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76 Demos Step-by-steps from LCN and Angel Love 80 Signature Services Step-by-steps for a Pumpkin Pedicure and a Strawberries & Cream Spa Pedicure 84 Behind the Scenes Find out how to do the nails that are on this month’s cover. 86 A Vibrating Nail? Learn how to use simple, small, and inexpensive electronics to make a fun nail art design that really shakes.

108 Reader to Reader Other than money, what would motivate you to work harder at your current salon? 110 The Big Pitch When you meet someone who is a potential client, what do you say in a minute or less to introduce yourself as a nail tech? 114 Nail Techs Don’t Let Nail Techs… See what your colleagues think you shouldn’t let other nail techs do. 118 Salon Profile Gloss Nail Spa was the first business to open in a newly developed Milwaukee neighborhood.

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94 Nail Art Studio Step-by-steps on new nail art designs 96 The Jewelry Nailist: Fumic Sueyoshi This New York City-based nail tech combines jewelry, nail art, and creative energy to produce stunning nail masterpieces. 100 Monster Mash Inspired by this ghoulish time of year, five nail artists show off their fun designs and devilish skills as a “treat” for you. 102 Boutique: Hair Feathers Removable and easy to apply, feather hair extensions give highlighted texture and personality to clients’ locks.

Health 127 130 Under the Microscope: Brittle Nails Sometimes called onychorrhexis or onychoschizia, brittle nails peel, split, and break easily. 132 It’s a Sore Subject Sometimes aches and pain seem like an unavoidable byproduct of doing nails. One nail tech disagrees. 134 Caring for Your Diabetic Client Make your salon a safe haven for clients with diabetes by learning a few simple steps of added protection. 136 Secret Ingredient: Base and Top Coats A closer look at what makes base coats and top coats work.

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Nails Magazine October 2011  

Magazine for the professional nail industry.

Nails Magazine October 2011  

Magazine for the professional nail industry.