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Efficient Medical Review Services for Attorneys Attorneys and law firms representing insurance companies in complex medical cases need to present their cases based on proper medical evidence. Representing insurers in cases such as medical malpractice, workers’ compensation, accidents and disability requires a thorough understanding of complicated medical issues. It is, therefore, not surprising that legal professionals




specialized support for their medical record





Established provide

efficient medical review services for attorneys and help them ensure the proper resolution of claims.

Support for Medical Record Review – Easing a Complex Task Reviewing medical records can be a complex task for attorneys representing insurance companies in claim-related cases. Methods of documentation may differ between health care providers. Documents can be in the form of electronic records or hand-written notes. Some of it may not even be legible, while some information could be missing. Faced with investigating hundreds of claim cases, the best option for these legal professionals is to rely on the medical review services offered by established outsourcing companies. Comprehensive review is conducted for the basic documents found in a patient’s general and hospital records such as

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• Patient admission demographic sheet • Treatment consent form • Nursing assessment and notes • Flow records • Physician’s assessment and instructions • Laboratory Reports • ER reports • Radiology reports • Imaging reports • Respiratory therapy records • Discharge orders • Discharge summary The proper review of all these records can help determine the authenticity of a claim and prevent improper reimbursement.

Medical Review Services – Need for a Reliable Service Provider The medical review support that a reliable service provider offers attorneys would include organization of medical records by type, provider and date, documentation in chronological order, summaries and time lines. Missing information is identified and incidents of specific importance are highlighted. All the records are numbered and indexed, and tabbed. Attorneys would also be provided with interpretations of medical record information that is difficult to understand. Established firms even offer attorneys support for

Call: (800) 670 2809

trial preparation, including exhibit preparation such as PPTs, animated designs as well as research relevant medical literature Busy attorneys can save a lot of time and money with such efficient medical record services. Besides stringent compliance to standards and accuracy checks, a reliable medical review company would ensure timely and competitively priced solutions in client-specific format.

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Efficient Medical Review Services for Attorneys  

Established outsourcing companies in the US provide efficient medical review services for attorneys and help them to ensure the proper resol...