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District 11 E2 D istr ict G over nor Gu s Ma lmb er g

Christmas Blessings .

Hard to believe, but the holiday season is in full swing. Hopefully, everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Safe travels to the snowbirds hat will be heading south for the winter. This is a very busy time of year for many of the clubs with fundraising, Christmas parties, and helping those less fortunate in our communities. First Lady Mary and I had the honor of attending the Rose City Lions “Evening of Giving”. Fifteen organizations were in attendance to receive donations from the club and had an opportunity to speak about each of their organizations and the impact on the community. I was really taken by the director of the Emergency Assistance Program. This program helps families in need with food, furniture, clothing, etc. It is run with basically two people that dedicates an untold number of hours to this cause. And, as this is the case with many charitable organizations, the demand is rapidly rising. Each of our communities has an organization like this, and it is very gratifying to see that the Lions of District 11-E2 is taking care of the need. As I have said before, it’s community first. Another important point that I noticed that night is that there was a strong collaboration between the organizations. Lions, Lioness, and Leo clubs should take the lead in this. We are the world’s largest SERVICE organization, and if we pool our resources, more people and families can benefit. In my remarks that night, I stated that we need more communication between organizations, but also between clubs. There are clubs that are more affluent than others. I believe that we develop tunnel vision to some degree. But, if we broadcast a request for assistance throughout the District, we can get a bigger bang for our buck. In the past several weeks, there have been news reports about some house fires. These families have lost everything, including their dreams. What have our clubs done to bring some assistance to those affected? What about the family that can’t afford a Christmas tree or gifts for the children? We do have the means and compassion to help. It’s what Lions do! The one thing that I have learned in our relatively brief time living in northern Michigan, is that the people here are a very proud lot, and don’t typically ask for help. That’s why we have to work with schools, churches, organizations, and agencies to see if we can offer assistance in some manner. Therefore, I am asking clubs that need help, get the word out, and I know that other clubs will come to their aid. We can make a difference in someone’s life. At this time of year, there are many Christmas movies being broadcast. One of my favorites is “November Christmas”. It’s a story about a young girl that is battling cancer. The impact of this movie is that the neighbors and community come together to make sure that this little girl enjoys Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas weeks before their dates. Isn’t this what Lions do? Isn’t this what we’re all about? If you have the opportunity, please watch the movie and I guarantee it will bring a tear to your eye. To all the Lions, Lioness, Leo’s, Military, and their families, we wish you a blessed and joyful Christmas. … and she brought forth her first born Son and laid him in a manger that he may bring Peace, Love, and Joy to all mankind through out the world… God Bless each and every one of us. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Yours in Service, DG Lion Gus & CS Lion Mary DG E-mail: CS E-mail:

Address:3340 Birchwood Trail Rogers City, MI 49779 DG Gus’ Cell:586-913-6487 CS Mary’s Cell: 586-770-8545

December 2013 Volume 1, Issue 6

Inside this issue: DG Gus Malmberg 1 1st VDG Article


2nd VDG Article


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Visually Impaired Scholarship App.


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District Governor Gus Malmberg 1st District Governor Mike Brown lionhunter 2nd District Governor Barb Durflinger IPDG Lynne Jauss Cabinet Secretary Mary Malmberg memalmberg1@aol,com Cabinet Treasurer Tom Otto District Editor PDG Mitch Smith

Greetings Fellow Lions and Lionesses, I take great pleasure in writing this to you at this time. I have just returned from the Lions Leadership Graduate Program at the R. A. MacMullan Conference Center in Roscommon on beautiful Higgins Lake. I believe that anyone interested in improving their leadership abilities and skills should attend, at least, the Leadership Program in the future. What an awesome beginning to managing your club as President, Secretary, and or Treasurer. All of you are aware there is a shortage of Lions stepping up and taking the leadership role in your club and in the District. Many of our Lions that have served as leaders are still leading in one capacity or another, time and time again. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for assisting me on my track to District Governor. The list is too long to mention here and you know who you are. I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to you all. Please consider supporting your club in a leadership role. Everyone has different ideas and this can only make us stronger utilizing these different leadership abilities. It is a busy time of year for us all with Thanksgiving already passed as of this writing. I hope everyone had an awesome Turkey Day! I have been visiting the area watching the preparations for wintertime fundraising! I hope you enjoy the pictures? I was only able to get to Charlevoix where I work and to East Jordan where I live and my goodness Lions were busy everywhere! Christmas is on its way and then New Years. How time flies when you are busy with Community Christmas Basket programs, Food Pantries, and Secret Santa’s for your community. It is what we are all about. Isn’t it a great feeling doing so much for your community? We Serve! May you make many smiles this Christmas! Lion Kim and I take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you the Merriest of Christmas and the brightest of New Years!

1st VDG Mike Brown

It takes Lions to do these projects and there seems to be a lot of them!

