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How Colocation Protects You from Data Theft Colocation is the process of storing one’s data in a data center on a rental basis by using the hardware and equipment of the center for a duration of a certain period of time that is decided on the basis of a pre-negotiated contract. So, colocation is basically the process of co-allocation of data to an alternate location. Data colocation centers offer cost effective data storage solutions for a plethora of companies and are becoming increasingly popular all around the world. Data theft is obviously a major concern for any mid-sized company and it has been known to give rise to some very famous lawsuits. Moreover, the number of instances of data theft has increased exponentially in the past decade and this trend is likely to continue. Consequently, organizations allocate substantial portions of their resources in feeble attempts to improve data security, usually to no avail. Organizations have been known to suspend massive amounts of money on employing security personnel and other security equipment. However, the lack of a coherent framework and massively inflated costs prevent them from being particularly effective. One of the principal reasons that account for their growing popularity and demand across the world is the fact that they practically rule out the possibility of data theft. To achieve this near impossible feat, data centers employ an extensive network of security personnel coupled with security cameras across the length and breadth of the facility. Most data centers use a two-way authentication procedure and provide their employees with unique ID cards to minimize unnecessary access to sensitive areas. Most modern day data centers have also been known to use bio-metric scans as they intend leaving absolutely nothing to chance. Even their own employees are kept under surveillance non-stop. In addition to this, the risk of data loss is minimized due to the redundant storage framework of such centers. This makes sure that your sensitive data can neither be stolen nor be lost. A number of companies are afraid of making the transition to using the data colocation centers because they still believe conventional storage solutions are viable and safe. However, this is no longer true. Times have changed, and with the changing times, data thieves have evolved ingenious techniques to infiltrate organizations and steal their data. Storing your data within the servers of your company or organization leaves it vulnerable to social engineers and data thieves, often with devastating consequences. It is not logistically possible for any organization or individual to implement the security protocols and procedures that data colocation centers use. It

is simply not feasible, whether it be for logistical reasons or financial ones. In fact, it is impossible for small business to allocate such massive portions of their limited resources to ensure data security and this is why they have started ‘co-locating’ their data to these data centers. Colocation data centers from ServerSpace or similar others are designed for the specific purpose of keeping your data secure and to do this they make use of a wide array of security tools and procedures. Furthermore, they provide this service at very cost effective rates which is dream come true for many IT companies. This is how data colocation keeps your data safe and secure while being cost effective to you and commercially viable at the same time.

How Colocation Protects You from Data Theft  

Colocation is the process of storing one’s data in a data center on a rental basis by using the hardware and equipment of the center for a d...