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What is The Importance of Search Engine Marketing? Search engine optimization is carried out in order to make the website easier to read for the search engine bots that scan the website in order to rank it and the users who visit the website for the content, products or services that it may have to offer. With the help of SEO, search engines can now understand what the content is about on a website and which users will find the information useful. SEO’s importance cannot be overemphasized. If there are no links or any other form of promotion or search engine marketing for the content on your website, then a search engine will not be able to list the content on the results list. And if it’s not there, then it is as good as non-existent. How can you become visible? SEO is not just carried out to create a website which will rank higher in the search results but also for the purpose of marketing. A website can be beautifully created with all the right features to engage a large visitor group, but unless it reaches the first page of the result lists on the SEs, it will remain hidden like a diamond before it is mined. Content can become visible only if it is promoted. How to SE algorithms work? SE algorithms work on the basis of relevance of the content to the keyword that is searched for and not the relevance that the content may hold for the users. The browsers are by themselves incapable of understanding the quality of the content. Human beings possess the ability to read and understand content and appreciate it for its intrinsic quality. A machine based algorithm is not able to do that and for this reason, a lot of good content is lost on the internet. What is the solution? The only way to make good content visible is by promoting it and sharing it. By exposing a truly interesting piece of content to a small group of people, there is the possibility of it spreading to a huge extent because people are always sharing interesting content amongst their friends on the social networks. search engine marketing helps generate popularity for the content and once that is done, the search engines do the rest of the work. They promote popular content of a good quality very efficiently even though they are not able to generate this popularity from the start. Once the content gets popular through marketing, it will automatically rise to the top of the SE results.

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