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How a Medical Transcription Company Can Benefit Physician Practices A medical transcription company benefits physician practices in many ways. Mainly, medical transcription outsourcing companies enable physician practices to achieve more within less time while consuming less resources and less money. A Wide Range of Benefits for Your Practice Outsource medical transcription to enjoy a wide range of benefits. Medical transcription services benefit doctors and physicians by considerably reducing their workload and allowing them to focus on providing the best possible services for their patients. Thus, medical transcription companies help physicians improve their office efficiency. Hiring a medical transcription company will help physician practices reduce expenditure considerably. Transcription expenses can be curtailed to 70 percent or less of what it would be if the process is done in-house. When you outsource, you don’t have to worry about software upgrading, training, infrastructure and other expenses involved. You can considerably save on employee benefits such as payroll taxes, medical office space, health insurance, paid vacation time, office equipment and many more. Another important benefit of seeking the support of medical transcription companies is the assured versatility and comfort. The flexibility of the medical transcription company would be observable in the following areas: supported modes of dictation include digital dictation machine and toll-free Medical Transcription Companies

MTS Transcription Services

Call: (800) 670 2809

number. File transfer modes typically supported are FTP and browser based transfer; solutions are available for all medical specialties;

the company

makes available medical reports that are tailored to suit your formatting preferences. Medical transcription outsourcing companies would be able to meet different turnaround requirements from 24 hours to less, which is regarded as a notable benefit for physician practices.

99 percent accuracy is another

advantage of enlisting medical transcription services. Accuracy level is very important because patient care as well as the reputation of the physician who provided the dictations could be at risk if the transcription is flawed. To achieve high precision, the company would employ only experts who adopt a stringent methodology of quality auditing. For majority of the medical transcription companies, quality assurance is a three-level process which involves the organized effort of medical editors and proofreaders. The transcripts can be accessed from anywhere and the physician can retrieve or edit them after getting a username and password from the service provider. An overview of the benefits: •

Reduces operating cost

• Higher data privacy and confidentiality • Quick turnaround time • Complete data security • Provides access to expertise • Boosts revenue • HIPAA compliance Medical Transcription Companies

MTS Transcription Services

Call: (800) 670 2809

• Enhanced workflow and productivity •

Availability of services 24x7

These are the ways in which a professional medical transcription company can benefit physician practices.

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How a Medical Transcription Company Can Benefit Physician Practices  

This article presents an overview of how a medical transcription company can benefit physician practices. Resource savings and efficient out...