Nine Mile Magazine Spring 2016

Page 29

Quraysh Ali Lansana basement blur: wisconsin in a basement with whiskey zeppelin II & cheeseheads drunk on hail mary. could start mess but outnumbered. this is not the underground hug i long for. very far away and not. milwaukee not norman. they are not the same. i was safe there. 2015 not 1985. kindred demographics in beer flannel & guitar music. white boy infatuation with black pain. another melaninless room. outside those purple walls, oklahoma history. inside we made our own. six years in a drunken cellar without cracker syntax. a brotherhood. mostly love down here. hate across street. klan on campus. a red-eyed reagan ache. here it’s packers & obama too long in charge. they okay with jay-z. sport green & gold not crimson & cream though just as fevered. fortune on the legs of black men they call nigga when game is done.

Nine Mile Magazine Vol 3 No. 2 - Page 29

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