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Hi Everyone Don’ Don’t forget to keep this copy for an extra month as there is no new magazine in August. Shame about England in the football but let’ let’s hope for more success in the Olympics. We usually do quite well and there is a lot of expectation this time because it’ it’s taking part in our country. Ever thought of joining or starting a Home Watch Scheme then check out the article on page 6 for details. Anyway I’ I’m going on holiday shortly so hope you all get away yourselves and have a great summer. Thanks and best wishes Trevor

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All aspects of painting & decorating undertaken. Competitive prices. Quality work. Based in Chadderton

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Bumper scuffs Paintwork scratches Windscreen chips Stone chips Small accidental damage Alloy wheels Mobile service Repairs fully guaranteed


CHADDERTON & DISTRICT HOME WATCH ASSOCIATION Police and Public Working Together HOME WATCH “Home Watch is about local people working together to create a safe and friendly place to live, where crime and antisocial behaviour is less likely to happen. It is about looking after friends and neighbours and them looking after you.” Home Watch consists of a group of like-minded friends and neighbours getting together to help reduce crime and anti-social behaviour, thereby making the community in which they live a safer and better place. Home Watch aims to help people protect themselves and their property, and to reduce crime, the fear of crime, and the incidence of fire and environmental damage, by means of improved home security and home safety awareness, greater vigilance, accurate reporting of suspicious incidents and activities to the police, and by fostering community cohesion. Greater Manchester Police are committed to the concept of Home Watch, whose aims are:

 to reduce local opportunities for crime, thereby deterring would be criminals and vandals;  to establish a community spirit so that mutual co-operation and communication may be achieved, with  

friends and neighbours looking out for each other and working together when confronted with community problems or a breakdown in community cohesion; to encourage people to keep an eye on the more vulnerable members in the community, such as children and the elderly; to inform the Police of any suspicious activity.

Setting Up a Home Watch Scheme Any person interested in starting a Home Watch Scheme should first establish the interest among their friends and neighbours. In any Home Watch Scheme a key figure is the Home Watch Coordinator to act as the link between the Police and the Community. Ideally, a Home Watch Scheme will have a Coordinator for 10 to 12 houses. On a long street or road a Home Watch Scheme may consist of immediate friends and neighbours. Information will be sent to the Coordinator on a regular basis, to be passed on to the members of the Home Watch Scheme. For further information on setting up a Home Watch Scheme in your area, please contact the Chair or the Secretary of The Chadderton & District Home Watch Association at the address below. The Chadderton & District Home Watch Association, which covers one of the six Neighbourhood Policing Teams in the Oldham Division of the Greater Manchester Police, meets on the second Tuesday of every month at the Chadderton Wellbeing Centre. The Chadderton Association, which includes in its membership Local Councillors, Local Authority Officers and Local Police Officers, as well as Home Watch Coordinators and Members, provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and information on crime prevention and home and neighbourhood security. A guest speaker provides the focus for each monthly meeting. The following websites provide valuable sources of information in support of Home Watch:

Greater Manchester Police Greater Manchester Police Authority Neighbourhood & Home Watch Network

Chair: Alan Wilde 0161 - 633 5555 E-Mail: Secretary: Peter Matthews 0161 - 652 2284 E-Mail:



SEDGWICK PHELAN & PARTNERS s o l i c i t o r s

Wills and Probate Powers of Attorney Employment Business Contracts Business Leases Property Sale & Purchase Landlord & Tenant Law Dispute Resolution Planning & Development large enough to cope ~ small enough to care Royal London House| 56-58 Long Street| Middleton| Manchester| M24 6UQ| T: 0161 653 5299 | F: 0161 653 3161


Cathedral Road TEL: 0161 624 7513 Monday to Friday 9am till 9pm Saturday 10.30am till 6pm Sunday 12noon till 4pm

