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How to Make Your Website More Google Search Engine Optimization Friendly? A website of any kind has its own content integrity. This integrity has to be maintained to preserve the website standard. On the other hand, to get optimized in any notable search engines, some particular guideline needs to be followed. But that doesn't mean one should compromise the quality and integrity of the website content to meet optimization requirement. Finding the perfect balance between the content quality of a website and meeting Google search engine optimization requirement is something that can only be done by professionals. If you are a small or start-up company with lots of time in hand and no budget in hand to pay for professional intervention, there are few basic things you can do for your website to make it more explore engine friendly. Title: Title of a page is the most important factor when it comes to SEO. The page title should describe precisely what is in the content and also needs to be unique. Your reader or any search engine trying to optimize your website will try to understand particular page content through the title of the page. Your title should contain one of the most common keywords related to the searching. Description: A description should be short and precise and totally content oriented. This description should be an accurate summary of the content of the page. Search engine takes the description of the page in account when it tries to optimize your website for related search result. In all probability, this description will be used by Google to provide a snippet view of your page content to the user. You want the user to find what they are looking for in this snippet of exploring result. Navigation & URL: An easy to navigate website makes visitors feel comfortable and at home. Google also finds a website with easy navigation structure more optimization compatible. Using descriptive and easy words in URL of every page is a very good practise as it becomes undoubtedly easy for search engine to relate to. URL should also be based on navigation structure as it will make it easy for a visitor to find it. Content building: A website content should always be well organized and in easy-to-read text. Content should have uniqueness and topic oriented. Calculating different possibilities of user query related to the topic of the content and integrating those query word strings in the content will ensure more visitors. Google search engine optimization puts maximum stress to the content quality and integrity when optimizing a website.

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