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Hacker’s Hideout

Setting the bar for TXST Man Caves


One Man’s Junk Is Another Man’s Good Taste

Cheers To Hours of Happiness

Lazy Sundays


(formerly Aspen HeigHts)

It’s all in the wrist


Let’s have BRUNCH

Life before real estate agents

AMAZON.COM Packs Up and Ships Out

The Man With Over

10,000 Beds







Kinder Beats


Perfect Game

And only 19 years old

The Danger Behind Elephant

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M A R C H 13

About The Cover It’s no secret the skyline of San Marcos is changing rapidly. Growth is on the march all over central Texas and our city is not immune, especially with increasing enrollment at TXST. This sparked a need to know the personalities behind the selling of San Marcos, the deal makers, the ones who like it or not are shaping the landscape around us. Cover Photographs by Eric Morales

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San MarcoS TX 03.13 | SMTX | BOBCATFANS 5

SMTX | flip side

Confused? Let us explain. In your hands lies a local publication – born and raised right in San Marcos. With each new issue we are changing and growing alongside a city and university striving to reach it’s full potential. Because of that, we have found ourselves at a crossroad. Is BOBCATFANS a college publication with a San Marcos emphasis, or are we a San Marcos publication with a college name?

frastructure and carefully laying the groundwork to ensure this publication characterizes the little piece of heaven that embodies our community. Everyday we are inspired by the vibrant college culture that meshes with an eclectic and savvy local scene. Diversity adds to our city’s beauty, and we hope that our new adventure will better represent our growing readership.

Staying true to our BOBCATFANS roots, an idea formed on the Texas State campus, we proudly hold on to our namesake; however, we are making room to include a wonderful city and serve all the readers in our community, not only in content but in name. Because our city and university share so many amazing qualities, we felt it was appropriate to incorporate the community as a whole. Not a decision taken lightly, but we want to be honest with our readers about the two things we love the most: Texas State and San Marcos.

A vision years in the making – we proudly introduce to you: SMTX. Over the years, the community has proven its willingness to invest in quality, and we are investing right back. More and more of our resources have been allocated to writing, photography and graphic design in a deliberate attempt to create a magazine on par with any major city. Fifty issues of BOBCATFANS prepared the way to take this next step—a total commitment to delivering a high quality, local publication for every student, resident and guest in town to read and enjoy.

Looking back, you can see the plans made for such growth, slowly piecing together the in-

Yes, it’s an exciting era to chronicle the life and times of San Marcos. What’s your story?


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Friday March 22 Applications & Details Email: Deadline: March 17th Sponsors


BOBCATFANS | SMTX | March 2013 | Tidbits

got 99 problems but a bus ain’t one On August 26, 2013, Texas State will no longer provide buses to Kyle, Austin, New Braunfels, or San Antonio. The onslaught of students arriving at TXST each year is causing the buses to be refocused locally to ensure students and faculty arrive to class on time. Students also reported to feel safer when they are not crammed from side to side and top to bottom with passengers standing on each other’s feet. As we all know too well, from time to time, the buses can break down, and passengers need to relocate to another tram. When this happens while going to

Austin or San Antonio, this creates major problems and delays riders from getting to their destinations. Approximately 45% of tram passengers disagreed that the buses operate on a consistent, timely schedule. The students utilizing the Interurban buses will need to find other means of transportation or carpool with a friend. So, until next semester, take advantage of these dwindling out-of-city bus excursions and save yourself the gas money while you still can.

Bobcat Tram Schedules & Maps |

Treasure Hunt

Geocaching in SMTX If you’ve already heard of geocaching, then this is nothing new for you, just hope you’re still at it. For those of you who are absolutely clueless to what I am referring to, take a second and find out. Essentially, geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunt that involves GPS coordinates that will take you on a journey to discover hidden treasures others have purposefully left behind. The first step is to join, and then you can

download the application on your smart phone. Just make sure to replace the item you take with another element so someone else will have a chance to do the same. This is an electrifying technique to get you off your ass and into the wilderness, into fresh places you’ve never explored before. Even more exciting, take a small detour while on a road trip and take a unique souvenir with you along the way. And, GO!

Clear Springs Demolition The Clear Springs Apartments located directly along the San Marcos River behind Saltgrass Steakhouse will be permanently vacated at the end of this semester. After 47 years of student living it will eventually be torn down in order to extend and restore Sewell Park. At this time, the funds have not yet been raised for the demolition, but the city cannot allow residents to live at Clear Springs because it does not meet building code requirements. The building was considered for office space, but the lack of a central fire alarm system is rather daunting, especially for such an old structure. In the near future, it is hopeful that Sewell Park will be expanded into more green space. Hey, that’s one less apartment building in town.


| By Morgan Kemper |


Once upon a time, The State of Texas Comptroller filed a lawsuit against Amazon.Com for not collecting $269 million in sales tax on products sold in the state between 2005 and 2009. In the settlement, Amazon agreed to put several big distribution centers in Texas, creating 2500 jobs and future revenue in the Lone Star state. Amazon is also charged with bringing $200 million in capital investment to Texas by 2016. It came to pass that San Marcos was one of two cities that the mega-eretailer considered as a location for building a 1,000,000 square foot industrial shipping and distribution center. While we were in the game, when all was said and done, Amazon decided to build that mega-shipping industry in Schertz, right down the interstate from San Marcos. As Maxwell Smart would say,

“Missed it by That Much!” There are lots of theories as to why San Marcos didn’t get Amazon. At press time, none had been confirmed or denied. But it is the buzz on the streets. The night before the magazine went to press, this subject was discussed at a city council meeting. Several elected officials referred to the fact that they had not seen the official “autopsy” yet, so did not know for sure why that dream/deal/plan “died.” But theories and “off the record” comments run the gamut from simple economics to intricate conspiracy.

