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Customized Online Legal Transcription for the Legal Community Customized online legal transcription for the legal community is available from a number of reliable legal outsourcing solution providers in the U.S. Attorneys, lawyers, solicitors, law firms and other legal entities can take advantage of these services. Customization is achievable in several areas the type of transcription required, method of dictation, manner of transcription, format in which the transcripts are to be done, mode of file transfer, and turnaround time. A customized solution translates to quality output that saves you time and effort.

Wide Spectrum of Online Legal Transcription Services Online transcription service in the legal arena encompasses a wide spectrum of solutions including but not limited to transcriptions for: • Administrative hearings • Briefs • Client letters • Conference calls • Court proceedings • Examinations under oath • Federal agency investigations

Phone: (800) 670 2809


• General correspondence • Interrogations •

Jury instruction

• Mediation proceedings • Public hearings • Sworn statements • Telephone conversations • Witness interviews • Wire Taps

Versatility in Choice of Dictation, Manner of Transcription, and Format Most transcription companies give clients a choice of two dictation options – digital dictation machine and toll free number. In the former option, the matter is dictated on a digital recorder. A local computer is used to download the digitally recorded dictations which are then transferred to the transcription company’s secure servers. The transcriptionists would download the files from the server. You may also utilize a telephone for dictation purposes. With the provided numbers, direct dictation to the secure servers is possible. The transcriptionists would do their work after logging on to the servers. The manner of transcription would depend on the kind of matter that needs to be transcribed. If you give your online legal transcription company a court proceeding or interrogation to transcribe, you would expect it to retain the grammatical irregularities and speech patterns of the conversational

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language of the participants. On the other hand, if you give the company a letter or other document to transcribe, attention would have to be paid to achieving accuracy of wording, phrasing and grammar. You need just provide the company with a sample and details of the format you require and professional transcriptionists will complete your project in that format. Format preferences can also be printed or digital, MS Word or PDF and so on. Whatever be you requirements, you can discuss them freely with the service provider.

File Transfer Options There are two popular modes of secure transfer for transcribed files.

Browser Based – This involves secure transfer over the internet from the company’s website utilizing 256 bit AES encryption. The website would have a safe system for uploading and downloading.

FTP – With FTP, a link is established between your computer and the company’s server. Transfer is possible to the company and back to you. Turnaround times are customizable so as to be able to accommodate urgent projects also. Pricing would depend on the clarity of dictation, size of the project, expected turnaround and other factors. Now that you know what your expectations should be from customized online legal transcription for the legal community, it would be easier for

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you to find a suitable service provider. The free trial option available with service providers makes it easier to make a wise choice. Contact MOS Legal Transcription Service

Customized Online Legal Transcription for the Legal Community  
Customized Online Legal Transcription for the Legal Community  

Customized online legal transcription means quality and timely output. Free trials offered will help you select a suitable online legal tran...