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Children line up to wait for their meal at the kitchen.

One boy enjoys his meal at a cafeteria

Some of the children at Casa del Hogar de los NiĂąos enjoy the backpacks they received to start the new school year.

The gospel challenges us to love those who are vulnerable in the world.

Children living at Casa de Esperanza Children’s Home perform a nativity play for visitors.

Paper Houses Across the Border is an opportunity to do this in ways that open hearts and minds on both sides of the border.

Contributions to Paper Houses Across the Border sponsor children at two orphanages in AcuĂąa, Mexico.

In the2008-2009 school year, Paper Houses provided free meals to 4,000 children each day. The teachers at one school reported that the children were not able to concentrate and sometimes even fainted from hunger.

Donations also bring food, healthcare, clothing and essential needs to working families in the colonias. They often live in cardboard shacks for several years until they can build a one-room cinder block home.

Two homes made of pallets covered in cardboard.

This family of 5 lives in a 1 room paper house.

A man works on building a home for his family.

Open Minds and Open Hearts  

Brochure depicts some of the children from Casa Hogar del Nino, children eating our meals, and families we help