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A mans a man for a that, verse 1 Is there for honest poverty that hangs his head and a that, The coward slave we pass him by, we daur be puir for a that, For a that an a that our toils obscure and a that, The rank is but the guinea stamp the mans the good for a that. Verse 2 What though on hamely fare we dine, wear hodden grey and a that, Gie fools their silks an Knaves their wine, A mans a man for a that, For a that, an a that, their tinsel show an a that, the honest man tho eer sae poor, is king o men for a that. Verse 3 Ye see yon birkie cad a lord, wha struts and stares and a that, Tho hundreds worship at his word, hes but a cuif and a that, For a that and a that, his ribband star and a that, The man o independent mind, he looks and laughs at a that. Verse 4 A Prince can make a belted knight, a Marquis Duke and a that,

But an honest mans aboon his might, guid faith he mauna fa that, For a that, an a that, their dignities and a that, The pity o sense an pride o worth, are higher rank than a that. Verse 5 Then let us pray that come it may, as come it will for a that, That sense and worth oer a the earth,shall bear the gree an a that, For a that, an a that, its comin yet for a that, That man to man the world oer, shall brithers be for a that.

a mans a man for a that