10 BOBCATFANS | SMTX | 03.13

At this point, nothing is definite. Rumors and speculation is a common topic in all corners of town. Among the top plausible theories running through the coffee- shop rumor mill are: • Amazon was using the San Marcos option as leverage to negotiate a better deal in Schertz, and actually was planning to move there all along. Though some “in the know” people say this would not the case, all’s fair in love and tax abatements. • Amazon was more interested in the Schertz-Cibolo Universal City Independent School District, (Clemens and Steele High Schools) due to their economic and performance levels. • Amazon chose Schertz because it needed to be near a FedEx shipping center, which Schertz has. But some experts discredit this theory by saying that for a major distribution center of this size, FedEx would likely create a hub or at very least, a sub-hub, not to mention Amazon works primarily with UPS. • The local property that Amazon was looking at was zoned “predevelopment,” a designation upon which property is taxed at a lower rate than Industrial/Commercial, saving the property owner tax money on unimproved (in this case) farmland, until it is sold and built upon. When Amazon folks asked how long it would take to rezone it to “Industrial” before they could begin to build on this property, rumor has it that local economic development folks said that it would take up to

four months to work through the process at City Hall. Amazon folks said that timeframe would not meet their deadlines, and they would need to ramp up the process and start building much sooner than that. The development folks in Schertz said they could jump through hoops and make it happen, and so they chose Schertz. Schertz has a “business park” that is already zoned appropriately, has infrastructure (utilities and roads) already in place, so assembling that much land (as big as the outlet malls) was easy. Word on the street is that they were turning dirt on that project two weeks after the deal was inked. If that’s the case, maybe it’s time for us to hone our way of thinking, especially when it comes to game-changing industry along the IH35 corridor that could substantially increase our tax base, bring jobs to San Marcos, and offer better opportunities for middle class families to work, live and play in our community. Lots of “what ifs” and “what happeneds” flowing around town. But this is a good time to look closely at what we have to offer and how our process works. And meanwhile, there’s always next time. One more thing: The City of Schertz also has a designated Type B Economic Development Corporation through the State, so a portion of their sales tax can go economic development. The portion of San Marcos’ property tax rate that is under local control was dedicated

notes | Ship it

BOBCATFANS | SMTX | March 2013 | Tidbits

A Tale of Two Cities… and an Amazon opportunity.

Amazon is headquartered in Seattle, Washington and is the worlds largest online retailer. Amazon collects sales tax from just eight states in the US, Texas being one of them.


unique student living J O I N T H E R E T R E AT C O M M U N I T Y

now an American Campus community. unique cottage floor plans. designer interior finishes. private backyards. pet friendly. 5 1 2 . 7 5 7. 8 9 8 0 | 5 1 2 C R A D D O C K A V E

03.13 | SMTX | BOBCATFANS 11

Events & Happenings | March 2013 |

The 14th Annual Feria Del Mariachi Competition

It’s a mariachi death match where ensembles compete in 5-10 minute sets until only the top remain. Feria del Mariachi promotes mariachi education and culture in the community and takes place over two days in various San Marcos locations. Mar 22 @ 5:30pm – LBJ Student Center

Roger Creager’s Texas Fiesta Remember Texas! A proud day for Texans to come together and celebrate Texas Independence. You only “Surrender” your ears to Creager’s lone star inspired tunes, with Special Guest Bleu Edmonson. Mar 2 @ 7:30 – TMT

Color for the Cause Benefit Put on your running shoes and white attire for a unique 5K. Be prepared; by the end you’ll be covered from head to toe in color! After there is a concert featuring No Dry County, William Clark Green and many more. All proceeds will go to the Boys and Girls Club. Mar 2 @ 2:30 pm – The Heights II

American Aquarium Coming all the way from North Carolina this sextet will surely rock your socks off with sounds similar to Springsteen, Petty, and Petty. If you’re looking to drink away a woman or man, this would be the band to help drown your sorrows. Mar 5 @ 7 pm – Cheatham St. Warehouse

Keep it Cute Are you not into the Texas country, or southern rock genre that seems oh so familiar to this town? Keep it Cute, from San Antonio, are a good pallet cleanser from all the country bands that stop in San Marcos. They’re style is similar to that of The Ready Set and Nevershoutnever, they’ll surely have you on your feet rocking to their sweet guitar riffs. Mar 8 @ 7 pm – Wake the Dead Coffee House

