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Fast in throughput, perfect in control


Cost efficient

Time savings

Measurement unit provides

Precise void detection leads

Automatic calculation of

operational data

to efficient paper usage

paper amount leads to improved labour efficiency

The solution for controlling material costs in high volume packaging operations

The AccuFill consists of an in-line measurement system which determines the exact amount of empty space in a shipping box. It then signals the FillPak converter to dispense the optimum amount of paper needed to fill up

Go Green

the empty space in that specific box, processing up to 10 boxes per minute.

Our company works with FSC certified

The products will be protected during shipment and arrive at their end

suppliers. Paper is climate neutral,

destination damage-free.

recyclable and also a renewable source.

Protection is in our nature

Specifications of the system Converter

Measuring unit


• Dimensions: 90x97x235 cm

• Width: 82 - 122 cm

• Base weight: 50 gr/m²

• Weight: 176 kg

• Depth: 35 cm

• Pack length: 500 m

• Power: 200 Watt

• Height: 214 - 249 cm

• Paper width: 76 cm

• Frequency: 50/60 Hz

• Weight: 100 kg

• Average pack weight: 19 kg • Average yield: 3 m³

• Speed: 0,8 - 1,2 - 1,4 m/s • Cut method: automatic

Our Added Value

Packaging Engineering

Integrated Applications

Packaging Training

Ranpak analyses and reports on your

The Ranpak Added Value department

Training from our packaging experts will

current packaging solution. The drop

can design structures, frames and other

help your packers to use up to 20% less

test shows exactly how much shock is

innovative solutions to integrate the

packing material, without compromising

transmitted to your products through

packaging converter anywhere around,

the quality of the packaging.

the packaging. Ranpak then suggests

above or under a packing area.

alternatives how to improve protection or save costs.

Successful in these industries






Toys & Sporting goods




Gourmet food

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Protection is in our nature

AccuFill (english)  

AutoFill brochure. AutoFill is an automated voidfilling system of Ranpak - the worldleader in-the-box paper packaging.

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