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Playful Pumpkin 1. Paint the free edge dark green to create a French. 2. Use an orange striper to create a pumpkin. Add two ovals for hands. Use a green striper to add a pumpkin stem and curly accent lines. 3. Use the green striper to create blades of grass. Add two white ovals for eyes. Use black to outline the pumpkin and to add a smile and other accents. Add white dots inside the eyes. Tanya Arcuri-Gout, Poland, N.Y.

Go Cats! 1. Use sparkly blue acrylic on the free edge to create a French. 2. Add a gold glitter smile line. 3. Finish the French with the pink of your client’s choice. Buff. Add a base coat. 4. Use gold acrylic paint to write “Cats” in cursive diagonally across the nail. Add gold beads in opposite corners of the nail. Brandy Williams, Glendive, Mont.

Trick or Treat 1. Apply silver glitter acrylic diagonally on the free edge. 2. Fill in the rest of the free edge with orange acrylic. 3. Apply pale pink glitter acrylic over the entire nail. 4. Use a striper brush and black acrylic to highlight the smile line and to the lines where the silver and orange acrylic meet. Cassi Banning, Tips and Toes Nail Salon, Great Falls, Mont.

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For more nail art step-by-steps, visit,, then click on Nail Art.


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Nails Magazine October 2011  

Magazine for the professional nail industry.

Nails Magazine October 2011  

Magazine for the professional nail industry.