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Elbeco • Shield HiVis Reversible Soft Shell Elbeco's Shield HiVis Reversible Soft Shell features a poly ripstop shell that reverses to a hivis microfleece soft shell. The HiVis side has heat sealed 3M patterned reflective striping, while the navy side has enlarged upper concealedcarry/utility chest pockets with magnet closures. Other features include side zipper vents, dual hand warmer pockets, dual low-profile utility shoulder straps, shirred elastic hem, and locker loop in collar seam. Can be worn as a stand-alone outer garment with weight of a mid-layer liner. Safariland • P1 Covert Carrier Ergonomic and ultra light weight, the P1 carrier doesn't feel like a carrier. 4-way stretch ripstop shell fabric provides a durable, flexible base for field-tested and attributed features such as removable contoured stretch straps and strategically located Velcro channels for adjustability and easy fastening; front and back plate pockets and Luxicool cooling space mesh liner to reduce temperatures by 3-4 degrees.

H&H Medical Corp. • TECC Kit The H&H TECC Kit is designed to hold enough emergency products to respond to a mass casualty situation, containing everything you need to treat the three most preventable causes of traumatic death: blood loss, airway occlusion, and sucking chest wound. This kit meets the basic requirements for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care.

Safariland • SX Ballistic Panel The SX is designed to be the thinnest, lightest, and one of the strongest ballistic panels available. Born of breakthrough technologies and exclusive materials, SX offers exceptional performance for comfort, flexibility, durability, and strength in a hybrid design.

Timberland PRO® • 6" Duty Composite Safety Toe Waterproof Side-Zip Boot Built specifically to provide public safety professionals with lightweight comfort and protection on the job, the Timberland PRO® VALOR™ Tactical/Duty series features exclusive Dynamic Anti-Fatigue Technology, absorbing shock with each step while returning energy back to the foot. Plus, the company's Weathergear System provides the ultimate defense against wind, water, snow, ice, mud, and dirt. The Timberland PRO 6" Duty Composite Safety Toe Waterproof Side-Zip boot features black smooth leather with 1200-denier ballistic nylon and a Vibram® sole. Available in sizes 3.5–12,13,14,15 M/W. Pryme • BTH-300 Bluetooth Headset Pryme spent years perfecting their new PrymeBlu® BTH300 Bluetooth Headset with built-in wireless PTT. BTH-300 uses any Apple® compatible wired audio accessory converting it to wireless operation and dual-pairs with a cellphone/pad and two-way radio simultaneously— perfect for undercover applications. Instead of using your phone headset you can choose one of Pryme’s 8 different, very unique, heavy-duty headset kits including D-Ring Boom Headset; Throat Mic; Surveillance Earphones and more. BTH-300 delivers maximum performance with 10+ hours talk time (50 hours standby) and includes a USB charger. The BTH-300 clips securely almost anywhere. The Status multi-color LED is invisible during covert operations.

Flying Cross • Cross Fx Cross Fx Class B style uniform has been designed to help you adjust to unfolding events. Constructed for day-to-day duty, these uniforms include 4-in-1 cargo pocket, hidden MAP pockets, and meshed panels for all-day comfort and premium performance.



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Getting the Full Picture:

Crime 3D Scene


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When Point Blank introduced the revolutionary Alpha Elite Series, we set a new low, creating the lightest body armor in history. Now we’ve done it again. The new Alpha Elite® Black is even lighter than our original Alpha Elite®, weighing a mere .79 psf. And with the latest generation of Dyneema® Force Multiplier Technology by DSM, a Point Blank exclusive, it offers a combination of light weight and protection previously unknown to ballistic science. Alpha Elite® Black is available in a variety of concealable and tactical carriers including our latest Armis tactical body armor system (as shown).

Contact us today to learn more. And get ready to Feel The Light.

Dyneema® and Dyneema® Force Multiplier Technology are trademarks of DSM.



20 CAPTURING A MOMENT IN TIME The newest technology captures millions of measurement points quickly and efficiently to a create a virtual view of a crime scene in 3D. MELANIE BASICH


18 GENETIC WITNESS Parabon Nanolabs' SNP testing uses DNA to predict an unidentified person's appearance and give investigators new leads. MELANIE BASICH

24 FACIAL RECOGNITION COMES OF AGE Image identification technology is now paying dividends in security and investigations, but users need to know how to generate optimal results. DAVID GRIFFITH

28 WHY SO MANY POLICE ARE BEING MURDERED The best of America is being killed by the worst, and the reasons are revolving door jails and growing disrespect for police. RON MARTINELLI


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36 COLUMNS 4 EDITORIAL Doubling Down on Disaster

MSAB: The Mobile Device Forensics Ecosystem DAVID GRIFFITH

14 HOW TO… Understand Your Role as an Initial Investigator AMAURY MURGADO




Achieving Training Goals without Injury

Maintaining Focus AMAURY MURGADO

48 THE FEDERAL VOICE Busting the Pot Fairy Tale JON ADLER


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44 OFFICER FITNESS A Legal PED for Law Enforcement



56 IN MY SIGHTS Traits of the Trade DAVE SMITH

Suspect Shoots at CA Police Car as Civilian Rides Along

Patrol: Officers share insights about life on the job.

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Top quality custom guns deserve top quality optics.

Unlike most rifle scopes on the market today, March Scopes are meticulously assembled one at a time from start to finish by advanced optical engineers who have decades of experience in the high-end optical market. Each scope goes through numerous testing phases prior to final assembly in a clean room where the engineers wear dust-free suits while working on the scopes. No scope leaves the factory without being tested for perfect tracking! Made for the shooting connoisseur who desires the best equipment! Whether you need a high precision scope for close range SWAT work, Long Range Tactical, Hunting, or for Match Shooting in World Championships, March will not let you down!

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DOUBLING DOWN ON DISASTER California's Prop 57 is another attempt to empty out jails and prisons, which will lead to more violence against officers and citizens. TO SAY 2016 HAS BEEN A PARTICULARLY DEADLY YEAR for bert Vega and Lesley Zerebny were killed in the same week American law enforcement officers would be an understate- in separate incidents reportedly by suspects with long and ment. At this writing we still have two months to go and 48 violent criminal records who many believe would have been officers have been feloniously killed by gunfire. Four officers in prison except for Prop 47. were murdered in California last month, and at least three The new proposed prisoner release law Prop 57 is an atof them died for the very same reason: People who should tempt by sentencing reform proponents to reduce the prison have been incarcerated were out on the streets. And it's only population through early parole. Proponents say only nongoing to get worse if Gov. Jerry Brown and other leading pro- violent offenders will be considered for early release. Oppoponents of prison reform get their way on Nov. 8. nents point out that the proposed law uses the state's definiFor years now California's government has been coping tion of violent crime. Here are some heinous acts that the with prison overcrowding and court rulings that require state of California considers "non-violent" according to opsomething to be done about it. But rather than building ponents of Prop 57: drive-by shooting, assault with a deadly more prisons to keep more bad guys off the street, the state weapon, domestic violence, arson causing great bodily injuhas been minimizing the severity of offenses, moving pris- ry, lewd acts upon a child, and hostage taking. Worse, Prop oners to county jails, and releasing some earlier than their 57 does not allow authorities to take into consideration the sentences and common sense should allow. convict's priors or plea-bargain status when determining As anyone who has lived in the Golden State can tell you, early release priority. a lot of law in California is made via ballot proposition. It's Some of the most outspoken opponents of Prop 57 are not unusual to see 20 or more propositions on a California the families of the California officers killed in October. At a ballot. This year there are 17 press conference, LASD Detecballot propositions, covering tive Tania Owen, widow of Sgt. LIKE MANY MISGUIDED topics ranging from outlawing Steve Owen, called out Gov. PROPOSITIONS IN CALIFORNIA, the death penalty to legalizing Jerry Brown for "deceiving" PROP 57 IS LIKELY TO PASS, marijuana to mandating that the public into believing Prop MEANING THE STATE WOULD porn actors wear condoms. But 57's early parole of prisoners RELEASE SOME BAD PEOPLE EARLY. would be restricted to nonthe one that should be of most concern to officers not just in violent offenders. Later in that California but nationwide is Prop same gathering Owen's brother 57, another attempt by the state to reduce its prison popula- played a voice message the fallen sergeant had left for him tion through the early release of "non-violent" offenders. shortly before being killed. "And before I forget, tell all your Prop 57 is an attempt by California's prison reform propo- friends: No on 57. If that passes, crime is going to skyrocket," nents to double down on the disastrous bet they placed on Sgt. Owen said in the recording. Also appearing at the press Prop 47 two years ago. Prop 47 re-classified many drug and conference was David Kling, a retired officer and father of property crimes to misdemeanors, and it has become a get- Lesley Zerebny. out-of-jail-free card for many repeat offenders. The effect is California officers and supporters of law enforcement can that many people who have a long history of crime are free take Owen's advice and vote to defeat this proposed law. But to commit more mayhem rather than being locked away. those of you outside California are probably wondering why Because of Prop 47, violent crime in California rose 10% in you should care. 2015. And Las Vegas Metro Police Sheriff Joseph Lombardo Here's why. Like many misguided propositions in Calihas said California's release of some 14,000 prisoners under fornia, Prop 57 is likely to pass. Which means the Golden Prop 47 was the reason for an alarming rise in violent crime State will be releasing some bad people early. And criminals in the Las Vegas Valley. And as you can read in detail on page like the rest of the public are very mobile in today's Amer22 of this issue, last month Los Angeles Sheriff's Department ica. Which means California's problems will soon become Sgt. Steve Owen and Palm Springs Police Officers Jose Gil- yours.







STAFF PUBLISHER/NATIONAL SALES MANAGER Leslie Pfeiffer (480) 367-1101 EDITOR David Griffith (704) 527-5182 MANAGING EDITOR Melanie Basich (310) 533-2498 CONTRIBUTING EDITOR Amaury Murgado ART DIRECTOR LaMar Norman GRAPHIC ARTIST Jeff Polman

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• OWB/IWB leather holster • Clip allows unlimited positioning as an IWB • Twin-slotted pancake style OWB keeps gun close & tight • 2 sizes fit almost all concealable handguns





Style 145

Tuckable™ 360



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JON ADLER President, FLEOA Foundation DON ALWES Officer/NTOA Active Shooter Trainer Wilmore (KY) P.D. GREGORY BLOCK Owner/Use-of-Force and Firearms Instructor Self-Defense Firearms Training MARK W. CLARK Public Information Officer • Pinal County (AZ) Sheriff’s Office LYNNE DOUCETTE Lieutenant/Patrol Supervisor Brunswick (ME) P.D. BOB GALLEGOS Retired SWAT Officer LAPD AUSTEN GEORGE Sgt. Technical Operations Unit, Special Investigations Section • Scottsdale (AZ) P.D. ELLIOTT E. GROLLMAN Commander, Special Operations and Training Federal Protective Services, DHS RON GROMAK Lieutenant/Precision Driving Unit Michigan State Police WILLIAM L. “BILL” HARVEY Chief Ephrata (PA) P.D. LAWRENCE E. HEISKELL, MD, FACEP, FAAFP SWAT Team Physician Palm Springs (CA) P.D. GREG MEYER Retired Captain LAPD JOHN MEYER President/Director of Training Team One Network MICHAEL ODLE Sergeant/Field Operations LAPD CHRIS ROOSEN Sergeant/Community Affairs Supervisor Torrance (CA) P.D. RICHARD VALDEMAR Retired Sergeant L.A. County Sheriff's Department DAVE YOUNG Founder and Director, ARMA Training


