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This year’s crop of top competitors hail from all over the world. Meet some of the other men and women who grace the Top 25 list this year and gain some insights into their professional and personal lives — and check out their beautiful handiwork.


Azumi Kanene Williams (Honolulu) Born in Osaka, Japan, Kanene Williams has been competing in the United States since 2007 and has been an ONS team member and educator since 2010. She recently opened a nail salon and school, called Azumi Nail, in Honolulu. Her favorite competition category is French Sculptured Nails. “There’s something alluring about such simple elegance that is also deceivingly complex to create,” she says. You may not know: > Kanene Williams’ salon houses a school designed for those who wish to become more successful compet tors. Eventually, she’d like to go to competitions with both her students and her employees. > She donated all her prize money from the ISSE Midwest Show to the disaster relief effort in Japan.

#4 Catherine Wong (Singapore) Wong is an award-winning international educator, judge, active competitor, publisher, and does product development for a manufacturer. To date, she has published six nail books and two designer nail instruction books sold internationally. Despite her international travel, she continues to play a key role in education for the nail industry especially in Singapore and Malaysia. You may not know: > She’s an economics graduate and a management major, and she worked in the corporate world for more than 10 years before pursuing a full-time career in nails. > She comes from a large extended family. Her paternal grandfather had eight brothers and eight sisters, so she has relatives all over the world. She is happily married with two children who are studying abroad in a boarding school in Australia.

#7 Ami McClure (Cape Coral, Fla.) McClure has been a nail tech for almost 20 years, a salon owner with her sister (#15 competitor Traci Dungan) for 12 years, and a nail competitor for more than 10 years. “I love what I do and competing gives me an opportunity to create art than can be more extreme and edgy than what I normally do in the salon.” You may not know: > She has been doing nails for all these years, yet she still can’t seem to run on time. > She is the craft queen. “I will try to make just about anything,” she says.

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Nails Magazine October 2011  

Magazine for the professional nail industry.

Nails Magazine October 2011  

Magazine for the professional nail industry.