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By Shelagh Stewart MAY IN THE GARDEN Tomatoes are one of our most popular vegetables (although strictly speaking it's a fruit of the vine) and there are numerous varieties, in fact there are more than 500 types to choose from. Now I'm not going to lie to you, tomatoes need regular attention and can suffer with a lot of problems, you really can't turn your back on them, but then you just can't beat the taste of freshly picked tomatoes from plants you've grown yourself. Gardeners with a greenhouse bemoan outdoor grown tomatoes, but it's not impossible to grow them without glass, you just need to make sure you've got varieties that can cope. You'll also need to decide whether you want a cordon or bush variety: A cordon is a single stem that needs to be trained and tied to a bamboo cane that's been firmly pushed into the ground - tomatoes are heavy and need a solid support. Side shoots, which appear where the main stem meets the leaves, should be cleanly pinched out. Bush varieties of tomato don't need training or tying, although you might want to raise trusses of fruit off the floor to prevent damage. It's a bit late in the season now, but it's very easy to grow tomatoes from seed by sowing thinly 1cm deep into moistened compost. Cover with a clear plastic bag or cling film and put them somewhere warm like an airing or boiler cupboard. Once germinated, move them to a bright, warm (not hot) windowsill and when the seedlings are big enough to handle they should be transplanted into individual pots. Personally I don't grow tomatoes from seed, I used to, but it ended with crops of tomatoes that only the catering industry could cope with. Now I cut every corner and buy 4 or 5 plants from the garden centre and I highly recommend that you do the same.You can often find tomato plants at church fairs, markets and even florists. If you're lucky you'll have a gardening neighbour who needs to re-home surplus plants. Tomato plants aren't hardy and will need hardening off before planting outside, this means putting them outdoors for increasing periods of time to acclimatise them and protecting from frost. By the end of May you can plant them in their final growing position in the garden, somewhere sheltered and sunny – sunshine is a tomato's best friend ! It's very important that you give the plants plenty of room, check the label for specific spacings, it could be anything between 45cm(18") and 75cm(30"). It's better to err on the generous side as crowded plants will produce a poorer crop and be prone to disease.


Tomatoes are hungry plants and as well as starting them off in good quality compost they'll need a liquid feed every 2 weeks, use a basic tomato feed or liquid seaweed. Grow bags are handy, but they're not very deep and quickly dry out so they'll need extra watering and even if it's a grow bag specifically for tomatoes you'll still need to liquid feed. The thing about tomatoes is that they thrive with regular attention so that their growing conditions are constant, they need a steady supply of food and water without which the plant will struggle and the fruit skins will become tough and split, fortnightly feeds and keeping the compost evenly moist is the way to do it. If it wasn't enough that tomatoes need regular pampering, they're also prone to attacks of aphids, one minute you've got a lovely clean plant and the next it's covered in whitefly. It's easy enough to gently rub them off with your fingers, but if the infestation is severe you may need to spray with insecticidal soap. Tomatoes belong to the potato family (solanaceae) and so they can suffer from blight, the most dreaded of diseases. Blight is most likely to occur in cool, damp summers and early detection/action is essential. It's such a devastating disease that 'blight alerts' are given on farming programmes and on internet sites like You can easily spot the first signs of blight which are brown/black blemishes on the leaves, stems and fruit, you may find masses of creamy white spores on the undersides of the leaves. Remove affected parts (don't compost them) and spray the whole plant with a fungicide like Dithane 945, there are others on the market so shop around and have it in the shed ready. If the disease has really taken hold there's nothing you can do but throw away the whole plant. Unfortunately as the spores can remain in the soil you won't be able to grow tomatoes or potatoes in that area of the garden for several years. I could go on and tell you all about blossom end wilt and issues with trusses, but I think that may put you off growing toms completely ! So, it's definitely not for the fair-weather gardener, but if you're not put off by a bit of faff and you enjoy eating tomatoes then do make the effort to grow your own. When you sink your teeth into a freshly picked, ripe tomato that's still warm from the day's sun you'll never want to eat any other kind. For more helpful information and advice have a look at GOOD LUCK !


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Puzzlers 1. One man has a nice portrait in his library. When he was asked whom it represented, he replied: “Uncles and brothers Have I none, But that man's father Is my father's son.” What relation was the subject of the portrait to that man? 2. How many minutes is it until six o'clock if fifty minutes ago it was four times as many minutes past three o'clock? 3. A bottle costs a pound more than a cork. Together they cost £1.10. How much does the bottle cost and how much does the cork cost?

Jubilee Buffet Luncheon In celebration of The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the Chadderton and Oldham Committee for Cancer Research UK invite you to a Jubilee Buffet Luncheon in the company of our own Prince of Mirth, Norman Prince, formerly of the Houghton Weavers, at

St. Herbert’s Parish Hall, Broadway, Chadderton on Sunday 3rd June 2012 at 1pm. Tickets £15. For tickets for this special event, please contact

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Answers: 1. The man’s son 2. 26 minutes 3. Bottle = £1.05, Cork = £0.05



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THE FEEL-GOOD FACTOR by BILL KEETH a short story in three parts