Under New Management Fully Refurbished

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ns y Ta Spra oon ing s Com

Tan All Week for ÂŁ10 Other Courses Available



Middleton Glass Ltd Unit 3 Whittaker St, M24 4BL EST. In Middleton since 1990

Misted Broken Sealed Units Replaced

uPVC, Hardwood & Softwood Frames    

Glass, mirror, shelves & tabletops Greenhouse Glass Decorative Leading & Bevels Laminated & Toughened Glass


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Domestic Gas Fitter Boilers Combis Air Conditioning Fires Cookers Service Installation


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Factory Records 2012 is the anniversary of FACTORY RECORDS label demise. To commemorate this, a local fan and collector has published a book with images of his world famous collection with ALL proceeds going to charity (Christies). Factvm, (Deed Accomplished) in latin, was put together by Colin Gibbins with the support of Trevor Johnson and Craig Wood, who are both connected to the Factory/Joy Division stories. There are 422 Ltd edition (numbered) 7in style books and fans of Joy Division, New Order, Happy Mondays etc. would appreciate this. 22 was the date in November 92 when the label died and 400 is the original amount of items issued in a medium, records etc. It’s priced at £22 inc. postage and all the money will be going to Christies Cancer Fund which is the connection with Tony Wilson. There are approx. 170 books now still available after Colin’s Exhibition WWW.FACTVM.COM. To purchase a copy contact Colin at Payment can be made by cheque, cash or Paypal. Don’t miss out on this future collectable item!


yre Righ Independent Family Run Business

SPECIAL DEALS!!! Remapping Boosts performance and improves MPG

195/50/15 82V BRAVURIS X4 £200

235/45/17 GOODYEAR EAGLE F1 X4 £360

205/55/16 91V BRIDGESTONE X4 £288





Unit 2, Mills Hill Rd, Middleton M24 2EF

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07866 817 110

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Safe Registered  Ex British Gas 27 Years Experience  Power Flushing  Boiler Upgrades & System Upgrades  Cookers, Fires, Water Heaters Tel: 0161 682 3839 Mobile: 07912 887 599 Email: VAILLANT APPROVED INSTALLERS




Have your new sofa and chairs hand made to order in sizes of your choice. All work done by British craftsmen in our factory. We also offer a friendly, reliable re-upholstery service. Call now for a free estimate without obligation.

Telephone: 0161 624 4477 Unit A2, Falcon Centre Victoria Street, Chadderton Oldham, OL9 0HB






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Down Across 2 Rings, mat, and parallel bars. (10) 1 An event where athletes fight with gloves. (6) 3 Third place in the Olympics. (6) 4 A race where runners jump an obstacle. (7) 5 A team sport with five players per team. (10) 5 City of 1936 Summer Olympics. (6) 6 Fastest time in the event ever. (6) 7 Event where athletes try to leap the farthest. (8) 8 Taking drugs to increase performance. (6) 9 Second place in the Olympics. (6) 10 City of 1900 Summer Olympics (5) 11 An event with paddles. (6) 12 First place in the Olympics. (4) 13 A very long running race. (8) 14 Swimming pool event. (6) 16 An event where athletes throw a flat circle. (6) 15 Refuse to attend the Olympics for 18 Sport with a net and six players per team. (10) political reasons. (7) 22 City of 2004 Summer Olympics. (6) 17 A racket sport. (6) 23 A team sport with eleven players per team. (6) 19 Event where athletes shoot a bow and arrow. (7) 25 Events with horses. (10) 20 An event where athletes throw a spear. (7) 26 City of 1976 Summer Olympics. (8) 21 An event where athletes throw a heavy ball. (7) 27 City of 2000 Summer Olympics. (6) 24 A race where runners pass a baton. (5) Answers at


Made, Supplied, Fitted and Maintained. We can repair your Electric Gates

24 hour Call Out Service Ask to view Electric Gates in operation we have made and installed in the area.

