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Luxury Class Air Filtration The Valentino Beauty Pure Air Filtration unit is the Lincoln Town Car of dust vacuums. The unit is specifically designed to remove nail dust, acrylic odors, and harmful chemicals and was designed by veteran salon owner and founder of Valentino Beauty Pure, David Di Lorenzo, who came up with the design after he was bothered by the air quality in his salons. The Valentino Pure Air Filtration unit has a sleek design with built-in dappen dish holders and a brush to dust off the unit. It features an eco-friendly charcoal filter to capture odors and a powerful yet quite vacuum system to ensure that dust particles are swept quickly into the unit. For more information, go to

Layering Soak-Off Color Gels If you’re bored with just applying one coat of color gel and curing, try Entity’s One Color Couture Gels and its custom-mix combinations. Educator Lorena Marquez shows how many different shades can be achieved by starting with one dark color base, and then applying other Entity color gels on top of it. The farthest right photo shows three coats of Little Black Bottle with no layering, then the other tips use that as a base while layering on one coat of the specified color. 1. Three coats of Little Black Bottle with no color layering. 2. Fashion French Pink. 3. Posh n Pink. 4. Ms. Fancy Pants. 5. Holo-glam It Up. 6. Under The Lights. 7. Denim Diva. 8. Posh Pixie. 9. All Made Up. To properly layer the gels: Cure each layer of the darker colors for three minutes in a UV Lamp or 30 seconds in an LED Light. For light to medium colors, cure each layer for two minutes in a UV Lamp or 20 seconds iin an LED Light. ore information, go to For more 4 3 2

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Nails Magazine October 2011  

Magazine for the professional nail industry.

Nails Magazine October 2011  

Magazine for the professional nail industry.