Style 001

• Premium saddle leather • Optimum draw angle • Secure & highly concealable • Most favored of Federal LE Agencies











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Stripes and Bars AMAURY MURGADO

MAINTAINING FOCUS It's easy to lose sight of your most important tasks if you let yourself get distracted. IF YOU ARE A STAR WARS FAN, you might remember that time. If you don't stay in the present, the moment will pass in Episode I, Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn tells young Anakin without you and you will miss something. Missing someSkywalker, "Always remember, your focus determines your thing will ultimately lead to you making a mistake. reality." Although this quote comes from a work of science Focusing on the task at hand goes back to the fallacy of fiction, it makes an interesting real-world point. Over time, multitasking. For example, if you are talking on the phone successful supervisors have come to understand that learn- and writing an email at the same time, you are kidding ing how to stay focused is one of the best ways you can invest yourself if you think you are doing both well. The mind is not in yourself. Knowing how to focus multiplies your efforts wired that way; it only commits so many pathways to perand makes you more effective. forming complicated tasks. One of them is suffering from There are no tricks or short cuts when it comes to focus. your lack of attention. We have all done this while talking on Focus is all about concentrating on what's important, being the phone. You know you're not paying attention if you are in the present, and not letting anysaying things like "uh-huh," "right," MULTITASKING IS A thing distract you. Of course, that's a "sure," or "I get it" just to get by. lot easier said than done. We live in an Conversely, if you are listening to FALLACY. YOU'RE KIDDING age in which dealing with distractions the conversation, then you are probYOURSELF IF YOU THINK has become the norm. Every experiably making errors as you type your OTHERWISE. enced supervisor knows that distracemail. You have probably made some tions lie in wait around every corner spelling mistakes or typed the same with every call of the radio, buzz of words twice. It's far better to focus on your cell phone, or walk-up question. I always knew it would one task at a time by taking the phone call and then finishbe an interesting day when the conversation started with, ing your email afterward. If it deserves your attention, then "Hey, LT, got a minute?" you should give it fully. In order to understand how to use focus to our advanFocusing on the positive is more important than you tage, let's break it down into three basic concepts: focusing might think. Negativity is one of our biggest distractions. It's a on the now, focusing on the task at hand, and focusing on proven fact that negative thoughts, words, and attitude create the positive. negative and unhappy feelings, moods, and behavior. In esFocusing on the now is also called mindfulness. Mindful- sence, you are what you think. I believe it's better for a superness means being present in the moment; being more con- visor to think in terms of how to make something happen inscious of life as it happens. It is being in a state of active at- stead of why it's not going to happen. Focus on what resources tention in the present. One of the keys to accomplishing this you already have, what past experience you can draw from, or is doing one thing at a time. This may seem counterintuitive any middle ground and use that as your starting point. as a supervisor, but it can be applied. Negativity is contagious and only serves to drag everyone We often hear the term multitasking in the same conver- down. Bypass the drag by looking for the positive first and sation about focus. However, there is no such thing as mul- moving on from there. Complaining or whining about what titasking in the sense that we have been led to believe. You you don't have or why you feel it won't work does nothing to may be involved with five tasks simultaneously, but you're accomplish the mission. Change the conversation in order not actually doing them all at once. You are just switching to find ways to make it work. When you change the converfocus from one to another in succession. There is a Zen prov- sation, you tend to change the outcome in your favor. erb that says, "When walking, walk. When eating, eat." Staying focused requires practice and commitment. It's Another key to focusing on the now is not thinking of only a great tool if you learn how to use it. Mark Sanborn said, the past or worrying about the future. You need to think in "Fear not but to waste the present moment." I have to agree. terms of what's important now. What are you dealing with right now, at this very moment? There is no way to think in Amaury Murgado retired a senior lieutenant from the Osceola terms of the past, the present, and the future all at the same County (FL) Sheriff's Office with over 29 years of experience.




Products AFM Heatsheets EMERGENCY BLANKETS AND PONCHOS AFM Heatsheets now offers a full line of emergency products including emergency blankets, classic blankets, individually wrapped blankets, and individually wrapped ponchos. Emergency blankets and ponchos have high visibility colors and special packaging for efficient deployment. Using proprietary Silver Lining technology, Heatsheets products reflect up to 90% of a person's body heat back to the wearer, or can be flipped to deflect external heat sources. Heatsheets products are made in the USA.

Amped Software DVRCONV Amped Software's new Amped DVRConv lets law enforcement agencies easily and quickly convert unplayable video files from surveillance cameras and digital video recorders in minutes, allowing them faster access to vital digital evidence. There are thousands of system manufacturers, each generating their own proprietary video file types that do not play well with the standard Windows PC. With this solution, all you have to do is drag and drop files into Amped DVRConv and the software will automatically convert them into standard video files, in just minutes.

Cellebrite UFED TOUCH 2 Cellebrite, known for its digital forensic extraction, decoding, and analysis solutions, has unveiled UFED Touch2, the latest addition to the company’s UFED Series family of mobile forensic solutions. With enhanced speed, usability, and portability, UFED Touch2 is a comprehensive mobile forensic solution that allows law enforcement, military, and intelligence agencies to extract evidentiary data in a forensically sound manner. The Touch2 can extract mobile device content up to three times faster than the UFED Touch, enabling investigators and examiners to accelerate investigations.



Elbeco HIVIS REVERSIBLE SOFT SHELL Elbeco's new Shield HiVis Reversible Soft Shell features a poly ripstop shell that reverses to a hivis microfleece soft shell. The HiVis side has heat sealed 3M patterned reflective striping, while the navy side has enlarged upper concealed-carry/utility chest pockets with magnet closures. Other features include side zipper vents, dual hand warmer pockets, dual low-profile utility shoulder straps, a shirred elastic hem, and locker loop in collar seam. It can be worn as a stand-alone outer garment.

Dara Holsters TUCKABLE MODULAR APPENDIX RIG A new twist on the Modular Appendix Rig from Dara Holsters, this new package features a Tuckable AIWB Holster made from .093-inch Kydex/ Boltaron connected to an IWB mag carrier by a flexible PVC-coated nylon segment. This flexible piece, along with the mag carrier, is completely detachable for times when a backup magazine is not necessary. This gives you the option of carrying the AIWB Holster/Mag Carrier Combo without being overburdened by the weight of an additional magazine carrier when you don't need it. The structure of the rig is curved inwards, with its flexibility allowing it to adjust to any body shape for a comfortable fit.



The Earphone Connection FIN ULTRA EAR TIP The Fin Ultra from The Earphone Connection features an open skeleton design to allow for more ambient sound to travel through. The addition of the opening to the Fin makes it a better replacement for the Ghost ear mold. The Fin Ultra still maintains the same comfort and security but allows for a higher level of situational awareness. It now includes an elbow for universal acoustic tube fit. The Fin Ultra's soft Fin fits easily inside the contours of the ear, keeping the tip securely in place even during evasive movements.

WatchGuard’s 4RE® HD Panoramic in-car video system and VISTA®WiFi body-worn cameras work together seamlessly as a single system to automatically capture synchronized video of a single incident from multiple vantage points.




Harris XL-200P RADIO Designed with input from missioncritical users, the Harris XL-200P is one of the smallest full-spectrum, LTEcapable radios on the market. Merging high-speed data with robust LMR voice, it provides leading-edge connectivity across both broadband and 700/800 MHz, VHF and UHF-H bands. Built on a rigid metal Ibeam frame and tough enough to exceed IP68 and MIL-STD810G standards, the XL-200P is also feature rich, with A-B-C-D switching, loud 1.5 watt dualspeaker audio, front and top full-color LCD displays—plus Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS, all standard. The XL-200P’s 10-hour battery life keeps those features available to you all shift long, while its lightweight, ergonomically contoured shape won’t add bulk or weight to your belt.

Safariland has released the Protech Tactical Shift 360 Scalable Plate Rack System as its first platform to encompass the FirstSpear Tubes closure system. Utilizing advanced technologies from Protech Tactical and FirstSpear, the Shift 360 plate rack starts as a basic plate rack carrier with the ability to transition into a fully loaded tactical system for a multitude of mission specifications. FirstSpear Tubes modernize the armor carrier closure system, enhancing the ease of donning and doffing the Shift 360 carrier with a quick up or down single-hand function.

SceneDoc's new SceneDoc V4.1 is an autonomous module aimed at delivering patrol officers a cutting edge solution for eCitations. V4.1 builds on the innovation introduced through V4.0 coined ‘Timeline’; a set of capabilities that makes it simple and intuitive to open the mobile application and immediately begin collecting any type of data, ranging from electronic notes to evidentiary photography. New features in SceneDoc eCitations V4.1 include ID scanning, improved APIs for simplified pushes to Court and RMS, smart query from NCIC, CPIC and other national/state databases, intuitive data entry, in-field bluetooth printing, configurable offline/ online ticket numbering, smart scheduling for court dates and a strong pipeline of futurelooking capabilities in the horizon.


SCAN-650 Scanning Sonar Fishers SCAN-650 is a high performance scanning/sector scanning sonar system that can be mounted on an ROV, pole-mounted for use from a small boat in shallow water, or mounted on a tripod on the bottom. The scanning sonar serves as an obstacle avoidance system and provides target identification for missing persons / drowning victims for Police and Dive Rescue teams.

Simulated drowning victim

JW Fishers Mfg., Inc. 1953 County Street East Taunton MA 02718 USA (800)822-4744 or (508)822-7330 Email:

Visit for more information on their complete line of underwater search equipment.




Streamlight DUAL SWITCH STRION FLASHLIGHTS Streamlight Inc. has introduced new models of its popular Strion lights with innovative Dual Switch (DS) technology: the Strion DS, the Strion DS HL (High Lumen), and the Strion DS HPL (High Performance, High Lumen). Each of the rechargeable lights now offers two independent, easy-to-locate switches for added user flexibility. The ultra-compact flashlights provide both a head-mounted, push-button switch and a second, multi-function push-button tactical tail switch for full-feature control, independent of the other switch. All three models, available in different configurations, feature the latest in C4 LED technology, provide three microprocessor-controlled variable intensity modes and a strobe feature, and feature a Ten-Tap programmable switch.

TASER has announced the release of the Axon Flex 2, a next generation update to its iconic Axon Flex camera. Flex 2 will feature a host of improvements over Axon’s original point-ofview camera, from an increase in video quality from 480p to 1080p to new mounting options and better battery life. Its increased field-of-vision means that officers can capture more and gain a new perspective. TASER will start initial shipments of the Axon Flex 2 in December 2016 with full production beginning in early 2017.

Law enforcement personnel can now quickly and safely detect street drug W-18 and other lethal drugs with the newest library update for the Thermo Scientific TruNarc handheld narcotics analyzer. W-18 is a new designer drug considered to be significantly more potent than morphine and fentanyl. As part of its most recent v1.6 software update, the TruNarc analyzer adds dibutylone, furanyl fentanyl, and U-47700 to its onboard library, which now includes nearly 300 suspected narcotics and narcotics precursors and an additional 80 common cutting agents. The TruNarc analyzer lets you scan a single sample for multiple narcotics in one test and receive results within seconds.