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Any Job You can Think of We Can Take Care of

Entertainment at The Church Inn this July & August Thursday 5th July Thursday 12th July Thursday 19th July Thursday 26th July

Nat Mcgrath Billy. (new to the Church) Crush Tony Simmons

Thursday 2nd Aug Thursday 9th Aug Thursday 16th Aug Thursday 23rd Aug

Danny Maddox Rachel Neate Morgan Darren Phillips

Watch out for forthcoming events: Queen's Celebration; Euro Football; Olympics! Entertainment over Bank Holiday's! Good Quality Home-Cooked Food available Monday-Friday 12.00noon until 2.30pm. Open for evening meals, Thurs, Fri, Sat & Sunday (bookings Advisable)

For more information please contact Heather & the Team on 0161 624 6453



Following the success of her Kardy-O-Fun classes in Chadderton, Prestwich and Whitefield, local Rosemary Conley Diet & Fitness Club instructor Jackie Seigenberg is now running Kardy-O-Fun classes in Middleton also – giving her existing and new members the opportunity to come along and give it a try! With summer right around the corner, Jackie is going to help people feel good in the sun, by introducing this exclusive new Kardy-O-Fun exercise concept to her Middleton class on Tuesday evenings 7.00 p.m. – 8.30 p.m. at St Peters, Middleton. Unlike other diet clubs, Rosemary Conley classes offer you a unique combination of dietary advice and exercise, which has been central to the life changing successes that members have seen. And now, Jackie is delighted to say that she will be extending her Kardy-O-Fun classes to include her Tuesday evening Middleton classes. The Kardy-O-Fun classes are a new, exciting twist on aerobics, and are fat-burning, dance-based classes. But there is only one way to see how this revolutionary concept can make your diet and fitness exercise regime more fun - and that’s to try it! Jackie is offering all new members a unique chance to come and give her classes, and Kardy-OFun a go FREE! Why not come along and give it a go – what have you got to lose! “It’s amazing what you can achieve with help and support in our classes. We encourage each other’s progress and we are there for each other when support is needed.” says local instructor, Jackie. “We have already seen so many amazing achievements. And now we’re going to go forward building on this success to help even more people.” Classes include a weigh in, motivational talk and the 45-minute exercise session. Jackie, who runs 10 classes throughout the week in the Middleton, Chadderton, Prestwich and Whitefield areas adds, “I have a job that I love and I am trying to help people to achieve their goals, and hopefully change their lives for the better too. The exercise sessions are adapted to suit any ability, so even people who have not exercised before can come along and join in and enjoy the fun”.

For details of how Jackie can help you to lose weight and get fitter and healthier too, call 01706 663583 or 07790 194118, or visit for more information on Jackie’s classes.





Beverley Calvert M. Inst. Ch. P. HPC Registered Chiropodist Gentle & Efficient Chiropody in the comfort of your own home. Tel: 0161 653 9811 Mobile: 07748 562 937


J Haughton Printed Concrete Driveways, Patios & Paths   

Jet Wash Service available Concrete re re--seals & Flags Indian Stone

Contact John: 0161 653 4616 Mills Hill Rd. 07787575409 email:


By Shelagh Stewart JULY All plants need 3 main nutrients to grow: nitrogen (N) for leaf growth, phosphorous (P) for healthy root development, and potassium (K) to encourage flowers and fruit. We buy tons of chemical fertilizers every year in the form of powders, granules and liquids - I bet there's a few half empty packets in your shed right now. They promise to transform the garden into a horticultural paradise with plants that grow like triffids. These fertilizers generally give a quick fix, encouraging fast growth and will often need re-applying every couple of weeks. The NPK content is usually on the packaging and once you know what it actually means you can tailor the product to your plants' needs. It makes perfect sense to use feeds high in K for flowering bedding plants and tomatoes, N for lush foliage and leaf veg, while P is useful for all plants, especially root veg. It follows that some feeds can help more than one variety of plant; I use tomato food for tomatoes, but also for sweet peas and agapanthus. So check the NPK and shop wisely. Chemical fertilizers can be very useful and give good results, but nobody does it better than nature, which is why a gardener's face will light up at the sight of a pile of well rotted manure ! The decomposing matter increases the NPK content of the soil and vastly improves it's structure which is so important for a healthy garden. Manure is usually applied in autumn and, if the worms don't do the work for you, dug in in spring. There are other organic ways to feed your garden: bonemeal is phosphate rich, chicken manure pellets are packed with nitrogen, wood ash (not coal) is high in potassium and if you want a good all-rounder, fish, blood and bone is the best. You can make excellent plant food at home and although you won't know the exact NPK content, you can be assured it's great stuff. Liquid manures or 'teas' give a fast nutrient boost which, because it's in liquid form, is easier for the plant to take up – it's chicken soup to ailing plants. It's very easy to make, all you need is a pair of gloves, a large bucket (preferably with a lid), enough water to fill it and whatever organic matter you're using. Traditionally liquid manure is made from either nettle or comfrey leaves, but you can also use seaweed, so if you're visiting the coast bring a bagful home with you and ask friends and family for seaweed instead of a stick of rock ! Simply fill the bucket with the leaves (don't worry about the stems just bung them all in), cover with water and put the lid on. It'll benefit from a stir every other day, but apart from that nature will do all the work. After a couple of weeks or so the liquid will be ready to use. Strain off the liquid and although it may look very unappealing and smells horrendous, it's liquid gold ! Don't underestimate the strength of this stuff, it's a powerful fertilizer and will definitely need diluting. Decant a small amount into your watering can and add enough clean water so that it's the colour of weak tea. You can use it on anything that enjoys a feed and it'll do a great job.


If you've got the constitution for something a little stronger, you can make the Bollinger of liquid manures - muck tea ! It's exactly the same process, but using farmyard manure instead of leaves. Fill a porous bag with the muck, something like an onion sack from the greengrocers or a hessian potato sack and tie the top securely before submerging it in water, again it will need diluting before use. Hardcore muck tea brewers may also be interested to know that cow pats make a heady brew......picture the scene !! WHAT'S ON

* It's the World Horticultural Expo (Floriade) this year in Venlo, the Netherlands. It's a huge event that's only held every 10 years. It runs until October and 70 countries are taking part on a 110 acre site. For more information visit * Closer to home, it's the RHS flower show at Tatton Park on the 18th-22nd July with members day on the 18th and ladies day on the 19th. For more information visit or telephone 08443380338 *To see a beautiful garden and help a charitable cause at the same time visit a garden on the National Garden Scheme ( the yellow book scheme). For what's open and when visit HAPPY GARDENING AND BOTTOMS UP !!!

DE:LUXE Decorators     

Interior & Exterior Fast Friendly Service 30 Years Experience Portfolio Available Ring NOW for your FREE QUOTE

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Brickwork & Pointing Specialist Brickwork & Pointing Specialist All Aspects of Building Work Undertaken.

Contact Colin on:

0161 681 1935 07949 514 959 58 Owler Lane, Chadderton 26 Years Experience in Building. Tradesman Bricklayer







r-based Aquacise - wate c £4.10 workout to musi lbeing Centre, Chadderton Wel t (3-4pm) Lancaster Stree aul) 0161 621 3220 (P

Tuesdays Dance an d Drama Worksho (8-20yr p s) The Radc liffe Outr eac 4 Kent A venue (4 h Centre, -6p 0161 628 0112 (Lisa m) )

Wednesdays Multi-sports - B asketball, Tennis and more Coalshaw Green Park (5-7.30pm) 0161 624 1444 (D awn)


16yrs) £0.40 1(1 e n o Z th u o Y on Youth South Chaddert er Street Centre, Lancast (5.15-7.45pm) (Michellel) 0161 770 5679


ys Thursda

Budding Beginners (0-1yrs) Stockbrook Children’s Centre, Albion Street (10-11.30am) 0161 770 8404 (Cheryl)

