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T PROF E SS IT’S IN THE TECHNOLOGY Non-corrosive, non-mercuric CCI® primers for reliable ignition under tough conditions.

Select, clean-burning propellant for low-fash, optimum velocities, and the shot-to-shot consistency you need.

Nickel-plated brass cases for smooth functioning and durability.

Gold Dot® technology virtually eliminates core/ jacket separations and produces a very uniform jacket for great accuracy.

Visit us at for more information and set up a wound ballistic workshop today.

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Te technology of law enforcement radios, the manner in which they are used, and the networks they operate on are all in transition. MARK CLARK

FEATURES 28 THE LONGEST 10 SECONDS In a deadly force situation, anything can go wrong and all you will have to fall back on is your training…And if you're lucky, your fellow ofcers. BRADLEY NICKELL

34 DRIVING ON AUTO PILOT Get ready for cars that don't need anyone behind the wheel. DAN FINK

42 FOLLOW A NEW PASSION Take inspiration from these ofcers whose non-job-related activities enhance their lives on and of duty. MELANIE BASICH

50 GET READY FOR A FIGHT You need to train to face the dangers, conditions, and adversaries you will face on the street. JAMES SPURGEON

62 HEMORRHAGE CONTROL With the right equipment and minimal training, ofcers can save wounded colleagues, civilians, and even themselves. DAVID GRIFFITH

64 ALONE AGAINST ALL ODDS Sometimes ofcers have no choice but to act alone, but all too often they fail to call for backup when it's needed because of the deadly fear of looking weak. DEAN SCOVILLE


ON THE COVER: Expect new radios and expanded capabilities for your communications equipment in the near future. PHOTO: iStock


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FN 15



With 125 years of experience building frearms for the U.S. military and its allies, FN proudly introduces the FN 15™ family of modern sporting rifes. Both the FN 15™ Carbine and FN 15™ Rife offer shooting enthusiasts the standard features and benefts they expect from an M4 or M16-style frearm, plus the unparalleled reliability and quality synonymous worldwide with the FN brand. FOR MORE PRODUCT DETAILS, VISIT FNHUSA.COM/FN15-SERIES


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Calling Out Goliath

Steyr Mannlicher L9-A1 Duty Pistol

A group of Seattle ofcers have challenged the federal government to a legal duel over a new use-of-force policy established by a consent decree.

18 BEST PRACTICES How to Deal with Shrinking Budgets

It's not fun or easy, but there are ways to do more with less.

Steyr's new full-size, polymer-framed pistol breaks the mold with some uncommon features.





The "Get Out of Jail Free" Act

Vievu LE3 On-Body Video System

Some senators want to save money by letting really bad guys out early, but they aren't even considering how much that could cost you.




Careers in Homeland Security


You can fnd high-paying jobs with highlevel responsibilities working for the DHS. TRACY KELLER

152 IN MY SIGHTS Cowboy Up

Make sure you're prepared to take the fght to Black Hat villains in case they "bushwhack" you.

130 THE WINNING EDGE Watch the Third Brake Light

During a trafc stop the bright red light high on the rear of a vehicle may signal that you are about to be attacked. DEREK STEPHENS

Te latest body camera from Vievu ofers improvements in video resolution, onboard memory, and battery life.



134 POINT OF LAW Vehicle Stops on Anonymous Tips

When is an unknown person’s report enough for a stop? DEVALLIS RUTLEDGE

Rethinking the Duty Belt

he Sierra Bravo Duty Belt features a proprietary closure system that allows ofcers to attach more keepers and increase inner and outer belt stability. DAVID GRIFFITH




Steyr Mannlicher L9-A1 Duty Pistol


Read our "OnTarget" e-newsletter published four times a week for breaking news about new gear, line-ofduty encounters, patrol tactics, legal news, and other updates from the feld, including Arizona K-9 handlers monitoring their dogs' temperature and location with the help of implants and an Android app.



Patrol: Sgt. Mark Clark shares his insights about life on the job.

FREEINFO Cincinnati Police Told Not to Enter Burning Buildings to Rescue People

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CALLING OUT GOLIATH A group of Seattle offcers have challenged the federal government to a legal duel over a new use-of-force policy established by a consent decree. THE STORY IS TOLD IN THE BIBLE and in the Jewish scriptures rights suit. Te plaintifs say that by forcing them to assume of a teenager named David who volunteered to fght a great more risk on the job, the new policy violates their Fourth Philistine warrior. Te Philistine was a giant, described in Amendment right to protect themselves. the holy books as 7 to 9 feet tall, with fearsome strength and Another big concern voiced by the plaintifs is their bean arsenal of deadly weapons. David was your average teen lief that an ofcer's use of force will be evaluated after an shepherd boy with no armor and just a sling and a stone. So incident, using information that was not available to the everyone thought David had no chance, except David. ofcer at the time instead of the totality of circumstances Well…You know what happened. then known by the ofcer. "What has become increasingly Today, it's common to refer to any engagement between clear is that the new standard for police conduct under the an underdog and a powerful opponent as a David vs. Goli- UF policy is perfection, as determined by 20/20 hindsight by ath match. Tis is the story of such a mismatch. inexperienced, untrained civilians, and non-patrol ofcers Late last month 126 ofcers of the Seattle Police Depart- from the safety of a desk or committee room," the suit says. ment decided it was time to stand up and challenge Goliath, Perhaps the most explosive contention by the plaintifs in this case the federal government. Instead of a sling and a is contained in their statement for why Holder is named as stone, they wielded a lawsuit. a defendant. Te suit argues he THE PLAINTIFFS SAY THE Since the summer of 2012, the has presided over a Department of Seattle PD has been operating unJustice that has the goal of rewritNEW POLICY IS CONFUSING der a consent decree as settlement AND OVERLY COMPLICATED, ing law enforcement use-of-force of a U.S. Department of Justice inpolicies "in a manner that conficts WHICH MAKES THEIR JOBS vestigation. As part of that settlewith the Constitution." MORE DANGEROUS AND ment, the SPD had to rewrite its Tere's much more to this suit, VIOLATES THEIR CIVIL RIGHTS. but I've hit the basics. You can view use-of-force policy and have that new policy approved by the DOJ, the entire document at PoliceMag. the monitor, and a federal judge. com/seattlesuit. Te ofcer plaintifs in the lawsuit say the new policy is Reaction from the DOJ was swift and dismissive. Te day confusing and overly complicated, which makes their jobs after the suit was fled U.S. Attorney Jenny Durkan told the more dangerous and violates their civil rights. Tey are su- Seattle Times the case had no merit. ing a long list of federal and city ofcials and agencies, inI'm not an attorney or a police use-of-force policy expert so cluding Attorney General Eric Holder, the city, and the SPD. I can't give you a defnitive opinion on this case. What I can Do they have a fghting chance? Probably not. Tey have say, however, is that it's really cool to see ofcers fghting back no representation and are facing the endless ranks of DOJ against a consent decree. Sometimes, I think the lawyers for attorneys. Tey don't even have the support of their union. the DOJ's Civil Rights Division—many of whom have never So their claim will likely be dismissed before it is heard. worked as cops or even served in the military—hold this biEven so, you have to admire their chutzpah. zarre belief that ofcers delight in shooting and killing peoAnd just maybe they have a case. Teir primary argu- ple. Maybe they wouldn't be so quick to crucify ofcers and ment is that the new policy does not conform to Graham v. agencies if they had actually ever faced a deadly threat. Connor. Specifcally, they argue the policy adds additional So can a group of ofcers actually defeat a federal consent requirements to the "objective reasonableness standard." decree? Again the answer is maybe. In 2002, the Columbus, Te plaintifs claim the policy implies that ofcers should Ohio, Fraternal Order of Police worked with the city and use less force than reasonably necessary or at least attempt forced the DOJ to back down. Te Seattle plaintifs have a to use less than reasonably necessary when facing danger- tougher fght on their hands because they are standing ous subjects. Which places ofcers at more risk. alone. But you never know. Sometimes that lone shepherd Tat increased risk is one of the reasons why this is a civil boy knocks the giant on its ass.





ROAD RUNNER™ Hide in Plain Sight

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Style 033



NATIONAL SALES MANAGER (EAST) Susan Freel (920) 397-7570





• Lightweight & padded on body side



• Room for keys,

wallet, ammo, etc. • Ambidextrous

ADVISORY BOARD DON ALWES Ofcer/NTOA Active Shooter Trainer Wilmore (Ky.) P.D. GREGORY BLOCK Owner/Use-of-Force and Firearms Instructor Self-Defense Firearms Training MARK W. CLARK Sergeant/Public Information Ofcer Scottsdale (Ariz.) P.D. LYNNE DOUCETTE Lieutenant/Patrol Supervisor Brunswick (Maine) P.D. BOB GALLEGOS Retired SWAT Ofcer LAPD AUSTEN GEORGE Firearms Instructor/Advanced Training Unit Scottsdale (Ariz.) P.D. ELLIOTT E. GROLLMAN Commander, Special Operations and Training Federal Protective Services, DHS RON GROMAK Sergeant/Precision Driving Unit Michigan State Police WILLIAM L. “BILL” HARVEY Chief Ephrata (Pa.) P.D. LAWRENCE E. HEISKELL, MD, FACEP, FAAFP SWAT Team Physician Palm Springs (Calif.) P.D. GREG MEYER Retired Captain LAPD JOHN MEYER President/Director of Training Team One Network MICHAEL ODLE Sergeant/Field Operations LAPD CHRIS ROOSEN Sergeant/Community Afairs Supervisor Torrance (Calif.) P.D. RICHARD VALDEMAR Retired Sergeant L.A. County Sherif's Department
















POLICE accepts freelance written and photographic submissions for publication. Query us in writing with your idea, manuscript or photo. Contributor’s guidelines and editorial calendars are available and will be provided upon request. All submissions are given careful consideration. Unfortunately, due to the large number we receive, it is not possible to respond to each one individually.

800-GUNHIDE 631-841-6300 Dept #PM64

431 Bayview Avenue, Amityville, NY 11701


Products 5.11 Tactical • WOMEN'S CIRRUS PANT 5.11 Tactical's versatile Women’s Cirrus Pant is perfect for range training, concealed carry, or covert ops. Building on the success of its Stryke Pant, the company developed the Women’s Cirrus Pant to provide women with more options when ft and functionality are a priority. Designed with 6.8-ounce Flex-Tac fabric with a Tefon fnish for stain and soil resistance, the durable Women’s Cirrus Pant features eight jean-style multi-use pockets, gussets for mobility, and a professional and fattering style. The pant is available in three colors: black, storm, and stone.

MATHEWS ASSOCIATES BATTERIES FOR UNMANNED VEHICLES Mathews Associates supplies the U.S. government and law enforcement agencies with batteries for unmanned vehicles whether for ground, air, or underwater. Popular styles include the BB-390B/U nickel metal hydride rechargeable battery and lithium ion rechargeable BB-2590/U. Compact chargers for these two popular batteries are also available. Mathews Associates offers “Made in the USA” batteries for other applications, and can custom design and prototype batteries in multiple chemistries.

See what you’ve been missing.

Thermal imaging sees clearly in total darkness —and through light smoke, dust, fog, even foliage! San Tan Gear RAPID DEPLOYMENT SHIELD

FLIR LS $3,999

FLIR M-24 $5,880

FLIR M-18 $9,208

FLIR T70 SIGHT $14,900


6501 • 800-722-8078



San Tan Gear's Rapid Deployment Shield (RDS) was designed and patented by a police offcer for police offcers. It allows patrol offcers to carry a ballistic Level IIIA shield in the front passenger seat of their patrol car for quick access and deployment. It deploys in less than a second and provides more coverage than the average hard shield, according to the company. You can also mount the RDS on motorcycles and bicycles. You can wear it like a backpack for hands-free protection and can be put on a car door for high-risk stops.



PDTicketboard's Lite N Write Illuminated Storage Board and LightHawk Pro work well together to help offcers write tickets. The LiteHawk Pro Citation Holder is a brand new product. Its tri-fold design has been used in the UK for over 20 years, but now it has the added feature of a Lite N Write Lightbridge. This citation holder will hold up to six ticket books or notebooks (held securely in place with quality spring clips), and has ID and pen pockets for organization. These products reduce distractions for offcers because everything, including lighting, is organized in one place.

Rugged portability, theft-proof locks, and a quick-draw design make the reusable Universal Shooting Range 4 Pack Handgun Case from CaseCruzer the right choice even if target practice is the only ambition. The singular slot interior design keeps equipment from dislodging or colliding while in transit. The handgun carrying case is also ftted with double-throw latches for ultimate safety. A removable magazine storage unit allows for an additional eight magazines, for a total of 16 magazines. Earmuffs, protective glasses, and other gear can be stored in the accessory compartment when the mag unit is not in use.

Next Generation Tool AUTO HD DVR Next Generation Tool's compact Auto HD DVR with digital camera function is portable, so you can easily remove it to record incidents outside the vehicle as well. It has a built-in rechargeable battery, speaker, and microphone and features clear video with HD 1280x720 or 1920x1080. The Auto HD DVR loop records up to 10 hours of video and audio with a 120-degree wide angle lens and night lens with 0.5 low lux clarity. You can then view video on the 2-inch full color LCD viewer with full playback function on screen. It includes an auto charger, windshield mount, USB cable, and AV output jack. Comes with one-year manufacturer's warranty and detailed online user's manual.


Products Handheld • NAUTIZ X4 MOBILE COMPUTER The Handheld Group's Nautiz X4 is a compact and lightweight rugged handheld computer that is optimized for effcient feld data collection. It has been designed and developed specifcally for mobile workers in tough environments, measuring only 6.1 x 2.9 x 1.0 inches and weighing a mere 11.6 ounces. It features a high-brightness, sunlight-readable resistive touchscreen and comes complete with either a high-performance 1D laser scanner or a 2D imager for super-fast and accurate scanning and barcoding tasks. The device also features a 5MP camera with auto focus and LED Flash.

VEHICLE HEADREST PRINTER MOUNT (U.S. Patents 7637566, 7874612, 8336959, additional patent pending)

Hemco UNIFLOW LABORATORY FUME HOODS Hemco’s UniFlow Fume Hoods for crime scene investigation are constructed entirely of chemical-resistant, fame-retardant, non-metallic composite resin materials and feature an exclusive “Unitized” construction that does not require screws, bolts, rivets, or metallic hardware to assemble. The UniFlow lines of Fume Hoods are available in sizes to suit your exact requirements, from 30 to 96 inches wide, and in bench-mount and foor-mount models. Unifow hoods include low-fow, constant volume, and variable air volume models.

Canon iP100 Mobile Printer

HP 100 Mobile Printer

Brother PocketJet Mobile Printer

Zebra RW420 Mobile Printer

Positions the printer up and out of your way Models available for all commonly used mobile printers • Easy installation and removal without tools •


Chinook Medical Gear INDIVIDUAL FIRST AID KIT Chinook Medical Gear, a distributor and manufacturer of tactical medical kits, unveils the TMK-IFAK, a new Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) for use in any tactical situation. Chinook’s TMK-IFAK is comprised of a Pouch and Insert which can be used separately or combined into one complete system for quick and easy access to TCCC/TECC recommended supplies. Designed to standard double magazine pouch size specifcations, this kit features rapid onehanded deployment and a tether system so that life-saving supplies are always within reach. The distinctive design eliminates digging for or dumping contents by allowing for individual deployment of supplies without dislodging other items.



JUNE 2014

ASP • STRONGER TRI-FOLDS RESTRAINTS With reinforced fne teeth and rounded edges, ASP’s stronger Tri-Folds disposable restraint loops can now withstand a tensile test of at least 400 pounds. In addition to the pull strength, ASP has also enhanced the new Tri-Folds’ sensitivity to moisture, extending their shelf life. The Tri-Folds fold in three positions, resulting in compact, easily carried confgurations. And, with ASP’s new divided case that has a rounded bottom and drain holes, offcers can carry two restraints independently and snap the case on either a belt loop or a MOLLE Vest.

Elzetta Design DROP-IN FLOOD LENS Elzetta Design's Drop-In Flood Lens for its line of High-Output Modular Flashlights harnesses the 650 or 900 lumens produced by an Elzetta Bravo or Charlie Modular Flashlight and disperses a wide rush of diffuse illumination. The distinctive beam pattern is designed to deliver ultimate lighting for CQB and home defense applications. Like the Standard Lens, Elzetta's Flood Lens is solid acrylic and 7/8-inch thick, providing durability and a “soft edge.” Change lenses in seconds simply by removing the bezel ring, swapping lenses, and replacing the bezel ring. Made in the U.S.A.

reborn authority


Since 1908, Harley-Davidson has stood by law enforcement. The conditions motor officers face continue to change, and we’ve taken a bold and unprecedented step. See the result, the ultimate law enforcement machine, our 2014 model year police motorcycle.

NEW Cruise Control, standard

NEW Emergency equipment activation for approx. 30 minutes with ignition off

NEW Stealth Switch, standard NEW Push-to-Talk, standard

NEW Ergonomic One-Touch hand controls with trigger switch activation

NEW Redesigned fairing & windshield (FLHTP only)

NEW Digital and analog speedometer readout

NEW Speed Capture, standard

Deluxe one piece, solo coil-over shock absorber seat

NEW Daymaker™ LED headlights (FLHTP only)

NEW Redesigned saddlebags with One-Touch design

NEW Bullet style front and rear turn signals (FLHTP only) NEW Streamlined, low profile front fender NEW LED Fender tip lights, front & rear (FLHTP only) NEW Dual front, floating open rotors

Streamlight TLR-4 G WEAPON LIGHT Streamlight's TLR-4 G is an ultra-lightweight, compact weapon-mounted tactical light for sub-compact and compact weapons. It features a white C4 LED, as well as an integrated green aiming laser with wide temperature range technology. The TLR-4 G is designed to maximize visibility and long-range targeting capability in a variety of tactical applications, particularly during daylight hours, when the color green appears brighter to the human eye than other colors.

Dual, air adjustable rear shocks

NEW Hydraulic clutch (FLHTP only)

NEW High Output Twin Cam 103™ Police engine

NEW Impeller Cast Aluminum wheels

NEW Reflex™ Linked Brakes with ABS

Model shown is the FLHTP Police Electra Glide® – Shown with Optional Emergency Equipment available through Harley-Davidson® dealerships. Find out more at ©2013 HARLEY-DAVIDSON MOTOR COMPANY


Products Pelican Products • STORM CASES FOR GOPRO CAMERAS Pelican Products' iM2050 Pelican Storm GP1 and GP2 Cases are designed to protect GoPro cameras. The GP1 features custom foam and secures one GoPro camera, mounts, and accessories. The GP2 custom foam protects up to two GoPro cameras and limited mounts and accessories. Both cases accommodate all GoPro cameras, including the HERO3+, HERO3, HERO2, and original HERO. Like all Pelican Storm Cases, the GP1 and GP2 both feature a high-performance HPX polymer construction to protect sensitive equipment and are backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Oceanic Imaging Consultants UNDERWATER SEARCH SYSTEM


SAMM is Oceanic Imaging Consultants’ Stand Alone Mosaicking Module, ideal for underwater search and survey. SAMM-PACK bundles SAMM with a forward-look sonar, steerable pole-mount, GPS system, and computer to give marine units an underwater search system that maps the searched area; shows areas covered on a map, chart, or air-photo background; and allows target marking and image export. You see where you have searched as you go, and know what you have to cover next. GeoTIFF and Google-Earth exports allow for easy quantifable reporting.

This Officer Wears a Stratton Hat and So Should You. Stratton Hats is the world’s largest manufacturer of hats for uniformed personnel. Stratton Uniform Hats enhance authority and dignity, and have the added benefit of opaque, sun-shielding brims for valuable protection against harmful UV rays. All Stratton Hats are made in the USA. Nothing tops a Stratton Hat. Visit our website or call today. Phone: 708-544-5220

Fax: 708-544-5243

WWW.STRATTONHATS.COM After the workday, keep your style on with an authentic Use your Smart Phone and QR code scanner to visit our web site.

Stratton Western Hat!

Milspec Plastics XTREME ZIP TIES Xtreme Zip Ties, from Cobra Cuff manufacturer Milspec Plastics, can be folded for storage and double locked for pick-proof security, similar to the Cobra Cuffs but with a single strap. The double lock also helps prevent accidental over-tightening during transport of suspects, reducing offcer liability. Using the same rubber-based polymer, Xtreme Zip Ties are also cold temperature stress-crack resistant for maximum hold under extreme temperatures. Xtreme Zip Ties are available in special camoufage color and glow-in-the-dark versions.



JUNE 2014

American Technologies Network • PS28 NIGHT VISION FRONT SIGHT The ATN PS28 will give a daytime tactical scope or spotting scope night vision capability in a matter of seconds. The PS28 Night Vision Front Sight mounts directly in front of a daytime scope quickly and securely without tools, making it night vision operational. With the daytime scope already zeroed, the PS28 requires no further zeroing and allows full use of all the features of the daytime scope. The PS28 day/ night system is available in a variety of confgurations, including ATN's WPT, CGT, and 3rd gen.

Hatch TOUCHSCREEN CAPABLE DUTY GLOVES New Hatch duty gloves with touchscreen capability don't use stitched-on excess material. Instead, Patrolman, Technician, and Contact Touchscreen glove models feature the ATS (Advanced Touchscreen System) technology, which is embedded in the thumb, index fnger, and index knuckle. This creates a seamless design for improved tactility and dexterity, and provides another area of contact. All Hatch touchscreen models are available in black and the Hatch Contact Touchscreen Flight with NOMEX IIIA is also available in sage, desert, foliage, and coyote.




The First Responder’s Choice ■ Designed for Law Enforcement ■ High levels of CBRN, TICs & TIMs Protection ■ Robust, long-life product ■ Superior integration

Breathing Made Easier ■ Continuous fresh airfow

HGPen SOBRIETY TESTING DEVICE The purpose of the HGPen is to provide a standardized instrument for the horizontal gaze nystagmus (HGN) test battery by indicating to the offcer how long each test must be administered. The device was designed, developed, and patented with input from law enforcement professionals, prosecutors, and defense attorneys after several years of research and development followed up with intensive feld testing for Standardized Field Sobriety Testing. According to the company, the HGPen greatly improves the muscle memory needed for the HGN test battery and allows offcers to focus on clues and offcer safety, not counting and worrying about test battery order and application. It is intended as both a training tool and a practical tool for the feld.