Volume 1, Issue 6

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Dear Fellow Lions,

lived up to that reputation. If nobody from your club has I recently returned from the Michigan Lions Leadership Institute held at Higgins Lake every year. What a gone yet, make plans now to great time! I spoke to a couple people who had previ- send someone next year. Let’s try to get at least one person ously attended, and they both asked me if I had fun, there from every club. This and how did I like the food. The answers to the questions are, yes, what a blast it was. And I was so happy year four clubs from 11-E2 were represented, so we need to when I got on the scale to find out that I had only gained two pounds. The only negative for me was the make an effort to improve that early mornings, but I survived that. Those of you who next year. It will help us all know me well know I am not a morning person. When with building stronger clubs the phone rings at 9:30 AM most people start out with and a stronger District. When “Did I wake you?” and often the answer is yes. But all we do those things, it enables our clubs to better serve our communities, which after all is what Lionism is all kidding aside, it was a very rewarding experience. about. The classes run from noon Friday through noon Sunday, and boy is there a lot of stuff crammed into those Remember that I need your club’s applications for the District Melvin Jones award as soon as possible. The two days. There were 100 students, 70 or so in the deadline is December 31, but the sooner the better. Leadership course and the rest in the Graduate and Masters courses. I will definitely attend the Graduate They need to be distributed to the committee members course next year, and I would heartily encourage EVE- for consideration, and it does take time to get the RYONE to attend this Institute. It is designed not just award ordered, so please look around your club, and get a candidate’s name submitted. Application forms to help you be a better Lions leader, but also a better leader, team member, and family member in everyday are available on the District website, or let me know, and I will be happy to get one out to you. life. The instructors and materials are great. From a Lions standpoint it is helpful not only to you as a club I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, and that all leader, but as a club member. It was interesting to of you hunters out there were successful. Have a wonspeak to other Lions and hear about what their clubs derful Christmas! are doing. The interaction gives you great ideas for projects and fundraisers that can be taken back to your club. Our Michigan Leadership Institute is known as one of the best, if not THE best in the country, and it

2nd VDG Barb Durflinger

Alpena Lions Club New location for the Alpena Lions Club meetings is JJ’s Restaurant 411 S Second Ave, Alpena MI 49707 Dear Medical Assistance Committee and all the Lions of District 11 E-2 Thank you so much. My life has been changed for the better. My whole world has opened up to me that I didn’t realize how much I was missing. God bless you and all the Lions Club folks.!

LCI Waives $25 Entrance Fee for Veterans. Under the “Involve a U.S. Veteran” program, Lions Club International is waiving the standard $25 entrance fee for any U.S. vets joining a Lions Club. This program will run for 2 years, through June 2015.

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District 11 E2

2014 Michigan Forum “Follow Your Dream” February 14-15, 2014 Returning to the RAMADA HOTEL, LANSING, MICHIGAN It’s never too early to plan for the Michigan Forum! Save the date now and make plans to attend the 2014 Lions Michigan Forum in Lansing. Bring your entire Club for this educational and informational, first-class event. The MI Forum Planning Committee is working hard to bring you the latest hot-topics, sure to enhance your Lions Club. Breakout sessions under consideration include:

         

Lions Quest Running Effective Meetings Roberts Rules of Order Michigan Gaming Commission Reading Action Program Hearing Aid Assistance Programs Women in Lions Attracting Younger Members into your Club Building Club Membership Leader Dog Kennel Project

Entertainment at the Michigan Forum has always been a highlight, and the committee is planning to continue this tradition in 2014. Selection will be made soon! Due to the combination of Valentine’s Day and President’s Weekend, the hotel has advised us that space will fill up quickly. Reservations should be made well in advance to guarantee overnight accommodations. Watch for complete details on hotel reservations. White Cane supplies will again be available for pick-up at the Forum. We are asking that you pay for your White Cane supplies in advance. As always, you save on shipping by picking up supplies at the Forum. Complete order form and instructions are located on the website.

The Oscoda Lions Club build another Handicap ramp for a resident of Oscoda Township. Over the years they have build approximately 10 Handicap ramps for needy people in the community. This is a very heart warming project because it's hands on and they get to meet the people they are helping, plus seeing the good work they accomplish. Pictured are Lions Tony Priebe and Chuck Andrina and behind the camera is Lion Lewis Moeller. Page 4

District 11 E2

Rose City Lions Rose City Lions hosted an "Evening of Giving" November 12, 2013 for the Rose City area non-profit organizations. The evening began with refreshments and dessert for all. Then each organization was presented a Certificate of Appreciation for all the work they do with their activities that supports the Rose City area. The Rose City Lions presented each representative with a monetary award to support the endeavors of each organization. Present were representatives from Boy Scouts-Girl Scouts-Cub Scouts. Also Emergency Assistance Program-Leader Dog for the Blind--Rose City Historical Society--Area 4 Special Olympics-Rose City/Lupton Summer Ball League--Ogemaw District Library--Paws with a Cause--Knights of Columbus #8948 for the food truck--Michigan Eye Bank--Hospice of Helping Hands-Lions of Michigan Foundation and the River House Shelter. During the evening each guest shared highlights of how their organization helps the community. When the evening was complete Rose City Lions awarded over $5000 to the organizations to help in their activities. Rose City Lions also prepared over 25 Thanksgiving food baskets to share with community families in need.