Sat’s & Sun’s

Splash Sessions - Pool Play Session (8-15yrs) £2.50 Chadderton Wellbeing Centre, Lancaster Street (12-1pm) 0161 770 5647 (Paul)

Theatre Take on Romeo & Juliet in an open air production in Alexandra Park. (7.30pm + sat/sun matinees) £5-£18.50








Holiday Fun at Gallery Oldham (4-10yrs)



Gallery Oldham - 0161 770 4653


Oldham Coliseum - 0161 624 2829


Family activities including face painting and crafts. (drop in between 1 & 4pm) Dates: 23, 25, 30 July, 1, 6, 8, 13, 15 August


Vicarage Art Exhibition


All money raised goes to the Springhill Hospice. Refreshments are available. (10am - 4pm) FREE Entry The Old Vicarage (behind St Michael‟s Church), Townley St





Rochdale Feel Good Festival


Music and food at its finest. Star guests include Martha & The Vandellas and chef John Christophe Novelli.

Rochdale Town Centre

y up To notify us of an and coming events 4 or Call 0161 345 098 or Email trevor@chadderton

Addmore Accountancy Successful Businesses need Correct financial information. We offer services in

 Bookkeeping  Management and Annual accounts preparation

 Budgets and financial control


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Exquisitely Gift Wrapped Sweets & Chocolates for all Occasions Created by a local resident, Sweet Treats offers you the opportunity to give a unique and individual gift to your loved one, filled with all their favourite, delicious sweets and chocolates. Each order is stunningly gift wrapped for the ultimate WOW factor! Best quality chocolates used along with a range of accessories (for a small extra charge) to really personalise your gift E.g. crowns, badges, balloons, masks etc. Why not hold a SWEET TREAT PARTY In your own home? (Gifts for host) Pre-packed Party Jars - crammed with sweets ! A great, stress free alternative to party bags.

Please contact Jackie on: 07917 748 590

20%off all Hearts this month 37

THE FEEL-GOOD FACTOR by BILL KEETH a short story in three parts

Part Three: LET GO The gas explosion hit Al‟s house on 18 December, the blast reverberating through from the house next door, and newspaper headlines nationwide were gleefully reporting the disaster within the next twelve hours. The house next door to Al‟s (one of High-Five City‟s) had been totally flattened; Al‟s house losing its bathroom and kitchen. Only the Christmas season saved both sets of tenants from harm: the next-door neighbours (newly-weds the previous month) were out at a work‟s do; Mona and the kids at a pantomime in St Teresa‟s parish hall. Al‟s moment of fame! He was glimpsed briefly on the BBC News as he roamed Solferino Street seeking news of his tenants. Not that Trivia Bullworker, the BBC News presenter, sought out Al‟s comments. Because Al was unknown to Trivia Bullworker, unlike High-Five City‟s, Mr Raphael Godlington, MBE, B.Sc. (Hons.), Dip. T.P., MRTPI, who was reported as pinning the blame for the explosion on “private landlords who are rank amateurs in the buy-to-let market, ignorant of and often unwilling to practise the high safety standards set by High-Five City‟. „Yeah, like installin a job lot of 45 dodgy central heating boilers, sourced in Turkestan,‟ complained Al to Gus Holtby, as they returned from Al‟s final visit to Solferino Street with a refund of his tenant‟s deposit. Three month into the New Year, this was, with Al‟s tenants now become High-Five City‟s, since Al had no alternative accommodation to offer them, whereas High-Five City had half a dozen such houses standing empty on nearby Magenta Street, needful only of a change of boiler and new door handles throughout subsequent to tenants having complained that the door handles from Uzbekistan tended to bend under hand pressure and a hot sun. „Two kinds of tear-drops!‟ sang Al, sotto voce, echoing Del Shannon‟s backing-singers who let rip, echoing the singer‟s words on the CD playing in Gus‟s Ford Fiesta. (Gus was chauffeuring this time out, Al‟s Astra being in dock. „Just the once, though,‟ observed Gus. „Every other time after the first time it‟s “Two kinds of Tear-DOP!”‟ „Listen to em.‟