■ Less breathing resistance ■ Cooling sensation *Avon EZAir is currently approved to provide protection against CS/CN agents only.

t: 1 888 286 6440 e:



Top 5 Mistakes Agencies Make When Choosing a Public Saftey Software Vendor Searching for a public safety software system but confused at the number of options on the market? Be sure to avoid these common 5 mistakes as you research your vendor options.

Mistake #1: Not understanding the vendor’s upgrade process Questions to ask a potential vendor: Do we have to pay for upgrades and enhancements? Do upgrades include all future upgrades, or just ‘in-version’ upgrades? How many versions mature is your software? Mistake #2: Failing to purchase a fexible software system that can be tailored to meet all of your agency’s needs Questions to ask a potential vendor: Can your software be customized through modules, system parameters, and interfaces? Can we expand the system as our agency grows or our needs change? Can you provide references for those customers that needed significant customization? Mistake #3: Investing in a software system but not receiving the training needed to use it efectively Questions to ask a potential vendor: What training and customer support do you provide? Are there opportunities to share best practices with other customers? Mistake #4: Purchasing software only to: A) have the vendor go out of business, B) have the vendor discontinue the product line, or C) fnd out the vendor was incapable of meeting the demands of the agency. Questions to ask a potential vendor: How long have you been in business, and how many customers do you have? Do you focus exclusively on public safety software, or do you allocate funds and research to other types of projects? Mistake #5: Implementing a software system that does not allow you to share data within your agency or between jurisdictions Questions to ask a potential vendor: Will the software allow users from multiple departments within my agency to access accurate, real-time data? Can we exchange critical information with other jurisdictions or disciplines without compromising data security? Is the information between modules or agencies dependent upon any form of interface?

Company Profe Company Name: Spillman Technologies Location: Serves more than 1,000 public safety agencies nationwide Number of Employees: More than 240 Year Founded: 1982 Products Ofered: Integrated software including CAD, RMS, Mobile Data & Field Reporting, Mapping & GIS, CompStat & Intelligence-Led Policing, JMS, Fire, Data Sharing, and Personnel & Resources Spillman Technologies provides comprehensive public safety software solutions for over 1,000 communication centers, police departments, sheriff’s offices, fire departments, and correctional facilities nationwide. Nearly 45 percent of customers have used Spillman software for at least 10 years, and over 30 percent of customers have used Spillman software for more than 15 years. Spillman’s software solutions are off-the-shelf, resulting in a comprehensive system that meets your needs but fits your budget. A unique site licensing model and upgrades to Spillman-licensed software at no additional cost ensure that your savings continue throughout the software partnership. After more than 30 years in the industry, Spillman has never failed a product implementation. To download Spillman’s comprehensive guide to purchasing software, visit

Shared systems allow personnel to research name, vehicle, and incident records from their agency’s database as well as those from shared jurisdictions.

Chief Michael Mastronardy and Captain Mitch Little Toms River Township Police Department, New Jersey Spillman customer since 2007

THE POWER OF INTELLIGENCE-LED POLICING, JUST A CLICK AWAY At Spillman, we pride ourselves on being more than just another “electronic filing cabinet.” Our software is not only designed to simplify the process of collecting and storing data, but more importantly, analyzing that data. Spillman’s intelligenceled policing tools enable agencies to easily identify trends and patterns, develop forward-thinking strategies for crime prevention, and determine how to allocate resources. Spillman offers tightly integrated management dashboards, map-based analytics, extensive searching, and community crime maps that enable command staff, analysts, supervisors, field personnel, and the public to analyze agency data in meaningful ways.

Visit or use the QR code to see how intelligence-led policing tools can positively impact your community.

Spillman Technologies is the industry leader in multi-jurisdictional data sharing, total product integration, and reliable customer service. CAD | RMS | JMS | Fire | Mobile Data & Field Reporting | CompStat & Intelligence-Led Policing | Data Sharing | Mapping & GIS | Personnel & Resources


RETHINKING THE DUTY BELT The Sierra Bravo Duty Belt features a proprietary closure system that allows offcers to attach more keepers and increase inner and outer belt stability.



ery few people spend much narrower than a standard duty time thinking about the belt buckle. "Our Slide Lock design and engineering of buckle is about 1.75 inches something as common as a wide and typically some of our belt. As long as a belt holds up competitors have buckles that a person's pants or in the case are 2.5 to 3 inches wide," Alarof law enforcement ofcers con says. holds necessary gear, most of Te advantage to a slimmer us pretty much don't give it a buckle is that it allows ofcers second thought. to use more keepers. "Smaller The Slide Lock buckle on 5.11 Tactical's Sierra Bravo But that's not true of the dewaisted ofcers can use three Duty Belt has one point of release for simple detaching. sign team at 5.11 Tactical. For a or four keepers with the Sierra couple of years now, they have Bravo Duty Belt vs. one or two been thinking about how to make a belt better, specifcally a with a traditional belt," Alarcon says. "Having those extra law enforcement duty belt. keepers gives the ofcer a more secure connection between Joel Alarcon, 5.11's strategic business unit director for the inner and outer belt, which gives them better mobility footwear and nylon, says development of the company's and agility. Historically, these ofcers had a problem with new Sierra Bravo Duty Belt was spurred by a request from an the outer belt wanting to detach from the inner belt." overseas law enforcement agency for a nylon duty belt that Smaller size is not the only aspect of the Slide Lock buckle was lighter than comparable models and innovative. that makes it innovative. "Te Slide Lock provides both great Which is a tall order. And it was made even more difcult security and simple detaching," Alarcon says. "It has one by the client's request that the belt be inexpensive. single point of release vs. three points of release like most One of the greatest problems that 5.11 experienced in duty belt buckles." meeting this demand was determining what could be made Te Sierra Bravo Duty Belt is constructed of 1680-denier innovative about a duty belt. "Te look and feel of a duty belt ballistic nylon, which is backed with two layers of webbing is pretty well defned," Alarcon says. for rigidity and a coating for moisture protection. It is availGiven the limitations of what could be improved on a able now at a list price of $54.99. duty belt and still meet muster with law enforcement comAlarcon says 5.11 is planning to expand the Sierra Bravo manders for a uniform look, 5.11 decided to focus on the line beyond the nylon duty belt. "Tis is really our frst foray buckle. Specifcally, the goal was to make the buckle smaller into the duty belt arena, and the reaction so far tells us that and give ofcers—especially ofcers with waist sizes 30 to ofcers will request other iterations. So we are exploring the 34—more available space on their duty belts. idea of producing the belt in diferent versions, including Te new 5.11 Sierra Bravo Duty Belt features the com- leather, patent, and basket weave," he adds. pany's Slide Lock buckle. Te patent pending Slide Lock is 16


How 5.11's New Zero G Plates Reduce Duty Belt Back Pain at



When you arrive on the scene, you’re not thinking about your flashlight’s engineer. The one who’s dedicated to constantly innovating illumination technology, whose


field experience contributes to industry-specific product design and functionality, and whose keen


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1,100 lumens on high TEN-TAP® Programming




HOW TO DEAL WITH SHRINKING BUDGETS It's not fun or easy, but there are ways to do more with less.



udgets remain a big concern even will become easier. in the largest of agencies. It's a givYou need to adopt a diferent peren there is a lack of funding, so the isspective. When they say no, take sue becomes who gets what little there it to mean no right now, but the fuis. It would be easier if budgets were ture remains open. Be prepared to just based on need. Unfortunately, it's submit the proposal again later on. never that simple. Budgets are based I use six months as my bench mark. on politics, bureaucratic red tape, and Just make sure that your facts and whatever hot topic is foating around fgures refect any changes that may in your decision-maker's head. What have occurred since your original we may see as a need may not even be proposal. I have won some serious Administrators are forced to take a more on the radar. Te reality is where you concessions with this strategy. I have global view with their budgets. sit (your position within the agency) had members of my command atdetermines where you stand (your views). tend training, conferences, and we have been able to obtain If you are an administrator, you have a broader view of some great pieces of equipment as well. You have to keep in the agency as a whole. If you are in a specialty unit, your mind that everything in law enforcement is dynamic and world revolves around your specifc mission. So which therefore always changing. Today's refusal might become viewpoint wins? It depends on how you look at it. If you are tomorrow's top priority. a "cup is half empty" person, then the guy who controls the purse strings wins. If you are a "cup is half full" person, then ATTITUDE having the right perspective, attitude, and imagination can Even with an optimistic perspective, you have to maintain a conquer the frustration of an ever-shrinking budget. It is realistic attitude. When splitting up the pie, there are three possible to still make things happen. categories that guide the slicer: need, want, and wish list. In today's world we tend to get mostly what we need. We somePERSPECTIVE times get what we want and rarely do we ever get to tap into In the 1980s, President Ronald Reagan used a pie analogy our wish list. when he talked to the nation about the budget. He made it For example, just about every agency has that guy/guru clear there was only one pie, that it could only be cut up in who wants the latest toy. Tere is nothing wrong with the so many ways, and that everybody's old toy, but when a new version piece couldn't be the same size. In comes along he has to have it. I call order to deal with your budget pie, this guy Gadget Bob. Gadget Bob can you frst have to accept that you don't score big sometimes but rarely does always get the piece you want. it come without a price. Let's face it; you are competing I know of a smaller agency that with every other unit for the same had a very basic version of the M4 dollars. Even if you present the best carbine. Along comes Gadget Bob proposal in the world, if it's not on and convinces the chief they need their list of priorities, it won't fy. You to buy the newest and "bestest" M4 have to learn early in your career that from a designer label. Was it a nice You'll only get equipment replaced if you not all decisions are yours to make. rife? No doubt, but the point I'm prove it's no longer mission functional. Accept that fact and your work life trying to make here is there was 18


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Each month, American Military University (AMU) hosts a 1-hour webinar without cost to help law enforcement ofcers* stay current on topics covering: • Social Media for Law Enforcement and Police Executives • Electronic Surveillance • Electronic Countermeasures • Wiretapping • Parcel Interdiction • Intelligence and Law Enforcement TO REGISTER FOR THE WEBINAR SERIES VISIT INPUBLICSAFETY.COM/WEBINAR OR CONTACT INSTRUCTOR JIM DEATER AT JDEATER@APUS.EDU.

*The webinars include law enforcement-sensitive information; therefore all registrants will undergo a verifcation process to ensure they are current law enforcement ofcers, analysts, or law enforcement support personnel.

Best Practices nothing wrong with the old one. Later on, when Gadget Bob asked for something else and it was denied, he didn't understand why. Te why is simple and you don't have to be an accountant to understand the concept behind it; you can't spend the same money twice. Terefore, one of the keys to getting new equipment is to ask yourself a simple question: Is the equipment you have now mission-capable or not? If it doesn't do what you need it to do, then it's time for some new gear. Let's take computer software, for example. Our ofce is currently upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7. Windows XP no longer does what our IT section needs it to do. In addition, the support for the software ended on April 8, 2014. Even Scrooge would have a hard time saying no to an upgrade under those conditions considering all the vulnerability and security issues surrounding it.

IMAGINATION I knew of a SWAT commander from another agency whose ammo

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budget for his team was bigger than the one I had for the entire ofce when I was in charge of training. After speaking with him about his training, I realized his team didn't train; they just shot a lot of rounds. Training and shooting are not the same things. A hundred rounds shot with a purpose beats 500 rounds shot without goals and objectives. Enter imagination… Let's say your training budget gets drilled and your ammunition is cut in half. Instead of complaining about what you don't have, change your attitude and focus your attention on what you do have. Spend your time fguring out how you can meet your goal and objectives. Anyone who works with frearms knows there are various dry fre drills you can incorporate into your training. Ball and dummy drills are great for general marksmanship training. Add some one-on-one coaching, and you have a great training session. If you incorporate malfunction drills into your training, you're adding an important survival skill. If you have access to paintball or Airsoft guns, you can incorporate them into your tactical training and save your live ammo for qualifcation tables. Te bottom line is you have to use your imagination and think in terms of how to get it done.

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HAIX® North America Inc. 2320 Fortune Drive, Suite 120, Lexington KY 40509 Phone 859-281-0111, Fax 859-281-0113, Toll free 866-344-HAIX (4249)



Here are some examples to get the conversation started: H Can't do a full-blown Active Shooter scenario? Do it notionally as a desktop exercise. Talk it through. After you complete it, start again but change some of the factors. Rework it based on the new information. It's a great time to play "what if." Challenge your ju-

BUDGET STRETCHING TIPS H Accept you will never have the budget you want. H Priorities change; keep submitting purchase proposals. H Fight for new gear if your current gear no longer gets the job done.

H Use your imagination to repurpose what you do have to meet your goals.

H Find other resources to get gear for cheap or free.

BEING PRODUCTIVE Learning to think outside of the box should be a familiar theme

for most of us by now. With the events of 9/11, the several recessions we've been through, and the constant barrage of the anti-police pension/benefts politicians, we continuously have had to do more with less. Priorities may change, but the way budgets are sliced and diced never does. Only by changing your perspective and attitude and using a little imagination will you be able to deal with budget crunches in a more productive manner. Amaury Murgado is a special operations lieutenant with the Osceola County (Fla.) Sherif's Ofce. He is a retired master sergeant from the Army Reserve, has over 27 years of law enforcement experience, and has been a lifelong student of martial arts.

Shown on a Remington 870. DSF models available for most popular shotguns.

nior ofcers to answer as supervisors. It makes them think about more than just their particular assignment. H Can't aford to buy X for a project you need? Ten design it yourself with components you already have. It doesn't have to be pretty, just efective. Tat's how we made our saddlebag rife mounts for our Harley-Davidson police motorcycles. We had Blac-Rac rife mounts in stock and created our own bracket. H Look at government programs like the 1122 Programs, the 1033 Program, and the Cooperative Purchasing Program. Do some research and take advantage of what's out there. H Need a trailer? Maybe you can get one donated. Maybe all that's asked in return is placing "Donated By…." on the side of it. H Look for some type of corporate sponsorship. Many companies give out grants. Years ago, an outgoing administration gutted our Police Explorer program. I was able to build it back up with local grants from places like Walmart and Target. H Need some money to make up for a budget shortfall? Use online public safety auction sites to sell of your confscated items. If you have a savvy IT guru, you can even create your Can you create equipment own web page to do the same. you can't afford with items H Want to stretch your ammuyou already have? nition budget? Add some simulation training. Make it happen as a joint project with surrounding agencies then share time on the simulator. We did that one year with two other agencies and it worked out great. H Look for agencies that are buying new gear and willing to give away or trade for their older gear. We gave away six older radars to a smaller agency when we obtained six new ones from winning a state DOT trafc challenge. H Look for agencies that are disbanding units and see what you can negotiate. I know of an agency right now that's dismantling its motor unit. Tis would be an opportune time to get six fully equipped motorcycles at a great price.



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STEYR MANNLICHER L9-A1 DUTY PISTOL Steyr's new full-size, polymer-framed pistol breaks the mold with some uncommon features. PAUL SCARLATA J PHOTOS: BECKY LEAVITT

The L9-A1 is Steyr-Mannlicher's newest polymer frame pistol. It features a trigger block safety lever on the face of the trigger, large extractor, take-down lever, internal safety lock cylinder, extended magazine baseplate, and lowmount, no-snag rear sight.

Steyr's L9-A1 has a large magazine release, slide release lever, and lowmount sights.


n response to the overwhelming popularity of another Austrian-made pistol, Steyr Mannlicher began development of a polymer frame pistol with internal components during the 1990s. Introduced in 1999 as the M9, Steyr's answer to the Glock was a hammerless, striker-fred design with what Steyr's marketing team referred to as a "Reset Action" trigger. In layman's terms this means that when the slide runs forward, the striker is held partially cocked until a complete stroke of the trigger draws it back completely, trips the sear, and releases it to fre the cartridge in the chamber. A continuing product improvement 22


program saw the introduction of the M-A1 and S-A1 in 2004. Six years later the company announced the availability of a high-capacity, compact-slide version, the C-A1. Te current version of the full-size Steyr duty pistol, the L9-A1, debuted last year.

NEW FEATURES Available chambered for either the 9mm

Luger or .40 S&W, the L9-A1 has many of the features of Steyr's earlier pistols along with several new ones. Te most noticeable aspect of the new pistol is the greater length of the L9-A1's slide, which provides a longer sight ra-

dius and improved balance over its predecessors. In addition, additional weight up front helps to reduce muzzle fip and recoil, while a longer, 4.53-inch barrel allows the 9mm and .40 caliber cartridges to reach their ballistic potential. Steyr also redesigned the trigger by incorporating a pin beneath the rear sight that bisects the striker fring-pin channel. A small roller on this pin allows for the striker to move smoothly as it is compressed by the trigger stroke and for a "cleaner" break when the striker is released. Grasping grooves on the front and rear of the slide allow retraction from a number of positions when reloading the pistol or clearing a malfunction, even with wet hands or when wearing gloves. And the L9-A1 has the most unique sights I have seen in a long time, perhaps ever. Te front sight is a triangular blade while the rear is a trapezoidal notch. Te manufacturer claims that this arrangement provides faster target acquisition for instinctive aiming. Te front sight con-

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This top view shows the cutout at the rear of the L9-A1's chamber hood. This lets you visually verify if there is a round in the chamber.

tains a non-luminescent white triangle contrast element designed to mate with two white rectangles on the rear sight for fast alignment.

ERGONOMICS AND MECHANICS A lot of thought went into the design of the

grip frame. Te trigger guard is shaped so that a shooter can get a very high grip on the pistol. Tis and the aggressive texturing provide improved handling and recoil control. A Picatinny rail on the dust cover permits mounting lights, lasers, or other tactical accessories. Relief cutouts on both sides of the frame permit easy access to the magazine catch, which can be reversed for left-handed shooters. Te bottom of the grip frame is scalloped, exposing the magazine base plate so the shooter can drag the magazine out of the grip in case of a malfunction. Te slide reciprocates on four integral lugs of a metal insert in the frame, which also contains the trigger mechanism, sear, and ejector. Te L9-A1 has a trigger safety consisting of a small, spring-loaded inner trigger housed in the wider, outer trigger that prevents trigger movement until it is depressed. In addition, a complete stroke of the trigger deactivates the internal striker and drop safeties. When the pistol's chamber is loaded a pin extends out past the rear of the slide to provide a tactical indication of the pistol's condition while a small, semi-circular cutout in the barrel hood allows you to visually verify if there is a round in the chamber. Lastly, the design features an internal safety lock. Using a special key (a pair of which are supplied with the pistol), you



push in the cylinder behind the takedown lever and rotate it 45 degrees to the rear to lock the trigger and sear so as to prevent unauthorized fring. Te metal magazines feature extended base pads that increase capacity to 17 rounds, help ensure the magazine is completely seated during reloads, and prevent damage when ejected magazines land on a hard surface. Breech locking is accomplished by the barrel hood moving up into, and bearing on the front edge of, the ejection port. When the pistol is fred, the barrel and slide recoil together a short distance until the barrel is cammed down, allowing the slide to continue rearward, extracting and ejecting the spent case. Te captive recoil spring unit under the barrel then pulls the slide forward, stripping the next round from the magazine and chambering it. When the slide goes into battery, the barrel hood enters the ejection port, locking the two units together. I found the L9-A1 an extremely easy

STEYR MANNLICHER L9-A1 DUTY PISTOL CAPACITY: 17 rounds CALIBER: 9mm OVERALL LENGTH: 7.4 inches BARREL LENGTH: 4.53 inches WEIGHT: 28.6 ounces SIGHTS: Front: triangular blade with insert Rear: trapezoidal notch GRIPS: Polymer PRICE: $560

STEYR MANNLICHER • L9-A1 DUTY PISTOL pistol to disassemble. First, remove the magazine and ascertain there is no cartridge in the chamber. Ten let the slide run forward and dry fre the pistol. Using the supplied key, depress the internal

safety lock cylinder on the right side of the frame and rotate it 90 degrees to the rear. Grasp the slide with your left hand and pull it forward of the frame. Push the recoil spring unit forward slightly and lift it

out of the slide. Ten pull the barrel down and remove it to the rear of the slide. Reassemble in reverse order.

ACCURACY TESTING Taking advantage of a rare warm day

The L9-A1's trapezoidal rear sight has two white bars to outline the front sight. Note the loaded chamber indicator at the top left of the rear face of the slide.

The pyramid-shaped front sight has a large white insert. Note the square-cut front grasping grooves on the slide.



(we've had the coldest, wettest winter in more than three decades here in North Carolina), I removed myself and the Steyr to the range to see how it performed. Accuracy testing was performed with 9mm ammunition from Black Hills, Federal, and Hornady at 25 yards from an MTM K-Zone rest, producing well-centered groups running from two to three inches in size. As has been my experience with many 9mm pistols, accuracy improved as bullet weight increased and velocity declined. Te trigger on my test gun had a short amount of take-up before a crisp let-of, which I found very conducive to accurate shooting more so than those on other polymer service-type pistols I have recently tested. I set up a combat target and ran the

L9-A1 through a series of ofhand drills from seven and 12 yards. As I did not have a suitable holster, I began each drill with the pistol held in the low ready position. While the "unusual" sighting set-up took a bit of getting used to, once I had the mea-

sure of it I was able to put rounds where I wanted them. Firing the Steyr with both supported and unsupported (one-handed) grips, I was able to put the majority of rounds into the A zone and "head" of the target, chewing a


VELOCITY (feet per second)

Black Hills 124-grain JHP +P




Hornady 135-grain Critical Duty



Federal 147-grain Hydra-Shok



NOTE: Group size is the average of three, fve-shot groups fred from an MTM K-Zone rest at 25 yards. Velocity is the average of fve rounds chronographed 10 feet from the muzzle.

ragged hole in its center in the process. I should mention that I did not experience a single failure to feed, fre, or eject in the more than 300 rounds that I ran through this Steyr duty pistol in two shooting sessions. While the L9-A1's grip was extremely comfortable, when I fred the pistol with a supported (two-handed) grip it tended to point high, forcing me to consciously pull the muzzle down. But when fred unsupported (one-handed) it pointed very naturally. I found the magazine quite difcult to load to capacity, and I would like to suggest that the manufacturer include a magazine loading tool with the pistol. While polymer frame pistols are extremely common on today's police market, Steyr's L9-A1 has enough unique features to set it apart. Paul Scarlata has served as an auxiliary police ofcer and is a frequent contributor to POLICE.