The Rise of the Broken Grab a cup of you favorite coffee, sit back and enjoy the acoustic/alternative sound of The Rise of the Broken. The harmonies and catchy beat will surely leave you wanting more. Mar 9 @ 10 pm – Wake the Dead Coffee House

Art Unhitched Art Market The second Saturday of every month, The Hitch will host an art market full of local artist selling original pieces. Along with original art work, there will be local musicians playing throughout the day. Stop by and check out what San Marcos has to offer, and don’t forget about the food! Mar 9 @ 11 am – 5 pm – The Hitch

12 BOBCATFANS | SMTX | 03.13

John Corbett For all the ladies out there who are fans of Sex and the City, come meet Aiden! He’s also a talented musician, so show your support and admiration where Sundance used to be. Mar 14 @ 7 pm – Superfly’s Lone Star Music Emporium

Dry River Religion

Rich O’Toole Join Rich O’Toole at TMT to celebrate his CD release. His high energy and catchy lyrics will get you out on the floor, and at the very least, at the merch table buying one of his CDs so you can relive this night over and over again. Mar 23 @ 9:45 – TMT

A definite up and coming San Marcos original, listen to energetic vocals of Ryan Ross and check out the newest Texas country band on the block making good noise. Who knows, they maybe the next Randy Rogers. All ages welcome.

The Streetz Dance Convention & Competition

Mar 8 @ 6:30 pm – Adobe Verde (NB) Mar 15 @ 8 pm – Jack’s Roadhouse

Mar 23-24 @ Embassy Suites

Bug Discovery Walk Join Val Bugh on a 2 hour adventure hike at Purgatory creek where he will teach you about different bugs you will come across on the trail. Kids of all ages welcome.

Calling all dancers! Register now to join The streetz dance convention and competition to get a unique experience and to make connections with people who share the same passion as you.

So good. . .

. . .you’ll flip your bowl!

Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice Poetic Hip Hop mixed with industrial electronic beats creates a sound all its own. Every Monday in Mar @ 9:30 pm Triple Crown

self-serve frozen yogurt 350 N. Guadalupe St. (Guadalupe & University) 512-667-6720

Mar 17 @ 9 am Purgatory Creek Park

Cory Morrow

Moe’s Better Half Marathon

Don’t miss one of the biggest names of Texas country in your own back yard! Cory Morrow will Known for its challenging and have you two-stepping all night scenic course, get out of the house long to his red dirt style music. for the 29th annual marathon. Mar 21 @ 9 pm – Cheatham St. Proceeds will benefit Kiwanis Warehouse charities and scholarships, which help one child and one community All In The Timing at a time. This critically acclaimed, award-winning evening of short Mar 3 @ 7 am – Tanger Outlets comedies combines wit, intellect, satire and just plain fun. The writing is not only very funny, it has density of thought and precision of poetry. Mar 21-23 @ 7:30 pm – TXST Theater Center

VIP Model Call BOBCATFANS Magazine is looking for a few of San Marcos finest and is closing the doors for a VIP only event. Models will be featured in future issues and many more exclusive San Marcos events. Must be 21 to enter. See BFM page 3 for more details. Mar 22 @ 11 pm – Bar One41

03.13 | SMTX | BOBCATFANS 13

SMTX | Interesting Object


We see people all the time floating the river and stopping along the banks to take a break for a quick beer bong…out of the Elephant Ears? These plants have been invading the San Marcos River for years now. There has been talk of removing them from the river in order to restore it back to its original natural state, but the process can be tedious and requires careful attention as their roots can be up to three feet long. There are some side effects you should be aware of if you come into physical contact with this species.

An Elephant Ear Plant can grow 3 to 5 feet in height when fully mature.

The bulb of the Elephant Ear Plant can be cooked and eaten when mature by roasting or frying. Young leaves are also cooked and eaten in some areas. The plant loses its toxicity when cooked.

When consumed, they may cause edema, vesicle formation and dysphagia accompanied by painful stinging and burning to the mouth and throat, the symptoms occurring for up to two weeks.

It depends on size, but the average Elephant Ear contains somewhere around 550 calories and 15g of total fat. Wait...those are the ones at the state fair, totally different.

Just The Facts Thought to be one of the oldest plants in the world being cultivated in Asia more than 10 thousand years ago.

14 BOBCATFANS | SMTX | 03.13

They can cause an irritation or rash when they come in contact with skin, especially the lips, mouth, or throat as well as an upset stomach.

On the invasive species list for Texas and Florida and Native to Polynesia, aka Colocasia.

