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Top Wooden Flooring Solutions For Your Bathroom There are a plethora of wood flooring north London options offering a variety of flooring solutions which effectively makes it a one stop destination for all your flooring needs. Some of the most popular businesses located in North London are Flooring Solutions, Tudor Floorings, and Stonhard Floorings, all of which sell as well as install flooring for a reasonable fee. Let’s look at some of the flooring solutions available for wood flooring for bathrooms. •

Real Wood Flooring: Real wooden top-layer flooring is easily the most aesthetic as well as the most expensive flooring solution for your bathroom. Its seamless highquality finish places it a notch above laminated wood or engineered wood. However, it is particularly vulnerable to moisture and humidity which might make it a somewhat impractical flooring solution, especially for an environment like a bathroom. However, sealed wooden flooring solutions are also available which significantly reduce the chances of seepage of water. With the adequate degree of care and maintenance, sealed real wooden floors may be a fairly viable flooring solution.

Laminated Wooden Flooring: Laminated wood manages to overcome the problem of water seepage that real wood faces. It has a layer of extremely resistant melamine that prevents the entry of water. Moreover, laminates are only a fraction of the cost of real wood and are much easier to lie down. These days, laminated wooden floors look almost as good as the real wooden ones, only without the high sensitivity to water and humidity. Laminated wooden flooring is also much easier to clean that real wood. However, if the actual wooden chip base comes into contact with water, then it has to be replaced just like real wood.


Engineered Wood: Engineered wooden flooring solutions are becoming increasingly popular today. It basically has a plywood base that is essentially unaffected by moisture. However, it does not compromise on the aesthetics because the top layer of it is real wood. Some engineered wooden floors use a layer of synthetic vinyl compounds to make themselves completely water resistant. So, if you want the authentic wooden look in your bathroom floor, engineered wood flooring is the ideal choice.


Bamboo Flooring Bamboo wooden flooring is another popular bathroom flooring solution that several Northern London flooring businesses occur. Even though bamboo is technically a grass, it is still classified under the broad spectrum of wooden flooring. Bamboo flooring looks great in addition to being exceptionally water resistant. Moreover, its popularity is growing today because it is the most green and environmentally friendly flooring solution that is currently in use today.

As you can see, Northern London offers the widest array of wooden flooring solutions imaginable. Choosing the right flooring solution for your bathroom is of paramount importance because any kind of flooring is difficult to replace. Get free advice at For the people who care only about aesthetics, real wooden flooring might be perfect for them. Those who are price conscious might prefer to stick to laminated wooden flooring for their bathrooms. Again those who care about the environment might opt for bamboo wood flooring. There is clearly no such thing as one size fits all. To determine the wooden flooring solution that is perfect for you, you need to weigh several factors like the price point, sensitivity to water, availability, and ease of maintenance against each other and deliberate for a while.

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Top Wooden Flooring Solutions For Your Bathroom  

There are a plethora of wood flooring north London options offering a variety of flooring solutions which effectively makes it a one stop de...

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