Part One: LET Albert Horrows bought a two-up two-down on Solferino Street, Manchester M50 when his grandfather died, leaving him a few bob in his Will. This was in the Year of the Millennium when houses were cheap in the UK. Cheap indeed! Because the asking price for the turn-of-the-previous-century terraced house Al viewed on Solferino Street had an asking-price of £25,500, with the Mortgagors requiring just 25% down and the house itself being in need of not much more than a cosmetic refurbishment. Gloss and emulsion paint throughout; a new gas fire in the living-room; bit of damp proof work to dado level on the wall abutting the pavement; a replacement free-standing oven, new worktop plus tiling to the kitchen and bathroom walls. Maybe mixer taps, too, providing a shower facility; with carpets laid upstairs and down to complete the job Al kicked off with an offer of £22,500, clinching the deal at Twenty-Three Five. (Unbelievably, the electrics were okay. Because the Vendors – the old lady‟s beneficiaries, had panicked when a fuse blew, getting a sparks in to re-wire the place.) With no further delay Al got to work organising a mini refurb and within a month of this being carried out he had his first tenant installed – „a mithering single mother,‟ Al so described her, „Mona by name and moaner by nature‟, for whom the DSS was prepared to cough up £325 a month in rent – well, £285 a month to be precise. Because it was Mona herself who volunteered to contribute an extra tenner a week to cover all running repairs. „Jeesh!‟ Al further confided to Gus Holtby in the lobby of the Waggon and Horses, Rhodes Village, one night mid-week. „I wish someone would keep me an Suzie for a tenner a week. Central heatin boiler‟s cost us a small fortune, this past twelve months. Never mind the downpipe that sprung a leak.‟ „You watch the crafty cow,‟ Gus Holtby advised Al, necking a mouthful of his fifth pint of Boddington‟s Best. „She‟ll have you wipin condensation off the window ledges to get her money‟s worth.‟ „Sell the house on, Al,‟ said his other financial advisor, Suzie – his wife of two years, at present prima gravida. For Al, though, the only problem with the house on Solferino Street was one of distance. Because it was 32 miles there and back. So, Mona‟s serial pleas for domestic assistance apart – a snapped washing-line; blocked grid with a tennis ball in it; leaking soil pipe; unhinged rear gate in the first six months alone – Al got in the habit of viewing the house just four times a year. That is to say, he‟d pop round to the house in the early hours of four successive Bank Holidays per annum – New Year‟s Day, Easter Sunday; Spring Bank Holiday and August Bank Holiday Monday, when his Astra 1.7 diesel Estate would carry him to and from M50 in fewer than sixty minutes via a virtually empty M60. That is, of course, unless Al decided (more often than not, it just so happens) to grab a bit of breakfast and better coffee than Kenco knows how at the transport café on the left-hand side of the A57, just short of Cadishead.


The house on Solferino Street was in a good position, as Al had sensed from the start. It was on a quiet side street on flat hard standing, with a choice of schools nearby and within easy reach of a supermarket, chip shop, late shop, post office, a couple of pubs, cinema, churches, and regular transport services to and from Manchester by means of bus and train. True, Mona was a bit demanding, as Gus had predicted. (Who in their right mind would dream of complaining about a nest of money spiders in the back yard or asbestos in the coal shed of the house next door but one?) But the two kids who took up the bulk of Mona‟s time were below school age. So Al had a certain amount of sympathy for her, taking her umpteen complaints and appeals for help in good part. In any case, reasoned Al, it couldn‟t be easy for her, stuck in all day and night, with one of the kids (the younger one) being incapacitated in some way or other. Al never did comprehend the nature or extent of the child‟s incapacity except for the fact that Mona had said the kiddy was going to need a room of her own before long. Hence, Mona (good payer that she undoubtedly was) would soon be looking for a three-bed house as opposed to Al‟s two-bed. Unless, of course, Al might perhaps oblige her by adding a third bedroom to the house on Solferino Street. And certainly, this was something Al was prepared to consider. He knew a guy who‟d done a marvellous job of this sort over in Wythenshawe, and told Mona so, building her hopes up quite unnecessarily as it happens. Because what Al Horrows did not know at the time was something he was due to discover on his next tour of inspection, courtesy of Vauxhall Motors, the M60 and the A57. Because, come Easter Monday, 2005, the “good position” that had been Solferino Street of old had become: „A mirror image of downtown Beirut‟ – as Al angrily relayed this information to Gus Holtby in the tap-room of the Gardeners Arms, Rhodes Village on the evening of that same day. „Eh?‟ Gus Holtby was giving his divided attention to Al‟s information and the double-top he was after, an oche‟s length away from his extended right arm and third arrow. „Every second house boarded up; street littered with bricks an that, wood off-cuts, waste paper. You name it. A right dump compared to what it was like when I bought the place.‟ „Solferino Street, you say?‟ „Solferino-kin-Street! I was down there this mornin.‟ „What‟s goin on then?‟ „Bloke in café blames Council.‟ „Council?‟ Gus strolled across to the Manchester board, retrieved his three arrows, checking what Al had told him upon his return: „Council?‟ „Yeah, seems Council owns bulk of the housin stock. It‟s their houses that‟s boarded up.‟ „You‟d best have a word with ‟em, then.‟ „Too right I will.‟ „Sooner the better, too.‟ „Fully intend doin. First thing tomorrow.‟ „ It‟s Dorvy‟s, by the way.‟ „What is?‟ „That café you use on the A57. Fetch us a couple o‟ them vanillas they have next time you‟re in there.‟ „You can fetch your own kin vanillas,‟ Al told Gus. [To be continued]



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