SMTX | Health


Last month we talked about some simple exercises to strengthen leg and core muscle strength as a foundation to begin other forms of exercise. This month, let’s talk about some simple cardio with Elizabeth Boyd. Running. It’s natural, easy, and can be done anywhere with minimal cost. The most important factor in equipment and safety is the running shoe. Shoes are a worthwhile investment considering that foot problems can easily become knee and hip problems. The best way to get started running is to go into a specialty store to become educated on how to best approach training according to the individual runner’s needs. Specialty running stores, like Core Running, can offer a gait analysis to help find a shoe that works for the way you run. There are several different kinds of shoes (neutral, stability, motion control, minimal, spikes, cross country, race, trail, & road). Although this sounds overwhelming, you only need to really learn about the shoe you need to suit your specific running style. Although one can pick up good running shoes at department stores, the staff at most chain stores are not trained to prescribe shoes. Get expert advance when possible. Plus, saving a few bucks to buy an older model shoe can be problematic in the long term. Shoes have a shelf life and the foam in the shoe can petrify, meaning that you’re getting a discount for an expired shoe that offers less in corrective running benefits.

For the newbie runner, it is suggested that run/walk combinations are best. Run one minute, walk one minute for about 10-15 minutes. The progress is different for everyone. Some people may be able to run a constant 15 minutes sooner than another person. Then one can work on increasing time or mileage. Running with a buddy and using the “talk test” is a good way to ensure you aren’t overdoing it. Give your body time to recover. Shin splints are a result of muscles growing faster than the fascia that surrounds them. Muscle gain is a good thing but slow and steady wins the race here.

notes | Trails

Visit Elizabeth at Core Running on the square to learn about running and to connect with other runners for weekly group runs so you don’t have to run alone.

16 BOBCATFANS | SMTX | 03.13

Find a trail near you

| Photo Eric Morales |

C o m i n g FA L L 2 0 1 3

ance ! h c r y o u e R a n cahn c e n o t ou l s i dy o u r c h a n c h ! l i s s H i t R n m o n ’ t c o t t a g e ias s o u t ot hHa inlcl es i d e for August new 1 bedroom apartment D y I n N E W- D o n ’ t mo totnaygoeuar ce R a n c h ! e e r homesr cand bedroom r u h a n c h3 h a n c townhomes. t d a ry In c H i u cy !o u r c R a n c h ! ou s APARTMENTS n o l y a n l i R i n n s W o ou eo Ei s g e a t H e Hur ide i l l sti d s oiust st H tm Hills an ’N t i sm o a ’ t’ m etat a g e a t n t n n g to liv D i t o o on presents a t D D o t - co c o & COTTAGE HOMES n - D Irn W y In N lyi vI ne N E W c rAPARTMENTS EW rry I a NE r NE u r r yH ui n u o r a a H H t u n n 12 a H APARTMENTS COTTAGE AgP &AFa R Tll M Eof NHOMES T20 S & tCoOlTi vTeA iG E H O M l i v et o l i v e i min Co t oAPARTMENTS e in & COTTAGE HOMES



to liv


• New 1 and 3 bedroom apartment homes • New sports courts

The Cottages at Hillside Ranch


1350 N. LBJ Drive San Marcos, TX 78666 • Walk to Campus • Wood Laminate Flooring • 2 Texas State • Satena Appliances Shuttle Routes Large Pets Welcome AT HILLSIDE• RANCH AT HILLSIDE RAN • 24 Hour Fitness Center • Free Gourmet Coffee Bar 512.393.3222 5 1 .393.322 2 www.hillsidetsu. • Study Lounge • 1 and 2 Bedrooms For info: TEXT ‘BOBCAT’For to 47464 info: TEXT ‘BOBCAT’ to 47464 • Free Tanning • Washer and Dryer • Free Cable and Internet

-hole 9 AT HILLSIDE a e v a h Text BOBCAT to 47464RANCH for more information ATRANCH HILLSIDE RANCH AT HILLSIDE se We nowgolf cour512.393.3222 Hillside Ranch Apartments, 1350 North LBJ Dr., For info: TEXT ‘BOBCAT’ to 47464 512.393.3222 disc 512.393.3222


ForTEXT info:‘BOBCAT’ TEXT ‘BOBCAT’ to 47464 For info: to512.393.3222 47464

C i ve i n gL i v i n g Co tot aLg om i nig n FA L 2 0 1L 3 L 2C CCo m g LFA 0o 1 HILLSIDEAPARTMENTS RANCH HILLSIDEA RANCH PARTMENTS




Cottage Living C o mC i nogtAPARTMENTS 2i0v1 3iHOMES tFA a gLeL&LCOTTAGE ng AT HILLSIDE 1350 N. LBJ Drive

T h e C o t t a g The e s Cottages a t H i at l lHillside s i d e Ranch Ranch


San Marcos, TX 78666 T h e1 3C5o 0t t aNg. e LsBaJt DHriilvles i dSea nR

APARTMENTS &L COTTAGE HOMES C o t t a g e i v i n g HILLSIDE RANCH C o m i n g FA L L 2 0 1 3 C o Stay m i n gwhere FA you L Lplay 2013 THE COTTAGES HILLSIDE RANCH presents



APARTMENTS AT HILLSIDE 1350 N. LBJ Drive San Marcos, TX 78666

The Cottages at Hillside Ranch

Riverside Ranch presents APARTMENTS Apartments presents


Aquarena The Cottages1805 at Hillside Ranch Springs Dr

The Cottages at Hillside Ranch

Free Tanning & WiFi in Pool Area Brand New 24 Hour Fitness Center Free Internet Free Cable with HBO 1&2 Bedrooms Available Texas State Shuttle Route 1350 N. LBJ Drive Resort Style Pool with 2 Hot Tubs 5 Picnic and BBQ Pavilions Large Pets Welcome