Houghton Lake Lions The Houghton Lake Lions hosted their 44th annual Halloween Party at Bobcat Stadium. Several local organizations also volunteered to help with over 1,850 people attending the event. In addition to fire trucks, candy and games, there is a bicycle raffle. Pictured above are Lion President Marc Milburn, Secretary Fred Chidester, and Treasurer Sandy Egbers with Jozlyn Ciaramitaro and Christopher Edwards, winners of Huffy bikes donated by Walmart.

WHITE CANE SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS NOW BEING ACCEPTED The Lions of Michigan White Cane Committee will award three, $3,000.00 scholarships in 2014. The White Cane Scholarship is open to all students who are legally blind and are currently attending or accepted by an accredited trade or business school, college or university. The winners will be announced at the Michigan Forum, to be held on February 15, 2014, at the Ramada Inn, Lansing, MI. If you know of a deserving student or of educators who will benefit from this information, please refer to the website at for complete details. DEADLINE TO APPLY: DECEMBER 31, 2013 APPLICATION FORM CAN BE FOUND ON THE NEXT TWO PAGES

Volume 1, Issue 6

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District 11 E2

Volume 1, Issue 6

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District 11 E2 Membership Club Anniversaries

Opening Balance Added Members Dropped Members Closing Balance Net Gain/Loss

Beaverton Lions Club—70 years Chartered December 8, 1943 Hillman Lions—33 years Chartered December 8, 1980

This Month

This Year

1,155 13 8 1,160 -5

1,165 47 52 1,160 -5

District Lioness Corner by Lioness/Lion Liaison Carole Schultz


District Mourns the loss of fellow Lions Robert Young—Grayling James Cook—Harrisville (Names will be shared as they get reported to LCI)

We each have so much to be thankful for. We are able to Serve many in our communities who are in need. Especially, at this time of year, as we are busy with all that we do to prepare for Christmas. Baking, sending cards, sending packages, decorating, wrapping gifts, all will occupy our time. We are looking forward to the many Parties and Gatherings with friends. There is still much for Lions and Lioness to continue to do for those in need. PDG Wayne and I wish each of you a warm, safe Christmas Season, filled with love, family, and friends. God Bless Each of You. We will see you January 11, 2014, in Grayling.

BEAVERTON: Donald Maxwell / Sponsor: Brian Rowland BELLAIRE: William Smith / Sponsor: Norbert Kollin ELLSWORTH: Stephen Bumbaugh Jr. / Sponsor: David Heeres Bob Worgess / Sponsor: David Heeres HARRISVILLE: Paul Masterson LEWISTON: Douglas Cady / Sponsor: Roger Cohoe OSCODA: Julie Burrell / Sponsor: Jane Meyer

That’s How “WE SERVE”

ROSE CITY: Donnis Reese / Sponsor: Sandra Bean TAWAS AREA: James Alvey / Sponsor: Robert Primm Mark Ferguson / Sponsor: Stephen Ferguson Bradley Kloska Dr. / Sponsor: Robert Primm Kenny MacDonald / Sponsor: Robert Primm Mike Busch / Sponsor: Mark Elliott

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District 11 E2

AU GRES: Held a combined meeting with the Au Gres Lioness to meet and hear 2nd VDG Barb Durflinger. A total of 27 Lioness and Lions were in attendance. CHARLEVOIX : Set up the equipment for the Red Cross Blood Drive at the Community Reformed Church . ELK RAPIDS: Collected 750 pairs of eyeglasses from the community. ELLSWORTH: Contributed to Ebenezer Christian School to replace old classroom doors with security doors. GRAYLING: Donated to Typhoon relief, gave out free frames for photos for children who had their photos taken with Santa at the annual Grayling Christmas walk. MIO: Collections from Lion mints, and ink cartridge recycling OSCODA: Provided funds to purchase food for school back pack program so students have food for the weekend, provided food for thanksgiving baskets for needy, donation for Coats for Kids, funds were given to fix flooring St John Homeless Shelter, two Lions built this railing and safety rail on porch and steps, provided propane to needy household and a pair of boots for a homeless person. ROSE CITY: Hosted an "Evening of Giving" for the Rose City area non-profit organizations

& December 6-7—Council of Governor’s Meeting, Lansing January 11—Cabinet Meeting 10 AM, Ramada Inn, Grayling February 14-15 - Lions of Michigan Forum—Lansing May 2—Cabinet Meeting 4:30 PM, Ramada Inn, West Branch

From the District Editor Please submit any and all stories or updates to PDG Mitch Smith, and let's try our best to have EVERY club in our district submit at least one story this year Please send them me; So let’s hear about your club and what it's been up to! Let's hear about your members your raffles, fundraisers or upcoming events. Lions Lets ROAR! Send your club’s stories and pictures. Also, please remember all State "Lions Pride" newsletter stories MUST be submitted through our district Editor, NOTHING sent directly to the state will be make it into their newsletter it must be submitted to our editor first.

December 2013 Newsletter  

December 2013 Newsletter

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