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Getting engaged or asking the question can be a daunting task. The engagement question can frighten any man. Why? Because there is always the slight risk of rejection. Many couples plan there engagement and will choose the ring together well in advance. We still have the brave who go for the surprise approach and it is these people that need to think things through a little more. Engagement is a commitment that should be fully thought through. Obviously if you are considering getting engaged you looking to the future of marriage and long term commitment. Once you have decided that getting engaged is the way forward, asking the question is the next step. You should know your partner very well at this stage, so you can judge if a quiet approach at home or a romantic dinner is the way to propose. If you decide to go all out with a surprise party or a public show of affection I seriously hope you partner is not the shy type and freeze under the public eye. I'm joking of course but if your girlfriend is of the quieter type do you really think a large spectacle needs to be made? What to Spend on the Ring: Firstly spend what you can afford, secondly have some sort of idea of the ring style and type your partner might like after all it won't be sitting on your finger for life. Thirdly and most importantly do not buy cheap looking rings. By this I mean an oversized cheap diamond that looks tacky. If you have to keep the costs down at least look for something with an elegant design and style. Engagement ring costs vary and are largely down to your own particular financial circumstances, you can pick up rings from $400 for what I would call a decent looking engagement ring. Second hand rings are also available and are polished up as good as new and can be up to 50% cheaper. Finance is available on rings but like all finance packages look into the small print. What could cost $400 cash might end up costing $600 after installments and obviously the higher the ring price and more the interest. Shopping around will help keep costs down. Insurance is also on offer to cover against accidentally damage or if stolen. Most people also have house insurance so check your policy it may cover personnel items like engagements rings. No point in having two policies covering the same item. Different Styles and Types of Engagement Rings: Traditionally diamond engagement rings are the preferred purchase but this is not to say that diamonds have to be your choice. Different cultures have different rings. If the diamond is your choice you should know the difference in quality of the diamonds. To understand more search in your web browser for the 4 C's. You will be given the explanations as to understanding why

diamonds vary in price so much. Do not believe that the bigger the diamond the more expensive. When you get all this out of the way you now have the easy task of planning the wedding.

Declan Tobin is a successful freelance writer providing advice for consumers on purchasing Jewelry. he also gives advise on Affordable Diamond Engagement Rings

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Getting Engaged - Need Some Tips  

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