Continuing in 2016, American Military University (AMU) will be hosting 1-hour webinars without cost to help law enforcement officers* stay current on topics covering: • Drone Threat to Prison Facilities • Airborne Law Enforcement Techniques • Doxing • Going Dark-encryption technology facing law enforcement investigations

• Active Shooter Preparation and Response for Non-First Responders • Digital Currencies (Bitcoin) • Handling Media during Critical Incidents • Clandestine Laboratory Analysis/Detection

Webinar attendees may receive a 5% tuition grant and fee waiver for degree and certificate courses at AMU. TO REGISTER FOR THE WEBINAR SERIES VISIT INPUBLICSAFETY.COM/WEBINAR OR CONTACT INSTRUCTOR JIM DEATER AT JDEATER@APUS.EDU. AMU is part of the accredited American Public University System and certified to operate by SCHEV. *The webinars include law enforcement-sensitive information; therefore all registrants will undergo a verification process to ensure they are current law enforcement officers, analysts, or law enforcement support personnel.



THE MOBILE DEVICE FORENSICS ECOSYSTEM MSAB's digital tools allow investigators to extract evidence from digital devices and put the pieces together to close cases.


n the last five years the number of digital devices available access the data from the central storage, users don't have to to the public has increased exponentially in both quantity share CDs or memory sticks, saving time and money. and capability. Computers are now available in everything While the MSAB Kiosk is designed to be used by any law from desktop systems to phones to coffee pots. And because enforcement officer granted access, the next element in the anything available to consumers is available to criminals, MSAB ecosystem was designed specifically for cyber forena great deal of contemporary crime evisic specialists. Available for desktops, lapdence is digital evidence. Collecting, readtops, and tablets running the Windows oping, and analyzing that evidence has beerating system, XRY is a software tool that come a major law enforcement headache. allows specialists to extract data from moThe Swedish high-tech company MSAB bile devices under warrant but without asbelieves it has the treatment for that headsistance from the owners. Navarro says the ache. MSAB has long been involved in cellatest version of XRY Office allows users to lular communications systems and moconnect up to three devices at a time. XRY bile device forensics. The company now can extract a wide variety of document, dahas created what it calls an ecosystem of tabase, image, and video file types. It can digital forensic tools built around its XRY also extract data from apps and parse call software. MSAB's ecosystem includes a kilogs, address books, emails, messages, and osk for capturing and disseminating data; GPS data. a desktop or field forensic software tool; Navarro says that even though there are and an analysis tool that helps investigamillions of apps available for mobile detors piece together who was using the digivices, XRY can extract data from the ones MSAB products including XRY Office let officers easily tal device, when it was used, and for what most commonly used in criminal activiextract data from devices. purpose. ties. MSAB is also constantly adding app Rey Navarro, MSAB's director, says the data extraction capabilities to the software purpose of the MSAB Kiosk is to allow detectives and other through regular updates. authorized law enforcement personnel to download data The final element in the MSAB forensic ecosystem is from devices consensually turned over by their owners to XAMN, a tool that helps analysts find the evidentiary value the investigators. "No witness turning over a phone video to of the data extracted from digital devices. "XAMN allows the police wants to hear we'll get that back to you in a week," you to put all the pieces together when it comes to mobile Navarro explains. "The kiosk lets authorized personnel device dumps," Navarro says. "You can use it to reveal condump that data into the system and return the phone to the tacts between the suspect and the victim or the suspect and witness very quickly." associates based on messages, GPS information, and other The MSAB Kiosk is a hardware solution that an agency data." can set up in a central secure location for downloading XRY Office and the other MSAB software products are digital evidence. Little to no training is required to use the available on an annual subscription basis per license. Users system, as it has an intuitive touch screen interface that can learn to use the software and how to testify about the walks the user through the process. Navarro says the Kiosk examination in a five-day certification program. For particis managed by a central administrator who can ensure that ularly tough data extraction problems, MSAB specialists are only the right people such as investigators and prosecutors available to consult on site. have access to the data. And because authorized parties can 12



The TASER X2 incorporates agencies’ most requested features such as warning arc, dual lasers, and backup shot to eliminate reloading and improve safety. LE A R N MOR E A BOU T OUR A FFOR DA B LE TA S E R 6 0 PL A N AT TA S E R .COM / TA S E R 6 0

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UNDERSTAND YOUR ROLE AS AN INITIAL INVESTIGATOR As a first responding officer, you need to gather as much information as possible before you pass the case along to a detective.


their attention on any one of the "Five W" questions. Detectives often spend days if not weeks at a time trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together in order to complete the investigation. Take interviewing a witness, for example. Because of the nature of the job, first responding officers have to get the basic information, handle the call, and move on to the next call as quickly as possible. Detectives, on the other hand, can spend all day with a witness if they think it will help. Though the time restrictions for first responders and detectives might be different, their goals remain the same. Each It's helpful to develop a working relationship with detectives assigned to your area. one tries to do the best they can with their part in the investigation. Of the two, I believe the first responder's role is more ims first responding officers, our job consists of conducting an initial investigation that will either be cleared up on portant because the beginning always determines the end. the scene by an arrest, by filing of charges afterwards, or will What any first responding officer does or fails to do will ulhave to be followed up on by someone else. The follow-up is timately determine the outcome of the investigation. For done by someone other than a first responder who is a spe- example, if a first responding officer makes any mistake in cialized crime investigator like a property crimes detective. obtaining witness information or the handling of evidence, Conducting an investigation revolves around knowing your or inadvertently violates someone's constitutional rights, first responder responsibilities and in knowing what the fol- the case can be lost long before it ever gets to trial. low-up investigator (detective) will be looking for. In other words, you need to know your role in the investigation and FROM THE OFFICER'S PERSPECTIVE The best investigative template I have ever used involves understand that where you leave off someone else begins. trying to answer who, what, when, where, why, and how. If you can answer all of these questions, you have obviously DIFFERENT RESPONSIBILITIES, SAME GOALS solved the case and your investigation is complete. On the Most first responding officers are in some type of road patrol unit. They go from call to call and how much time they other hand, if you can only answer a few of these questions, spend on each is always an issue. Time is a luxury that first then you have given a detective a great place to start. As the initial investigator, you are responsible for answerresponders don't have. They have to try to answer who, what, when, where, why, and how as fast as they can. Detectives ing each of these questions in some way. It's a relatively simdon't share the same time restraints. They can focus all of ple task as long as you remember that each question has but






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three possible answers. You either have the information, you don't have the information, or you don't have it now but can get it later. I'll use obtaining contact information as an example. You are speaking with a complainant and need to get their contact information. You ask for their phone number. The complainant will either give you their phone number, state they don't have a phone number, or tell you they can't remember and will have to give it to you later. In other words, it may not be the answer you are looking for, but there is an answer you can provide as part of your investigation. If your investigation clearly states what information you have, what you could not obtain, and what needs to be done later, no one should find fault with it. It's an approach all first responding officers should take a good look at throughout their investigation. It makes the pass off to the detective as complete as possible. When you are done, there should be no doubt in anyone's mind where your investigation ends and where the detective's needs to begin. Unless there is a good reason why you couldn't perform a necessary task or obtain some type of information, a detective should never need to go back and do it for you. For example, if you could not process a part of your crime scene due to inclement weather, you need to include that information in your report. Since it still needs to be done, make sure you include the fact that you scheduled the processing with your crime scene unit for their follow-up. In an investigation, why you didn't do something can be just as important as why you did. Most agencies have some form of tasking sheet that detectives can use to request more information. At my former agency, when they sent one down, it usually meant you had failed to do something


It's your job to collect all of the information you can before you leave the scene and go on to your next call.

that you could have done during your investigation. Trying to get contact information from a tourist that has left the area or processing a car that is no longer there is never fun and teaches you a much needed lesson. Unless the detective was being unreasonable, getting a tasking sheet will generally be frowned upon by your peers, supervisor, and administrative staff. The bottom line is if you do your investigation properly, regardless of how much useful information you collect at the time, you should never get one.

FROM THE DETECTIVE'S PERSPECTIVE Most detectives understand that first

responding officers don't have all day to handle one call so they are not looking for a complete case packet. What they are looking for is basic information that covers who, what, when, where, why, and how. They are also looking for officers to use all the tools at their disposal at the time of their investigation. For example, using your agency's database to retrieve information is an important step that is sometimes overlooked. Maybe your witness forgot something but you have the information from a previous incident. Time permitting, look at the reports your suspects or persons of interest have been involved in. There is a world of information that can be learned from


these, including behaviors and patterns of the individual suspect. Communication is also important. Detectives want a working relationship with you. Stop by or call the detectives assigned to your area. Being able to exchange information and strategies are important to each of your success. Ask a detective if you can look over a copy of a complete case packet from one of their investigations. This will give you a chance to see an investigation from start to finish. It will also show you what kind of work and level of detail goes on beyond the initial report you submit as an officer.

A detective should never need to follow up with you to obtain information you should have collected.

FINAL THOUGHTS Any investigation is broken down into two

parts: initial and follow-up. Since first responding officers are responsible for beginning the process, a great deal of weight is placed on their shoulders. First responding officers should remember that it's their investigation until they pass it on. They need to do as much with it as possible before they do, and remember that the end depends on the beginning. Amaury Murgado retired a senior lieutenant from the Osceola County (FL) Sheriff's Office with over 29 years of experience. He also retired from the Army Reserve as a master sergeant. He holds a Master of Political Science degree from the University of Central Florida.

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Genetic Witness Parabon Nanolabs' SNP testing uses DNA to predict an unidentified person's appearance and give investigators new leads. MELANIE BASICH


hen detectives run out of investigative leads, they often turn to DNA. When you're talking about cold cases that have been unsolved for decades, this is often the only avenue left. But regardless of the timeframe, what if you've checked the DNA evidence from a crime against all databases and all known subjects and come up with nothing? What if you have unidentified remains and no clue as to who the person is? Or blood from a suspect, but no idea of who to look for? That's typically where Parabon Nanolabs enters the picture, says Dr. Ellen Greytak, director of bioinformatics at Parabon. She helped lead the development of a technique called Snapshot DNA Phenotyping that can analyze an unidentified person's DNA to create a picture of what he or she looks like. And it can give investigators a new lead where there was none. A detective will contact Parabon with information about a case involving DNA from an unidentified person, and Greytak and her team will evaluate whether there is enough DNA left to do a new analysis. If there is, Parabon coordinates with DNA Labs International or one of the other specially equipped labs they work with to receive the sample, extract DNA or clean up old DNA extracts from cold cases, and conduct a SNP panel. The lab then sends the results to Parabon, and Greytak and her team analyze the data to predict that person's physical appearance. "We can't just use the STR analysis they've already developed," Greytak says. "We do a SNP analysis, so rather than the usual STR, we're looking for single-nucleotide polymorphisms, SNiPs or SNPs." The test generates a readout of close to a million SNP genotypes. But Parabon uses predictive models that read the raw data and compare them to known people with similar genomes to determine their likely appearance. It goes something like this: "OK, this person is a DG at this SNP, and in the thousands of people I've ever looked 18


at, people who have DG at this SNP tend to have lighter eyes, for example," Greytak says. It can also provide a person's detailed ancestry. But she and her team are careful to explain to investigators that the information derived from the analysis can only point them in the right direction, mainly by narrowing the focus of possible matches. The composite image provided on the last page of every analysis report is merely representative of a possible person that

A composite image created using SNP analysis of a double homicide suspect's DNA generated a new lead.

