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At age 6, while growing up in the Edgemont community located in the suburbs of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Professor Robert A. Jones, Jr. was bullied. After his mother discovered that this was happening, she told him, “You must learn how to live here” and had him to put up his hands. It was that same day he received his first lesson in boxing, taught by his mother. Since that time, he testifies that he has never lost another fight. He became known as “Bob Catman Jones” for his unique fighting. From his initial introduction to self-defense by his mother, Bob expanded his knowledge and mastery of many forms of martial arts systems, where he was taught by masters in: Karate (Lee Banks, Jim Clark), Pai Lum Kung Fu (Michael Rothaman), Universal African Fighting Arts Systems (Dr. King Ogun Ali Muhammad), and Sanuces RYU Systems (Dr. Moses Powell). After many years of experience and training, Bob has created and developed his own, SIMBA LION SYSTEM. Inspired by his reputation of being “as fast as a cat” and like the lion, he fears “no-thing” and “noone”, but God, the Creator. Bob’s combat martial arts system can be used by anyone in any situation. Universal African Martial Arts System is guaranteed to transform the life of any student who enrolls to be taught by this master teacher, referred to by his students as “Master Cat”.

For lectures, demonstrations, private or group lessons call: 717-736-6478.

Master “Bob Cat� Jones Over 40 years of training and experience in: Aikido Jiu-jitsu Ninjutsu Boxing Wrestling Kung Fu Chi-na All Weapons (offense and defense) Urban Guerilla Fighting Meditation and Healing Arts

Master “Bob Catman� Jones

Master Cat has established Universal African Martial Arts Dojos (schools) throughout Pennsylvania and Maryland for over 25 years. He presently holds weekly classes at his Dojo located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania where he teaches his SIMBA LION SYSTEM to students (male and female) ranging in ages from 12 to 69 years old. Master Cat has a phenomenal system for teaching the blind and physically challenged individuals that creates a sense of empowerment and self-confidence that is life transforming.

Bob Jones Universal African Martial Arts  

Bob Jones Universal African Martial Arts SIMBA LION SYSTEM is designed to transform the life of any student regardless of age or physical ab...

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