Pe n n Stat e | On l i n e

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The Longest Seconds BRADLEY NICKELL


he high-priority call sound chirped on the police radio and the dispatcher said, "3-Baker-4, copy a call. A man armed with a knife is stabbing himself in his sister's backyard." It was a hot evening in Las Vegas near the end of May in 1997. I had been a feld training ofcer for a couple years and had a new ofcer with me. We also had an academy recruit on a ride-a-long in the back seat. My car was a full house with only one seat left for bad guys that night. As we headed toward the call, more details came in from dispatch on the mobile computer. Te suicidal man was named Jose and his sister was the party calling the police. Jose was high on drugs and had wrecked his sister's car so now he wanted to kill himself out of guilt. I told dispatch that we were responding. Little did I know that I was about to face the heart-racing and potentially life-changing experience of a deadly force situation. I'll get back to my story in a moment but frst I want to impart some hard learned wisdom that might help you win a deadly force encounter. PRACTICE UNDER STRESS You are a cop. And what cops do is run toward danger and deal with it as it comes. So you have to ask yourself, are you ready to 28



SITUATION, ANYTHING CAN GO WRONG AND ALL YOU WILL HAVE TO FALL BACK ON IS YOUR TRAINING‌ AND IF YOU'RE LUCKY, YOUR FELLOW OFFICERS. confront that danger? When you train, do you do it with the understanding that it might be real someday? Whether it be defensive tactics, building searches, frearms training, emergency frst aid, or any other kind of training, do you practice the way you want to react under stress? You should. Every study ever conducted on performance during combat has shown that humans revert to what they've practiced when facing intensely stressful situations. If you train for it, it won't be foreign when your mid-brain kicks in and you start to lose fne motor control. But the scientists running those studies have never faced the threats that you encounter on the job. So don't read their studies. Talk to veteran cops and take their advice because their practical experience has proven exactly what the studies have evidenced: People fght as they train when they are under stress. If you are poorly trained, it will show up when your life is on the line. Practice doesn't always make perfect, but practice might be enough for you to prevail or at least survive. Te most stressful situation a police ofcer can face is an unexpected deadly threat—someone wanting to kill you or another person. You must react to it. And you don't have time to think. If you have time to think, there might be another solution. If




The Longest 10 Seconds there's another solution, it's not a deadly force situation. But when you have to react to an imminent threat, you will revert to what you've practiced. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. GUNS CAN FAIL One of the most important things you can train for is a situation where your frearm doesn't work properly and you're

Profciency with a frearm includes marksmanship and knowing how to clear malfunctions under stress.

faced with an imminent deadly threat. Weapons malfunctions with semi-automatics happen for a variety of reasons,

No.1 MAT


Green Bay Police Department



www0.z.989.80 ebram 5 ats.c8 om




but the most common can be placed into four groups: • Failure to fre, which includes an empty chamber, ammunition failure, unseated magazine, and/or mechanical failure of the weapon. • Failure to eject the spent case or a "stove pipe." • Failure to achieve battery, meaning the slide didn't fully go forward. Tis is usually caused by a dirty weapon, weak recoil spring, bad ammunition, or something coming into contact with the slide while fring. • Double-feed, meaning a round is chambered after a spent case was not ejected and a second round is in the breech. You need to train to clear these malfunctions. And when you train to clear them, make them and the stress you experience real. Stagger inert dummy rounds with live rounds in your magazines during training. Do some jumping jacks and push-ups on the range before you start each drill to get your heart rate up. Have your partner set up a double feed or stove pipe jam and holster your gun before you have to execute a timed shooting drill. Practice your immediate action and remedial action drills. Marksmanship is great. But marksmanship while operating tactically is golden. Tese and many more training scenarios that your rangemaster can provide might punch your ticket to a long and prosperous retirement someday. But failure to prepare for the worst might bring a really bad day to your family that won't ever go away. OVER THE WALL OK. Back to my story. Te call was updated with information that Jose, covered in blood, had fed his sister's backyard and was jumping walls. We came into the area, and I had my new ofcer drop me of one street west of the sister's house. "You take the car around the block," I said to my new ofcer. "Let dispatch know

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The Longest 10 Seconds I'm on foot. I'm going to go through some of these yards and meet you on the other side. And don't let the recruit out of the car on this one." I approached a cinderblock wall that was about chest high and easy to climb. I looked over it and saw the courtyard of a small apartment dwelling—nothing out of the ordinary. Te courtyard was completely enclosed by the apartment building and block walls. Te only exit was through an iron gate at the far end about 60 feet away. A quick hop and over the wall I went. As I dropped onto the ground, I realized the wall was much taller on this side, about a nine-foot drop. At that very moment, Jose came around the corner of the building about 30 feet away. He was covered in blood from neck to waist. His once white T-shirt was splashed with crimson and the numerous cuts and holes in the fabric meant this wasn't something out of Hollywood. "What's up, homie?" Jose said as he pulled a kitchen knife out of his pants. "Why don't you just shoot me, homes?" He stabbed himself in the abdomen fve or six times as he walked toward me. I pulled out my duty weapon, a Smith & Wesson 5906 9mm semi-auto, and trained it on him. "Put down the knife, Jose. Don't do this!" I yelled. I continued to give commands as Jose closed the distance.

The Smith & Wesson 5906 in 9mm was once a very popular duty weapon. The author carried one at the time of this incident.

FACING THE THREAT You have been or should have been taught that someone with an edged weapon can close a distance of about 21 feet and cause serious bodily harm or death before you can pull out your gun and stop the threat. It's about reaction times. But I already had my gun out and it was trained on the threat so I fgured I could give Jose a few more feet. I retreated back to the wall I had come over and had nowhere else to go. Jose continued to close the distance while telling me to shoot him. It seemed clear that this was the proverbial suicideby-cop scenario that occurs all too often in our communities. Jose made it to about 15 feet away and I could wait no more for him to comply. I pulled the slack out of the trigger and waited for the bang. Te trigger went all the way back to the frame. Ten followed the loudest silence I have ever heard. Everything was in slow-motion. No click. No bang. My gun failed to fre. I quickly executed a failure drill—tap, rack, reassess. I knew that if I couldn't get my gun to fre then Jose was going to stab and



possibly kill me. But fortunately, I was spared that stab wound. While I was clearing the weapon malfunction, my sergeant appeared in the courtyard at the gate and yelled, "Jose!" Jose turned toward my sergeant and ran for the gate. In a fraction of a second, he was no longer an immediate threat to me. Te distance between Jose and my sergeant was about 60 feet so he wasn't a threat to him either. Jose ran through the gate out to the street where he was corralled by a handful of ofcers. Jose fell down and was dog piled as one ofcer held his knife arm down. Another ofcer struck his hand with a PR-24 to knock the knife away. He hit Jose's hand so hard that the knife blade broke of of the handle. Te danger was over. Jose was subdued and taken to the hospital with more than 20 stab wounds to his chest and abdomen. But the good news was that no ofcers were injured. And Jose was alive. After everything settled down, I went back to the courtyard and found the 9mm round that I had ejected during the failure drill. Te round was fne. I downloaded my magazine and dryfred my gun. Everything was functional. Te cause of the failure to fre was clear—an unseated magazine. I must have bumped the mag release button when I came over the wall. I'm a lefty so the button was completely exposed on the left side of the gun even when holstered. Smith & Wesson semi-autos are designed not to fre the

round in the chamber if the magazine becomes unseated. Tey are one of few, if not the only make that performs in this manner. Glock, Springfeld, Beretta, SIG, all of the other big makes will fre the round in the chamber if the magazine is unseated or even fully removed. THE TAKEAWAY Jose did almost all he could to get his death wish that day. If it weren't for a weapon malfunction, things would have turned out much diferent. And for me, it was really no diferent than if I had actually shot him. I was committed and performed the required action. Fortunately for him, the malfunction occurred. Fortunately for me, the split-second change in threat assessment after the malfunction provided another option. Tat and the luck of my sergeant showing up in the precise moment of need prevented a much worse outcome. Who says cops don't have guardian angels? Te moral of the story is this: Train the way you want to react under stress. Your life really could depend on it. You'd rather train for the worst and never need it than train for show and end up dead. Bradley Nickell is a 22-year veteran detective with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. You can contact him on Facebook at



Google's new self-driving car prototype offers a glimpse of what to expect on the roads in the not so distant future.

AUTO PILOT Get ready for cars that don't need anyone behind the wheel. DAN FINK

IMAGINE IT'S THE YEAR 2020. Prior to hitting the street, Ofcer Megan Starr of the San Rafael (Calif.) Police Department inspects her 2020 model year police cruiser. She gets into the driver's seat, which recognizes her by retina scan, and it immediately moves to the position she prefers. Ofcer Starr logs on via voice request to the department CAD system and "tells" the vehicle to patrol the downtown area using random patrol "Henry 1." Te vehicle leaves the rear lot of the police department. As the



car drives itself around the downtown area, Starr reads the briefing log to see what happened in the previous 12 hours. She thinks about the ofcers who used to have to drive themselves while looking at the CAD screen, operating the lights and siren, and talking on the radio while trying to fnd a suspect who might be running away. Te life of a police ofcer has dramatically changed with the autonomous vehicle, she thinks. It's allowed the police to focus on crime fghting rather than on maneuvering their cruisers.

The most powerful weapon known to law enforcement.

Developing your critical-thinking skills may be the best way to enhance your law enforcement career. The College of Criminal Justice & Security helps you do just that with a leadershipfocused degree program taught by practitioner faculty with real-world experience. Start now at © <2013> University of Phoenix, Inc. All rights reserved.

The University’s Central Administration is located at 1625 W. Fountainhead Pkwy., Tempe, AZ 85282. Online Campus: 3157 E. Elwood St., Phoenix, AZ 85034. © 2014 University of Phoenix, Inc. All rights reserved. | CJS-2825

Driving on AUTO PILOT Although it might seem unlikely to someone who has not studied advances in transportation, Ofcer Starr's shift is an example of what law enforcement could be in the near future when the autonomous vehicle takes over as the "driver." We will look at where the development of these self-driving cars is at present, the legal implications, and how driverless vehicles could transform police organizations as a result.

ing duties to computers. Expanding upon the collision avoidance system, autonomous vehicles are designed to use similar technology to communicate with other vehicles, trafc lights, and roadway signs. Tis allows them to drive closer to one another on the freeway, ftting more vehicles on the road at once. Tis orderly procession will also result in vehicles maintaining a consistent speed. According to Volkswagen of America and Google, this will allow trafc to fow smoothly and vehicle accidents overall could be a thing of the past.

HOW AN AUTONOMOUS VEHICLE DRIVES The autonomous vehicle that Google has been testing on the roads of California and Nevada has received a fair amount of attention as of late. And the company has now announced plans for a new feet of subcompact vehicles witout a steering wheel to debut on public streets this year. Tis driverless car will feature software that can program a route and a button to start and stop the car. Everything else is supposed to be automated and rely on



sensors for adjustments during the drive. Other companies have stated that by 2020 they intend to be ready to sell driverless vehicles. In fact, many people don't realize that these seemingly futuristic vehicles, also known as "smart" cars, use technologies already installed in vehicles for sale today. If you go to a car dealership right now, you can test drive a car with an upgrade like the collision avoidance system. According to America Online Techsplanation, a collision avoidance system starts with what's called adaptive cruise control. It uses sensors to determine when to automatically slow, stop, or take evasive maneuvers if need be. If your car is getting too close to another car too quickly, the system will apply brake pressure more quickly than a human could. If the computers and sensors determine that a crash is unavoidable, they also work to tighten seat belts, adjust headrests, or close the power windows and sunroof to make the car safer during a collision. Clearly we're already allowing vehicles to act for us. It's only a matter of time before we leave more of the driv-

One major upside of these technological advances is smart cars could dramatically reduce the incidence of the most serious trafc collisions and therefore reduce injuries and deaths. If the vehicle is in charge, the car's occupants would not have the ability to run a red light, make an unsafe lane change, or violate other vehicle codes that commonly cause injury and property damage. Vehicles able to link and travel smartly could also afect the way we live our lives. People who live in urban areas often plan their lives around trafc patterns; our largest cities are commonly paralyzed by trafc that takes hours to navigate through. Te predictability of smart travel could remove the uncertainty of commute time, allowing people to spend more time at work and at home. Many workers could also live farther away from work if need be without the extra time on the road, and generally maximize the quality of their lives by removing a signifcant impediment to their daily tasks. As great as the future appears to be when it comes to autonomous vehicles, when you look at this technology through a law enforcement lens there are many questions to be answered before it enters the mainstream.

GOODBYE TO LICENSES By mid-2015, California's Department of Motor Vehicles will have developed regulations for public use of driverless cars. Tis should allow Google to sell its newly developed cars and put more of them on the streets. But this is only the beginning of laws we can expect to change in response to autonomous vehicles. Government agencies typically lag behind the private sector when it comes to updating to newer technology. Anyone who has worked in law enforcement knows that budgeting cycles and public bid processes slow down purchases involving the use of public funds. Unfortunately, if this same stance is taken when it comes to purchasing autonomous vehicles, public safety could be in for trouble. A new approach to handling car technology needs to be spearheaded by the law enforcement community from the start. One of the frst laws that needs to be examined is the most basic of all: "Do you need a driver's license to drive an autonomous vehicle?" Your instinct may be to say "yes," but once it's determined the technology is reliable, why do you need to know how

Autonomous vehicles use technologies already installed in cars for sale today.



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Driving on AUTO PILOT to drive a car if it drives itself? Google notes that as of August 7, 2012, the company's driverless smart vehicles already had more than 300,000 miles logged without a single accident under computer control. All of this driving occurred on freeways, which are simpler to navigate than city streets, and more works needs to be done to take into account complicated situations such as four-way stops and roundabouts. But 300,000 miles is a signifcant amount, and a promising start. And with its new feet of two-seater driverless vehicles, Google intends to perfect its technology for city driving. If Google can fnd a way to ensure that city driving by autonomous cars is safe and reliable, will it be enough to change our culture?

Against Drunk Driving urge its adoption? In one way, a driverless car accomplishes the goal of greatly reducing if not eliminating the fatalities caused by drunk driving. On the other hand, it could lead to people drinking even more when they go out without the fear of getting arrested for drunk driving. If this is the case, the domino efect on law enforcement operations and funding could have far-reaching consequences. Te Ofce of Trafc Safety provides numerous funding opportunities for agencies to enforce the laws related to drinking and driving. DUI checkpoints and roving patrols target people who drink and drive. If the autonomous vehicle progresses into the mainstream, this will no doubt change. Not only will injuries and fatalities related to drinking and driving plummet, but the need for the legislature to commit a large amount of funds to preventing drunk driving accidents would not be necessary. Tis could allow funds to be used for other important public purposes (not necessarily related to policing), including research into the next piece of technology that could continue to enhance public safety. In addition to changes in the law, there may also be dramatic changes to the structure of law enforcement as we know it.


If no one's required to be in control of a car, should it be illegal to drink and drive?

Perhaps prospective smart car owners will attend some kind of a computer class instead of the practical drivers training we're accustomed to that allows us to interface with our vehicles at a young age. You only need to walk around for a few minutes to see a 5-year-old playing with an iPhone and realize these young children could probably operate an autonomous vehicle just fne. Once the question about driver's licenses and drivers training is overcome, numerous other laws will have to be assessed and adjusted. Laws that relate to distracted driving could be rendered moot. Recently, laws have been enacted to stop people talking on their cellular phones and texting while driving. Autonomous cars could make these newer laws obsolete, as well as laws prohibiting any other activity that would normally distract or impair people while driving.

NO MORE DUIS For example, laws about drinking alcohol and driving a car will be challenged, and this afects law enforcement greatly. If you are not required to be in control of your car, should it be illegal to drink and drive? Since the autonomous vehicle could turn into a driverless limousine, would advocacy groups such as Mothers



LOSING TRAFFIC STOPS With reduced funding and greatly reduced injuries and fatalities, an additional unintended consequence of smart cars may be signifcantly fewer law enforcement personnel assigned to trafc enforcement. Perhaps such ofcers could be reassigned to a variety of task forces or other law enforcement-related duties. Alternatively, these positions could be eliminated for cost savings. Instead, non-sworn employees would patrol the highways and freeways and be available to provide assistance to a motorist in the unlikely event that his or her vehicle breaks down. Tese sweeping changes could have far-reaching efects from which the structure, purpose, and function of feld policing will drastically change. Te most impactful efect would be losing the trafc stop as a means of identifying ofenders. Anyone in law enforcement knows that proactive police work is the backbone of any good agency. Te ability to stop a crime before it happens is the perfect storm in law enforcement. Many serious criminal cases are solved subsequent to stopping a vehicle for violating a section of the state's vehicle code. Tese stops, for infractions ranging from running red lights to equipment violations, will dramatically drop. Additionally, pretext stops are conducted in narcotics and intelligence investigations as a means to identify persons suspected of criminal activity. Te autonomous vehicle has the potential to change all of this, and change forever the manner in which police detect and investigate a wide range of crimes. Te impact on law enforcement's ability to combat crime will have to be measured over a period of time.

And let's not forget how this would afect fnes revenue. If offcers aren't stopping drivers for trafc violations, no one will be paying speeding tickets, for example. Where will the funding for public safety programs come from? A portion of the fnes collected by courts go to prosecutorial eforts. Some of the revenue pays for law enforcement programs and training. All of these functions will be signifcantly impacted by the loss of their traditional funding sources. Tese issues are by no means any reason to oppose the rise of the autonomous vehicle; the possibility to reduce the number of people who die in vehiclerelated deaths every year is too great to not pursue this technology. It is just a reminder to the law enforcement community that change occurs, and unless they are looking forward, an invention such as this could afect the feld greatly if no one has prepared for it.


Driving on AUTO PILOT

world and you'll get used to it. You can no doubt point to at least one major change in policing during your career and recall the diference in how it was received before and after implementation. It wasn't that long ago that ofcers got handheld radios for their belts, replaced revolvers with semi-automatic handguns, and got computers in their cars. Smart cars will soon join that group as another generational advance of importance to law enforcement. All of the above mentioned changes eventually proved to be groundbreaking in time, but initially there were many skeptics who either didn't think the technology could be reliable, or who

A self-driving cruiser will get you to a call more effciently and safely than ever before.

GET READY With all the changes slated to take place in the vehicles of the near future, what should law enforcement do to prepare for the impending change? First of all, realize that it's not the end of the



preferred to do things the old way. No matter what the reason, these technologies progressed and eventually became the industry standard. If we told ofcers 10 years ago they would have handheld computers (smartphones) in their pockets while they did their job, most would have either not believed it or thought it wouldn't be useful. Just as happened with the advent of portable radios and soft body armor, once the new ways become the norm, going back to the past becomes unthinkable. Te frst hurdle to the acceptance of self-driving cars by law enforcement is educating ofcers as to what this technology is and what it isn't. Pointing out that elements of autonomous vehicle functions are on the roads today helps people understand that these ideas are no longer confned to Hollywood movies. Te more ofcers who can convince their agencies to address these cars' efect on our profession now the better. Law enforcement needs to work with the legislature to make recommendations regarding law and policy well ahead of the emergence of the consumer-useful autonomous car. Since it has already been made legal by the legislatures in California and Nevada, we could already be a step behind. It is going to take vibrant, visionary leaders to prepare the law enforcement feld for its biggest change in years. If you look back to my example of Ofcer Starr's fctional shift, you can see how helpful the autonomous vehicle could be as a

patrol car for law enforcement ofcers. It freed the ofcer to look around more, take in more information, vary her patrol techniques, and allow serious multitasking while driving. It doesn't take much to envision how this could enhance ofcer safety. Tere is also vast potential to reduce liability as well as to protect the lives of the police and the people they serve. An autonomous cruiser will communicate with the other vehicles on the road, as well as communicate with trafc signals to allow you to get to a serious call for service more efciently and safely than ever before. Finally, the ofcer patrolling in an autonomous vehicle has the ability to focus on in-progress or quality-of-life crimes without worrying about trafc enforcement. Te patrol shift of the near future, with the help of the autonomous vehicle, could change the culture of law enforcement very quickly. I was reminded of how close this technology is to becoming common when driving to work the other day. I saw a vehicle in the number two lane on highway 101 in San Rafael. As I got closer, I saw that it was the "Google" car driving itself down the road with a human in the driver's seat, but she was not touching the wheel. Someday that will be all of us, and that day is coming very soon. Dan Fink is a lieutenant with the San Rafael (Calif.) Police Department.




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aw enforcement is a profession that many use to defne themselves, but allowing your identity to be based solely on your job is not a good idea. Even for someone who loves this line of work, the stress, difcult schedules, and continued contact with society's bad seeds can take a toll. Pursuing an activity outside of policing gives the mind and body a much

needed breather. Some ofcers fnd surprising ways to fulfll this goal. Hunting and fshing may spring to mind as the most popular of-duty pursuits for law enforcement ofcers. And while they are tried-and-true pastimes that relieve stress and provide a change of scenery, they aren't for everyone. From music to sports to the paranormal, follow-

ing a passion—whatever it might be—provides its own rewards that can improve your overall outlook on life. And going back to the job after a fulflling break can make you a better police ofcer, as well as a more well-rounded person. Let’s look at some ofcers who have found interesting and ofbeat ways to relieve stress.



DonLt. Artie Rodriguez of the Walton County (Fla.) Sherif's Ofce grew up in a law enforcement family, so becoming a deputy was a natural career choice. But music has always been his other passion. He's known as "the singing deputy," and his sherif and entire agency are supportive of this endeavor. "Tat's kind of a signature thing for me," says Rodriguez. "When I'm not wearing my badge on my chest it's on my guitar strap. I'm very proud." He's also written several songs inspired by his law enforcement career, including "Honkytonk Polygraph." With his brand of traditional country music, Rodriguez has gained popularity in the United Kingdom, where he recently appeared on the cover of Country People Magazine UK. Tat exposure has helped boost his music sales on iTunes,, and his own Website, "You've heard the saying, 'Don't quit your day job.' Well I try to balance both worlds," says Rodriquez. "Maybe at some point I'll do music fulltime. But I love my job and am enjoying being a lieutenant with the sherif's ofce. I've got the best of both worlds."

"I love cycling both for how it makes me feel physically and mentally," says Ofcer Christin Rudell of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. She has long enjoyed mountain biking both for recreation and as a member of her agency's bicycle response unit, but long-distance cycling is a different ballgame. Inspired by her wife, who had completed a weeklong 545-mile charity ride, she traded in her mountain bike for a road bike and started logging miles. Rudell works nights, so riding her bicycle during daylight in the sun and fresh air is a nice change, and it's helped improve her overall health. She and her wife have joined a cycling group that represents Rudell's agency in community rides and the couple had planned to ride in a charity ride this summer, but that was before Rudell's wife found out she was expecting. Tey now have two newborns at home. "We hope to make this a family activity as they get older to teach them the importance of being active and working hard," Rudell says. "For now, I think that cycling will be a good release from the stress of mommyhood and help us to appreciate each other and the babies if we can have short mental breaks to keep our sanity."