meets the criteria found in the DNA. The rest of the report details what traits to look for and the level of confidence for each finding. For example, analysis of a DNA sample might show that the unidentified person most likely has blue eyes, but with only 80% confidence, whereas they have 99% confidence that the person does not have brown eyes. "So we might say the blue is more likely than green, so you would look at the blue-eyed people first. But still keep those green-eyed people on your list, because that's still possible," Greytak says. Even when Parabon can predict aspects of a person's appearance with a high level of confidence, there are plenty of factors they have no way of predicting, such as age, weight, hairstyle, and whether a person has tattoos. "What we're going to produce at the end is not going to be a driver's license photograph of that person," Greytak says. "There's a lot of information that goes into appearance that's

not written in the DNA sequence." This process has helped generate new leads in numerous cases. For example, a profile and composite were created of one of two unidentified suspects in the 2013 double homicide of a Canadian retired couple living in Florida. In another case, a headless body was found in Galveston, TX. For decades, investigators had been looking for a Caucasian female, but Parabon was able to determine through DNA analysis that the unidentified woman was East Asian, and specifically Chinese. While such revelations are promising, they don’t guarantee a solved case. "We've never had a case where the detective said, 'This wasn't worthwhile.' Because these are for cases where they have exhausted all the leads that they had, and are looking for something new to jumpstart it," says Greytak. "And suddenly it's like, 'Oh, well, I didn't need to be looking at this 95% of the population. Now I can focus on the remaining 5% of the population.'" This technology is not limited to cold cases. Now more investigators are coming to Parabon with newer cases instead of waiting until years have passed. This can help law enforcement agencies find new possible leads before a trail has a chance to get cold. "I think that's a fantastic use of the technology. To right away say, OK, we're definitely looking for a white guy with light eyes or something like that where we can focus and not have to spend time looking at people who really don't match that DNA," Greytak enthuses. She likens traditional DNA forensics to a fingerprint, which can only provide useful information if you can compare it to something and get a match. "We look at the DNA like a blueprint, containing all the information that built that person. So it's just a matter of figuring out what the DNA is saying about that person, and learning brand new information that you couldn't have gotten otherwise," Greytak says. "It's sort of like a genetic witness."

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Capturing a Moment in Time




they didn't realize were important until after the fact. "When I first started we used tape measures to establish a base line. Then we used a total station, but it has limitations inside," says Lt. Mike Young of the Kearney (NE) Police Department. Among his other duties, he is an accident and crime scene reconstructionist for his department and a senior member of the Kearney/Buffalo County Fatality Accident Investigation Team. "With the 3D laser scanner, it works amazingly well both inside and outside, and it doesn't matter if it's light or dark," he says.

SCANNING TECHNOLOGY Young and his department use the Faro Focus3D X 330 scanner and Faro Scene software to process the scans. Then they use Faro Reality software to create anima-

tion in 3D. Faro Reality can also be used for 2D and point cloud environment animation. All of these can be combined to create diagrams and presentations for court. "You're working with a vast amount of data, 9,000 points per second," says Young. "And it can all be in color. You choose which. You can scan in complete darkness, but if you have daylight or lights on in a residence, it will scan in full, vivid colors just like you're standing there." When assisting a fire marshal investigating a fatal house fire, Young's scan of the scene was more useful than the photos that were taken. "A fire scene soaks up so much of the light with photography. But the scanner got amazing 3D of the entire residence," Young says. It even showed the charring on the ceiling, which helped them pinpoint an area of focus for the origin of the fire.


ape measures and photographs used to be the standard equipment for documenting any type of scene by law enforcement. But uneven ground and poor lighting posed challenges and affected the quality of results. it was also sometimes difficult to know what areas to focus on, and important evidence was often missed. 3D laser scanners don't have the same limitations. Unlike manual techniques, a 3D laser scanner captures millions of data points to create a point cloud map. Multiple 360-degree scans can be combined to create a complete 3D view of a scene that can be revisited later in great detail. This allows detectives, prosecutors, and juries to see the scene of the crime exactly as it appeared when first captured. It also allows investigators to take precise measurements and examine pieces of evidence

The Kearney (NE) Police Department uses Faro 3D laser scanners to document everything present at a crime scene. The equipment works outdoors or indoors and in any type of light or complete darkness.




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CSI Karen Livengood of the Orlando (FL) Police Department Crime Scene Unit uses a Leica ScanStation 3D laser scanner for homicides, traffic homicides, shootings, and police use-of-force incidents. The unit also uses the technology to aid local crime scene units in investigating any homicides that occur in 12 neighboring cities that are part of the local Joint Homicide Investigative Team, or J.H.I.T. The Leica ScanStation series includes three scanner models, the P40, P30, and P16, that all work with the company's 3D point cloud software suite, which includes of Leica Cyclone stand-alone software, Leica CloudWorx plug-in tools for CAD systems, and the free Leica TruView that allows easy sharing with those who don't have sophisticated viewing software. "Our scan data has been introduced and accepted as scientific evidence on two of our court cases," Livengood says. "But it has been brought up several times in depositions. The state attorneys have requested copies on several cases, including officerinvolved shootings and a number of homicides, that are coming up for court."

DEVIL'S IN THE DETAILS As already mentioned, a 3D scanner captures millions of points so that details of the scene captured in time can be viewed later. "The scanner captures everything on the scene. That ability, to me, is what makes the scanner worth it," says Livengood, who often gets requests from detectives for additional measurements. "The closer you are, the more detailed you get," says Young. So if you know there is a specific detail you want to get, such as an entry wound on a body, you can get close to it when you do a scan for a better view later. Livengood was documenting a homicide scene where the victim had been stabbed multiple times in a living room FOR MORE INFORMATION FARO WWW.FARO.COM LEICA HTTP://LEICA-GEOSYSTEMS.COM




Capturing a Moment in Time

Leica Geosystems 3D laser scanners capture millions of data points in 360 degrees.

and it was important to capture scans of all of the blood that was on the ground and everywhere else. "We had one ScanStation scanning at ground level, and another was simultaneously scanning on a tripod. Then we merged the scans together," she says.

PRESENTING IN COURT But if there is a detail you didn't know to look for originally, if a 3D scanner was used at the scene that detail will still have been captured and you will be able to view it. This can be especially useful in court. "It takes the judge or jury and puts them at the scene when it was committed," says Young. Although the case didn't end up going to court, Young and his team were able to recreate the views of different witnesses in a bank robbery to help test whether their statements were accurate, based on where they were located when the incident occurred. "At a bank, you have a lot of offices, and all witnesses have a different perspective

based on where they were when the robbers came in," says Young. "In court, they can say I was here when they did this, and this is what I saw. A year down the road when the case goes to court, things may change, memory may change, but [in our 3D views] everything is exactly as it was at the time we scanned it." In addition to her agency's scan data being accepted as evidence in court, the resulting imagery from Orlando PD's Leica ScanStation has been extremely useful in cases, Livengood says. "Presentation in court has just been phenomenal, especially when it comes to bullet trajectories or skid marks for traffic homicides," she says. "The data gets shown to defense attorneys, and they show it to clients. Sometimes, it changes the outcome of the case. If you can see it, to me, that right there pays for itself."

FAST AND EFFICIENT Beyond all of the benefits of 3D laser scanning technology for investigations, the equipment allows officers to fully document a scene with fewer people and in less time than before, no matter the conditions. What used to take at least four people hours to complete can now be done in a fraction of the time by one person, Young says, although he prefers to use two officers. The setup is simpler and faster, and because of this many more areas can be covered, even if there are special requests for detailed scans. "It takes less than 10 minutes from the time I arrive on scene to the time I'm actually collecting data," says Young. Scans are taken before anyone else touches the scene to best preserve the evidence. This took some getting used to and changes to protocol, but it's worth it, he says. And he's done so quickly, compared to before, that the other officers can then do what they need to do without much delay. Both Young and Livengood deeply appreciate their 3D laser scanners and agree that it's worth changing some policies and spending time and money on the equipment and initial training for a more accurate and efficient way of documenting crime scenes.


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IN THE IMMEDIATE AFTERMATH OF THE 9/11 TERROR ATTACKS, automated facial recognition became a hot technology. The very idea that software using a database of facial photos could help prevent the next terror attack was reassuring. It was also likely untrue. The technology was not nearly sophisticated enough to pick out a terror suspect in a crowd scene unless that suspect was facing the camera and ideally lit in both photos. But the technology and the techniques for using it have improved greatly over the last 15 years and now facial recognition software is becoming a common tool in law enforcement. Applications for facial recognition are still being determined, but some of the most common include criminal investigations, identification of people with false IDs, and access control. Back in the early 2000s, only a few companies were making facial recognition tools for law enforcement and you needed the resources of federal agencies or large and well-heeled municipal police departments to acquire the technology and the expertise to effectively use it. Now numerous companies, including 3M, Cognitec, and Vigilant Solutions, produce affordable facial recognition tools specifically for law enforcement operations.

THE TOOLS 3M makes a variety of facial recognition products, including a live matching system and the 3M Cogent suite of biometric solutions. Running on PCs and on mobile devices, 3M's Live Face identification system was designed to scan crowds and alert authorities to the presence of bad actors. The system works with a wide variety of compatible cameras and can capture multiple images of a person for more accurate matching. 3M Cogent's Mugshot System allows law enforcement personnel to access a 24


mugshot database from a desk or out in the field and find mugshot matches using descriptions or digital images of the suspect. Cognitec's facial recognition tool is called FaceVACS, and the latest version was released in 2015. One of the key features of the newest FaceVACS is the ability to use it on mobile devices. The company says a smaller memory footprint of its new facial characteristics matching algorithm has made it possible to run the tool on Android and iOS devices. Mobile Examiner allows officers to take suspect photos at the scene, search central databases, and quickly receive candidate lists to help determine his or her identity. Cognitec has also added video scanning capability to its menu of facial recognition tools. FaceVACS-VideoScan lets users perform facial match searches on persons appearing in both real-time video streams and stored media files. Vigilant Solutions calls its facial recognition tool FaceSearch. FaceSearch runs on a variety of platforms, including PCs and smartphones, and features an easy-to-use interface. The tool allows the investigator to easily edit poor quality images within the interface so there is no need to use third-party software. The company says the editing is straightforward, allowing any investigator or analyst to make necessary adjustments without being an image editing master. Reports are downloadable and memorialize the effort conducted by the investigator.

SUCCESS STORIES Many of the greatest successes of facial recognition technology will probably never be revealed to the public since the technology is widely used by the Department of Homeland Security in terrorism prevention. But every day, facial recognition systems are helping law enforcement agencies identify the bad


Facial Recognition Comes of Age

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Facial Recognition Comes of Age

Screen shots from Vigilant Solutions FaceSearch showing a match report and an image-editing tool that can be used to improve the odds of a match.

guys and close cases. In 2014, the FBI was able to arrest a child abuse and kidnapping suspect on the lam in Asia with the aid of the State Department's Diplomatic Security Service, which had scanned FBI Most Wanted posters into its facial recognition system. A scan of the suspect's poster matched a passport photo of an individual traveling in Nepal under another name. The Sacramento County (CA) Sheriff's Office announced this year that it was expanding its facial recognition program to 500 licenses. The agency has used Vigilant Solutions' FaceSearch to great success. "Over the past year we have made as many as 35 criminal identifications resulting from its use," says Sgt. Kyle Hoertsch. "Two notable cases are the identification of a cold case homicide suspect on the first day of use, and the identification of another individual on a routine traffic stop. The gentleman was covered in prison tattoos, did not have a valid ID, and the name he provided to us included the name of a famous actor as the middle and last names. Upon taking his photo using the mobile app, we were returned a list of possible matches within about two seconds. Upon review of the possible matches, the officer on patrol was able to visually confirm that the gentleman was indeed the same person seen in a 2006 booking photo out of Ohio." The NYPD operates its facial recognition system from the department's Real Time Crime Center. The unit has to date conducted 8,500 facial recognition investigations, yielding 3,000 possible matches, and leading to almost 2,000 arrests.