• • • • • • • • •



t Tex TE TA TXS 7464 to 4 info for

San Marcos, TX 78666

San Marcos, TX 78666 03.13 | SMTX | BOBCATFANS 17

SMTX | backstage notes | beats

Check out the sounds @ bekinderthistime Video “Time To Move On”

KINDER Mich D. White has been making music under the name Kinder for about 3 years. It started as electronic music experiments. Mich had no plans to go anywhere with it. It was just a personal project. After meeting people through Exploded Drawings, Insect Records approached him about putting something out, and a record was born. His soundcloud is full of “throwaway” tracks. Everything is done out of computer. It’s all created by tape (analog), or by playing instruments live. At that point, he’ll take samples of what he created, and mix it up. When he first started playing live, he had the idea that performances would be more of an ambient experience. People would be standing around, having conversations, and enjoying the experience without the focus toward a stage. Kinder started moving toward the idea of mak-

18 BOBCATFANS | SMTX | 03.13

ing people dance. It happened, like most of his work, by happy accident. He had dropped a couple of songs with beats that people were dancing to at some early shows and liked the outcome so much that he became obsessed with making people dance. Mich describes his musical style as a mixed up Pollock painting of dance sounds. He tries not to stay in the same place. His next album (no release date yet) will be limited by 4/4 beats, a limitation, that will allow him the freedom to explore a music that is new to him. At ACL, Kinder opened up for Questlove’s DJ set along with the rest of the Exploded Drawing collective. Mich recalls a time when he believed the threshold of music lived on the edge of Enema of the State by Blink 182. Taking road trips with his grandparents, his ears were assaulted by saxophone and modern jazz quartets. At

a young age, he thought that music made no sense at all. Little did he know, the old jazz and soul music influence would be combined with the modern vibe he now produces. Musically, he is self-taught. With the internet, you can live your life of having to get things done, the day to day, but you can also make music and put it on a platform where people can have access to it and enjoy it. The benefit of being a solo artist, electronic music specifically, takes a lot of the pressure off making music a full-time career. The beauty of the San Marcos music scene, according to Mich, is that it’s always shifting. When Mich first arrived, he said people were talking about Buzz N Bangs and The Couch, where as now people are talking about bands like The Lion and The Giraffe. Mich feels as though things have shifted more toward softer indie stuff.

| Words & Photo Eric Morales |

512-878 -2233 Bell 3G

4:20 PM


Friday, 18 February


FREE shirt just for stopping in!

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on aquarena springs between premier cuts & gtans 03.13 | SMTX | BOBCATFANS 19

SMTX | train hard. eat fresh.


LUCAS HUBBARD Lucas Hubbard, political science student at Texas State University, is going to bowling tournaments once or twice a month. His bowling team typically places second or third in most cases. In singles tournaments, Lucas has placed as high at 16th out of 160 people, competing against bowlers from the San Antonio to Houston area who have gone on pro-tours.

Lucas bowled a 300 a couple of weeks before the interview. He’s the youngest (19 years old) person to bowl a perfect game at Sunset Lanes. He admits to feeling intimidated by some of the league guys he competes with, mostly middle-aged, chain smokers with faces that tell stories, but a college league has just started up. In fact, Texas State is looking for someone to run a men’s bowling team. Lucas has been bowling and working at Sunset for 3 years. After about a

20 BOBCATFANS | SMTX | 03.13

He’s the youngest (19 years old) person to bowl a perfect game at Sunset Lanes.

Lucas comes from a musical family and also has been playing the guitar since he was 8 years old, and playing professionally since he was 14. He played on Letterman on January 9 with his father, Ray Wylie Hubbard. But, Lucas is humble. People come into the bowling alley all the time and recognize him for his musical associations. “We just saw you play at Utopia Fest! What are you doing working at a bowling alley?” The simple answer is that he loves bowling, and he loves the environment. Whenever school or summer tours aren’t taking priority in his life, you’ll find him on the lanes. If you’re interested in joining the college bowling league, or any other league, just stop by Sunset Lanes, or visit the website.

notes | Where to Train

Hubbard works at Sunset Lanes, a place where employees are allowed to be themselves. It’s like working at the Superfly’s record store of bowling alleys. It’s family owned and operated, so there are no corporate rules or dress codes to deal with. Everyone is laid back and has a good time.

year of working, he got serious and started working on technique. “Whenever you’re ready to go to the next level of bowling, you have to work on curving the bowling ball. The physics of it work better and allow the ball to hit the “sweet spot” on the pins.”


