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Christmas in the Colonias

Born blind and mute.

We invited many of the special needs children we try to help. Thesetwo babies will soon receive life-changing surgery.

Jeff is not only an enthusiastic entertainer, volunteer, dancer and allaround good-guy, he is also a published author.


July, we often hear parents and children talking about the Christmas Party. It is more than the food, the gifts, the tree, the clowns and the fun. The parents often comment that it is difficult to believe that so many Americans send money to help people they do not even know. They marvel at people life Jeff and Elizabeth -who fly from New Jersey, rent a car in San Antonio to drive to visit them and entertain the children. They remember Paul and Margie, who come all the way from Colorado to show their love. They remember Steve and Don from Houston and they all know Christine, Cordero and Samuel. (Those three are continually on the streets of the colonias). They now know Adam -a Houston Fire Fighter. The love of Christmas is present, without a thought to borders or differences. We also remember the Christmas visit. Primarily, we remember our walks in the colonias and our feeling that if Joseph and Mary had stopped at any of these houses -they would not have been turned away. These people welcome strangers.

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2009 Christmas in the Colonias  

Photo book of Paper Houses Across the Border 2009 mission trip to the colonias of Ciudad Acuna, Mexico.

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