SKILL AND EXPERIENCE Roger Rodriguez spearheaded the NYPD's facial recognition investigation unit and he is now manager of image analytics for Vigilant Solutions. In addition to his work with Vigilant, he is also an evangelist for the technology and what it can do, writing blogs 26


and white papers on the Vigilant Solutions Website (www. and answering reader questions about facial recognition at Rodriguez says he is frustrated by the perception of facial recognition as magic that is held by some in the public and even by some law enforcement officers. He bristles at the idea that facial matching leads instantly to arrests and says facial recognition technology should be used in an investigation in a similar fashion as investigators use the work of a sketch artist. "You have to establish probable cause for an arrest by other means than a facial match," explains Rodriguez. He says that in his work with the NYPD, a facial match was just one element of an investigation. Investigators also needed to document other facts about the individual before establishing probable cause for an arrest. "Facial recognition is a lead generation tool," Rodriguez says. Accuracy of matches is an issue that can also be affected by the experience and skill of the investigator using a facial recognition system. People who believe facial recognition systems are magic think that the technology can be used to match one image of a face to one individual in a database of millions with just one push of a button. In reality, achieving solid results with facial recognition requires the user to apply some investigative talent and even image pre-processing skills. "You have to be crafty and persistent," Rodriguez says. One of the easiest ways to achieve better results, according to Rodriguez, is to apply common sense filters to the population the facial recognition system searches. For example, if the image is of a male 18 to 30 years of age, an investigator can tell the system to search for men, eliminating a sizable element of the database that is female, and then apply an age filter to whittle down the possible matches even more. Users also have to realize that very few images of suspects are perfectly lit or feature the kind of forward-facing view that is ideal for facial recognition algorithms. Vigilant's FaceSearch includes an easy-to-use image pre-processing tool so that users can lighten images and even adjust the positioning of the subject's face to improve their chances of a match. Such processing does not alter the original image, which investigators will need in court. In the early days of his facial recognition work at the NYPD, Rodriguez taught himself how to use Photoshop for image preprocessing. Photoshop is a complicated tool and that's why he encouraged Vigilant to include an easy-to-use image pre-processing tool in the latest version of FaceSearch. Rodriguez believes that the growing success rate of facial recognition investigations and the development of easy-to-use solutions will spur more agencies to acquire the technology. "In the next three years or so the use of facial recognition is going to double," he says.

The casket of a fallen Palm Springs, CA, officer is escorted at a memorial service.


THE BEST OF THE BEST OF US The murders of Los Angeles County SherAMERICA IS BEING Career LASD Sgt. Steve Owen was, at 53, iff's Department Sgt. Steve Owen and Palm KILLED BY THE ready to retire. He was investigating a burglary Springs Police Officers Jose "Gil" Vega and LesWORST, AND THE on Oct. 5 when he reportedly encountered lie Zerebny by two crazed and armed career career criminal and parolee Trenton Trevon criminals underscore what all cops and their REASONS ARE Lovell, 27, of Lancaster, CA, behind an apartfamilies already know—there is indeed a war REVOLVING DOOR on police. It is, in fact, the age-old battle of good JAILS AND GROWING ment building. There was a brief gun battle between the two. Owen was wounded. versus evil. DISRESPECT FOR L.A. County Sheriff Jim McDonnell told the Although the investigations of all three POLICE. press that after wounding Owen, Lovell stood murders are currently ongoing, we already over the deputy and pumped four more bullets know some facts that have been released by the victim officers' individual departments. And it is important that into his head "execution style." Officials say Lovell attempted to flee in the sergeant's patrol we understand what happened in these tragedies. 28



Why So Many Police are

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Why So Many Police are Being Murdered

car. However, he was soon confronted THE WORST OF US by a second deputy who opened fire on The accused murderers of Sgt. Steve the suspect in the vehicle. Lovell then Owen and Officers Vega and Zerebny reportedly rammed this deputy's pahad similar criminal profiles as those of trol car, injuring him as well. Lovell was other suspects who have recently murwounded in the exchange of gunfire and dered law enforcement officers in the was taken into custody. growing national virus known as the Sgt. Owen spent most of his career in "War on Police." the Antelope Valley and was well known Sgt. Steve Owen of the Los County Sheriff's Los Angeles Superior Court records Department was shot and killed by a suspect by the good and the bad of that commu- while investigating a burglary. document that the suspected killer of nity. He was a bear of a man who was deSgt. Owen, Trenton Trevon Lovell, was scribed by colleagues and community members alike as sincere, an active parolee with an extensive criminal history that expolite, fair, and well-spoken even to those within the criminal tends back to when he was first arrested as a juvenile for sale of element. marijuana. He then accumulated 11 more arrests including two Owen spent his time off fully engaged with his community and which resulted in a state prison sentence. its impressionable youth. He volunteered as a football coach and Lovell was arrested for robbery in 2006. Two years later he youth mentor and worked with members of the business com- was arrested for resisting arrest, pleaded guilty, and received munity, providing tips on how to reduce crime. By all accounts, a 90-day jail sentence. However, all of the diversion programs, Sgt. Steve Owen was a renaissance law enforcement officer to be probation conditions, and contacts with law enforcement and respected and emulated. the criminal justice system apparently made no impression on On Saturday Oct. 8, Palm Springs Officer Jose "Gil" Vega, 63, Lovell. Several months after being released from jail, he robbed who was scheduled for retirement in December; and 26-year-old an off-duty University of Southern California security officer at Officer Lesley Zerebny, who had only been on the street for a year gunpoint on campus and stole the victim's wallet, watch, and and a half and had only recently returned from maternity leave, cellphone. For that offense, he was sentenced to six years in state were reportedly killed by John Felix, 26. prison. Lovell served five years of his six-year sentence in CaliforVega and Zerebny and another officer responded at 12:10 p.m. nia, Arizona, and Oklahoma. On June 23, 2014, he was placed on to a family disturbance at a residence. Police were told by a par- parole according to the California State Department of Correcent that Felix was armed and said he wanted to "kill cops." tions and Rehabilitation (CDCR). When the officers arrived, they began neCourt records show that last year Lovell gotiating with and attempted to de-escalate pleaded no contest to a felony DUI accident Felix, who was inside the home. When the where a person was injured. Apparently, this officers asked Felix to step outside so they new felony charge was insufficient for Lovell could talk further with him, the suspect reto have his parole revoked and be re-imprisportedly fired upon the officers through the oned. That's just not the way things work closed front door, striking all three. Officers in California anymore. Instead, Lovell was Vega and Zerebny were mortally wounded ordered to spend 15 days in jail; allowed to and succumbed at a local hospital. The third complete a nine-month "first offender" proofficer suffered survivable wounds and is gram for drunk drivers and enroll in a drug/ now recovering. alcohol counseling program; and was given Vega, a 35-year veteran, was known throughout his depart- 36 months of "summary probation," whatever that means these ment and the Palm Springs community as an outstanding offi- days. cer. He was described by friends and colleagues as a man who On the day that Lovell reportedly shot and executed Sgt. always thought of others before himself. Owen, he was in possession of a stolen handgun. Lovell now facZerebny came from a law enforcement family and was mar- es felony criminal charges of first-degree murder and attempted ried to a Riverside County (CA) Sheriff's deputy. Her husband ar- murder of a peace officer, two counts of residential robbery, felon rived at the hospital in uniform to solemnly kiss his wife farewell. in possession of a firearm, and false imprisonment. These chargShe left behind a four-month-old daughter who will never know es make him eligible for the death penalty. her mother. John Felix, who police say killed Officers Vega and Zerebny, Owen, Vega, and Zerebny represented the best of law enforce- was also no stranger to a life of violent crime. He was a known ment and America. They were the people and role models who gang member who was arrested in a conspiracy to murder plot we should all aspire to be when we take the oath and put on the in 2009. In that year, Felix and another gang member, identified badge. as Antonio Madrigal, shot a man in an attempted gangland as-




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Why So Many Police are Being Murdered


sassination; but the victim survived. Following a police investigation, Felix was arrested and charged with attempted murder, using a firearm in the commission of a felony, and a felony street gang crime enhancement. Unfortunately, prosecutors allowed him to plead down his charges to simple assault with a firearm and the gang enhancement charge. Felix was then given a four-year prison sentence. Felix had his next violent confrontation with Palm Springs police just three years ago when he was re-arrested as an active parolee for refusing to open his front door and be searched by a police detective looking for his brother. Prosecutors dismissed those charges, and Felix was later convicted only for a disturbing the peace infraction. Since that time, Felix has also been convicted for a second disturbing the peace offense in 2009 and for DUI in 2014.




ENABLING EVIL As a career police officer and a forensic criminologist, I could spend many pages eloquently providing you with a professorial dissertation on the socio-criminal causes of crime and violence. However, I'm not going to because in the cases of the overwhelming number of the vile and completely senseless murders of law enforcement officers, why is simple to understand. There are sociopathic, out of control, predatory, and evil people in this world who we as a society refuse to control through the considered and reasonable application of the rule of law, and our failure to recognize this fact enables and empowers them to kill us. That's it, but the reasons for the environment they now thrive in is important to understand. The American educational system no longer teaches civics in school. Students no longer learn about our justice system and its components. They know nothing about what their civil rights are and, more importantly, are not. They have no knowledge of the important role of police in our society and therefore have not been taught proper behavior and respect for police authority during police encounters. This allows subversive groups such as Black Lives Matter to spew the false narratives of hate and to perpetuate the lie that police are the "bad guys" and armed recidivist offenders are somehow the "good guys." This circumstance breeds resistance and exacerbates violent, armed and deadly encounters with police. Police receive de-escalation training at the police academy and periodically during their police careers. Many citizens receive no such training from their parents or in the school system.

Palm Springs (CA) Police Department Officers Jose "Gil" Vega, almost to retirement, and Lesley Zerebny, a new mother, were shot and killed responding to a domestic disturbance call.

The only "de-escalation" training they might receive is court-mandated in "anger management" classes after they have already been out of control and injured someone. Police are constantly using their de-escalation training to save emotionally captured people from themselves. But the murders of Palm Springs Officers Vega and Zerebny underscore how potentially deadly negotiating with out of control people can be. Police are constantly dealing with people who are angry, enraged, and under the influence of serious mind-altering drugs. They have to try to isolate, contain, and negotiate with armed and often suicidal people. They must deal with people experiencing psycho-medical emergencies and those suffering from severe mental health disorders. These days, the risks of police encounters with the public have worsened as stupid citizens looking for their 15 minutes of fame suddenly introduce themselves into high-risk police encounters with cellphone cameras trying to capture police actions and uses of force. On some occasions, citizens have assaulted officers to lynch suspects.

