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Strategic Plans 2012

Bob Gilliver

MBA Executive Summary •

The MBA underpins the IGSB Without a successful MBA, there is no IGSB The MBA pays 90% of all our salaries The MBA is not a product we intend to use as a growth product We will keep improving the quality of the MBA, so it stays contemporary. As a School, we seek new growth from new initiatives, other than the MBA

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A B M e d i a l e d A he • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

4 Annual Intakes 300 active students at all times Recruit 150 new students per year Retain 5-Stars Stay in BOSS “Top 10” Update core courses regularly Offer new Electives regularly Two International Visitors annually Add Value for students Conduct Career Workshops Conduct Visiting CEO Program Active MBA Advisory Board Professional Devlpt Workshops Introduce MBA Citizenship Award Introduce MBA Scholarship Revitalise teaching facilities

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Online MBA

• • • • • • • • • •

nts per year e lm ro n e e rs ut 800 cou Currently abo 00 in 2012 9 to is th w ro G in 2013 0 0 0 1 to is th Model rd a o Grow B n io s s u om Disc Move away fr t TV model e rn te In n a s design this to S IT Move toward e id ts u o ce from o aterial on vide m re o m Seek assistan g in begin record m ri te in e th In ching staff a te m o fr ts s a nrichment e e More podc rs u o c r fo witter” More use of “T ing “hybrid” MBAs do More students

vat e o n n i t s u m BA M e n i l n O e h T del, and o m V T t e n r Inte ards an w to e v o m to g model id r b y h a o Begin plannin d students to e r o m e g a r u enco

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Jiangxi Univ ersity of Fina nce & Economic s, Nanchang

SWJU South-West Jiatong University, Chengdu • • • • • • • • •

12 course MBA, no electives Entrepreneurship compulsory MRC is compulsory Delivered in Mandarin Each course is 24 hrs Face2Face New Agreement starts 2011 Waiting for MOE approval Fee is RMB95,000 (55% to UniSA) 4 Intakes already done since first started in 2008)

Operative sin ce mid-2008 Initial 4-year te rm • 12 course MB A, no elective • s Entrepreneurs hip is compulsory • Strategic Qua lity Managem ent is compulsory • Delivered in C hinese langua • ge UniSA teach 6 c o u rs e s . • JUFE teach 6 courses • Students do 2 courses per te • rm Students finis h MBA in 18 months • Each course is 24 hours Face2Face • One Annual In take min 80; m ax 100 • Fee is RMB 6 5,000 (55% to UniSA) • Now up to Inta ke 5 •

Our strategy is to hold these 2 Programs at current levels, but improve the quality of both Programs by more diversified marketing to attract higher calibre students, and more training of locally based Course Facilitators to narrow the gap in overall grade levels between CMBA classes, and local MBA classes.

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MBA BA M g n o K Hong r partner with ou

s n i k p o H n Group Educatio

Hopkins Model • • • • • • • • •

“In 2012, our objective is to complete the changes arising from the 2011 Review….all with the objective of lifting Quality”

5-year Agreement 4 Intakes per Year About to start Intake 16 40 students per Intake 250 students at all times Rolling Timetables Large Class Sizes Online Delivery Optional Tutorials

Major Recommendations • • • • • • •

Reduce Grad Cert Entries to 25% Undertake Corporate Marketing to lift student quality Interview students to assess English Language skills Shift more responsibility to tutors for managing Discussion Boards Course Facilitators to “Skype” in to first Tutorial in each delivery Increase fees by 10% Quarterly Information Sessions

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MBA Growth Products

Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Business Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (Beijing)

New Corporate MBAs

Santos MBA

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Financial Strategy MBA

..... & the IGSB

The existing University Financial Systems provide no meaningful data to enable the Program Director to financially manage the MBA, either in relation to revenues or costs.