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FOLLOW A NEW PASSION MICHAEL BLEVINS, RUNNER FOR CHARITY Michael Blevins is an ofcer and department chaplain with the Sahuarita (Ariz.) Police Department. Now he has added charity runner to his roster. Blevins ran competitively in college, but he hadn't kept it up. About four years ago he started running again for exercise and soon discovered he could also raise money for a cause he believes in by participating in local races. "I was looking for an organization that has a good reputation, fscal accountability, but is also in line with my belief system," Blevins says. Trough Team World Vision, he can run in any race and accept donations on behalf of World Vision, which works with communities in Africa and Haiti to provide them with access to resources like clean water and education. Tis has helped him get out of a rut at work. Running allows him to "sort things out" in his mind, in addition to building his body's strength and endurance. It's also a way for Blevins and his wife to spend time together away from their four kids. "Being able to raise awareness, maybe $50 a mile, that will change a generation of people for their whole life with clean water is pretty amazing," says Blevins. "It's a hobby, but it has more meaning to it because it impacts other people."


CHRISTOPHER KELLER, BAGPIPE PLAYER Long before he joined law enforcement, Ofcer Christopher Keller of the Madison (N.J.) Police Department learned to play the bagpipes and joined a pipe band. Inspiration for both pursuits came from St. Patrick's Day parades Keller attended as a child. Now, Keller belongs to a pipe band made up of various public safety professionals that plays in parades and at funerals, as well as at other community events. He also regularly performs at a local senior center and enjoys helping to represent law enforcement in a better light. "Tere are some somber things you do with this, but you do get a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction in trying to help in whatever way you can," Keller says. People tend to view police ofcers negatively, so he appreciates the fact that playing the bagpipes allow he and his bandmates to be there for communities in good times and in bad. "When you come together as a group of 25 to 55 people and play during a parade or ceremony, it's impressive and very moving."

Never heard of geocaching? You're not alone. Tom Wenzl began the activity three years ago, and this hightech version of orienteering has only existed since 2001. Wenzl, a senior patrol ofcer and motor ofcer with the Mt. Vernon (Wash.) PD, discovered the hobby as a way to recover from a back injury. His doctor recommended hiking as a benefcial form of exercise, but Wenzl found walking in the woods without purpose boring. So on the advice of a friend, his wife suggested geocaching. Te frst day he and his wife started looking for hidden trinket-flled containers, or caches, they were hooked. "We went out the frst day because after we purchased the app, it was free, so why not try it," says Wenzl. "We found 10 the very frst day. Ten we went straight home and upgraded to the premium account." Now Wenzl and his wife spend much of their free time hiking in their area and traveling far and wide to search for "treasure" by following GPS coordinates just for the fun of it. Tey even attend conventions with like-minded adventurers. "I lost a lot of weight doing it, and we just really enjoy the hunt," he says.

Have a hobby? Submit your photo and caption to for possible inclusion in a photo gallery.




JOHN LEVY, PARANORMAL INVESTIGATOR John Levy spends his days as a police ofcer with the Philadelphia Police Department and many nights as a paranormal investigator. His wife and fellow ofcer Amanda is part of his team. "We're not out there to say your place is haunted, but to debunk it. If we come up with a reasonable explanation, that helps people," he says. Although one disappointed woman actually sued him for determining her home wasn't haunted. Still, some things he can't explain. "We take photos, use digital voice recorders and EMF detectors. A lot of the time it's really boring," says Levy. "But there are the nights that you get the most amazing evidence. It's jaw dropping." Like the time he felt someone poke him at a reportedly haunted nursing school when no one was around. He asked aloud, "Were you the one who touched me?" He didn't hear anything at the time, but when he went back to listen to the audio recording, he heard a voice unmistakably say, "Did it hurt?" In addition to investigating supposedly haunted homes and businesses for free, Levy's Olde City Paranormal team holds fundraisers for local historical buildings in need of repair. Te group holds four-hour "open investigations," showing people how to detect unusual readings that could be ghosts at the old buildings for $40 a person to help fund restoration projects. He also sells sweatshirts and mugs displaying the group's "OCP" logo to pay for updating equipment. But Levy is more proud of his group's preservation work than its ghost hunting. "Now at Graeme Park they're holding weddings and dog shows and doing Halloween ghost tours. We basically saved that place," says Levy. "What will be left of American history for our kids and grandkids to see if we don't save buildings like this?"

TRACY WIRTH, MARTIAL ARTS INSTRUCTOR Det. Tracy Wirth investigates minor crimes at Joint Base Lewis McChord in Washington. But in her of time, she teaches children the relatively new martial art of ChunJiDo at her local YMCA. She enjoys her job as a detective because it's like solving a puzzle, she says. She enjoys teaching martial arts as an assistant instructor because of the



FOLLOW A NEW PASSION physical activity and the joy she gets from sharing in her students' triumphs. "I like working with the kids," she says. "It's so fun, especially when they get a new belt." Wirth became a black belt herself in ChunJiDo last year. In addition to a workout, performing the discipline's katas and other moves gives her a way to "decompress." Te former member of the Military Police Corps also appreciates practicing ChunJiDo with her two sons, one of whom is a Marine, as well as celebrating their progress. "I'm a single mother so it's just me and my two boys," Wirth says. "It's nice to have something we can share together."


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Sgt. Mike Hanafin of the Scottsdale (Ariz.) Police Department has a background in several lines of work. He began as a businessman, but found it "boring" and unfulflling. He pursued a career in law enforcement, but wanted to further explore religion. So he attended seminary for four years and became ordained. Tat training led to his fnding therapy as a vocation. "As I grew in my faith I started to think that God was calling me to relate to individuals on a one-to-one basis rather than the larger church context of a congregation," says Hanafn. Tis desire to establish a deeper human connection is also why he fnds a diferent type of satisfaction in his work as a therapist compared to his law enforcement job. He sees them as two sides of the same coin. "With therapy I can help people on an individual basis and without that enforcement aspect," he says. For Hanafn, being a therapist is his outlet, his way of interacting with people outside of law enforcement. It reminds him that not all of society is as bad as the 5% of "terrible individuals" LEOs typically interact with. And while he doesn't plan to retire from law enforcement for another fve to 10 years, once he does he wants to focus exclusively on therapy. His ideal role would be working with members of law enforcement, frefghting, and the military who sufer from PTSD. "Tis is it. I've found my calling," says Hanafn of being a therapist. "I think I'll go beyond my master's degree and get a doctorate."

JOE WELLS, SPORTS ANNOUNCER Patrolman Joe Wells worked in broadcasting for nearly 10 years before he joined law enforcement. He currently serves with Munster (Ind.) PD, but after all these years he still books gigs as "Announcer Joe," announcing for sports teams in his community and doing voiceover work online. "For sports announcing, I really enjoy getting to the local youth games that are not covered by the mainstream media," says Wells. "It's considered 'novelty broadcasting' in the business, but it's a nice market and the kids and fans really appreciate the coverage." Once in a while Wells has difculty switching gears when he goes back on patrol, with comedic efect. "Sometimes if I come to work after an announcing gig or recording session, my voice is stuck in 'radio announcer mode,'" he says. "It usually gets a comment or laugh from dispatch or someone in scanner land." But what Wells calls his "hobby-job" never actually interferes with his work as an ofcer. In fact, spending time as an announcer is a great beneft to his law enforcement career. "Getting away from police work on occasion lets me come back refreshed and renewed," he says.

and parked in the parking garage. Tis odd incident piqued Braman's interest in fying, and now he's taking classes to obtain his pilot's license. So far he's fown a Cessna 172 four-seater propeller airplane twice. "It's the ultimate getaway from everything. When you're up in the air you get away from any type of reality on the ground. It's relaxing," he says. "Well, the frst fight wasn't, but the second one was,"

he qualifes. During his second fight he was able to apply what he had learned in his frst hair-raising piloting experience. Tis gave him a sense of accomplishment, and allowed him to enjoy a new view of Daytona Beach. "With the smaller plane you really get to see the beautiful scenery: the clouds, the sun, the ocean," Braman muses. "My goal is to get to share that with my kids, share that view."

JOHN BRAMAN, PILOT On a whim, Dep. John Braman of the Volusia County (Fla.) Sherif's Ofce began learning to fy a plane as a birthday present to himself this year. "Tere's nothing cheap about it, but for me it's worth it," says Braman. "I'm paying for the experience." By chance, the deputy was part of a detail that guarded and escorted a small plane a man brought to the courthouse







hile recently teaching an in-service must experience the efects of the spray frstdefensive tactics class for law enhand during their training and perform some forcement ofcers from various type of rudimentary law enforcement proceagencies, I had cause to ask how many of these dure (such as handcufng or speaking on the men and women had been involved in a physiradio) while they are feeling the efects of the cal altercation during the last month. spray. Why should it be any diferent when it Of the nearly 20 students in the class, only comes to defensive tactics training? three or four raised their hands. I then upped the ante and asked how many of them had been KEEP IT REAL involved in a fght over the last year. Again, the Police trainers continually stress practice JAMES SPURGEON same three or four raised their hands. and familiarity when it comes to our daily jobs Perplexed, I asked how many of the ofand the use of the tools on ofcers' duty belts. cers had ever been in a fstfght, and only a few more raised their Specifcally, when it comes to the possibility of force deployment hands. Somewhat at a loss as to what to think, I asked the ofcers and perishable skills, practice and training are critical. So it is how many of them had ever been punched in the face. Incredibly, important that today's law enforcement defensive tactics inless than half of the class admitted to ever being struck in the face structors provide training that induces high levels of stress. by an adversary during a confrontation or even in training. Too many basic academy and in-service training courses only In today's era of modern policing with its emphasis on training cover the most basic and rudimentary of skills when it comes to and ofcer survival tactics, I was fabbergasted to learn that so defensive tactics. Departments also require that ofcers have many ofcers had not experienced being struck in an altercation "mandatory" training and, more often than not, the class is or even in training. Tis means that these ofcers do not know for merely a tap dance, reacquainting the ofcer with long forgotten sure how they will react when they are violently assaulted. techniques and maneuvers that do not truly have a real-world Most modern agencies require their ofcers to be acquainted application. and certifed with many of the tools they carry on duty. It's even Your defensive tactics training should be intense, exhausting, an industry standard that ofcers who carry OC spray on duty applicable, and eye-opening. Don't come to in-service train50





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Come to training sessions wearing an approximation of what you wear on duty, including your vest and full duty belt.

ing dressed for vacation or expecting to sleepwalk through the course. Be prepared to train as you work, in full duty belts (with empty holsters), and wearing your soft body armor. Your training should mentally prepare you to survive a confrontation and it should be thoroughly challenging.

MUSCLE MEMORY It is every law enforcement instructor's goal to make his or her students avid fans of training both their bodies and their

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minds for physical confrontations with suspects. In Arizona, the AZPOST Defensive Tactics Instructor's Course spends considerable time on the importance of maintaining a winning mindset and forges and reinforces that concept throughout the training. Te subject matter experts at AZPOST have a mantra: "Train, train, train." It is only through this continual training that ofcers who work the street can develop the often referred to phenomenon of muscle memory.

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THE WARRIOR SPIRIT One of the most important things that law enforcement DT instructors can teach you is the beneft of confdence in a fght. In your training you must undergo a true paradigm shift when it comes to understanding the winning mindset and ensuring you are predators and not prey. Ofcers who work the street need a warrior spirit to prevail in

Keep practicing the moves you learn in training. Repetition is the key to developing muscle memory.


When you practice a response or action on a repetitive basis, that training creates a procedural memory of that action. Tis movement, when continued over time, can evolve into a long-term muscle memory, which will allow you to perform an act without a conscious efort. You experience this every day in your working lives when you reach for the radio mic, put on your seat belt, or even assume a safe feld interview stance. With continuous high-intensity training, you can develop muscle memory for defending yourself or efecting a difcult arrest. Te frst step toward achieving this concept is its continual application on your most important "muscle," the brain.

physical confrontations. Te warrior spirit emphasizes the qualities we, as law enforcement ofcers, strive to possess, including courage, integrity, honor, strength of character, commitment, and humility. Adopting this warrior spirit will help you obtain the mindset necessary to overcome adversity and stay in the fght during every confrontation.

STRESS INOCULATION In her superb book "Deadly Force Encounters," Dr. Alexis Artwohl defnes stress as "an automatic physical reaction to a perceived threat that will result in predictable physical, emotional, perceptual, and cognitive changes because of high physical arousal states." In other words, your reaction to fear or threats is an automatic response and not something you can control. In order to condition yourself to react automatically and appropriately to the stress you may face on the streets, it is imperative that you be prepared ahead of time for the stress of combat.



FIGHT To prepare yourself for a real fght, train past the point of exhaustion and even endure real punches or kicks.

stamina and then some. Now I'm going to address your DT instructors for a moment. You owe it to your students to challenge them to the point of exhaustion, and then challenge them some more. Novice ofcers should be made to utilize every resource and ounce of energy in order for them to prevail against opponents in a controlled environment of training. Experienced ofcers who are more physically ft than their peers and consider themselves profcient in a fghting art should face odds so overwhelming that they too are forced to utilize superior tactics and techniques and reach deep within themselves to overcome their adversaries. Pushing ofcers to the point of exhaustion and beyond and having them realize that they can still fght back and win despite their fatigue teaches them what they can do. At my agency, we train in this manner and each and every ofcer is forced to engage in combat in one-on-one scenarios as well as multiple assailant drills. PHOTO: MARK W. CLARK

You can only prepare for combat stress by understanding your body's biological responses to the stressors involved in a fght and conditioning yourself as much as possible both mentally and physically to handle that stress. You can prepare yourself mentally for a physical confrontation by knowing you are well trained and profcient in your use and employment of defensive tactics. One good way to reinforce this confdence is to visualize what you will do when a suspect attacks you. When you imagine yourself performing specifc acts and include this in your training with a great amount of emotion and sensory input, you can create a realistic baseline that will help you reduce anxiety and prepare mentally and physically for combat.

A PUNCH IN THE FACE It's time to make police DT tougher. Your instructors need to design training programs that will tax you, regardless of your ability level or degree of expertise. Because believe me a real fghtâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;especially a fght for your survivalâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;will tax you mentally and physically. In order to prevail in such a brutal engagement, you will need to know how to summon the last reserves of your



We also set aside two 8-hour training days per quarter in an attempt to keep our ofcers' skill levels somewhat profcient. During this training we engage in multiple physical drills, obstacle courses, and other strenuous warm-ups to remind each ofcer that their days of training will be taxing and strenuous. I know this next part is controversial and has to be undertaken with the utmost attention to safety protocols, but instructors also need to make sure that every ofcer is placed in a situation where he or she is punched in the face and has to react to it. A punch in the face can have quite an efect on even welltrained ofcers. More often than not, these scenarios result in the ofcer "brawling" and allowing their learned defensive tactics to be dismissed. We utilize these experiences to help the offcers understand how quickly they can lose control of a situation and how superior training and physical ftness will assist them in their abilities to maintain a tactical advantage in any situation. Tese scenarios can get very intense. It is not uncommon to see our ofcers throwing up after their ordeal due to the extreme physical and emotional stress of their training. Just remember to practice proper safety protocols. After our training cycles are complete, I always poll the ofcers involved in the training and inquire as to how they liked it and what they learned from it. Invariably, the ofcers are thrilled to have fnished it, are surprised at the intensity of it, and perhaps most importantly of all, are extremely proud to have successfully completed it.

High-intensity defensive tactics training reminds ofcers of their mortality and teaches them to take every opportunity to increase their mental and physical training and level of preparedness. In November 2012, an ofcer from my agency was involved in a fght for his life. He found himself actually losing this confrontation and believed that his adversary was going to take his service weapon from him and shoot him with it. He told me afterward that, as he was struggling with his opponent, his mind "fashed back" to our training and he remembered the lessons learned about the law of winning. Because of his intense and realistic training, he was able to reach down within himself even though he knew he was exhausted, and he fought back some more. He was ultimately able to overcome the subject and successfully place him in custody. In his post-incident photograph, my ofcer has a classic "thousand-yard stare" and looks as if he has been through hell and back. But the important part is he made it back. My ofcer immediately called me after this ordeal and he told me that our training and his belief that he could overcome anything and anyone directly afected his abilities that night. Remember, we train as we fght and fght as we train. James Spurgeon is a 27-year law enforcement veteran and a police chief. He is an Arizona POST certifed general instructor, defensive tactics instructor, and an instructor for FLETC.

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The technology of law enforcement radios, the manner in which they are used, and the networks they operate on are all in transition.


THE TWO-WAY RADIO has been an essential law enforcement tool since the 1930s. And in the 80 years since, ofcers have come to rely on both their in-car and portable radios for not only information from dispatchers but critical intelligence about the people they contact and the dangers they face. For ofcers working alone, the radio is a comforting lifeline. Tey know that all they have to do is push the button and call for backup and their brothers and sisters will come running. Land-mobile radio systems are essential to the well-being of ofcers in the feld and expensive to maintain, which is why agencies can be resistant to making improvements in their communications infrastructures. But the technology of law enforcement communications systems is now evolving so quickly that such change is inevitable. Here's a look at some trends in police communications today and some evolving technologies that will radically change them in the near future.






P25 PHASE II The P25 standard is nothing new. It traces its roots back as far as 1989 when the FCC asked public safety radio users for recommendations on how to improve public safety radio systems. Many of the recommendations were then instilled in an Association of Public Safety Communications Ofcials-International (APCO) standard dubbed Project 25. One of the key goals of P25 was to make it easier for ofcers and other public safety personnel to communicate with each other. Tis goal was to be achieved through a uniform standard for digital public safety radios. Of course developing a standard is just the frst step in the process of adopting new radio technologies. Manufacturers


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YOUR LIFELINE IS EVOLVING have to make the systems and money has to be allocated by agencies to buy them. Consequently, the implementation of P25 has been slow because of technical and budgetary issues. Today many agencies have adopted P25 radios. But that's just the beginning. Because now manufacturers are producing state-of-the-art digital portable radios that use P25 Phase II technology. Phase II is the P25 standard for narrow band communications. Narrow banding means the agency is using a much smaller portion of its allotted bandwidth for voice communication, which allows more agencies to use the available public safety spectrum, facilitates interoperability among diferent agencies and even diferent jurisdictions, and enables data transfer (photo, video, text) to radios. All of this makes the P25 Phase II standard very desirable among agencies. Unfortunately, P25 Phase I radios cannot be used on a P25 Phase II system, which means agencies that want to enjoy the benefts of Phase II must buy new radios.

NEW PORTABLES And that's why the manufacturers have been rolling out a bunch of bright, shiny new portable radios to meet the need for Phase II equipment. Te Unity XG-100P is a state-of-the-art multiband portable from Harris. It ofers end-to-end encrypted digital voice communications and is P25 Phase II ready. Other features include narrow band capability, built-in noise suppression, integrated Bluetooth wireless technology, and a full-color front display. Kenwood's latest Phase II portable is the TK-5410D. It offers enhanced microprocessing for coverage of the entire 700 MHz and 800 MHz voice bands and MIL-STD 810 toughness. Some of the features include: 100 zones with 1,024 channels, a backlit dot matrix LCD, 16-character alphanumeric aliases, a three-digit sub-display, and several encryption keys. In March Motorola Solutions announced the newest additions to its lineup of APX mission-critical two-way


radios, the APX 1000 and APX 4000XE portable radios. Designed for interoperability, the APX Dual mobile Radio operates on the 700 MHz and 800 MHz bands as well as VHF frequencies. Tis provides a single platform for police and fre radio interoperability. Tese new solutions provide users with P25 Phase II Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) capabilities to deliver both voice and data messaging over a single wireless communications infrastructure. WIRELESS MICS Some new portable police radios are now enabled for Bluetooth mics and there are a variety of products available to add Bluetooth to radios that don't have Bluetooth built in. Still, there is no universal acceptance of Bluetooth for mission critical communications. Tere is an advantage to having the microphones tethered to the radio. If you've ever tried to answer your cellphone when connected to a Bluetooth device that isn't in your ear, then you'll know the impor-


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tance of having a wired mic. If the wireless microphones are dropped, then communication is gone. Te advantages to Bluetooth communications in law enforcement are ease of use and weight savings for now. But in the future ofcers may be using combination Bluetooth mics and on-body video cameras. SECURE SIGNALS Encryption of law enforcement radios has been in the news a lot lately. When an agency decides to encrypt some or all of its radio trafc, there is often a backlash from the media and government transparency advocates. But there's a real reason for agencies to encrypt radio trafc. In 2013, the city of Phoenix experienced incidents where the media heard a suspect's location on the police radio and showed up before the police arrived. Te suspect, seeing the media vans, fed the scene. Tere are similar stories throughout the country where police departments fnd it necessary to encrypt radios. Encryption of police radios is on the rise because agencies want to avoid open transmissions of some information and because it is now easier to do. Just a few years ago in order to encrypt a police radio you had to have a chip in the handset that allowed it to receive and decrypt the radio transmission. Now this is accomplished via software that is programmed into the radio. Te most common form of encryption is called "end to end" encryption. Tis means the message is encrypted by the sender's radio then sent in its encrypted form to the receiver's radio, which decrypts the signal. Te encrypted conversation can only be heard by the person or persons who have the proper software and cryptographic key. End-to-end encryption has a high administrative cost. You have to make sure everyone has Harris' BeOn PTT Android app the right key, and you have to allows a phone to access an hire a cryptographic ofcer to agency's LMR network and manage the keys. function like a radio. Another kind of encryption is now being rolled out for public safety. Link-layer encryption is the process of encrypting a transmission at each data link level as it is transmitted between two points. It's encrypted and decrypted at each link in the transmission. Because the process protects the message in transit, link-layer encryption is being used where the security of each link is guaranteed. Te advantage to link-layer encryption for public safety agencies is that the administrative cost is much lower. Link-layer systems are designed to have less admin cost than end-to-end systems and provide good protection from the casual intercept by devices like scanners. Tis standard is being worked on now, and may be complete by the end of this year.





communications." Once the app is installed, the phone can access the agency's LMR network through any LTE or 4G cell network from anywhere in the world. Harris also sells a ruggedized Android phone specifcally for use with BeOn. Te InTouch RPC200 sports a 23mm thick display. Te standard glass on an Android phone like the Samsung Galaxy is about 10mm thick. Te InTouch also has a more powerful battery than a commercial cellphone, which gives it longer use time. May says he doesn't regard the RPC-200 as a replacement for a mission critical LMR portable. "I see it as a tool for somebody who is trying to direct an incident command and look at a wide variety of data—video, foor plans, etc.—to help with that incident response," he says. Motorola calls its cellphone app Unifed PTT. Te app allows ofcers who do not carry portable radios such as chiefs, supervisors, and ofcers with other agencies to PHOTO: MARK W. CLARK

ENTER THE HYBRIDS Hybrid radios are devices that feature smartphone capabilities such as LTE data transfer as well as LMR radio capabilities. Te long and the short of this hybrid technology is that some of the newer public safety radios are ofering data access and land mobile radio manufacturers are also ofering apps that can add radio features to smartphones. Adding cellular data capabilities to an LMR radio is technologically more difcult than adding radio features to a smartphone, which is one reason why Harris and Motorola have focused much of their hybrid development eforts on producing Push-to-Talk (PTT) smartphone apps. Harris was frst out of the gate with BeOn, a PTT app that runs on any Android phone. "Tink of BeOn as a software application that provides voice over broadband for public safety usage," says Paul May, manager of systems marketing for Harris Public Safety and Professional Communications. "Te simple analogy to this is that it's like Skype for public safety

communicate with Project 25 users. Unifed PTT also allows users on Public Safety LTE to communicate and establish secure, private broadband talk groups. So far this development of hybrid cellular and radio systems is one-sided and experts say it will be a while before you start seeing combination/LMR cellular handsets. Te reason that adding cellular technology to LMR radios is so difcult is


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that there are restrictions inherent in the radio designs that currently limit broadband functionality. In other words, LMR police radios are built to be LMR radios. So broadband data functionality is secondary to the primary purpose of the radio, voice communication. Tat's not to say there aren't some benefts to broadband access on police radios. It's just that the benefts are not readily evident to the average ofcer. Broadband capability on police radios is very useful for radio programmers. Broadband is a larger pipeline, which means the radios can be programmed more efciently. When you have to reprogram 4,000 radios, you can shoot out the reprogramming en masse similar to how the incremental computer operating system updates can be downloaded over broadband. FIRSTNET Despite the challenges that manufacturers face in developing radio/smartphone hybrids, it's certain these tools are coming. Te long-debated and long-delayed implementation of the public safety broadband system will make these hybrid systems inevitable. Public safety broadband is now known as FirstNet, which is also the name of the Federal government panelâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;First Responder Network Authorityâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;that is directing its construction. Te FirstNet panel is an independent body of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration. FirstNet systems are now being constructed in Los Angeles County and in New Mexico. Agreements signed by government bodies in these jurisdictions allow working groups to apply for federal grants earmarked for the development of next-generation broadband systems for frst responders. Some $7 billion was allocated in 2012 to build a nationwide public safety broadband system and another $135 million in grants is available for state, local, and tribal agencies. FirstNet systems will operate on Band 14 of the 700 MHz spectrum, which was previously used by VHF television signals. Tis spectrum has been assigned solely to public safety so that ofcers, frefghters, and other emergency personnel will have dedicated broadband during crises.