Š 2016 Genetec Inc. GENETEC, GENETEC CLEARANCE and the GENETEC LOGO are trademarks of Genetec Inc., and may be registered or pending registration in several jurisdictions.

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Why So Many Police are Being Murdered ILL-CONSIDERED LAWS AND PLEA BARGAINS Nationally, the trend is to reduce jail and prison over-crowding. However, ill-considered laws like California's Proposition 47 have not only released tens of thousands of felony recidivists for crimes like felony assault, burglary, and drug sales out of those secure facilities, but also eviscerated the state's parole and probation departments. Prosecutors also now go out of their way to plea bargain violent felony and weapons cases down to misdemeanor offenses so the offenders won't force the expense of a court trial. Once felony charges are reduced by plea to misdemeanors, the defendants are no longer actively supervised by probation or parole officers. In fact, all of those felons who would have had their probation or parole violated for re-offending now get off scot-free even though they remain hard-core criminals because probation and parole officers can no longer enforce any court-ordered terms and conditions. Prop. 47 has been rightfully blamed for allowing repeat offenders to continue breaking the law with little consequence. As a result, violent crime has risen significantly in California and even in surrounding states. Also, without threat of prison time, fewer drug offenders are participating in court-ordered drug treatment programs. Since drug addiction can spur crime, counties like Los Angeles have seen property crimes such as residential burglaries rise nearly 10% and auto thefts are up over 20%.

LASD Sgt. Steve Owen was murdered while investigating an in-progress burglary. Which is evidence of how the ill-considered decisions of state and national leaders have made our communities more dangerous for citizens and officers.


Americans deserve to be led by competent, well-informed elected politicians. For the past few years, we have seen little to no leadership from the president, the U.S. attorney general's office, and from state and municipal leaders. When the president fails to demonstrate knowledge of the law and basic police practices and prematurely and incorrectly criticizes police for "acting stupidly" and/or tells the American minority community that law enforcement officers are racially biased, he opens the floodgates of non-compliance with and even violent resistance to police authority. If you listen to some political leaders and nationally prominent minority activists, all cops are bad and African-American officers are merely "Uncle Toms" who should be disparaged by their own communities because they had the courage to serve the rule of law. Minority officers are among the policing role models of our future generations. It is they who minority children should learn to emulate; rather than the elitist, hypocritical, anti-American, anti- law enforcement professional athletes and entertainers like Colin Kaepernick, Jay Z, and Beyoncé. I firmly believe—as do others—that the lack of federal, state, and municipal leadership in actively supporting our law enforcement officers has directly led to a significant increase in citizen resistance to police authority, officer injuries, and an almost unprecedented increase in officers being intentionally murdered Dave “JD Buck Savage” Smith - Sgt. Betsy in the line of duty. Brantner-Smith - Lt. Col. Dave Law enforcement officials and our Grossman - Sgt. Nancy Fatura professional community must take an The nation’s best law enforcement trainers are coming to your affirmative stand in forwarding the community. Learn to live the “Not Today” mentality every day, message of the importance of police in and win all of your encounters. American society. No one else is willing to do this, so we need to do this ourselves. We need to be the ones educating Upcoming Events - Register NOW at our current and future generations to or call 855-WIN-MIND: respect authority. We need to press not rd only for more funding for our officers, Nov. 3 — The Winning Mind for Women UNLEASHED! — but for funding to re-educate the public Mesa, AZ (AZ POST APPROVED) in the role of police in society. st nd

Prepare to Win.

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Ron Martinelli, Ph.D., CMI-V, is a nationally renowned forensic criminologist/police expert who directs the nation's only multidisciplinary forensic death investigations and independent review team ( He is the author of "The Truth Behind the Black Lives Matter Movement and the War on Police" available from


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ACHIEVING TRAINING GOALS WITHOUT INJURY By educating themselves in the latest training methods and by taking time to do exercises and techniques right, training officers can make their programs much safer.


n the beginning of my career as a training officer at the police academy, my primary goal centered around one word, output. For one hour, three times a week, I required every recruit to put out as much effort as was humanly possible. Warm-up and stretching was minimal, and my program lacked planning and attention to technique and gradual progression. My training sessions resembled the disorganized workouts of a rookie personal trainer.

Throughout the next few years of training, I witnessed numerous recruits from every academy class sustain a variety of injuries. These injuries included painful shin splints, pulled hamstrings, strained abdominal walls, torn knee ligaments, and a handful of heat exhaustion cases. I soon began to realize that there had to be a safer but equally demanding way to produce better outcomes with academy recruits while taking precautions to prevent injury. After speaking with friends and colleagues in agencies and departments across the country, I learned the academy setting was not the only location where safer police training techniques were needed. Law enforcement agencies across the country are searching for ways to reduce training injuries among their officers and encourage their officers to adopt more healthy lifestyles. Programs implemented in these departments are made with great intentions but often times they need finetuning. Let's take a look at some overlooked and undervalued areas of training and program development that departments and agencies can start to implement immediately to reduce training injuries.







If your officers are experiencing injury rather than gain from



their regular training programs, then, as a training officer, you have to ask yourself these two primary questions: What am I doing wrong? How do I fix it? Complete ownership of your fitness program is what I am proposing. Every injury that happens during your training session is yours to own. If you take responsibility for your quality of training, the effort taken to reduce injury and increase benefit will greatly improve your final product and will be apparent at the end of your training programs. So here are a few concepts or "take-aways" that will guarantee you produce better overall results and make department heads happier with you for not destroying their re-


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The Winning Edge cruits and officers, who are hard to find, hard to train, and hard to retain over a 30-year career.

EDUCATE YOURSELF study as many books as you can find, and attend as many conferences by industry leaders in the field of strength and conditioning that your department's and your personal time will allow. Pay close attention to what the research and experts in the field have to share about training in the law enforcement profession and in special military units. Here are some articles and books that I have found particularly useful. An article published by Coach Rob Rogers titled "The Top Ten Things I Apply to My Training Program" is a great read to put things into perspective for you. Books such as Dan John's "Never Let Go" and "Can You Go," Mike Boyle's "Advances in Personal Training," and Dr. Kelly Starrett's ONE REASON WHY research and writing on mobility, stability, MANY OFFICERS ARE and self-preservation are instructional gold that should not be overlooked. Gray Cook INJURED IN TRAINING and Lee Burton's fieldwork and research in IS THAT TRAINERS ARE functional movement screening and moveIN A HURRY TO START ment pattern are industry standards that WORKING DEFENSIVE at a minimum should be reviewed. These TACTICS TECHNIQUES coaches and authors are at the forefront in AND SKIP WARM-UPS. the field of strength and conditioning for tactical athletes, their writings are readily available, and all have a perspective worthy of review and study. The education in training and human performance factors that you will receive from reading the works of these coaches and authors will help you build safer and more effective training plans. And in addition to a safer training program, you owe your officers the most current and relevant fitness training. The techniques they learn from you they will take with them to their future careers. By educating yourself, you can better educate them and that will have a positive impact for years to come on the future officers they work with.


First, educate yourself in your profession as a trainer. Read and


One reason why many officers are injured

in training is that trainers are in a hurry to start working defensive tactics techniques because they know they have very little time to teach the concepts. Because of this ticking clock, they often skip warm-ups in an effort to pack in more training in the allotted time. This is a dangerous mistake. You need to incorporate proper warm-up procedures before every workout. The system I have consistently utilized is borrowed from strength and conditioning guru Mike Boyle of Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning. 38


TECHNIQUE OVER REPS Focus on proper technique instead of high

reps and rushing to beat the clock. If you fail to focus on technique when you begin to add load (weight) or stress (time), injuries fall from the sky like hail from a Midwestern thunder storm. This hailstorm of injuries can be avoided if sound techniques of exercises are emphasized in the beginning and throughout your fitness program. Establishing a substantial foundation to build from will prevent officers from going out on medical leave in the future. As a training officer, you need to take personally the health of your officers; they are your responsibility. PHOTO: ŠISTOCKPHOTO.COM


Mike Boyle's warm-up is made up of the following components: foam rolling major muscle groups, static stretching, and dynamic stretching, to be done in that order. Many professionals in the field have completely erred in their understanding of static stretching and its usefulness along with foam rolling. Boyle, who has coached worldclass athletes to help them reach their full potential, is author of several books. I have personally found the warm-ups described in his "Advances in Functional Training" to be very useful for law enforcement training. You can learn more about his programs at

TAKE YOUR TIME Progression is a vital part of law enforcement officer training. The

appropriate amount of time needs to be allotted at each phase of the training so that officers can progress, gaining strength, speed, and endurance. The body needs time to strengthen and adapt to the stressors that are applied. If no time is allotted to








Co c




! D E e


lly ”

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utilized, but stress is introduced in the form of weight and time constraints. For example, long runs will turn into sprints and external weight manipulation such as fireman carries, kettlebell work, and partner drags will build strength and efficiency onto good technique with minimal injury because of the slow progression. Phase three is the "high functioning" stage lasting for two months and it is the completion of a six-month physical training progression. In the high functioning stage officers are ideally injury free and performing at their highest level on all tasks. PHOTO: ©ISTOCKPHOTO.COM

strengthen and adapt before moving on to heavier stressors, injuries occur. A basic example of progression would be, in a six-month program, every two months there would be an increase in training intensity. The concept of progression can also be conceptualized in terms of phases. For example, phase one may encompass the first two months of training and can be understood as the base training phase. This phase emphasizes technique, endurance, and strength. Phase two can be characterized as the intermediate/medial phase and may also last for two months. Conditioning is a primary focus in this stage. Basic concepts and teachings from phase one are

USE COMMON SENSE All law enforcement training must make

sense in terms of when officers are asked

to perform different exercises and types of exercises. An example of sensible programming is scheduling heavy load days separately from speed days. In addition, scheduling speed days at the beginning of the week while recruits are not depleted of their energy is an example of sensible programming. Trainers should understand the concept of energy depletion and that highenergy workouts should be situated separately and at the beginning of the week from other less depleting workouts. Lastly, plan to train different muscle groups on different days. Muscle groups should not be subjected to continuous load without time for proper recovery. The final take-away is that trainers have to maintain realistic expectations and understand that injuries and setbacks occur during a training program from time to time. The key is in the reduction of such injuries. Take a look at the participants in your program and notice the varying degrees of physical fitness and body mor-


COMMUNITY Online Criminal Justice Degrees at Columbia Southern University are designed to enable students to develop rational decisions and informed responses to the daily challenges they face in law enforcement, courts and corrections operations. Degrees offered include: • A.S. Criminal Justice • B.S. Criminal Justice Administration • B.S. Criminal Justice Administration—Arson Investigation • M.S. Criminal Justice Administration

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The Winning Edge of this beautiful phrase but I've found that following it makes training much easier and successful. Sound and realistic planning in the beginning, along with recognizing your limitations with the group, will keep you progressing in the right direction. The concepts described here are in no way an exhaustive list of the qualities a good fitness program encompasses, but applying them will aid you in reclaiming broken programs and enhancing well-functioning ones. An output-focused perspective places blame on the officer for their injuries when it is likely that the injury is a result of a training officer's inability to emphasize, demonstrate, and disseminate proper instruction. Integrating warm-up procedures, teaching proper technique, PHOTO: ŠISTOCKPHOTO.COM

phologies. Maintain an appropriate standard, but remain flexible in the way that you attain benchmarks. Require consistent effort and substantial progress, but remember there is individuality in each officer's physical journey. Your ability to provide the personal attention many of participants need is very limited and may require more time than allowed in a class environment. If possible, offer your time before or after scheduled training sessions for corrective exercise demonstration to assist officers. Understand that training in a group or team setting can be a challenge. Take heed of the famous concept of K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid). I have no idea who thought

FEBRUARY 12, 2017

and implementing progression and sensible programming will reduce officer injury. In addition, staying educated in the field of strength and conditioning as well as maintaining realistic individual expectations can be the difference between being an average training officer and a master training officer. We cannot prevent all injuries in law enforcement training programs, but we can certainly take steps to reduce them. Darrell Burton has trained instructors from more than 100 law enforcement agencies across the country. He is a two-time recipient of the Law Enforcement Advisory Committee's Award for Instructional Excellence and recipient of the Basic Academy Outstanding Instructor Award. He is currently a training officer at the San Mateo County (CA) Probation Department and an academy instructor/training officer at the Academy South Bay Regional. He can be reached at thetrainingthatworks@

MAY 28, 2017


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Officer Fitness GEORGE RYAN

A LEGAL PED FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT If you are not getting enough sleep, you are neglecting one of the most important aspects of officer fitness. our hours? Six hours? How much sleep are you getting? When you are in law enforcement, the answer is most likely "not enough." This is an occupational hazard that arises from having compressed schedules, working overtime, attending court, working on days off, and struggling to fall asleep after stress-filled shifts. We all know that adequate sleep is essential for our health and our performance at work. But, how bad is bad sleep and what can we do about it?