Dimensions of the MBA ●

Total Revenue $8m

Number of Students: 1,150

Delivery Modes: 6

Annual Course Deliveries: 120

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Financial Strategy MBA

..... & the IGSB

The key Performance Metrics we need, but don’t have • • • • • • • • • •

Monthly actual revenues by MBA Delivery mode Monthly actual costs by MBA Delivery mode Budgetted Fixed Costs by MBA Delivery mode Contribution margins by MBA Delivery mode Marketing costs per MBA enquiry Marketing costs per MBA conversion Average Teaching costs per delivery in each Delivery mode Assets Employed for the MBA by Delivery mode Return on Assets for the MBA by Delivery mode Cash Flows (including debtor levels) for the MBA

And then we can all smile….

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“The honour we enjoy as a 5-Star MBA, carries a burden of responsibility around quality….not just to maintain quality, but to be a market leader in the quality of everything we do, from the first contact with each potential student, right through to their life as an Alumni. To aspire to anything less than this quality goal, is to have failed”

Where do we stand on Quality GMAA 5-Star Ratings

Financial Review BOSS Rankings

Only 3 MBA Programs in all of Australia have stayed in the 5-Star Band, the last 4 years: • • •

UniSA University of Melbourne University of Queensland

Overall 6th in Australia

Did I like my School 3rd in Australia

Did I get a pay rise 7th in Australia

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Integrity of Marketing Materials

Teaching complaints <2 per Study Period

Enquiry Response times <24 hours

Feedback complaints <2 per Study Period

Application Processing <48 hours

Enquiry Response times <48 hours

100% website Accuracy

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MBA Marketing Strategy for the Adelaide MBA Brand Strategy


Flexibility Quality Application

Word of Mouth & Referrals

MBA Information Session Dinner

Relationship Marketing by PD

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MBA Marketing Strategy for the Online MBA Brand Strategy

MBA Expos

Flexibility Quality Application

Word of Mouth & Referrals

Virtual Information Sessions

Relationship Marketing by PD

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MBA Marketing Strategy for the Chinese MBA Partner decides Marketing Plans

Referred to TSS Annually

Referred to MDU For â&#x20AC;&#x153;reviewâ&#x20AC;?

Partner Marketing Activities

Applications to PD

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MBA New Marketing Strategy for the HKG (Hopkins) MBA New Brand Strategy New Direct Corporate Marketing (by PD)

Internet Advertising

Print Advertising


Email Mailing Lists

Relationship Marketing

Brochure Kit Mailed Out

Quarterly Information Session (PD)

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Growth S trategies Graduate for the Certificat e in Sust ainable Business

1. Develop a specific Value Proposition focused on Australiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s emerging Policy Debate around GHG, CO2, and Resource Taxes. 2. Focus that Value Proposition at Board Level 3. Initiate Corporate Marketing of the GCSB Product 4. Use the Online delivery mode as the USP

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Program Description Two intakes annually. Each Intake comprising up to 15 Santos executives and 5 participants from â&#x20AC;&#x153;relatedâ&#x20AC;? corporations. Program runs for 18 months

Special points of interest:

Market this to: ElectraNET

Mixture of online courses and intensive face2face courses.


Participants graduate with both: Master of Business Administration (UniSA), and Graduate Certificate in Energy and Resources (UCL) Cost is A$4,000 per course


Participants undertake two courses simultaneously

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Growth Product.. Corporate MBAs MBAs with a blend of our Core Courses, and Electives relevant to certain Industry Sectors. Electives may be offered by UniSA, or Partner Universities. Some options:

Mining Industry (ANU) Defence Industry (Cranfield)

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Special Projects (aka “Value Adds”…. around the MBA •

Experiential Learning • Board Observants • Consulting Projects • Industry Internships •

MBA Citizenship Awards

Mentoring Program

Visiting CEO Program

MBA Advisory Board

MBA Careers Workshops

MBA Professional Development Workshops

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Our greates …..our grea

Strategies for t Academic Leadership (Level E) •



Sustainable Business

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st resource… atest problem

the “Right Team” Professional Staff Stability •

Bi-lingual Program Management

Interest & Skills in Online Education

Corporate Experience/Focus

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Planning Day MBA IGSB

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