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tions of his fellow ofcers saved Burns' life, but they believe it ON SATURDAY FEB. 15 SHORTLY AFTER NOON, Ofcer Salwas certainly a factor. "When a patient has bad outcomes most vador Varillas and Ofcer Joshua Burns of the Dallas Police Deof that is from unchecked hemorrhaging," Dallas PD Lt. Alex partment responded to a domestic violence call. Minutes later Eastman said at a press conference following the shooting. Burns was critically wounded and his fellow ofcers were fghtEastman is uniquely qualifed to give an opinion on both ing to keep him alive. police operations and trauma survival rates. He is a full-time Arriving at the northeast Dallas apartment building, Varilpolice lieutenant and the interim chief of trauma surgery at las and Burns noticed a man in his early 20s sitting in a car. Te Parkland Memorial Hospital. He is also one of the driving forces man opened fre. A gunfght ensued. behind Dallas PD's decision to equip each ofcer who has conBurns was hit. One round was stopped by his vest, a second tact with the public with trauma kits. cut through his shoulder, and a third punched into his leg. He Eastman credits Dallas PD Chief Dawas bleeding heavily. vid Brown with having the vision to budOfcer Joshua Burns might have bled get funds and implementation resources out and died if it wasn't for a new emerfor the trauma kit program. "We have an gency medical program that the Dallas ongoing dialogue about what we need to PD had implemented just weeks before he do to give our guys the tools, equipment, was shot. As part of that program, 3,200 and training to make them more safe out Dallas ofcers had been trained in basic there," Eastman says. hemorrhage control techniques and isTe Dallas PD had some specifc resued Tactical Medical Solutions' Downed quirements for its hemorrhage control Ofcer Kit (DOK). tools. "We wanted to have equipment that Te DOK is a sealed 7x7x3-inch kit that was proven in austere environments," contains a Special Operation Forces TourEastman says. "Te equipment we chose niquet (SOF-T), QuikClot Combat Gauze, an OLAES modular bandage, nitrile The compact size of a prepackaged trauma has been proven on the battlefelds of Iraq gloves, a face shield, trauma shears, and kit makes it easy to carry on your person or and Afghanistan over the last decade to be functional, useful, and durable." medical tape. in your vehicle. Training is another essential element To check the hemorrhages that could of any agency's hemorrhage control program and a critical conhave killed Burns, his fellow ofcers used the QuikClot-impregcern for any chief or sherif facing budget woes and labor shortnated gauze and the SOF-T tourniquet. Burns was then transages. But Eastman says it doesn't take much training time to ported to a hospital. He survived his wounds. make ofcers competent using the tools in the DOK kit. Medical professionals are cautious about saying that the ac"We think we have been able to train our ofcers very efectively," Eastman says. "Te evidence of that efectiveness is that these kits have already been used several times to save both our own personnel and civilians." Te Dallas PD's hemorrhage control training consists of four parts. Tere are two roll call training videos that ofcers can also watch online on the department's intranet. In addition, ofcers complete the Z-Medica (manufacturer of QuikClot) online training program. Te fnal element of the training is a reality-based exercise that requires ofcers to demonstrate their training on dummies and on role players. Tere have been no best practices established for how to carry hemorrhage control kits in the feld, according to Eastman. He says some Dallas ofcers carry the kits on their body armor, others on their legs, and others in their cars. Department policy only requires ofcers to carry the kits so they are easily accessible and that means no farther away than in their patrol cars. Tactical Medical Solutions' Downed Offcer Kit contains seven potentially life-saving frst-aid supplies in a sealed pouch.



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COPS ARE ACCUSTOMED to answering calls for help. Tey expect them, respond accordingly, and generally think no less of those who ask for assistance. But when it comes to the prospect of asking for help themselves, these same ofcers can be curiously silent. Tere is no shortage of reasons why ofcers are hesitant to ask for help, even help from fellow ofcers. Tey don't want to impose. Tey don't want to send anyone on a wild goose chase. Tey don't want to embarrass themselves. While such inhibitions may be understandable, they may prove impractical— even costly—when factored in with the realities of the job. In an efort to locate a suicidal male, Oconee County (S.C.) Sherif's deputy William Schuck turned down a dirt road only to fnd his patrol vehicle stuck in the muddy soil. Using his cell phone, Schuck advised his wife of his predicament saying that he was too embarrassed to ask for assistance. He'd gotten himself into his predicament; he'd get himself out. Hours went by without communication between Schuck and his dispatch, then



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a secondary search was initiated. An offcer spotted the lightbar of Schuck's patrol vehicle and investigated. He found the deputy's lifeless body. An investigation determined that in Schuck's attempts to free his vehicle it'd rolled forward and pinned him against the tree. Te 26-yearold deputy was survived by his wife and unborn child.

FEAR OF BEING "WEAK" The very term "first responders" connotes a degree of initiative. Te same mindset that allows ofcers to be self-

If you decide to act alone and escalate a situation, you could be criticized by citizens or Internal Affairs after the fact. Or you could get in over your head on the spot.






starters makes them tend to be self-fnishers, too. Routinely accustomed to taking risks in other solitary endeavorsâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;pursuits, code three roles, etc.â&#x20AC;&#x201D;ofcers may not only become accustomed to not seeking assistance, but reticent to do so. Perhaps this accounts for the rise of romantic sobriquets like the Texas Rangers' "one ranger, one riot." Unfortunately, such rhetoric fosters mythic notions that, in turn, create unrealistic expectations that cops have of themselves and other offcers. Small wonder that when it comes to such peer pressure, cops could do worse


than adhere to the "Just Say No" rhetoric of their DARE peers. Unfortunately, many don't. Life coach Linda Maglionico cites a peculiar belief at the root of many a problem: People will think I'm weak if I ask for help. "In the U.S., we glorify self-made people," notes Maglionico. "You never hear about people who asked for assistance while pulling themselves up by their bootstraps to achieve the American Dream. As such, we view accepting help as a sign of weakness, especially for those who believe that seeking help undermines our sense of independence, abilities, and ability to cope." Combine that with societal expectations of cops and you have an even bigger problem. "Not only are you supposed to be superhuman if you're an ofcer," says John Violanti, a research professor of social and preventive medicine at the University of Bufalo School of Public Health and Health Professions, "but you fear asking for help." Tat fear may prove ironic, prompting undue initiative that will not immunize the ofcer from harm, or the judgments of others. Tese verdicts may be rendered inhouse such as that given to Fort Lauderdale, Fla., police ofcer Jason Hersh in the aftermath of his on-duty shooting of stolen check suspect Tra'don Johnson at the drive-thru of a National City Bank. Hersh's internal afairs investigation concluded that he mishandled the call and should have awaited backup. "A lone ofcer should not have attempted to contact three suspects occupying a running vehicle attempting to cash a stolen check," said Capt. Rick Maglione of the Ft. Lauderdale Police Department's Ofce of Internal Afairs in evaluating Hersh's actions. "Te safety of the civilians in the immediate area and the safety of [the offcers] were unnecessarily compromised." Criticisms can also come from citizens. Fort Bragg, Calif., ofcer Craig Guydan found himself criticized by the community for what it perceived was precipitous behavior on Guydan's part, including his failing to wait for backup when he drew his gun and approached the scene of what was reported as a fght and turned out to be a simple game of football involving 15 to 20 juveniles.


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In both instances there was a perception that an ofcer's solitary enterprise had precipitated or escalated threats to the community at large. Such independent action may even have consequences for the unwary bystander. When a Wood River, Ill., ofcer failed to wait for backup before attempting the arrest of a felony suspect, he found himself in a one-on-one struggle with a suspected car thief. When his order for a citizen to assist him was allegedly refused, the bystander was subsequently arrested for failing to help the ofcer.

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IS BACKUP AVAILABLE? These problems come at a time when a degree of lone ofcer initiative is expected—and even encouraged. With fewer cops to go around and everyone doing more with less, some ofcers hesitate to ask for assistance. Gainesville, Fla., ofcer Scott Baird was

obligated to remove an obstruction from a roadway, a batting cage that had been placed in the road behind a high school as a prank. While moving the cage, which weighed as much as 300 pounds, Baird was struck and killed by early morning trafc. In a similar incident, Ofcer Bruce Jacob of the Jackson (Miss.) Police Department was attempting to remove a barbeque grill that had fallen from another vehicle and was blocking a travel lane. Having retrieved the item, Jacob was placing it in the trunk of his patrol car when he was struck from behind. He was pronounced dead at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. "It's hard for me to sometimes drop whatever I'm doing and roll to a backup request," notes one West Coast ofcer. "Unless the other guy's a slapdick, he's got his hands full, too. So we try to be respectful of one another's time. Besides, the less I ask for assistance, the more likely I am to

Calling for needed backup does not mean you're weak. It means you're brave and smart enough to ask for help.

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get it when I need it. You can't be Chicken Little out here." Dep. Mike Siegfried with the San Bernardino (Calif.) Sherif's Ofce notes that the problem of solo ofcers trying to bite of more than they can chew has worsened in recent years, as agencies have thinned their sworn ranks. "With the economy and the cuts that have been made to so many of our agencies, we're having to do more with less," says Siegfried. "You see situations in which you know that the backup is not readily there. Agencies are just now starting to hire to fll vacancies, and they started of in the recession below their optimal manpower strength. You've got less boots on the street in many of our areas. You've got longer responses for a backup."



"A MAN'S GOT TO KNOW HIS LIMITATIONS" The diminished officer population is partially responsible for a concurrent emphasis on preparing to engage active shooters without waiting for assistance— a posture that only encourages the oneman warrior mindset. Indeed, instructors say things in training like: "You are the frst and only line of defense when you arrive." While that mentality is both laudable and needed, it can become a liability in less emergent situations, with ofcers initiating actions that should be shared with others, particularly when time affords the assistance. Presented as a dig in the 1973 Dirty Harry flm "Magnum Force," the wisdom of the sentiment "A Man's Got to Know His Limitations" is nonetheless unassailable. And yet some ofcers are tempted to exceed those limitations even if they recognize them. And recognize them they often do. Te same cops who caution citizens of the dangers of working alone late at night and conducting transactions away from the company of others also know the amplitude of cautionary parables that would theoretically prevent them from taking risks that have proven fateful for others. Despite this, there is a replication of deadly error in the law enforcement community, one that accounts for general rules and guidelines such as the profession's "Ten Deadly Sins." (Go to www.policemag. com/10deadly to read this Web exclusive).


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One of the greatest dangers facing offcers is not recognizing that their limitations may vary from one day to the next. Te inherent danger of shift work illustrates the point. Saddled with poor sleep and questionable dietary habits, ordered to work overtime for days on end behind some civil protest, ofcers may fnd themselves mentally and physically taxed. Te resulting impaired judgment may fnd

them susceptible to actions they would normally refrain from doing.

ADDRESSING THE PROBLEM Federal and State offices of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) publish all manner of literature addressing the concerns of the lone employee, with some states imposing specific regulations for public sector employees.


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While the acknowledgment of a problem can come late in the game—with change agents lagging still further behind—once our profession recognizes a problem, more often than not we address it. In the aftermath of Dep. William Schuck's tragedy, his South Carolina agency implemented changes designed to minimize the likelihood of such a recurrence. "At the time, our radio equipment didn't have any GPS capability, nor did we do roll call on the hour for the night shifts. After that, both have been implemented," explains Oconee County Sherif's Ofce Capt. Jef Underwood. For most lone ofcers, the MDT or radio will be the primary source of contact, but carrying a cellular phone should be encouraged. If a cellular phone is unreliable in the area, be sure to have alternative methods of communication available (such as use of public telephones, site visits, or satellite technology). Te need for dispatchers to recognize the physical limitations of ofcers is paramount when it comes to their assigning calls. Supervisors must also understand the efects of shift work on individual offcers. Scheduling high-risk tasks when feld deployments are at optimum levels— in terms of both manpower and alertness—will assure a higher rate of success. Training always plays an important role in the ability of ofcers to adopt new mindsets and strategies. Te idea of overcoming assistance resistance must be embraced by everyone within an agency. "Cops are always the tough guys," notes Underwood. "Tey think: 'We don't need any help. We're big and bad and we can do it ourselves.' But that's not what we want them to think. We started drilling it into our guys' heads that any time you get that feeling on the back of your neck you call for help. No one is to ridicule anyone else for asking for help. Tey'll be on my carpet if they're making fun of anybody that asks for help. Departmentwide, that's the mindset that nothing is too small to ask for help on. I've always said that I'd rather have too many doing too easy a job than too few doing too hard of a job." Maglionico points out that the focus for law enforcement is to project an image that their operations are running smoothly and situations are under control. In reality, she notes that no one person or

organization has everything that could possibly be needed to do the job. "It actually takes a strong person to admit you need help. For example, when I'm stubbornly refusing to ask for help, I tell myself it's because I'm strong. But that's not true. It's because I'm scared. I'm scared to be vulnerable. I'm scared to admit that I can't do it all on my own. I'm scared the people I ask for help won't help me. In reality, asking for help is the brave thing to do." Recognizing another's need for help is important, as well. Whether that is predicated upon individual or environmental limitations, co-workers need to have honest appraisals of who is going up against what. As Wess Roberts notes in his book "Victory Secrets of Attila the Hun," "You do the best you can in all aspects of your work. You don't get in your colleague's way. And when you need help, you ask for it; when you're asked for help, you give it." Ofcers should regard it as the proverbial preventive ounce that saves a lot of grief on the back end, particularly as the inherent threats are implicitly acknowledged given the nature of their mission. If people can't or won't help, then you can help yourself by making wise decisions. A realist, Siegfried knows that some offcers are inclined to do "what they gotta do." "If I know my backup is 45 minutes away and I feel an urgency to do something, then am I going to extend myself knowing that it's probably not the best idea, or am I going to wait until it's a more practical time to do it ofcer-safety-wise? Ninety-nine % of the time the ofcer decides he's just going to do it and it turns out fne, but 1% of the time it turns out horrible." Sgt. Dave Lawler of the Linn County (Ore.) Sherif's Ofce, and an NRA Law Enforcement Ofcer of the Year, makes a case for pulling the reins on yourself. "I'm not one for stopping every suspicious car," notes Lawler. "If you get a hinkey feeling, don't make the stop. It's not worth it. Being in the middle of nowhere with your backup 45 minutes away and a carload of people with time to make plansâ&#x20AC;ŚI don't like it." Siegfried agrees. "Tere's very little in this world that's time sensitive. Even a shooting, you've got to control the scene,

but very rarely do we have to run in guns ablazing," he says. "Te more experienced ofcer will slow things down and wait for backup and secure the area. Te younger ofcer, being more proactively minded and probably more aggressively minded, is apt to go in and take care of business. Tat's a maturity level thing. Te older ofcer isn't going to jeopardize ofcer safety." Forewarned is forearmed. An ofcer

who routinely fails to ask for assistance or wait for that assistance to arrive may fnd himself dealing with a less desirable peer: Te expert witness who testifes against him for failing to take appropriate precautions. Te lynchpin of many a defense or civil attorney's case is that the ofcer needlessly escalated things or allowed them to worsen by not getting adequate support on hand.


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The company that invented reflective license plates is in the best position to alert you when it counts.

3M ALPR: Protection through innovation.

At 3M we’re consistently improving our trusted, accurate ALPR technology platform. With the speed and accuracy of 3M ALPR systems to capture analyze and securely store and retrieve data, 3M is making certain your officers get the most up-to-date information in the blink of an eye. Nobody makes a better law enforcement partner than the industry leader in innovation. Visit us at

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THERMAL IMAGING IN LAW ENFORCEMENT. Evidence detection On August 25, 2013, at 22.00 hours, offcers responded to a report of a gun discharge. A search was conducted. The suspect was located but no evidence was found. An hour after the shooting the supervisor on the scene requested the argus® thermal imaging camera (the TT Type) be brought in. Within 30 seconds the shell casing was discovered, hidden beneath some weeds. “Without this equipment, the evidence would not have been located.” Captain Greg Wipfi Patrol Shift III Commander, Midwest City, OK Find out how the argus® TT Type helped by visiting:

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Now thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s no such thing as a getaway car.

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2014 FORD POLICE INTERCEPTOR ÂŽ Perps will have a tough time running from the law when the law has Intelligent AWD technology. No matter how nasty the weather gets out there, Intelligent AWD keeps you in control, on your game and ready to bust up any escape plan.

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RANGE-R® THROUGH-WALL RADAR When the stakes are high and split second decisions need to be made, knowing what’s on the other side of the wall saves lives. In hostage situations, stand-offs, and search & rescue missions, L-3’s RANGE-R lightweight, handheld radar system locates persons hidden from view— without putting the lives of law enforcement or emergency responders into unnecessary danger. Using L-3’s innovative sensor technology, RANGE-R detects people through walls. Within seconds, RANGE-R informs the user of the presence of moving or stationary breathing targets at distances up to 50 feet. RANGE-R Link includes an embedded wireless capability enabling remote operation allowing a building to be scanned from a safe location minimizing time in the “fatal funnel”. Learn more at


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Put the squeeze on without squeezing in. Baron® G58 ISR. Intelligence. Surveillance. Reconnaissance. Defense and law enforcement agencies around the world are able to rely on the Beechcraft Baron G58 ISR. The aircraft is capable of six-hour missions. Equally important, it has a large cabin, air conditioning and high dispatch reliability. Fitted with a state-of-the-art surveillance camera, recording and data link systems, and police/military communications, the Baron G58 ISR provides the surveillance/intelligence you need for court evidence, or to prosecute the target. U.S. and the Americas +1.316.676.0800 | EMEA +44(0) 1244.893.851 | Asia-Pacific +65.6423.0321 | ©2014 Beechcraft Corporation. All rights reserved. Beechcraft is a registered trademark of Beechcraft Corporation.

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THE NEW P320. We asked leading law enforcement professionals what they required in a pistol. They told us they needed safe, tool-free disassembly. A smooth, consistent trigger pull. A proper fit for any hand size—not just a back strap. We listened. And carefully followed orders. The result is the P320. A superior pistol in every way. Learn more at SIGSAUER.COM/P320

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Reliable Portable Power

Next Generation • New Advanced Technology TEU1000D/TEU2000D New ! Series

EM4000SX • Deluxe Electric Start • 10-16 hrs run time • iGX Commercial Engine with Oil Alert® • 6.2 Gallon Fuel Tank • Two-wheel Transport Kit standard • Folding Handles • 120/240V Selector Switch • Auto Throttle®

• Honda EU1000i or EU2000i Generator • 500W Quartz Light • 4 to 8 hrs run time • Clean Power • Super Quiet • Simultaneous AC/DC

Rochester, New York


For optimum safety and performance, we recommend you read the Owner’s Manual before operating your Honda Power Equipment. Connection of generators to house power requires transfer device to avoid possible injury to power company personnel. Consult a qualified electrician.



CAPTURE IT ALL Critical evidence. More convictions.

Always on patrol THE NEW VIZUCOP 360 SYSTEM

Eliminate manual zooming

Patented dual capture camera Patented rearview mirror monitor with VSM™ tracking

VizuCop 360 system

VizuCop’s patented, hi-def quality, dual-lens camera captures an overall view of action outside the vehicle and a close-up shot of the suspect’s license plate. Record back-seat suspects day or night with the VizuCop wide-angle infrared suspect camera. View live camera capture on our 4-channel, full-color monitor, armed with patented mapping technology and fitted to our rugged-built rearview mirror.