SLEEP ISSUES ARE BIG ISSUES Several years ago I asked Dr. John Sullivan, a highly regard-

ed clinical sports psychologist and applied sports scientist, to speak with my teammates in SWAT. He taught us the science of increasing performance, improving overall health, and maximizing recovery as applied to professional sports teams and elite military units. During the meeting, Sullivan conducted an informal poll among the attendees and discovered that our team averaged 5.5 hours of sleep per night. This was not a revelation because most people in law enforcement probably average 4 to 6 hours of sleep between shifts. However, it was quite a revelation when Sullivan explained that men who sleep 6 hours or less for three or more days in a row experience a significant dip in their testosterone levels. Sleep-deprived men end up with testosterone levels that approximate the levels found in women their age, which is about one-third of a man's healthy testosterone level. We also learned that sleep-deprived women experience a drop in their own testosterone levels. In essence, Sullivan was telling us that the best performance-enhancing drug is getting enough sleep per night as consistently as possible. He added that many professional athletes and Olympians, who make rest and recovery as much of a priority as their physical training, consistently sleep 7 to 10 hours per night. Sullivan further explained that proper, sufficient sleep 44


makes such a difference because it improves cognitive function, sharpens focus, enhances emotional regulation, elevates physical performance, compresses reaction times, increases resilience, detoxifies the brain, reduces inflammation, improves brain health, and improves overall health.

A LAW ENFORCEMENT EPIDEMIC Many of you may be thinking that it is impossible to get 7 to

10 hours of sleep per night on a consistent basis. As you are thinking this, there is something very critical to consider. In December 2011, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published an article titled "Sleep Disorders, Health, and Safety in Police Officers" that detailed a study and a survey regarding sleep disorders and the lack of sleep in North American police officers. The findings showed that 40.4% of the 4,957 police officers surveyed screened positive for at least one sleep disorder and that 33.6% of the police officers surveyed screened positive for obstructive sleep apnea. These statistics reveal that sleep disorders are an epidemic in the law enforcement profession. When you are thinking about your own sleep habits and issues, consider the possibility that an actual sleep disorder may be a factor. Please consider being evaluated for a sleep disorder and getting professional help. PHOTO: ŠISTOCKPHOTO.COM


SLEEP HYGIENE 1.0 Whether you have a sleep disorder or not, you can improve

your sleep despite the complications of the law enforcement lifestyle. You can do this by practicing what is known as sleep hygiene. I encourage you to research this concept for tips and ideas that can work for your sleep needs and your sleep issues. In general, though, sleep hygiene is the set of healthy and prudent practices that assist you with getting ready for sleep and staying asleep. These include: For more on legal issues go to

• Avoiding caffeine, alcohol, and exercise before bed • Shutting off all electronics at least 30 minutes prior to bed • Dimming the lights at least 30 minutes prior to bed In addition, I choose to stay away from social media, the internet, and television news before bedtime. There is just too much negativity out there that makes it impossible to quiet your brain and relax your body.

SLEEP HYGIENE 2.0 Although basic sleep hygiene practices are helpful, they are not

enough to address the sleep issues that affect those in law enforcement. You need to take sleep hygiene to the next level. To take sleep hygiene to the next level: • Remove all electronics from your bedroom. Go so far as to keep your alarm clock where you can hear it but not see it. • If you are unwilling/unable to remove your electronics, place thick tape over any light indicators. • Darken your room completely by eliminating all light. Use blackout curtains or the old morning-watch trick of covering your windows in tinfoil. • Keep your bedroom at 68 degrees when you are sleeping.

HAVE A PLAN To officers who have been programmed to meet life's demands

on 4 to 6 hours of sleep per night, proper sleep may seem like a pipe dream. But, proper sleep makes us all better in every area of our lives, so working at it is worth the effort. Create a sleep improvement plan. Start by getting better sleep on your days off. Then begin going to bed 15 minutes early on your work days. Increase your time in bed by 15 minutes a day every week or two. In addition to working on improving the quantity of your sleep, utilize good sleep hygiene to focus on the quality of your sleep. These actionable methods will move you toward being more well rested which will, in turn, help you to manage the stresses of your extremely demanding occupation. Apply the same urgency to improving your sleep that you do to your workouts. Sleep is a legal PED for law enforcement. And you need to enjoy the benefits. George Ryan is a sergeant with a major Southern California agency. He spent 17 years in SWAT, and he created his department's Peak Performance and Recovery Training program.

吀栀攀 ㈀㜀琀栀 䄀渀渀甀愀氀 䤀倀䴀䈀䄀 䌀漀渀昀攀爀攀渀挀攀 ☀ 䔀砀栀椀戀椀琀椀漀渀 䨀甀渀攀 㔀ⴀ㄀ Ⰰ ㈀ ㄀㜀 ᐠ 䐀攀氀愀眀愀爀攀Ⰰ 伀栀椀漀 眀眀眀⸀椀瀀洀戀愀⸀漀爀最 㐀㄀ ⴀ㜀㐀㐀ⴀ㈀㐀   攀瘀攀渀琀猀䀀椀瀀洀戀愀⸀漀爀最


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MEPROLIGHT FT BULLSEYE SIGHT This one-piece micro sight uses fiber-optic and Tritium technology to help you aim your pistol in any lighting conditions.


eprolight has been steadily gaining ground in the firearm sight arena and now offers a multitude of iron and fiber optic sights for many applications. They're also innovators in this field and produce some very unique equipment to help you get those rounds on target. Their newest invention is the FT Bullseye fiber-optic pistol sight and it is a clear departure from the iron sights of old. As unique as it is, the FT Bullseye is really quite simple. It is a one-piece sighting system for a pistol that eliminates the need for a separate front sight base and claims it will allow a shooter to get on target much faster than the old fashioned method of aligning two pieces of metal. Built from a metal and plastic body, the FT Bullseye mounts to the top of your pistol using the dovetail groove vacated by your old iron rear sight. Get it centered, torque the set screws, and you're in business. It's really that simple. The sighting system is comprised of a combination of fiber-optic and Tritium tubes that combine to present the shooter with a simple circle and dot. Available in either green or red color schemes, all you need to do to get quick, accurate hits is center the dot in the circle and press the shot. Now, you're probably thinking, "But all I have to do with my iron sights is center the front sight with the rear sight. How is this any different?" Trust me; I thought the same

thing before I had a chance to shoot it. The beauty of this sight is twofold. First, the "sight plane," if you want to call it that, is much shorter than with iron sights so no matter how crooked you hold the pistol you'll pretty much always see the dot. There is no chance of silhouetting as can occur with the front iron sight. Second, since this is a circle-dot combination, there isn't just a horizontal alignment focus as there generally is with iron sights. I don't know about you but I find there is nothing precise about aligning three pieces of metal. The FT Bullseye's fiber-optic and Tritium combo makes not only for a super bright sight but also automatically adjusts its intensity depending on your ambient lighting conditions. I found this to work extremely well and I never found myself wishing for more or less intensity in the sight. The claim to fame of the FT Bullseye is the speed of targeting. I mounted the sight on my Glock 23 and ran several magazines worth of ammo through the gun while firing different speed-focused drills both from the holster and offhand. Although every shooter is different and I can't claim this will increase your speed, I felt like it certainly shaved a little time off for me. The circle-dot is akin to those I've used for rifles and my eyes found it familiar and fast. The low profile will fit inside just about any holster and for an MSRP of around $200, it fits squarely between the price of most iron sights and a decent combat optic.


• Combines fiber-optic and tritium technology • Single rear sight, no front sight needed • Simple installation on pistol • No batteries needed COLORS: Green or red PRICE: $199 for all Glock models, $209.70 for Springfield XD and XDM




ru-Spec is a "tru" player in the tactical clothing and gear field. They make some of the most durable and stylish clothing and uniforms for law enforcement, the military, and even casual wear. The company's latest Delta pants and Pinnacle shirt from its 24-7 Series line combine some of the best of both worlds to create a shirt and pants that For more cop-tested reviews of current products go to

are as functional as a duty uniform yet stylish and comfortable enough for everyday wear. First up is the Pinnacle button down shirt. Available in standard sizes with color options of black, khaki, and grey, the Pinnacle is constructed of a 4.25-ounce polyester and cotton blend, which not only prevents shrinking and fading but also gives the Pinnacle a very comfortable stretch for enhanced range of motion. The snap-front allows the wearer to

TRU-SPEC • MEN'S 24-7 SERIES PINNACLE SHIRT • Button down byron collar with hidden button under collar points • Bi-swing back • Hidden pen pockets under chest pocket flaps • Button top snap placket for easy access • 4" side vents • Straight hem to be worn tucked in or out MATERIAL: 4.25 oz. polyester cotton with mechanical stretch COLORS: Black, khaki, and grey SIZES: Small–4X Large PRICE: $59.95

TRU-SPEC • MEN'S 24-7 SERIES DELTA PANTS • Traditional fitted waist • Silicone inner waistband shirt stay • Deep front pockets with hidden pistol mag pockets • Inset cargo pockets with hidden mag pockets • Additional zipper pocket and accessory pocket on top of cargo pocket • Reinforced, articulated knees for a streamlined appearance • 3.75" wide knife pocket outside of cargo pockets • Internal knee pockets for optional knee pads • Gusseted crotch

quickly separate the front of the shirt to access a weapon or, if nothing else, makes it easy to take on and off. There are two front breast pockets that are mesh lined for maximum breathability and wide flap closures for easy access to the goods inside. The back is vented behind the shoulders and there is a vsplit at each hip for comfort. Tucked or untucked, the Pinnacle is a truly stylish and very comfortable shirt. Now for the Delta BDU pants. Available in standard sizes with color options of black, khaki, and coyote, the Delta pants are constructed of a cotton and spandex blend. This gives them a very comfortable stretch while being soft and breathable right off the rack. From top to bottom the Delta pants feature a traditional fitted waist with silicone lining to keep your shirt tucked in. The front and side pockets both incorporate interior pockets for magazines and knives and there is a zippered closure on the left side for easy access to the gear inside. The back pockets have flap closures, the crotch is gusseted, and the reinforced knees feature pockets for internal kneepads. The Pinnacle shirt and Delta pants are both available now direct from Tru-Spec and either can be had for under $50. Considering the features they both bring to the table that's a heck of a deal.

