HIPAA Compliant Service

Secure 256 bit AES encryption

                                                            MTS Transcription Services            Phone: (800) 670 2809

Toll Free Phone Dictation

Transcription Management Software

Volume Rates Available

Convenient, flexible, dictation facilities - digital recorders and toll free dictation

Three levels of quality assurance; all documents are scanned using electronic medical dictionaries

Turnaround time that suits client requirements (Stat to 24 hours)

AAMT guideline 65 character line billing

NO obligation, FREE Trial service

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How Medical Transcription Services Benefit Healthcare Professionals  

Medical transcription services are indeed beneficial for healthcare professionals. Ideally, medical transcription services should be sought...