Gus was not wrong. „Why‟d they do that, y‟ think?‟ „Why‟s anybody do anythin? Gus shrugged. „Like why‟s High-Five City tranner pinch your house off of you? „They‟re not tranner pinch it: They‟ll give us twice what I paid for it.‟ „Because house prices have gone up by three times since then.‟ „Just as well they offered, though, seein I can‟t afford to repair the place.‟ „Your buildings insurance‟ll see to that.‟ „Aye, so you say. Even so, how do I know they‟ll do it right? I‟m no builder. Besides, Suzie‟s been mitherin us for ages to get shut of the damned place.‟ This was the first time Al had admitted it to himself, never mind to Gus, that Suzie had been against his house rental project from the start. But only because she didn‟t understand it, and he did. That is to say, he had done: he had understood it as a matter of financial principle. But what he had not been able to get his head round – and never would – was the principle of non-communication embraced by the former Council Housing Department, nowadays High-Five City. Way beyond Al‟s grasp, too, was the unprincipled willingness of the Daily Mess to let High-Five City get away with it. He said as much to Suzanne immediately he got back home, adding: „They‟ve offered us Fifty Thou an I reckon I‟ll take it.‟ „You‟ll do no such thing, Al Horrows,‟ declared Suzanne, glancing round at him from where she stood at the kitchen sink. „Eh?‟ Suzie now turned her attention, it seemed, to the cerise ceramic tiles from Pilkington‟s on the window wall above the sink. „The going price for houses in M50 is around SixtyThou nowadays. There was something on the Granada News today. So we‟ll settle for Sixty-Thou: not a penny less.‟ Al laughed. „You say so, Suzie. Thought you‟d be glad to get shut. Least, that‟s what you were always tellin us.‟ „That was then and this is now. I never said they could rob us, did I?‟ „No. You never did say that.‟ Al went across to her, slipping his arms around her waist, at which she inclined her forehead towards his. Al‟s eyes prickled briefly as he smelled her newly-shampooed hair. Because now Suzie had begun, there was no shutting her up: „We‟ll get hold of an insurance loss adjuster, a surveyor – a good lettings agent maybe. We don‟t need Solferino Street, or any house where High-Five City has any say in the matter. But with Sixty-Thou in the bank we could maybe finance another house.‟ „Another house?.‟ „Two houses maybe.‟ Suzie pulled away from him, fixed him with a frank stare. „What‟s the matter with your eyes?‟ „Tear-dop!‟ said Al Horrows, inanely. „What‟s a tear-dop when it‟s owt?‟ But she was already looking to lift the youngster out of its high chair. So Al Horrows of that address never did need to explain to his wife Suzanne what a tear-dop might be. End


Police Enquiries* (0161) 872 5050 Crimestoppers*† 0800 555 111 Chadderton Neighbourhood Police* (0161) 856 8825 Chadderton Fire Station* (0161) 909 8603 Water (United Utilities)†† 0845 746 2200 Electricity (United Utilities)† 0800 195 41 41 Gas (National Grid)† 0800 111 999 Chadderton Life (0161) 345 0984

NHS Direct*†† 0845 46 47 The Royal Oldham Hospital* (0161) 624 0420 ASDA Pharmacy (open ‘til late) (0161) 484 1060 Chadderton Library (0161) 770 5656 Oldham Council (switchboard) (0161) 770 3000 Manchester Council (switchboard) (0161) 234 5000 Traveline†† 0871 200 2233 GMPTE Enquiries (0161) 228 7811 National Rail Enquiries†† 08457 48 49 50


numbers are not for emergency use and you should always dial 999 in replace of these in an emergency. †0800 numbers are free from BT landlines, other providers may vary. ††0845 numbers are charged at a local rate from BT landlines, but can be charged at premium rates by other providers. 0871 numbers are premium rate.

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