Sunset Lanes Bowling 1304 Hwy 123 San Marcos 512-396-233

8:00 am-12:00 am

Collage Night

Mondays 9:00 pm - 12:00 am $1.00 per game

| Words & Photo Eric Morales |

live close

live college Walk to campus & the Square. New upgraded amenities. Private bedrooms & bathrooms. Free covered parking for all residents.

t h e S a n c t ua ry L o ft S.c o m 350 Nor th St | 512 .392 .9 0 66 amenities subject to change.

y a d o t 3 y 1 0 2 L L appl A F OR F




“Bobcats are most often self made men and women, who take themselves from nothing to something. There’s no silver spoon feeding us.”

THE BOBCAT MANCAVE A self describe Bobcat trail blazer, Dustin Hacker took his passion for his alma mater to unseen heights when he purchased his dream home and then promptly created the ultimate Texas State Man Cave.

Hacker’s appreciation for the silver Bobcat in the Champions Club Bar at the football stadium lead him to contact SignArts and have one installed at his home in the Houston area. Price was no object...until his wife saw the bill. It’s one of two ever made.

Dustin Hacker graduated from high school with an academic scholarship to the University of Texas and turned it down. Then he followed friends to Texas A&M only to realize that College Station wasn’t the right place for him because obeying all their “rules” was a little over the top. Can’t blame a guy for liking to walk on grass.

During his freshman year a friend at Texas State invited him to visit for the weekend. “We went to a party on Sagewood with so many beautiful girls everywhere, I asked if something special was happening and he said, No, this is normal”, Hacker laughed. The river, music scene, and small college town atmosphere all made an impression. A transfer application was submitted and a move to San Marcos soon followed.

22 BOBCATFANS | SMTX | 03.13

After graduating in 2003 with a degree in Business management he traveled back to picked up one more thing at Texas State, his wife Crystal (class of ‘04) who was a Bobcat Cheerleader during her time on the Hill. Hacker proposed to Crystal at home football game in 2005 with the help of the entire cheerleading squad. “I really believe I wouldn’t have what I have today if it weren’t for TXST. After I graduated I didn’t have much money but I made it a priority to give something back. It’s important to tithe, whether that be to a charity, church, or for me, it’s TXST.” Hacker now lives outside Houston working in the medical industry. If you’ve traveled to any of the football games vs. Houston you’ve probably enjoyed a couple cold ones at his massive tailgates. “I love to see our alumni get behind the school, our athletics, and get out to the games. You reap what you sew.”

| By Rick Koch | Photo Eric Morales |

Jerseys and special TXST knobs on cabinets (not shown) were purchased through Ebay. Hacker warns of the cost of framing a jersey, often more than what goes in the frame.

Custom bar and stools built by Burleson Home Furniture out of Oklahoma. Budlight Neon, bid on and won at Bobcat Bonanza. He begged a millionaire to stop bidding against him.

Hacker’s man cave is truly a home away from home, occupying a detached portion of his house. Not too shabby!

03.13 | SMTX | BOBCATFANS 23

24 BOBCATFANS | SMTX | 03.13

thE Selling Building, planning & developing of San Marcos, TX

Three Real estate brokers give their pitch for the future of San marcos development. By Jordan Regas | Photos Eric Morales

03.13 | SMTX | BOBCATFANS 25

Tyler Williams New kid on the Block

“It’s like Austin ten years ago when they said, ‘If we don’t build it, they won’t come.’ We’ll, they came and now they have this huge traffic problem.”

26 BOBCATFANS | SMTX | 03.13

Tyler Williams isn’t much older than many of the students you see around campus, 28 to be exact. With that in mind, it’s a little surprising to discover that he is already brokering land deals with his alma mater, Texas State. Tyler is young, ambitious and willing to take a few risks. Most of the deals he creates were never on the market to begin with. His creativity, aggressiveness and courage to try anything might just be the spark San Marcos needs to get its fuse burning. Tyler first entered the world of real estate at the age of 19 doing apartment locating at Great Locations here in San Marcos. After graduating from Texas State in 2007 with a Business Administration and Marketing degree, Tyler applied his experience from working with apartments to selling condos, duplexes and small apartment complexes. Since 2007, Tyler’s career has progressed into the residential, land and commercial realm. Tyler’s passion comes from a desire to improve the overall quality of the city. He loves giving old, rundown buildings a facelift and taking on the difficult, but worthwhile, challenges. For instance, if you spend any time on the square, you can thank Tyler for turning an eyesore into what is now The Rooftop. Tyler is actually high school buddies with the owner of The Rooftop, who also owns The Rooftop on 6th St. and has his hands in other bars around Austin. When Tyler got the call that his friend wanted to open a bar in downtown San Marcos, they ran into some problems. “There was really nothing on the market that was price reasonable for what they wanted to do, but then we noticed an old, dilapidated building, it was a complete

eye soar… eventually we came to an agreement to buy the building and that’s where they are now,” says Tyler. Another major deal Tyler recently constructed involved selling 5 acres of land off of Thorpe Ln to Texas State. The long term goal of the deal is to solve parking issues on game day while simultaneously improving accommodations for nearby residents. Tyler worries that if we don’t prepare for the growth, it will cause major problems in the future. He says, “It’s like Austin ten years ago when they said, ‘If we don’t build it, they won’t come.’ Well, they came and now they have this huge traffic problem. San Marcos has traffic problems already. I think that managed growth is the only way you can really curb that…I think increasing development around campus will be better than out on I-35. Think about it, if you have students who can walk to campus, they are going to reduce a lot of the traffic. If developments are shot down near the campus then they go to the exterior parts of the city. It’s just going to create more bus traffic, more car traffic.” In order for positive growth to occur in San Marcos, Tyler suggests that developers, residents and city council have to learn to see eye-toeye. They need to be creative and come to an agreement that works best for the population as a whole. San Marcos is unique in the fact that it is environmentally sensitive, but if everyone can learn to work together and make the necessary sacrifices, proper development can occur.