Learn more at, or call 1.800.673.1788


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• Firearm Instructor Development Schools • National Police Shooting Championships • Law Enforcement Ofcer of the Year • Scholarship Awards & Member Benefts • • 703-267-1640

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Forensic Video Acquisition Field Kits DVR Video Recovery Just Got Easier • Easy plug-n-play setup using color-coded cables and guide. • Auto-Sensing Technology opens Field Kit Viewer to match the video feeds aspect ratio & dimensions. • Preview the target video and capture an uncompressed copy directly from VGA, DVI, HDMI, S-Video, and Composite video ports, and then save and export to common formats.

Plug-n-Play Setup in Just Minutes Now first responders and analysts can go on scene with the confidence that they will walk away with an uncompressed copy of the evidence they need to investigate the case.



• Kel-Tec • • RUAG Ammotec AG • Southern Police Equipment • Tilling Corp. Sling Mounts • Daniel Defense • Tact-Out Industries Slings • 5.11 Tactical • ATI Gunstocks • Hogue Inc. • Tact-Out Industries • Tatjacket • Velocity Systems LLC

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I looked for years for the right program to ft my needs. Waldorf offered just what I was looking for fexible online programs backed by a residential campus with rich history.” Wade Stevens Waldorf Student

APPLY TODAY AT NO COST! or call 877.268.8051

Visit our website at for information about gainful employment including cost of attendance, on-time graduation rates, occupational opportunities, median student debt and other important information about Waldorf programs.


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3M™ offers complete solutions in Automatic License Plate Readers (ALPR) to help law enforcement organizations improve offcer effciency and meet the evolving challenges of increasing public safety. Our solutions included fxed and mobile cameras, hardware, software and analytics, and on-site deployment services. Visit us at to learn more.


CERTIFIED IN-SERVICE TRAINING WITHOUT COST Each month, American Military University (AMU) hosts a 1-hour webinar without cost to help law enforcement officers* stay current on topics covering: • Social Media for Law Enforcement & Police Executives • Electronic Surveillance • Electronic Countermeasures • Wiretapping • Intelligence and Law Enforcement

THERMAL IMAGING FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT Find out how thermal imaging can benefit your department by visiting: For more information, email argus® at

TO REGISTER FOR THE WEBINAR SERIES VISIT INPUBLICSAFETY.COM/WEBINAR OR CONTACT INSTRUCTOR JIM DEATER AT JDEATER@APUS.EDU. *The webinars include law enforcement-sensitive information; therefore all registrants will undergo a verification process to ensure they are current law enforcement officers, analysts, or law enforcement support personnel.




POLICE JUNE 2014 1 888 286 6440

Put the squeeze on without having to squeeze in. Intelligence. Surveillance. Reconnaissance. Defense and law enforcement agencies around the world are able to rely on the Beechcraft Baron G58 ISR. The aircraft and is capable of six hour missions. Equally important, it has a large cabin air conditioning, ultra-high dispatch reliability, and is fitted with a state-of-the-art camera, recording and data link systems, and police/military communications. The Baron G58 ISR provides the surveillance/intelligence you need for court evidence, or to prosecute the target. ©2013 Beechcraft Corporation. All rights reserved. Beechcraft, King Air, and Mission Ready are the registered trademarks of Beechcraft Corporation.


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  ]     6      <

â&#x20AC;˘ Built from black-saddle leather â&#x20AC;˘ Precise molded contours provide weapon retention â&#x20AC;˘ Available for most popular handguns





Style 127 800-GUNHIDE 631-841-6300

Dept #PMRG 431 Bayview Ave., Amityville, NY 11701


Dupont TeďŹ&#x201A;onÂŽ fabric protector repels water and stains


Comfort waist with triple waistband gripper


Roomy bellowed cargo pocket with built in mag pouch


Reinforced double knee with vent for knee pad

Call 800.336.7202 or contact your local Dickies Representative



EOTech’s Holographic Weapon Sight

IS SUPERIOR TO RED DOTS: EOTech Holographic Weapon Sights now offer lasers. The new retrofitted drop-in Laser Battery Cap (LBC) can be used on all 512/552 Holographic Weapon Sights. Now you can have the lightning fast target acquisition of the Holographic Weapon Sight with the versatility of integrated aiming lasers to create an optic capable of excelling in any environment. These battery caps offer a low power red visible and IR laser making them ideal for home defense, CQB and force-on-force training. The new EOTech LBC’s are available in 4 configurations: • LBC: laser battery cap accessory, Visible Red Laser, compatible with all 512/552 models. MSRP: $285.00 • LBC2: laser battery cap accessory, Visible & IR Laser, compatible with all 512/552 models. MSRP: $429.00 • 512.LBC: 512 Holographic Sight with the LBC. MSRP: $729.00 • 552.LBC: 552 NV compatible Holographic Sight with the LBC2. MSRP: $979.00 Transform your arsenal

For more information, visit An


Communications Company © 2014, L-3 EOTech TM


FN 15






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ASSAULT RIFLE SCABBARD Removable Padded Shoulder Strap

6 D-Rings On Each Side For Custom Fit

Foldable To Accept Short Stock Rifes

Web Handle

Closed Cell Foam Padding Flexible Semi-Rigid Insert For Shape Retention Hook & Loop Opening For Pistol Grip Or Magazine Ready Weapons

Comes w/ Modular Web Straps

Adjustable Take-Up Webbing Secures Scabbard In Shortened Position

Modular Attachment Points On Both Sides w/ Loop Panels For Attaching ID's



BLACK EAGLEâ&#x201E;˘ ATHLETIC 11 HIGH Sporty multi purpose boot with a SIDEZIPPER

Quality shoes for law enforcement, ďŹ re and rescue services, hunting, workwear, and leisure time

Available at G-Shock SOHO Store �7�"ROADWAY�s�.EW�9ORK �.9 Models shown: GDX6900CM-5/GD120CM-8/GA100CF-1A9



HAIXÂŽ North America Inc. 2320 Fortune Drive, Suite 120, Lexington KY 40509 Toll free 866-344-HAIX (4249)

reborn authority




Since 1908, Harley-Davidson has stood by law enforcement. The conditions motor officers face continue to change, the result, the ultimate law enforcement machine, our 2014 model year police motorcycle.

Model shown is the FLHTP Police Electra Glide® – Shown with Optional Emergency Equipment available through Harley-Davidson® dealerships. Find out more at ©2014 HARLEY-DAVIDSON MOTOR COMPANY



Through the Wall Radar

L-3’s RANGE–R locates persons hidden inside buildings – before you breach the door. Within seconds, L-3’s innovative handheld sensor detects moving or stationary breathing targets at distances up to 50 feet. Learn more at CyTerra


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VEHICLE HEADREST PRINTER MOUNT (U.S. Patents 7637566, 7874612, 8336959, additional patent pending)

Canon iP100 Mobile Printer

Brother PocketJet Mobile Printer

s Models available for all commonly used mobile printers s Console/partition printer mounting options available


New MAGLITE® LED Flashlights Highly engineered lighting products designed for War Fighters / Tactical Police Officers / First Responders


3 Functions With “Quick Click” Access "��/��i\Ê{�ÀÊ­�}�®ÊUÊ£Ç�ÀÊ­�ÜÉ*�>��Ê iâi�®

T 320



T 310 RIGH













$539.95 (Discount is applied, shipping not included)

BB-2590 kit includes two BB-2590 batteries and a top hat charger. Top hat charger is AC/DC along with two USB ports to charge accessories, i.e.: cell phone, iPad© etc. Mathews Associates, Inc., Sanford, FL manufactures batteries for unmanned vehicles whether for ground, air, or underwater. Popular styles include the BB-390B/U nickel metal hydride rechargeable battery and lithium ion rechargeable BB-2590/U. Mathews Associates, Inc. founded in 1977 offers batteries for other applications, and can custom design and prototype batteries in multiple chemistries. The company supplies batteries to the US Govt. and NATO allies worldwide. CONTACT: Barbara Jordan | (407) 323-3390

Seamless 0.5mm high dexterity palm provides optimal tactile control.

MECHANIX GLOVES. THE TOOL THAT FITS LIKE A GLOVE.® US: 800.222.4296 | w w w . m e c h a n i x . c o m


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Version 2.0 with Audio Capture Support

Outfit your agency with this powerful yet easy-to-use, low-cost DVR field acquisition tool For more information go to


You’re most vulnerable when you exit your cruiser. Take the extra step. Light your flares and get home safely.

When used in addition to cruiser light bars, Orion Flares have been proven to: Increase lateral separation by Reduce right lane volume by Reduce overall trafc speed by ©2014 Orion Safety Products



85% 95% 16%


Now Available To Law Enforcement FLIR T70


New! Long Range ThermoSightTM In stock!

Short Range ThermoSightTM Reserve today! â&#x20AC;¢ 800-722-8078




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TC-400 Portable Radar Speed Sign

Lightweight: Radar sign weighs only 20 lbs Easily transportable: Fits in any trunk Modular Design: With the modular design of the radar speed sign and GoBracket universal mount, one person can easily install or relocate the sign in about a minute Convenient: Can be strapped, banded, pipe clamped or bolted to any size/style of pole Durable: Internal thick aluminum Bashplate protects LEDs and electronics from abuse or vandalism Field replacement of batteries: Allows for multi-month usage of radar speed sign Radar: Detects vehicles up to 1200 feet away Operation: Runs for +/- 2 weeks on fully charged battery packs

For more information call 678-965-4814




Fool-proof function testing. Savage Range Systems’ Model GT, part of our Gunsmith Series of Bullet Traps, is specially designed for close quarters function testing. With a 3” diameter trap opening and at 160 lbs. it easily fits any tabletop for low-volume testing up to .338 Win Mag. Its fully welded one piece construction is safe, low maintenance and eliminates the hazard of lead dust, while handling up to 50 rounds per day! So go ahead, take your best shot, and shot, and shot... we can take it!

THE MOST ELITE NAME IN FIREARMS IS THE NEWEST NAME IN AMMUNITION. Introducing New Elite Performance Ammunition from SIG SAUER ®. From the standard bearer in high performance firearms comes a new standard in personal defense ammunition giving you optimal performance, round after round. SIG V-Crown™ Jacketed Hollow Point

The SIG V-Crown stacked hollow point design provides a smaller, additional hollow point cavity behind the main cavity. This design, along with V-shaped jacket skives and scores provides controlled, uniform expansion at all effective distances and velocities.

Savage Range Systems Shooting Ranges • Bullet Traps • Target Systems • Shoot Houses

Find us:

ISO 9001:2008 Certified







For T&E kits, contact us at or visit us at



Batteries stay locked in place until you slide them out.

Spillman Technologies’ tightly integrated intelligenceled policing tools like map-based analytics, extensive searching capabilities, and community crime maps enable field personnel, officers, and supervisors to analyze agency data in meaningful ways.

Store Your Cells in Our Shells!


Spillman Technologies is the industry leader in multijurisdictional data sharing, total product integration, and reliable customer service. Visit to see how intelligence-led policing tools can positively impact your community.

CR123 ’s D’s

Visit Booth # 1326 at the Police Security Expo June 24-25, 2014

Receive a FREE sample!

(866) 540-7260 or


The PROTAC HL provides ®

an ultra-wide and bright light pattern.

This Officer Wears a Stratton Hat and So Should You. Stratton Hats is the world’s largest manufacturer of hats for uniformed personnel. Stratton Uniform Hats enhance authority and dignity, and have the added benefit of opaque, sun-shielding brims for valuable protection against harmful UV rays. All Stratton Hats are made in the USA. Nothing tops a Stratton Hat. Visit our website or call today. Phone: 708-544-5220 Fax: 708-544-5243

WWW.STRAT TONHATS.COM After the workday, keep your style on with an authentic Use your Smart Phone and QR code scanner to visit our web site.

Stratton Western Hat!



Proudly Made In The USA


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THE 500-LUMEN X300ÂŽ ULTRA A pistol-mounted light just might be your fnal escalation-of-force option before fring. Make sure youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re using an X300ÂŽ Ultra to identify threats and overwhelm their visionâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;keeping you in control. The extended-range of its 500-lumen beam provides you with increased distance from threats, giving you more options. The worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ultimate pistol light just got better. X300 Ultra.

TASER smart weapons feature advanced technologies to keep your officers and your communities safe. With all-digital technology built right inside, the X2 and X26P offer life-saving features like: f Self-diagnostics f Charge metering f Automatic firmware updates Trade-in credits available. Visit or call (800) 978-2737. X2â&#x201E;˘ and X26Pâ&#x201E;˘ are trademarks of TASER International, Inc. TASERÂŽ and  are registered trademarks of TASER International, Inc., registered in the U.S. Š 2014 TASER International, Inc. All rights reserved.

The Training Labâ&#x201E;˘ Interactive use of Force Training Simulator

PORTABLE POWER & LIGHT s Honda EU1000i or EU2000i Generator s 500W Quartz Light s  TO  HRS RUN TIME s #LEAN 0OWER s 3UPER 1UIET s 3IMULTANEOUS !#$#





For optimum performance and safety, we recommend you read the Ownerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Manual before operating your Honda Power Equipment. Connection of generators to house power requires transfer device to avoid possible injury to power company personnel. Consult a qualiďŹ ed electrician.

The Training Labâ&#x201E;˘ was designed to support the entire spectrum of enforcement skills training requirements from Academy recruits to in-service, qualifcation and remedial training for seasoned offcers. Features: â&#x20AC;˘ Operates in any room/light condition â&#x20AC;˘ man portable â&#x20AC;˘ Includes 2 travel cases â&#x20AC;˘ sets up in 20 minutes â&#x20AC;˘ Preloaded with 500+ professionally flmed High Defnition (HD) scenarios.

Call 1-800-538-0022 for more information. 80 Lowell Street, Rochester, New York 14605-1831    s    s &!8

New â&#x20AC;&#x153;True Distance 3Dâ&#x20AC;? option adds realism never before experienced in a simulated training environment.


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In sto




Set a Higher Target for Your Career! Master of Science in Justice Administration 100% Online • • • • •

Nationally recognized graduate program 6-week accelerated terms Earnings increase and career advancement opportunities Expert and award-winning faculty Fully accredited degree, highly sought-after by employers ENROLL TODAY! University of Louisville is a military-friendly and an equal opportunity institution.





The Future of Criminal Investigation

CrimePad is active investigation management for Detectives, CSIs, and Supervisors. Share info across many areas like evidence, leads, interviews, warrant and more. Build your reports and integrate with LIMS, RMS, EMS in a click of a button.


Website Showcase

Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) can be an efective tool in a variety of applications, providing accurate and timely information and allowing users to make quick and well informed decisions. Today, these systems are providing positive results for numerous applications across many industries. Find out more about ALPR at

Te Guardian Angel® is a portable, wearable, mini light bar that brings a whole new level of safety by making the wearer more visible (up to 2+ miles) day and night. It's light weight, numerous mounting options and versatility allows wearer to utilize the device as he or she sees ft. ALPRTechnology

Amchar Wholesale, Inc. is proud to announce our ofcer focused website Ofcers and departments alike will enjoy the ability to place orders and locate a Sales Representative in their area. Featuring the industry's top manufacturers in frearms, ammunition, duty gear, vests, accessories and more, Amchar is your number one law distributor!

At 911 Signal USA, we are a provider and manufacturer of emergency vehicle lights and sirens. We value the professionalism, expertise, and honesty in our customer base. We provide every customer with the very best construction, fre, EMS, and police lights on the market. Our LED lights and equipment will help you clear trafc and stay visible, and every product in our inventory is backed by a 2-5 year warranty.

American Military University (AMU) has partnered with several statewide law enforcement associations to develop an academic program that prepares Chiefs of Police and other command personnel for leadership roles. Completed 100% online, ofcers can earn an undergraduate or graduate certifcate in Law Enforcement Leadership. Ofcers who wish to continue their education may apply those courses toward a bachelor’s or master’s degree in criminal justice, management, or public administration at AMU. leadershipcertifcates

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One of the nation's top online universities, Columbia Southern University was developed to meet the demand for alternatives to the traditional university experience. CSU ofers online associate, bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in various felds such as fre administration, occupational safety and health, criminal justice and business administration.

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Established in 1998, ESS (Eye Safety Systems, Inc.) creates advanced eye protection systems for military, law enforcement, fre/rescue and shooting sport markets. Te entire line of ESS ballistic-grade eye pro is engineered to meet or exceed the most stringent U.S. Military and ANSI Z87.1-2010 specifcations.

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FARO Technologies is the world's most trusted source for 3D measurement, imaging and realization technology. Technology from FARO permits high-precision 3D measurement, imaging and comparison of parts and compound structures within production and quality assurance processes. Te devices are used for investigation and reconstruction of accident sites or crime scenes.

Fobus Holsters, frst developed in Israel for the Israeli military and special services, now proudly serve US law enforcement and responsible citizens. Shop for any of our holsters using our easy-to-use Gun Model Compatibility Chart. Download our 2014 catalog. Register your holster for warranty and sign up for our email newsletter. is a leading wholesale website catering to registered retailers in the tactical & outdoor trades. It features a wide variety of product in 7 market-leading categories; Tactical; Enforcement; Military; Cargo; Xtreme Endurance; Adventure and Essentials. Users can manage accounts, view new product, write testimonials, and receive promotions & sales.


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In 1983, G-Shock established a new “tough” genre in the timepiece domain with the release of the frst wristwatch with a shock-resistant structure that defed conventional thinking. Today, G-Shock retains its legacy of absolute toughness. Te brand is continually taking up new challenges in an ongoing pursuit of advancement in technology and design.

Georgia Tactical Supply was founded in June 2012 and strives to be the leader in Public Safety, Military and tactical gear accessories. We have been in Law Enforcement for over 10 years and have a true passion to equip today’s safety personnel with all the necessary gear for survival.

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Te L-3 CyTerra RANGE-R Website provides an overview of Wall Penetrating Radar and specifc information on the RANGE-R product line. Videos provided explain the technology behind RANGE-R, show example use cases, and the performance capabilities of the technology. Links to additional information, distributor websites, and related sites are provided.

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Night Vision Depot is a U.S. manufacturer of high quality night vision systems and accessories. We provide innovative and cutting edge products and services to the military, law enforcement and consumer markets. Our excellent reputation has made us a dynamic night vision leader. Authorized Parts Distributor and Commercial Image Intensifer Tube Distributor for Exelis.

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P&R Infrared ofers thermal imaging cameras and sights from FLIR, Termal-Eye, and other manufacturers. Unlike amplifed light “night vision” products, thermal imaging sees in total darkness, as well as through dust, light fog, smoke, foliage, and other obscurants. Te site also ofers information and videos showing how thermal imaging works.

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Law Enforcement's Advanced Pawn Database for Pawn Shop transaction recordings. Te Automated Regulatory Metals Database (ARMDTM), by PawnSafeBoxTM is a cloud-based software-database solution that records, searches, and locates secondhand jewelry transactions and non-jewelry transactions for Law Enforcement. “We capture your pawn slips so you can capture the criminals!"

Penn State’s Online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. Start or advance your career in protective services, law and corrections or crime-related prevention and support. Learn the skills you need to lead, serve, and protect our local, state, and national interests. Visit police for more information.

www.worldcampus.psu. edu/police features the only armored radar speed signs on the market and are available in AC, solar, and portable battery models. Also featured are School Zone Beacon Systems as stand-alone systems, or integrated with our radar signs, and trafc data collection and reporting software.

RAM® ofers vehicle equipment consoles manufactured with molded designs which provide smooth rounded edges. Tis creates a safe in-vehicle ofce environment with a true OEM look and feel. Shock and vibration protection integrated in all RAM designs. Solutions are available for tablets, rugged computers and MDTs. RAM® is a leading manufacturer in rugged, durable mounting systems and docking stations for mobile electronics.

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• Check out the RedX website for easy access to all product specifcation sheets and to view cool videos demonstrating product operation. • Learn about our proprietary technology and read customer testimonials. • Meet our team. • Read the latest news and current events. • Request a demo or a quote.

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Storacell® has been in business since 2005 manufacturing and marketing a full line of battery caddies to carry and organize your batteries. Te battery caddy was frst invented as a convenient way of carrying fresh batteries for professional pilots in the cockpit. Now the caddies are used by law enforcement, photographers, outdoor enthusiasts, and home owners as a safe way to store their batteries. A full line of sizes and colors are available on our easy to navigate website.


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For over half a century, Stratton has been the leader in quality uniform and western headwear. Stratton provides felt and straw uniform hats, fur caps, and accessories for federal, state, and local law enforcement personnel. All hats are available in an array of colors, sizes, and custom confgurations.

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· Te world’s fnest ofering of tough, reliable, feld-proven illumination tools and tactical gear designed and built for law enforcement, military, and tactical professionals · User-friendly navigation leading to wealth of product information · Dynamic product and how-to videos throughout the site · Features troubleshooting and customer service forms, including rapid-replacement parts page was recently refreshed to provide agencies the key information they need when considering a digital evidence management solution. Te new website features a savings calculator, numerous videos, and detailed information about the AXON body-worn cameras and apps that help create an end-to-end solution. Visit to see for yourself.

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Tele-Lite, Inc., has been a leader in emergency scene lighting and rescue products for over 38 years. We ofer a full range of portable power and lighting solutions, Honda Generators, Honda Water pumps and Honda Marine Outboard motors. Tele-Lite manufactures & custom designs a variety of Tele-scoping Lights for vehicle-mount and portable solutions from 500-watt quartz halogen lamps up to 18,000 lumens of LED lighting.

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Please visit the Ti Training Website for the latest information on our training simulator, product listings, tutorials and training videos. Also please check out the all new Ti Outdoors page featuring the latest in products for the private range.

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Velocity Systems works to bring the highest performing armor solutions, at the speed of need, to United States Military, Government, and Law Enforcement communities. We understand the time critical nature of the armor and that the development of new and emerging threats requires the quickest response back to the feld.

Waldorf’s Criminal Justice concentration provides the opportunity to explore the three primary areas of the criminal justice system: law enforcement, courts and corrections. Beyond the Introduction to Criminal Justice course, students can select courses of greatest interest to tailor the concentration to their needs or wants.