• Tru-Spec original Prym stud post button with YKK brass zipper MATERIAL: 8 oz. 98% cotton 2% spandex COLORS: Black, khaki, and coyote SIZES: Waist 28"–44" with 30", 32" or 34" inseam PRICE: $82.95

A.J. George is a sergeant with the Scottsdale (AZ) Police Department assigned to the Technical Operations Unit, Special Investigations Section. He has more than a decade of law enforcement experience in patrol, field training, and traffic enforcement.




BUSTING THE POT FAIRY TALE States that legalize weed are finding that the benefits are overstated and the problems are understated. ONCE UPON A TIME, the states of Colorado and Washington port also documented a significant increase in "hospitalizalegalized marijuana. Then they made billions of tax dollars tions related to marijuana." In 2011, pre-legalization of pot, and we all munched on chips and lived happily ever after. there were 6,305 marijuana-related hospitalizations. This Yeah, right. In spite of the fairy tale spin espoused by climbed to 8,272 in 2013 (post legalization), and a staggerthe dope supporters, legalization of marijuana is wreaking ing 11,439 in 2014. havoc. This point is clearly illustrated in the Rocky MounSo let's take a quick review of Colorado's post-legalization tain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area's (HIDTA) annual scorecard: pot-related vehicular fatalities have increased, report "on the impact of legalized marijuana in Colorado." youth consumption has increased, and hospitalization has Contrary to the pot-heads' assertion that weed only increased. Seems to be an inverse relationship between brings joy, the HIDTA report documents the harmful im- these increases and the state's mind-numbing plummet in pact marijuana has had since its legalization in Colorado. judgment and abandonment of its priorities. Two areas of grave concern are marijuana-related traffic The Northwest HIDTA annual report yielded similar deaths and youth marijuana use. According to the report, disheartening results emanating from the legalization of "Marijuana-related traffic deaths inmarijuana in Washington. According to TWO AREAS OF creased 62% from 71 to 115 persons after the report's executive summary, "Major recreational marijuana was legalized in crime categories including impaired drivGRAVE CONCERN 2013." The report also documented a 48% ing, diversion, and THC extraction lab ARE MARIJUANAincrease in pot-related vehicular fatalities explosions are an increasing concern for RELATED TRAFFIC during the post-legalized recreational pestate." Regarding youth pot use, the DEATHS AND YOUTH the riod of 2013 to 2015. report stated that in the first half of 2015, MARIJUANA USE. A recent POLICE Magazine article "80% of the quantitation cases submitted titled, "Hound Labs: Sniffing Out Marito the Washington State Patrol Crime Lab juana," covered a new device that may for testing involved minors." The report empower law enforcement to catch pot-heads driving under also identified a significant increase in marijuana-related the influence. The Hound was created by Dr. Mike Lynn, offenses as compared to primary narcotics offenses. These also an Alameda County (CA) Sheriff's Office reserve dep- pot-related offenses also included an increase in the numuty. Dr. Lynn recognized the challenges facing law enforce- ber of handguns used. So at the end of Washington state's ment in substantiating the level of marijuana impairment, post-legalization rainbow is a bag of weed and tax dollars. and created the Hound to capture the current amount of One has to wonder how any state could fixate on regulattetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in a driver's breath. Colorado ing and restricting the amount of sugar in your soft drink state legislators should use their pot-tax windfall to ensure while encouraging your pot consumption. every officer in Colorado is equipped with a Hound. Sadly, there is little expectation that Colorado or WashWhile Colorado legislators merrily count the millions ington will embrace the findings of the HIDTA reports. Dein marijuana tax revenue, they seem oblivious or disin- nial and tax dollars seem to be of more interest to each state. terested in the dire impact the legalization of pot is havIn Colorado and Washington, it has been clearly docuing on youth. According to the HIDTA report, "the lat- mented that public safety has been compromised with the est 2013/2014 results show Colorado youth ranked #1 in legalization of marijuana in these two states. And as the the nation for past month marijuana use, up from #4 in pot-heads continue to lace their doobies with lethal syn2011/2012, and #14 in 2005/2006." After the state legalized thetics for a stronger high, they will grow weary of paying all the recreational use of pot, youth marijuana use increased these taxes to their states. Both Colorado and Washington 20% in the 2013/2014 period as compared to the two prior may soon be heading for their own versions of the Boston years. The rest of the country's youth-use decreased by 4%. Tea Party, only it won't be tea in the bags being tossed overIn addition to the severe impact Colorado's pot-fest has board. This pot fairy tale is destined for a tragic ending, and had on vehicular fatalities and youth usage, the HIDTA re- law enforcement will be left cleaning up its ashes.Â






11,406 ER visits in 2010 were associated with synthetic marijuana. 75% were adolescents and young adults. 23,000 ER visits were linked to “bath salts” in 2011. SAMHSA Drug Abuse Warning Network

“The Truth About Drugs materials help bridge the gap that law enforcement officers can have when talking to kids about drugs. The videos and booklets are powerful and presented in a way that really speaks to them.”—Police Officer, Texas The Foundation for a Drug-Free World is the world’s largest nongovernmental drug information and prevention initiative. Drawing on 25 years of experience in drug prevention, the Truth About Drugs program is proven highly effective in diverting youth away from drug use—and it is FREE to all law enforcement. THE TRUTH ABOUT DRUGS program is proven to: • Capture the attention of young people • Hold their interest and encourage their involvement • Arm them with facts so they can make their own decisions to stay away from drugs—no matter the peer pressure.


More than 1200 police departments are on board with Truth About Drugs. Get on board yourself. Discover its effectiveness. Change the course of drug addiction in your community. ©2016 Foundation for a Drug-Free World. All Rights Reserved.



• FREE DVD • 32 page illustrated booklet • 1 (888) 668-6378


sister race of the sell-out Run To Remember Boston, the second Run To Remember Los Angeles is scheduled for February 12, 2017. The event was started last year in Los Angeles by police officers and their friends to show support for those first responders who have made the ultimate sacrifice and lost their lives in the line of duty. The race began in Boston in 2005 as a way to raise funds for a police and fire memorial, then grew into a beloved annual tradition that attracted running groups from all over the nation. Charity groups from Boston PD and the LAPD began a friendly rivalry, challenging each other in an attempt to raise money for children's groups affiliated with their agencies. This gave rise to the First Responder Challenge, a half-marathon that allows



groups such as the Los Angeles Sheriff's Youth Foundation, Students Run LA, Operation Progress, and the Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation to vie for a chance to win as much as $10,000 to put toward their charitable efforts. Teams of first responders from across the globe can compete in the half-marathon to earn money for their department's favorite charity. A team is made up of five or more active first responders from a department.

- NOW AVAILABLE Limited Edition th Anniversary Miranda Decision Challenge Coins


Members of the Los Angeles Police Department, Los Angeles Sheriff's Department, and both the Los Angeles City and Los Angeles County Fire Departments will be participating. Net proceeds of the run will also benefit community groups. "With all the negative stuff in the news these days, sometimes these stories get forgotten," says Steve Balfour, the race's director. "We want to remind people of the good work our first responders do and the sacrifices they make. This year, more than 100 police officers have lost their lives in the line of duty, so this race serves as a tribute to each one of those heroes." Runners who wish to participate can choose from one of two race routes, a 10K or half-marathon. For more information and to register for the event, visit www.


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The Memorial Fund seeks information on innovative safety or wellness programs currently implemented for the physical and/or mental well-being of their officers. Agencies submitting information on safety and wellness programs for consideration for the 2017 National Officer Safety and Wellness Award must provide their information and material no later than December 31, 2016.

For more information or to submit your program



TRAITS OF THE TRADE Good law enforcement officers tend to share the same characteristics. WHENEVER MORE THAN TWO old crime fighters gather to imbibe, the conversation invariably comes around to the things that make a good street cop. The list often includes most of the ethos we attribute to a hero's profession, such as courage, selflessness, loyalty, duty, and on and on. Traits that almost always bring about a good war story or two, however, are ones we can usually all nod at when we first bring them up, and these are curiosity and skepticism. These two traits serve us well on patrol; they can also drive our loved ones crazy. The very curiosity that led to a burglary arrest the night before can drive your 12-year-old nuts when you just keep digging to find out why they suddenly want to be so helpful around the house. We assume that, at the root of a sudden increase in a work ethic, is a sin that needs redeeming, or a wish praying to be granted. On the other hand, wondering why a vehicle is parked in an odd location may lead to a recovered stolen car or discovery of felonious activity; a fellow walking out from an alleyway in the middle of the night should trigger in us an earnest desire to unravel the puzzle of his actions. I remember one night, decades ago, backing up Sam when he observed a fellow casually walking onto Speedway Boulevard, apparently from an alleyway. The bars had closed just a few minutes before and the guy had the usual response to our inquiry about his actions: he needed to relieve himself and, with the bars closed, the alley provided the necessary privacy. This led us to exercise the next trait that we are examining … skepticism. Whatever we are told, we tend to seek evidence for or against it. "You only had two?" leads to an interesting exploration of the effects of alcohol on motor performance through the empirical tools we ironically call "sobriety tests." This trait also drives our loved ones mad, but it is the same trait that keeps us alert to deadly threats and criminal denial. In Sam's case he initiated a frisk that discovered a large screwdriver hidden in the fellow's pants. When asked if the lad could show us exactly where he had "voided," he could

not "remember," and soon our senior officer, JW, had found fresh pry marks on a business door that matched exactly the burglarious tool found on Sam's miscreant. While curiosity and skepticism drive our family crazy, another trait that serves to make us good cops (and good parents, children, partners, and friends) is patience. Sometimes it is a good bet to just take our time, not rush the interrogation, hurry onto a scene, or interrupt a sentence. Patience serves the cop the same way it serves the hunter, the teacher, the artist, and the child—by getting a much better result. We once had a weirdo who was sneaking into women's homes and awakening them so he could expose himself. This creep was one sneaky bastard and our TAC team spent many a night hidden in arroyos trying to catch him. The pressure we put on him shut him down for awhile, but a year later he went sneaking through an auto theft surveillance we had going and "wham," we caught him in the act. Man was that fulfilling, as the dude had become more and more aggressive and the detectives sensed he was working his way toward a horrible act. But our patience, with a little persistence, gave this dirtbag a lot more exposure than he wanted. So here is some quick homework: Create your own short list of key traits that you think make you a good law enforcement officer, and ask yourself some questions. Do you continue to develop these traits and enhance your ability to use them? When you are skeptical about something, do you actively seek to find evidence as to its truth or falsehood, or do you just blow it off? Have you thought about how such traits as "command presence" and expecting "immediate compliance" may affect your off-duty relationships? Now, I am not saying you should abandon a trait that serves you well on the street but not so well at home; I am saying you need to exercise one additional trait we can all agree on…common sense.





Dave Smith is an internationally recognized law enforcement trainer and is the creator of "JD Buck Savage." You can follow Buck on Twitter at @thebucksavage. For more humorous anecdotes go to


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POLICE Magazine November 2016  

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