Carter Morris 2nd Generation Broker

28 BOBCATFANS | SMTX | 03.13

While growing up in San Marcos, real estate was the last thing Carter Morris wanted to do as a career. He wanted to get away from his small, college hometown and experience the world. In reality, he simply traded one college town for another – Auburn, AL. After finishing school, he found himself confused and in need of guidance. He discovered an unlikely mentor in a man he now considers his best friend – his father Randall Morris. San Marcos real estate must run in the Morris family blood. Carter Morris is Co-Owner and Supervising Broker of Century 21: Randall Morris and Associates, an agency his father started back in 1980. Their offices are located on 333 Cheatham St. in an old, quaint building lined with ivy on one side. The furniture inside isn’t modern or flashy. It represents a part of San Marcos’ past, but the ideas stirring within are completely progressive. Carter believes San Marcos has great potential. He knows where San Marcos has been, but he also has a vision for where it needs to go. Carter has spent nearly his entire life in San Marcos, minus the few years he spent at Auburn University. As a kid he remembers riding around town with his parents and seeing people you knew, but today it’s not so easy. “San Marcos has changed a lot, but I think it has changed for the good. The university is growing – if it wasn’t for the university we would be a Lockhart or a Luling. The university drives our economy here in town,” says Carter. He realizes that there might be better opportunity elsewhere, but he loves his hometown and feels the greatest reward from getting to work with friends and doing business with people he’s known his entire life. In 1999, Carter began selling real estate back in his home town. He believes the market then was somewhat similar to today. He says, “At that point the university was growing a little bit, but we were in a downturn in the multi-family housing which created a void. So, we had a lot of multi-family projects being built and approved during that time. Very similar to the way it is now.” Today, Carter focuses his efforts on commercial real estate in San Marcos, which entails both multi-family residential and business de-

velopment. A recent project was turning the old Sears building off of I-35 into a beautiful print factory for RiverCity Sportswear. He also continues to work with his father on family subdivisions like Cottonwood Creek and Greenpointe. Carter and his father have a few new projects in the works, but he wasn’t at liberty to break the news. Carter knows that Texas State is growing, so it’s up to the city to grow with it. He says, “We need to diversify housing here for our growing population, not everybody wants to live in a residential house on two acres any more. Get some condo projects – some retail projects downtown to make it more walkable and bike-able and move more density around the university to create less traffic problems. Go vertical…we need to go tall – reduce our footprint. We can still have the sprawl around the community. If people don’t want to live in an urban environment they can move out there, but an urban environment around downtown and the university is my goal.” For the past two years Carter has worked on the San Marcos Planning and Zoning Commission and has seen firsthand the many challenges San Marcos must face before development can occur. For starters, Carter believes the biggest obstacle is within our own city. “Our development process is out of control – it takes too long and it costs too much…it’s really messed up and needs to be fixed,” says Carter. He also hopes the vocal minority speaking out against development can eventually see the bigger picture of what it can do for the city. No matter what side of the line you’re on, Carter believes that the best solution is for as many people to get involved as possible. There is a lot of work to be done over the next two years, but Carter says, “If everyone gets involved, we can come up with a pretty good product.” For now, Carter feels very blessed to work beside and gain experience from his father. “He is my best friend. We talk pretty much every day,” says Carter. His father has given him the ability to take the reins of the company and continue the family business.

“Our development process is out of control – it takes too long and it costs too much… it’s really messed up and needs to be fixed” 03.13 | SMTX | BOBCATFANS 29

“On campus they have had to tear down some of the older dormitories to make room for classrooms, so it’s really just filling a need…”

