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The Jewelry Nailist: Fumic Sueyoshi This New York City-based nail tech combines jewelry, nail art, and creative energy to produce stunning nail masterpieces. We love it when we find nail techs who truly put the art into “nail art,” and Fumic Sueyoshi is a true gem in this arena. She coined herself a “jewelry nailist,” and we think her nail creations rival those of any jewelry-maker out there. Her nail art combines color, texture, and movement to create edgy Sueyoshi yet elegant designs that incorporate Swarovski crystals, feathers, charms, and the occasional real gemstone. She runs a private salon in New York City, and you can see more of her work at

Q Where did you get the bulk of your nail art training? a Mostly in my native Japan. Nail art is extremely popular there,


and clients always want extra fancy embellishments. Japanese and U.S. nail art are very different, so I created a fusion style.

Q Can you tell us a little about your mentor, Yukako Tanimura? a Yukako Tanimura is a bonsai artist. She is the best I’ve ever seen.


I met her in New York City while we were both traveling, and later I visited her in Tokyo. Her talent is manifold: She makes jewelry and nail art too. At her place, she let me try to create nail art with her Swarovski crystal collection. I made some pieces and loved it.

Q Can you tell us about how developed your signature nail art style? a My designs are based on what I love: combining materials and


being creative. I’m always on the look-out for materials that can be used in my art. Even while traveling, I get pieces for my new creations. I love good quality pieces. It’s very important to me how expensive my nails look.

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