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By: Autumn Christenson #2 5Haugh

Isosceles Triangle This is a isosceles triangle Because two sides are equal And one side is not equal to the Others.

Equilateral Triangle This is a equilateral triangle because all sides are equal.

Pyramid It’s a pyramid because it has a bas at the bottom and a apex at the top and it has four sides.

Rectangular Prism It is a rectangular prism because it`s a 3D cube.

Cone It`s a cone because there is a round base and all round sides and pointy tip.

Acute Angle ď‚— It is an acute angle because it`s 54%

Obtuse Angle It’s a obtuse angle because it 180 degrees.

Right Angle ď‚— It is a right angle cause it`s 90%

Geometry Photographic Shapes  

Geometry Shapes

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