WatchGuard Video is the world’s largest manufacturer of Law Enforcement In-Car Video Systems. Headquartered in Allen, Texas, the company stafs the industry’s largest Research and Development department and has invested over $25 million specifcally into the development of digital in-car video systems for law enforcement. Browse the product line, fnd your rep and request more information at



WATCH THE THIRD BRAKE LIGHT During a traffc stop the bright red light high on the rear of a vehicle may signal that you are about to be attacked.


fcers, or jump back into their vehicles and fee. Regardless of your preferred method of conducting a vehicle stop, you still face risks. And the only way to minimize these risks is to maintain the proper mindset and be alert to danger cues during the stop. Yet despite all the well-documented risks of making trafc stops, it's easy for ofcers to start thinking of them as no big deal. After all, most go of without a hitch, and this can lead to the kinds of lazy tactics that get ofcers killed. Even ofcers who have encountered a deadly threat upon frst contact may slack of on ofcer safety and fnd themselves quickly becoming complacent about their initial vehicle approaches.


aw enforcement ofcers can't agree on the safest ways to approach a vehicle during a trafc stop. Some approach on the driver's side and position themselves at the driver's windows. Some stay behind the B pillar on the driver's side. Others believe standing in front of the A pillar and looking into the vehicle partially through the windshield in a more face-to-face manner with the occupants provides them with a better view into the vehicle and of the driver's hands. Diferences of opinion, practice, and policy are even more stark when it comes to making the stop where the ofcer feels something just isn't right. Many ofcers favor a passenger side approach when they feel something may be unusual about the situation or they have a specifc safety concern. Others believe the best approach is to have the driver exit his or her vehicle and walk back to the ofcer's patrol car. Regardless of which technique you prefer, it's important for you to know that no trafc stop procedure is "safe." Even the call out, which alleviates some dangers faced during the initial contact, opens the door for entirely new dangers, including face-to-face gunfghts where the ofenders have the ability to quickly and freely move on their feet, rush the of130


TELL-TALE DANGER SIGN But it's not complacency that causes many ofcers to miss

what could arguably be the most visible danger indicator present at many trafc stops. Tey miss it because they have never been trained to recognize it. Law enforcement agencies throughout the United States have been using dashboard cameras for years, and footage from these cameras has captured a large number of ofcerinvolved shootings during trafc stops. Tat footage has revealed two common elements in these bad stops. Te brake lights are almost always on when the ofcers approach the stopped vehicles, and the ofenders shoot or attempt to shoot the ofcers upon the initial contact. When most people are contacted on trafc stops by law enforcement ofcers, they put their vehicles in park because they know they will be interacting with the ofcers and they are not simply allowed to leave. Most drivers also understand they will have to provide the ofcers with their driver







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licenses and paperwork, which will usually have the drivers somewhat distracted and in need of their free hands to comply. But when someone is stopped and he or she does not have any intention of staying around long enough to gather documents and interact with the ofcer, there is no need to put the vehicle in park. If the driver is intending to shoot the ofcer on frst contact then immediately fee in the vehicle, it is not only a waste of time to put the vehicle in park, it is tactically unsound for them to do so. Numerous video examples of ofcers coming under fre during initial contact with vehicle occupants are available online. Tese include the video of ex-con and 211 Crew prison gang member Evan "Evil" Ebel shooting Montague County (Texas) Sherif's Dep. James Boyd during a trafc stop last year. Ebel was suspected of shooting and killing Nathan Leon in order to steal his pizza delivery uniform, only to wear it during the deadly ambush of Tom Clements, the head of the Colora-


The Winning Edge

do Department of Corrections, at his residence. During the Texas trafc stop, Boyd approached Ebel's Cadillac sedan on the passenger side of the vehicle. Te brake lights were clearly activated the entire time and Ebel can be seen watching the passenger-side approach. Ebel shot Dep. Boyd three times before feeing the scene, only to later be killed during a shootout with other law enforcement ofcers. What people like Ebel do not realize is

they are telegraphing their intentions. In order to keep their vehicles in gear and not move, they must have their feet on their brake pedals. And that activates their brake lights, warning savvy ofcers that they may be facing an attack. Vehicle manufacturing rules in the United States have even made this danger sign easier for law enforcement offcers to spot with the advent of the third brake light. Tis light, centered on the

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back of the vehicle, does not activate with the driving lights as the other brake lights do so it provides for a clear, easy-to-see warning sign that should prompt ofcers to take pause.

WHAT TO DO Before approaching the vehicle, you can

check for compliance, calmly challenge the occupants, and disrupt any potential adversary's OODA loop (the cycle of observe, orient, decide, and act needed to attack or defend) by simply telling the driver to put the vehicle in park and turn the engine of. Most people will comply because they do not have any ill intent. Many good, average citizens simply get nervous when stopped on trafc stops and forget to put their cars in park. Tere are no guarantees that simply addressing the driver of a vehicle who has not put his vehicle in park will prevent a shooting. But it's a good counter measure that could get a potential attacker to reconsider his or her plan and comply. Or it

may encourage a suspect who is contemplating shooting an ofcer on frst contact to fee instead. You should consider it a victory if the driver refuses to comply and fees in the vehicle because you may have just avoided a deadly assault. An FBI study titled "Violent Encounters, a Study of Felonious Assaults on Our Nation's Law Enforcement Ofcers," found that two-thirds of the suspects interviewed who had killed or attempted to kill law enforcement ofcers believed that the ofcers were not aware of how dangerous the situations had become. Te study followed up and concluded that most of the surviving ofcers had in fact been unaware of the impending assaults. Verbally addressing drivers and ordering them to put their vehicles in park and turn them of is not only a simple way to check the drivers' compliance, but it will also let potential attackers know you are paying attention to your surroundings and are physically on guard. Because their plans for an ambush at the window


haven't panned out and you are still located near your patrol vehicle, potential attackers won't know what you are planning to do next and will have more difculty processing through another plan of attack. By disrupting an adversary's OODA loop during a trafc stop, you can lessen the risks of a deadly assault upon frst contact and force an ofender to choose between putting himself in a more vulnerable position during the contact and feeing. Addressing the driver and challenging his or her compliance also helps to move you into a more alert status, affords you a tactical pause in relative safety, preps your OODA loop processing for what may come next, and may in the end help to avert another tragedy. Derek Stephens has been an ofcer in Colorado since 1997. He is the founder of Rally Point Training Consulting, specializing in OODA loop-based ofcer survival instruction.



You won’t fnd a more durable mag on the market.

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VEHICLE STOPS ON ANONYMOUS TIPS When is an unknown personâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s report enough for a stop? fective law enforcement requires all the public eyes and ears we can muster. It's generally considered an act of good citizenship for private individuals to report crimes they witness. In fact, roadside signs often encourage motorists to "Report drunk drivers. Call 911." What if they do? And what if they don't give their names or other identifying information? Can you still rely on their reported observations to justify a trafc stop? A recent U.S. Supreme Court decision considered this issue.

NAVARETTE V. CALIFORNIA Offcers of the California Highway

Patrol were northbound on Highway 1 when they heard a dispatcher broadcast the following, based on a 911 call: "Showing southbound Highway 1 at mile marker 88, silver Ford 150 pickup, plate of 8 David 94925, ran the reporting party of the roadway and was last seen approximately 5 ago." Te ofcers made a U-turn and caught up to the truck, which showed no immediate signs of errant driving. Based on the information received from the 911 caller, ofcers stopped the vehicle. A strong smell of marijuana emanating from the truck led to a search that yielded 30 pounds of marijuana. Te driver and his passenger were charged with transporting, and they moved to suppress the evidence on the ground of unreasonable vehicle stop. Teir appeals took them to the Supreme Court, which afrmed the denial of their suppression motion on a 5-4 vote. It's fundamental Fourth Amendment law that both the reasonable suspicion required for detentions and the probable cause needed for arrests and some searches has to be based on reliable information. When information comes from an anonymous source, it can be difcult to tell whether the information is based on the informant's 134


personal knowledge or on unreliable hearsay, and there's no basis for judging the informant's truthfulness. As the Supreme Court has said, "An anonymous tip alone seldom demonstrates the informant's basis of knowledge or veracity." (Alabama v. White) Tis is why additional corroboration is usually needed. Florida v. JL, a Supreme Court decision from 2000, explored this predicament. In that case, an anonymous caller (not shown to be using a 911 line) told police a certain person at a particular location had a handgun concealed under his shirt. Police arrived at the location, saw the person who ft the description, frisked him, and recovered the weapon. Te court ruled the detention and frisk unreasonable, because the only details the ofcers' own observations corroborated were those details that any passerby could see (location and physical description). Tere was no independent corroboration of the criminality aspects of the anonymous tipâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;no sighting of a bulge beneath the shirt, no evasive behavior, no statement admitting possession of a weapon, etc. Navarette argued before the Supreme Court that the rule of JL should apply to his stop, as well. He pointed out that the informant's identity did not appear to be known, and when the CHP ofcers followed his truck briefy, they saw no signs of dangerous driving to corroborate what the informant had reported. But the majority of justices saw several factors that distinguished Navarette's case, and held that "under appropriate circumstances, an anonymous tip can demonstrate sufcient indicia of reliability to provide reasonable suspicion to make an investigatory stop." H First, when she reported that she had been run of the road by a particularly described vehicle (including make, model, color, and plate number), "Te caller necessarily claimed PHOTO MARK W. CLARK


For more on legal issues go to

During the early evening of March 10, 2013, North Liberty Iowa Police Department ofcers were dispatched to a 911 call reporting a domestic fght between a man and his girlfriend at their residence. The caller heard yelling, and the male had been jumping on the woman’s car and screaming at her. This was not the frst time ofcers had responded to this address.

Ofcer Christopher Shine

The residence was a mobile home with a small elevated enclosed deck attached to the front door with a ramp leading to the front door. Ofcers located a woman outside who showed signs of being assaulted. She was crying and was clearly under emotional duress. This woman was in the process of moving out of the trailer when she was attacked by her boyfriend. When she was asked about weapons inside, she said she thought her boyfriend had removed his pistol from the trailer earlier in the day, and he now was alone.

North Liberty Iowa Police Department

Ofcers moved up the ramp to knock on the door, only to fnd themselves confned in a very small area with little room to maneuver. It was impossible for all of them to be away from the front of the door. The ofcers made contact with the boyfriend, but he refused to open the door or come outside. Negotiations with the boyfriend to open the door were going nowhere, so he was warned that ofcers would force entry. At this point, the boyfriend could be partially seen through a narrow window slot by the side of the door. Seeing no immediate threat from him, it was decided to attempt to force the door open by kicking it in. As soon as entry was attempted, the suspect ran toward the back of the trailer; within seconds, gunfre erupted and bullets burst through the front door, and two of the three ofcers, including Ofcer Christopher Shine had been shot. Ofcer Shine was hit in the abdomen and the second ofcer was hit in the chest. While the rounds caused serious injuries, they did not penetrate the body armor of either ofcer. Two of the ofcers made it down the ramp to take covering positions, with one fnding a side window to try to engage the gunman. Ofcer Shine remained on the deck. While he could not see the gunman, he knew he was still in line with the now open trailer door as rounds were still being fred towards the front door. Hoping the gunman would reveal himself, Ofcer Shine used what little concealment he had to his advantage to be ready to engage the attempted killer. There was a pause in the gunfre, and the gunman moved into view. Seeing each other almost at the same time, the two exchanged fre, and Ofcer Shine prevailed, striking the gunman seven times and ending the rampage. Amazingly, the time it took from the gunman’s frst shot and his attempt to kill the ofcers until Ofcer Shine’s last shot to end the incident was only 19 seconds. Understanding that the danger was not necessarily over, Ofcer Shine moved of the deck to seek cover and only then realized he had been shot in the side and his hand was injured and bleeding, apparently from shrapnel. Ofcer Shine’s heroic actions under the most stressful and confusing circumstances while seriously injured is a credit to him, his department, and the community he serves, and they are in keeping with the highest traditions of law enforcement. Had the gunman been able to continue his attack and exit the trailer, there is no doubt the lives of the gunman’s girlfriend and Ofcer Shine’s fellow ofcers would have been in jeopardy. It is with great honor and pride that the National Rife Association recognizes Ofcer Christopher Shine of the North Liberty Iowa Police Department for his valorous actions by naming him the 2013 NRA Law Enforcement Ofcer of the Year.

Scan this code with your smartphone or tablet to get more information about the NRA Law Enforcement Ofcer of the Year recognition.

Forms for nominating candidates for the NRA Law Enforcement Ofcer of the Year Award may be downloaded at For more information about NRA’s Law Enforcement Ofcer of the Year Award and its Law Enforcement Division, call (703) 267-1632 or send an e-mail to


eyewitness knowledge of the alleged dangerous driving. Tat basis of knowledge lends signifcant support to the tip's reliability. A driver's claim that another vehicle ran her of the road necessarily implies that the informant knows the other vehicle was driven dangerously." H Second, the location and direction of travel of the reported vehicle were confrmed to be accurate within a short pe-



riod of time. "Te timeline of events suggests that the caller reported the incident soon after she was run of the road. Tat sort of contemporaneous report has long been treated as especially reliable. In JL, there was no indication that the tip was contemporaneous with the observation of criminal activity or made under the stress of excitement caused by a startling event, but those considerations weigh in



favor of the caller's veracity here." H Tird, use of the 911 line gives police a means to trace the caller's ID and places the caller at risk of prosecution if she has made a false prank call just to cause police to hassle the other driver. "A reasonable ofcer could conclude that a false tipster would think twice before using such a system. Te caller's use of the 911 system is therefore one of the relevant

circumstances that, taken together, justifed the ofcer's reliance on the information reported in the 911 call." Based on these three distinctions from the facts in JL, the majority upheld the anonymous tip's reliability. But did a report of one act of dangerous driving amount to reasonable suspicion for the stopâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;especially when the ofcers followed the truck for a few minutes without seeing any signs of bad driving? Te majority had two answers. H First, running another car of the highway is an indication of possible drunk driving. Te court cited to several lower-court decisions which had held that crossing over the center line, or weaving back and forth, or driving on the median, were indicative of drunk driving, and the Supreme Court saw no reason to classify this case any diferently. Said the court, "We can appropriately recognize certain driving behaviors as sound indicia of drunk driving. A reliable tip alleging the dangerous behaviors discussed above

would justify a trafc stop on suspicion of drunk driving." H Second, as to the fact that the CHP offcers saw no signs of impaired driving during their brief surveillance, the court said that this did not dispel the initial suspicion generated by the caller's description. Te court said, "It is hardly surprising that the appearance of a marked police car would inspire more careful driving for a time." Nor was it necessary for ofcers to keep following the truck until they saw some violation, "because allowing a drunk driver a second chance for dangerous conduct could have disastrous consequences."


reports of crimes were trained to ask callers their names and phone numbers, how long ago things happened, and how the caller knows it ("Did you see this yourself?"). Getting answers to just these three additional questions can strengthen the reasonableness of your suspicion to stop. Also, don't forget that a moving or equipment violation you spot can independently justify the stop, even though you subjectively want to investigate the reported activity. (Whren v. U.S.) Citing to Whren, even the dissenting opinion in Navarette recognized this method of reinforcing your stops, saying, "Had the ofcers witnessed the petitioners violate a single trafc law, they would have had cause to stop the truck."

The court acknowledged that Navarette

was a "close case." Tis could mean that lower courts might fnd ways to distinguish Navarette in your cases and suppress evidence. To reinforce the lawfulness of your stops, it would be helpful if dispatchers or desk ofcers who take

YOU Steck

Devallis Rutledge is a former police ofcer and veteran prosecutor who currently serves as special counsel to the Los Angeles County district attorney. He is the author of 12 books, including "Investigative Constitutional Law."


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Police Product Test MARK CLARK AND A.J. GEORGE

VIEVU LE3 ON-BODY VIDEO SYSTEM The latest body camera from Vievu offers improvements in video resolution, onboard memory, and battery life.


ievu's LE3 is the company's is an advantage over the units latest small, lightweight, selfthat require you to press an on contained video recorder sysbutton and then look to see the tem. About the size and weight recording light to determine if of a pager, this on-body video they are operating. system can easily be worn on an Te LE3—like all Vievu body ofcer's uniform. cameras—clips onto the front Te LE3 has better battery life of a uniform shirt or vest carand it can be ftted with an oprier, making mounting easy. tional external battery pack for With ease, however, comes even more additional onboard some challenges. You have to storage and more memory (16GB) clip it so it is oriented correctly than previous Vievu models. It or it may not capture the action captures video in either high defnition (1280x720) or stan- in front of you. If you have a vest carrier over the shirt, then dard defnition (848x480) through a 68-degree feld-of-view the rigid panels may cause the camera to cant to one side. lens. Some experts say this feld of view is best for forensic Tere's no display on this unit (or any other body-worn video. camera at this point), so you have to eyeball it to make sure One of the strong points of the LE3 is its simplicity and it is oriented properly. ease of use. Like previous Vievu systems, it's self-contained Batteries in any body-worn video system used in law enwith the battery, camera, and memory in one neat little forcement have to be able to handle about a 10-hour shift of package. Tis can be seen as an advantage over other body- recording contacts and standing by. Te LE3 has improved worn cameras because there are no battery life over the LE2, ofering VIEVU wires to manage and it takes up no about fve hours of recording time LE3 ON-BODY VIDEO SYSTEM room on the gun belt. Te 68-degree with the internal battery. If you get the • Selectable HD (1280×720p) or widesfeld of view isn't ultra wide, but it does optional high-capacity battery pack, creen SD (848×480p) resolution a nice job of capturing what's in front it can record up to 12 hours of video. • Enhanced image quality and low-light of you. Standby time is never an issue with capability • 5-hour record time with internal battery, Quality expectations must be temany system, unless you go for many 12 hours with optional battery pack pered when using such small camera days without charging it. • 16GB of internal memory systems, but the LE3 captures quite One of the biggest concerns for • Mute functionality good quality video and audio. Te digany agency that is evaluating an of• Local time or GMT date-and-time stamp ital fles far exceed the quality needed fcer-worn video system is the back• Digital signature security to document the actions and sounds of end software for managing the feld • 68-degree feld of view a police contact. videos. Vievu's Veripatrol software • Waterproof (IPX5) Another thing I like about the Vievu is easy to install and use with an in• Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, LE3 is its ease of use. To turn it on, all tuitive interface that doesn't require and 8 DIMENSIONS: 3x2.1x.85 inches you have to do is slide open the lens much orientation to get up and runWEIGHT: 2.8 ounces cover. Tis slide-to-open "on switch" ning. Te video is recorded in MPEGPRICE: $899 provides the user with a no-look way of 4, H.264 AVI fles that are easy to ensuring that the camera is on, which age in the software. Tey are recorded 138


For more cop-tested reviews of current products go to

Police Product Test with an embedded date/time stamp. Te software is designed to securely manage fles until they are uploaded into secure storage. In addition, a recent partnership between Vievu and Net Transcripts lets Vievu users quickly upload encrypted crime scene footage or interviews and request transcription for fles stored in the database. Body-worn video cameras are still being refned, with each generation better than the last. And it's important to remember that no one company ofers the best product for all situations. Like anything else, there are compromises that have to be considered. Te strengths of the Vievu LE3 are its solid performance and simplicity of use. Tat's important when you are talking about a system that is with an ofcer 40 hours or more a week. Tere are also some weaknesses as well. Te mounting system isn't the best available, and the ofcer has to monitor where the camera is pointing to ensure it is capturing the right scene. But the mounting system isn't all bad. Unlike some other ofcer-worn video units, it clips on your shirt and is ready to go in seconds. Other systems may have better mounts, but they have wires and separate battery packs that have to be managed and can get in the way. With the LE3, Vievu has made solid improvements to its video and audio quality, addressing a common complaint for these small cameras. Low-light performance is also very good, as the hardware and software work well together to limit noise in low-light situations.

425 INC. GUARDIAN ANGEL LED LIGHT • Visibility certifed up to 2+ miles utilizing LED lights rated up to 930 lumens per LED • Multiple lighting functions for front, rear, and nearly 360-degree visibility • Easily accessible • Sealed, rechargeable battery for up to 93 hours of continuous use • Water resistant, durable • Medical card included with every unit WEIGHT: 6 ounces, approximately PRICE: $199.95



Te Vievu LE3 lists for $899. Veripatrol is free for all Vievu customers. Vievu also ofers what it calls the Straight Shooter 25 plan, which allows agencies to pay $25 per month per camera. Te Straight Shooter 25 plan includes—in addition to the camera—Veripatrol secure fle management software with in-car mobile viewing and free cloud storage access. —Mark Clark



very once in a while a new "gadget" comes along that makes me scratch my head. OK, it is more often than that, but for every 10 new ideas that come across my desk, there might only be one that I feel has merit. A few months back one of these new gizmos, dubbed the "Guardian Angel" from 425 Inc., arrived, and once again I was a little puzzled. Before I explain what it does I need to describe what it is. Te Guardian Angel is a slim-profle, personal LED light system, designed to be mounted to virtually anything thanks to the variety of accessory mounts. It is rechargeable, very durable, and available in a variety of colors and light patterns. It is a little wider than a deck of cards and only slightly heavier but provides a ton of bright light. Confused? Stay with me here. Te version 425 Inc. was gracious enough to send me featured the magnetic mount option with a row of red and blue LEDs on each side (front and back) that wrap around the sides, with a single white LED in the center of each. Tere are two additional white LEDs above the aforementioned two that face up for additional visibility. All of these lights are operable in a few diferent ways via fve durable,

rubber-clad buttons. Te red and blue LEDs have an alternating fash pattern and can be operated one side at a time or both sides at once (frst two buttons). Tis could be useful in crowd or trafc control situations or even as a small "light bar" for ofcers on bicycle or horseback. Te single white LED (third button) can be activated alone as a reading light or paired with the fashing red and blues for added efect. Te fourth and notably largest button activates everything at once in a circular fashing pattern. Tis would be ideal as a "distress signal" for ofcers in large crowd situations or even those working in a search and rescue capacity. Button number fve allows the user to choose between two levels of intensity for everything above. 425 Inc. ofers a belt clip, shirt clip, bike mount, window mount with suction cup, or a magnetic mount to accommodate almost any mounting application. After playing with the Guardian Angel for almost a month I noticed a few things. First, the battery was still going strong, and considering I dropped it more than once, the durability was obvious. And second, my initial confusion as to what the Guardian Angel was supposed to be wasn't because it didn't serve a purpose, it was because it serves several. If you are an ofcer or even an agency with a need to add bright, durable, rechargeable, and extremely versatile emergency lighting to almost anything I strongly suggest you pick up a few of the Guardian Angel systems and put your imagination to work. It'll likely solve more than one of your lighting needs. —A.J. George



nyone who has worn the uniform will tell you good boots are worth their weight in gold. If your feet aren't happy it can make for a miserable shift and a more miserable ofcer. Bates is one of the most well-known boot makers around and offers several diferent styles to suit almost any mission. One of the company's newest is the Delta Nitro series. Mine arrived in the 8-inch size with the side zipper, which I feel is the best confguration for patrol

duty use as the extra height provides additional ankle support and the side zipper makes suiting up a little easier. Right out of the box I was impressed with the styling and construction of the Delta Nitro boots. Tey start with thick rubber soles with aggressive tread, move up to a sturdy leather lower, and end with a thick padded nylon upper. Te laces are robust and make cinching them up a, well, you know. Having owned Bates boots before, I ordered "my" size and they ft perfectly. Bates seems to do well standardizing their sizes across their model line. Tis is a nice feature if you like the brand as it may save you some time hunting for your size at the uniform store. Te Delta Nitros also feature Bates' iCS+ adjustable comfort system, which is basically a cushioned disk in the heel that can be rotated to adjust the support and feel of the boot. It is a nice feature and allows the wearer to achieve a custom ft without buying extra insoles or orthotics. I didn't give these boots the normal "break in" period; instead, I rolled the dice and immediately put them on for a full 10hour duty shift. Te ft was just about perfect and there was ample room between

BATES DELTA NITRO 8" SZ BOOTS • Durable full-grain leather and nylon upper • iCS+ adjustable comfort technology • Breathable Lining • YKK nylon side zipper • Cushioned EVA midsole • Slip-resistant rubber outsole • Cement construction PRICE: $149.95

the eyelets to tighten them if needed. Tere are just a few things I think could use some tweaking. Te nylon YKK side zipper works well but is a little thin and I question its ability to hold up over time. My bigger complaint is the speed-lace hooks on the upper portion of the boot. Although they work well to get the boots nice and tight, they don't work well with a side zipper design. Te reason I want a side zipper is to allow me to lace the boots once and then take them on and of repeatedly without having to mess with the laces again. With this design, as soon as the boot is unzipped, the pressure on the laces is released and they come undone. I found myself ignoring the side zipper from this point forward and just laced them up the old-fashioned way. Once I sorted out the laces I began my walk to the briefng room and was sold after only a few steps. Te Delta Nitros are extremely comfortable, fexible, and supportive without the need for insoles or breaking in, something few boots can claim. Tey do this and still maintain the feel of a real boot, not the running shoe character found in some of the newer styles. Although there is value to athletic shoe comfort, I prefer a true pair of boots because I feel they provide better protection, last longer, and look more professional. At the end of my shift my feet were cool, dry, and most importantly still happy. I wore the Delta Nitros for over a month and they have held up well. A few coats of polish have kept them looking new and they're still as supportive as the day I took them out of the box. If you're looking for a new pair of real boots with out-of-the-box comfort, try on a pair of the Bates Delta Nitros. You'll be glad you did. —A.J. George

A.J. George is a sergeant with the Scottsdale (Ariz.) Police Department currently assigned to the advanced training unit as a frearms and tactics instructor. He has almost a decade of law enforcement experience in patrol, feld training, and trafc enforcement. Mark Clark is a 27-year veteran police sergeant. He has served as public information ofcer, training ofcer, and as supervisor for various detective and patrol squads.




