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Choosing A Chapter 13 Attorney If you file for Chapter 13, the bankruptcy law allows your attorney to charge you a fixed fee, which is determined by the bankruptcy court in the particular district where your bankruptcy is filed. Presently, however, the average fee is about 3,085 dollars. Your chapter 13 attorney Raleigh will probably expect you to pay a portion of her fee as well as the entire amount of the filing fee up front. Once you begin paying on your Chapter 13 reorganization plan, the rest of your attorney's service fee will be received through the plan. In other words, the trustee in your bankruptcy will give a portion of your monthly plan payments to your attorney. If you file for Chapter 7, you will probably be charged between 1,200 dollars and 2,000 dollars. However, according to a recent survey, some chapter 13 attorney Raleigh in most of the charge significantly more than — as much as 3,500 dollars. On the other hand, some attorneys reduce their fees when they represent elderly consumers or consumers who owe money to just a few creditors. Attorneys who are relatively inexperienced or who are practicing law in more rural areas of the country may also charge less. Today there are several number of lawyers are available on the market. However it is important to hire the best lawyer according to your situation and the type of case that you are involved or would like to file. It is important to do some background verification and research properly. For more information about chapter 13 attorney Raleigh, Bankruptcy Attorney Raleigh – Learn more

Choosing A Chapter 13 Attorney