THE "GET OUT OF JAIL FREE" ACT Some senators want to save money by letting really bad guys out early, but they aren't even considering how much that could cost you.


he introduction of the Smarter Sentencing Act of 2014 (S. 1410), perhaps more accurately titled "Te Get Out of Jail Free Act," has triggered a strong reaction from the law enforcement community.

2012, the budgetary skunk in the room is revealed. While drug ofenders consumed 30.2% of incarceration and supervised release costs, immigration ofenders siphoned 32.2% of it. Which of these groups presents the greatest risk to Te legislation seeks to slash mandatory minimum sen- public safety? Note: Te immigration ofender stats do not tences for drug trafckers who meet certain conditions. You include those arrested for greater ofenses such as drug and may ask, "What is the ostensible concern that prompted gun charges. For lower risk ofenders, supervised release is a this precarious legislation?" And I have a one-word answer. more cost efective option to incarceration. Money. Specifcally, the sky-rocketing costs associated with According to fgures put out by the Administrative Ofce prison overcrowding. of the U.S. Courts for FY11, the annual cost for the superWhile the cost of incarceration is a legitimate concern for vised release of one ofender is about $3,500. In contrast, the our legislators and government leaders, the answer to the annual cost to incarcerate one prisoner is about $29,000. problem should not be early reWhile focusing on cost issues, REDUCING DRUG TRAFFICKERS' the bill also ignores ofcer and lease for those who peddle death. Tis legislation is titled, "Te public safety concerns. Reducing SENTENCES WILL PROVIDE Smarter Sentencing Act," but what drug trafckers' sentences will THEM WITH MORE TIME TO great minds authored this "smart" provide them with more time to HURT LAW ENFORCEMENT idea? Neither the feld law enforcehurt law enforcement and the AND THE GENERAL PUBLIC. ment community nor representageneral public, both with the distive organizations were consulted tribution of drugs and by violence. during the planning phases of this Congress should have performed legislation. Which raises the question as to why the bill's a study to determine how many law enforcement ofcers authors dismissed the need to solicit the input of those who were assaulted or killed by criminals who were substance risk their lives arresting drug trafckers. Additionally, both abusers before contemplating putting them back on the chambers in Congress have law enforcement caucuses, street. Unfortunately, the bill's authors had other concerns. yet leaders of these caucuses were not asked to convene to In a May 12 Dear Colleague letter, Senators Grassley, Sesopenly discuss this issue, and that makes the process seem sions, and Cornwyn pointed out that in the federal system more suspect than it does "smart." mandatory minimums are used for high-level drug trafckAttorney General Holder recently convened leadership ers. To trigger a 10-year mandatory minimum, a trafcker from the national law enforcement organizations to dis- must possess at least one kilogram of heroin. Te bill missed cuss the budgetary impact of escalating prison costs. Using the signifcance of this point. pie charts, he illustrated how grant funding was severely So why do we need this bill? Contrary to what the bill impacted in the Department of Justice (DOJ) budget. For might suggest, the current system has prosecutorial fexexample, in FY 2000, 26% of the DOJ budget was allocated ibility to ensure prison space isn't wasted on low-level, lowfor state and local law enforcement grants; in FY 2013, it de- risk criminals. First-time, low-risk ofenders who cooperate clined to 8%. Tis downward budgetary spiral needs to stop, are eligible for "safety-valve" protection to avoid mandatory but it can be done without reducing mandatory minimum minimums. Even higher risk criminals may still be able to sentences for drug trafckers. Te sad irony is that reducing get below the mandatory minimum through cooperation. mandatory minimums for drug trafckers might allow DOJ Without a doubt, the escalating prison population needs to allocate more funding for grants, but it will also increase to be addressed; but not at the expense of ofcer and public the number of criminals on the streets and severely tap local safety. Congress needs to return to its drafting board and get police resources. smarter by involving law enforcement before it drafts a bill Looking at the U.S. Sentencing Commission report for FY to put criminals back on the street.





CAREERS IN HOMELAND SECURITY You can fnd high-paying jobs with high-level responsibilities working for the DHS. TRACY KELLER

ur nation’s security is a pressing concern for government ofcials and a top priority for local and federal law enforcement agencies. Professionals looking to make a big impact in the security feld will fnd careers in homeland security appealing to both their interests and career goals.


FINDING YOUR HOMELAND SECURITY NICHE The Department of Homeland Security is tasked with securing the nation from emerging threats and is guided by its founding mission to keep America safe. With approximately 240,000 employees, the Department of Homeland Security ofers diverse career opportunities that range from aviation and border security to emergency response, cybersecurity, and beyond. Te Department of Homeland Security separates its careers into four types of jobs that are all driven by the same mission: Protect the nation’s safety. • Mission support careers: Professionals with an interest in homeland security have many options for employment in this varied category of employment. Careers span the medical feld, human resources, fnance, science and technology, intelligence, planning and coordination, civil rights, fraud detection, and more. • L aw enforcement careers: Among the most commonly referenced careers in homeland security, federal-level law enforcement jobs require superior credentials, a solid background, and dedication. Tese professionals will be placed in positions of protecting national government fgures, including the president, vice president, and their families, along with heads of state and other dignitaries. Tese professionals can also discover careers securing national borders by land, sea, and air; leading interagency law enforcement training; and enforcing economic, transportation, and infrastructure security.



• Immigration and travel security careers: Te nation’s transportation systems have been on high alert since the 9/11 attacks. Te Department of Homeland Security places special emphasis on the security of transportation systems across the country and even abroad through heightened immigration restrictions and policies. • P revention and response careers: Protecting the public, environment, and U.S. economic and security interests from all hazards in any maritime region is the responsibility of professionals in many jobs that fall under this homeland security career category.

CAREERS FOR ALL EXPERIENCE LEVELS Professionals don’t need years of experience to garner a job with the Department of Homeland Security. Career opportunities abound for all reasonably qualifed professionals with a passion for protecting the interests of the public and the United States of America. • Entry-level opportunities: Current students or recent graduates can gain employment with the Department of Homeland Security through internships, fellowships, and training programs. Professionals are matched to various employment opportunities based on their interests and qualifcations. • S easoned professionals: Mid-career professionals looking to get more out of their jobs can fnd meaningful employment with the Department of Homeland

Security. Management positions are abundant within the various agency departments, and professionals are always needed with a relevant mix of on-thejob experience and security credentials, including a master’s degree in security policy studies. • M ilitary employment: Service to our country doesn’t have to end after the military. Active-duty service members and veterans are ideal employees for many of the open positions within the Department of Homeland Security. Te Department is actively recruiting military members for job openings now.

SALARY INFORMATION Homeland Security careers are broad and salaries range greatly. According to salary information from, the average annual salary for a homeland security professional is $69,000. Salary for these government positions is based on several factors, including education level, experience, and rank/classifcation using the GS scale salary system (every government employee is given a GS scale rank or classifcation). New employees can start on a higher scale with a master’s degree in security policy studies, criminal justice, or another law enforcement-related feld. Your level of education can greatly affect your salary. In addition to various graduate certifcates in security policy studies, Notre Dame College ofers a specialized master’s degree in security policy studies. For more information about a Notre Dame College online degree program in security policy studies, go to Tracy Keller is a seasoned writer with vast experience writing for higher education institutions across the country with a particular focus on criminal justice, nursing, and business.

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Magazine's April cover story

"Sounding the Alarm" is both insightful and relevant. It’s comforting to see the plight of the whistleblower within the law enforcement environment being addressed. Your article had me feeling that it was written with me in mind. It is a sad situation that the fellow LEO you are expected to place your trust in may not be as moral or honest as you believe. Clearly this message is not being taught and this gap in training needs to be addressed. Tanks for taking the enormous frst step in correcting this defciency by publishing your article. Bill Howard Unfortunately, when a good cop tries to

expose corruption in the upper echelons of his or her department, they are met with swift and severe retaliation. Troop Via

I have stuck my neck out several

times and almost had it chopped of as a result. For me it has caused much internal confict as I am moral and have a real problem with those who claim to be but are not. Ezekiel 17 Via

MOTORCYCLE TRAINING GOOD IDEA Law enforcement providing citizens a

motorcycle safety training program like the one Amaury Murgado detailed in his April Best Practices article is a good idea. Unfortunately, along the Emerald coast and Florida Panhandle a motorcyclist is killed every weekend. It's not always the biker's fault but they do have a high mortality rate, especially in the cities closest to military bases. Ima Leprechaun Via

ELDERLY DANGEROUS, TOO In reference to the news story "Texas Ofcer Shoots, Kills 93-year-old Woman," if someone is armed, threatening people, and refusing to obey ofcer instructions to put a gun down, the person's age or why they're upset don't matter. Ofcer Cuellar of the San Antonio PD was killed by a juvenile he arrested. Trooper Vetter of Texas DPS was killed by a 74-year-old man upset over being stopped for not wearing a seat belt. What really matters is if they're armed. Steve Rothstein

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E-mail: Fax: 310-533-2507 Mail: POLICE Magazine Attn: Letters to the Editor 3520 Challenger Street Torrance, CA 90503 Online:

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3M Traffc Safety & Security Division 73,102,118 425 INC. 118 4N6XPRT Systems 136 5.11 Tactical Series 131 911 Signal USA 118 AED Superstore 146 Amchar Wholesale 59,102,118 American Military University 19,102,118 Argus Thermal Imaging Cameras/e2v 75,102,118 Armor Express 71,103,119 Avon Protection Systems 13,103,119 Beechcraft Corporation 91,103,119 Blasters Tool & Supply Co., Inc. 119 BLI, Inc. 145 Blueguns 132 California Coast University 136 California State University, San Bernardino 103 Carlson Software 68 Cellebrite USA Corp. 54,119 Central Police Supply 141 Chinook Medical Gear, Inc. 119 Columbia Southern University 55,120 Cool Cop 146 D & R Electronics 96,104,120 DeSantis Holsters 7,104,120 Dickies Manufacturing Company 57,104,120 DoubleTap Defense, LLC 32,104,120 DutySmith 29,105,120 EOTech 92,105,121, Inc. 147 Eye Safety Systems/ESS 105,121,143 FARO 121 FNH USA, Inc. 3,105,121 Fobus Holster 40,106,121 Ford Motor Company 76-77 Fox Tactical 67,106,121 FreeLinc 132 G-Shock 43,106,122 Georgia Tactical Supply 122 GM Fleet and Commercial 1 HAIX North America, Inc. 20,106,122 Harley-Davidson Motor Co. 11,107,122 Harris RF Communications 31,107,122 Hogue Grips 61 Humane Restraint 122 Kel-Tec CNC IND, Inc. 89,107,123 Kershaw Knives 66 K.R.Nida Communications 147 L-3 Cyterra 81,107,123 LaSorsa & Associates 123 LEM Solutions 10,108,123 Liberty Ammunition 53,108,123 Liberty Art Works, Inc. 133 Looseleaf Law Publications, Inc. 87,108,124 M2 Inc. 146 Maelwear Industries, LLC 124 MAG Instrument, Inc. 65,108,124 Mako Group/E-LANDER MAGS 133 Mako Group/FAB DEFENSE 61 Mako Group/IDF HOLSTERS 123 Mako Group/MEPROLIGHT 41 Mathews Associates, Inc. 109 Mechanix Wear, Inc. 51,109,124 NACS Vehicles 58,124 National Law Enforcement Offcers Memorial Fund 148 Next Generation Tool Co. 147



16161 16620 16048 16706 16056 16500 16298 16133 16153 16085 16702 16583 16580 16720 16045 16113 16027 16268 16711 16561 16295 16044 16538 16201 16110 16712 16610 16051 16024 16173 16209 16245 16510 16573 16512 16060 16553 16202 16281 16066 16717 16239 16223 16097 16527 16001 16707 16218 16608 16228 16249 16721 16054 16529 16616 16714


Night Optics USA, Inc. Night Vision Depot NRA Law Enforcement Activities Division NRA Law Enforcement Activities Division NRA Law Enforcement Activities Division Occupational Health Dynamics/OHD Ocean Systems Ogre Manufacturing Original SWAT Footwear Orion Safety Products P & R Technologies, Inc. PawnSafeBox Penn State World Campus Piaggio Group Americas, Inc. Point Blank Body Armor/PARACLETE Police Magaine/ Police Magazine/ Progressive Microtechnology, Inc. RadarSign, LLC RAM Mounting Systems RedX Defense Reeves Co. Reveal Media Rio Ammunition SAS R&D Services, Inc. SAS R&D Services, Inc. Savage Range Systems Secure Vehicles Solutions SIG Sauer Silynx Communications Smart Digital Smart Digital Smith & Warren Southern Police Equipment Speer LE Spillman Technologies Steck Manufacturing Storacell Stratton Hats Streamlight SureFire SWAT FUEL Tactical Mic Klip Target Is Moving Taser International Team Wendy Tele-Lite, Inc. Ti Training Corp. Tremco Police Products USA TRU-SPEC by Atlanco, Inc. TRU-SPEC by Atlanco, Inc. TrueTech USA, Ltd. University of Louisville/Offce of Online Learning University of Phoenix Velocity Systems, LLC. Vigilant Video Visionations VizuCop Voodoo Tactical Waldorf College WatchGuard Video Westward Industries Winning Mind Seminars Zebra Mats Zero Ammunition ZetX Corporation



98,109,124 83,109,125 79 99,125 135 26 100,110,125 33,110,125 147 39,110,125 37,110,125 8,111,126 126 27,126 111 24,25,111,126 70 151 111 97,112,126 5,112,126 47,112,127 145 146 112 145 147 63,113,127 145 93,113,127 69,113,127 145 147 137 113 IFC 14-15,114,127 137 52,114,127 12,114,128 17,114,128 21,115,128 46 145 146 115,128,BC 48,128 94,115,128 115,129,139 116 23 116,129,IBC 129 116 35 116,129 49 117 95 45,117 101,129 9,117,129 117 60 30 146 85

16278 16292 16524 16555 16254 16094 16590 16068 16716 16065 16135 16505 16259 16722 16171 16147 16107 16723 16179 16182 16121 16703 16708 16282 16701 16713 16124 16704 16520 16079 16705 16715 16212 16724 16020 16592 16302 16542 16598 16139 16144 16146 16700 16709 16175 16078 16530 16007 16103 16291 16047 16725 16589 16726 16601 16727 16177 16503 16571 16034 16728 16165 16005 16710 16618






Ofcer/NTOA Active Shooter Trainer Wilmore (Ky.) P.D.

Commander, Special Operations and Training Federal Protective Services, DHS

Retired Detective Austin (Texas) Police Dept.

Detective and Crime Scene Investigator Boulder (Colo.) Police Dept.



Owner/Use-of-Force and Firearms Instructor Self-Defense Firearms Training




Retired Captain Los Angeles Police Department

Chief Ephrata (Pa.) Police Dept.

MARK STAINBROOK Assistant Chief San Diego Harbor Police

JOHN MEYER Owner and Founder Tactical Watreborne Operations

President/Director of Training Team One Network

SWAT Team Physician Palm Springs (Calif.) Police Dept.



Executive Director National Criminal Justice Training Council


Board Member National Rife Association

Ofcer Aurora (Ohio) Police Dept.


CHRIS ROOSEN Sergeant Community Afairs Supervisor Torrance (Calif.) Police Department

RICHARD VALDEMAR Retired Sergeant Los Angeles Co. Sherif’s Dept.


Lieutenant/Patrol Supervisor Brunswick (Maine) P.D.


Retired Homicide Investigator Miami-Dade Police Dept.

Executive Director School Safety Advocacy Council


JOHN VAZQUEZ Retired Lieutenant Elizabeth (N.J.) Police Dept.


Retired SWAT Ofcer LAPD

Sergeant/Field Operations LAPD

Deputy Chief Bloomingdale (Ill.) Police Dept.


DAVE YOUNG Director and Founder ARMA Training


Firearms Instructor/Advanced Training Unit Scottsdale (Ariz.) P.D.


Retired Lieutenant Montgomery County (Ohio) Sherif’s Ofce

Police Defense Attorney Retired Chief Punta Gorda (Fla.) Police Dept.

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COWBOY UP Make sure you're prepared to take the fght to Black Hat villains in case they "bushwhack" you. ONE OF MY FAVORITE GENRES has always been the Western. clearly portray good vs. evil. Show them a good B-grade I love a good Western whether it's a movie, television show, Western from the 1950s and see if they don't think the Black or book, with all the action and the archetypes they deliv- Hats are kind of cool. er. Usually, the Black Hats and the White Hats are clearly Few "horse operas" are made anymore, and when they defned, making most good cowboy stories solid morality are often the morality is downplayed or ambiguous. In fact, plays. Choosing which movie or hero is your favorite is a sort the modern cop drama is more likely to follow archetypical of Rorschach test about how you view the world and your models of good and evil. None of that changes my thoughts heroic archetype. From Matt Dillon to Paladin to the Lone about the modern ambush. You are one of the good guys, the Ranger, fction has brought us a variety of modern knights White Hats, and the motive of the evildoer is not important; riding around meting out justice and facing great threats. winning the confrontation is all that matters. Te one true villain who was beyond redemption in any John Wayne knew the canyon was dangerous and was Western was the bushwhacker, the back shooting coward ready. Our ambushes occur in a modern-day canyon of who waits in hiding for our hero to ride houses, vehicles, and woods, and we YOU ARE ONE OF THE also need to have the Duke's "always by and then ambushes him. Tis event WHITE HATS, AND usually occurs in the dangerous canyon prepared" mindset. Te heroes of the lands of the west, but can happen anyWestern didn't have body armor but THE MOTIVE OF THE where concealment provides the lowlife they always had their frepower. Do you EVILDOER IS NOT a chance to use his Winchester to kill have both? I know summer is hot IMPORTANT; WINNING always from long range. He kills from behind, but that body armor is part of your obliTHE CONFRONTATION gation to be prepared to bring Black Hats not facing the wrath of justice that our IS ALL THAT MATTERS. to justice. hero or heroine represents. From a very young age I was condiWe were always amazed, as children, tioned to see this as a truly debased, with our heroes' ability to shoot. Well, I cowardly scoundrel who is ultimately cast down for adjudi- think it is time to "Cowboy Up" and make sure you can get cation and condemnation by the deadly aim of one of the rounds on the bad guy quickly. Modern holsters demand good guys' .44 or .45 caliber instruments of justice. practice and those repetitions will make all the diference in Tis was the imagery that came to my mind while I re- the initial moments of an assault. viewed the Ofcers Killed summary for the last two years. Finally, we need to get our minds right about getting shot, Te number one cause of death by assault is the dreaded since the nature of an ambush gives the bushwhacker the ambush. Bushwhacked! I thought. I read the various ac- initial advantageâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;one that we will have to fght through. counts and was stunned by the numerous ways killers and After interviewing dozens of ofcers who have won a conwould-be killers ambush law enforcement ofcers. frontation after being shot in an ambush, the one common Some wait for ofcers to come into their houses. Others denominator I've found is they didn't quit, didn't stop fghtwait in their vehicle for ofcers to walk up or drive around ing, didn't surrender. Instead, they used their pain and anuntil they fnd an ofcer writing a report in his or her ve- ger as fuel to fght back and win the confrontation. hicle. Te canyons have been replaced by the suburbs, the So just for an exercise, on a day of in the next few weeks Winchester '92 replaced by the AK. But the evildoer is still take time to watch some classic Westerns. Tink of it as a rea cowardly bushwhacker who deserves the same fate as the fresher course in the clear defnition of good and evil, and ones from my favorite Spaghetti Westerns. how the hero never gives up. I have read a few articles that try to explain the causes for this type of predator in our society, but I just think they see Dave Smith is an internationally recognized law enforcement the world in a strange manner that could be understood if trainer and is the creator of "J.D. Buck Savage." You can follow we had a list of their favorite characters from movies that Buck on Twitter at @thebucksavage.




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