Mike Dallas

10,507 Beds and Counting

30 BOBCATFANS | SMTX | 03.13

If you are a student living in San Marcos, you most likely have Mike Dallas to thank for the bed you crawl into at night. That might sound a little creepy, but what we mean is that Mike Dallas has been the mastermind behind sixteen student housing complexes all over San Marcos, six of which are not even complete. Mike has accomplished a lot in his real estate career, but he humbly admits that he is really only filling a need. If students are going to come to San Marcos for a quality education, they are going to need a quality place to live, get a good night’s sleep and still be able to make it to class on time. Unfortunately, Mike is a UT graduate, but we can forgive him, because he has done a lot for Texas State over the years. Mike Dallas: Properties, a commercial property broker, launched in 1984 and has brokered apartment complexes and lots all over Central Texas. In San Marcos, student housing has been Mike’s specialty. It all started with a referral from another real estate broker to help sell a plot of land off Aquarena Springs. “It was a long time San Marcos family that had 35 acres on the shuttle bus route. At that time, if you went east of I-35, it would just dead-end. The city envisioned Aquarena Springs to go out over the Blanco River and be a bridge to 21 and out to the airport. So the guy listed his property on sale with me and then I found a developer who wanted to build on that track. I did multiple deals with that developer, that developer wanted more land in the area,” says Mike. He ended up doing three deals with that developer, but that was only the beginning. There are many challenges that come along with finding land for student housing, especially since they are beginning to run out of quality locations. Neighborhood and environmental concerns are two of the biggest obstacles with student housing. Mike likes to stay away from tracks that could be environmentally dangerous. Neighborhood concerns delayed the property where The Retreat currently stands ten years before the project was approved. Today, student housing development faces new challenges. Mike says, “The city really directed me to stay away from the neighborhoods, but some of my developer clients realized that not all students want to

live east of I-35. Some of these tracks are right on the rail road track and students complain about noise…another concern would occur when students try to get to school, there is so much development now that they might have to wait for two or three busses and the busses might get held up by a train causing students to be 15-20 minutes last for class.” One of the biggest challenges Texas State and San Marcos will soon face is the fact that nearly 50,000 students will need a place to live in the near future. “On campus they have had to tear down some of the older dormitories to make room for classrooms, so it’s really just filling a need…I have heard people in the housing department say that off campus developers are doing a great job of housing students. It’s the schools job to educate the students,” says Mike. Mike sees a trend in students wanting to live closer to campus and avoid a bus ride all over town. Land around the university is getting slim, but that is just one of the many challenges that the city, developers and real estate brokers must solve if the necessary development will take place.

Notable Apartment Deals The Lodge at Southwest University Heights The Heights 2 The Outpost The Grove Copper Beech Townhomes Logan Ridge The Village on Telluride 1 The Retreat The Village on Telluride 2

New student housing complexes are rapidly popping up all around San Marcos, but student housing is nothing new to Mike Dallas. With a consistent flow of repeat business, he must be doing something right. Perhaps the reason he has been so successful around town if the fact that he holds city concerns in high regard while trying to please longtime land owners and developers. He understands the needs of the students and wants to make sure their housing doesn’t hinder their success. With 10,507 beds and counting, you can rest assure that future students will have no problem finding rest in San Marcos.

The Avenue Wildwood Royal Lane Apts The Vistas The Cottages

03.13 | SMTX | BOBCATFANS 31

the finer points of the Before and during the handshake, maintain eye contact.

perfect handshake

Approach and predict the landing. Failure to do so can result in a “limp dead fish� shake. Near impossible to recover from, as judgement has been formed, and your fate sealed.

Science backs up what the etiquette books have been saying all along: A firm handshake helps make a good first impression for both males and females. A study at the University of Alabama found that consistent with the etiquette and business literature, there is a substantial relationship between the features that characterize a firm handshake (strength, vigor, duration, eye contact and completeness of grip) and a favorable first impression.

Once contact is made test the grip. Match the power and increase by half a percent. An overpowering grip is not impressive, it’s narcissistic.

Verbalize the greeting to maximize a good impression. Say a variation of; “Nice to meet you” or “A pleasure to meet you” and watch the money pile up.

notes | Lending a hand

No longer than 3 seconds. Shake twice and disengage.

Guinness World Record for a handshake is 33 hours and 3 mins. The greeting ritual dates back to 5th century BC. Shaking a woman’s hand should be treated the same as a man’s hand. You clasp palms and match their grip with your own. The ‘fist bump’ is the bastard child of the handshake and should never be practiced in a business setting, ever!

SMTX | chewed and brewed | March 2013 |

Sunday Brunch Lazy Sundays are lazy for a reason, and often the reason breakfast is replaced with Brunch. Whether that means eating your first meal of the day at 10am or 1pm, people wake up hungry looking for a place to chowdown.

Bloody Mary @ Showdown Away from the obnoxiousness of the square, yet still very close, Showdown is a great bar for relaxing and kicking back with your buds. But after that rough night, you’re going to want a hearty refresher in the morning. And if you think you’ve had the best Bloody Mary in San Marcos, you’re probably right if you had it at Showdown where it’s strong, but not too strong with just the right amount of spice, though, you can always

207 E Hutchison St. SMTX 78666 (512) 392-7282


Serving Up Drinks Since 1977


On The Street

Dress the part

A Little Local, A Little Hipster, A Little of Everything.

There’s a time to Drink

add more.

11am-2am Daily

This breakfast treat, as well as a


wonderful hangover cure, doesn’t

Laid Back & Happy

come out of a pre-made container, it’s made in-house with fresh ingredients: vodka, tomato juice, Tabasco sauce, Worcestershire sauce, celery salt, black pepper, 2 limes, 2 lemons, and lots of green olives.

BOBCATFANS Good Grub Guide highlights the dishes and neighborhood favorites in the area’s food scene. They are reviewed and selected by the editorial staff.


Delivery Happy Hour Outdoor Seating

Sipping notes

The Bloody Mary is frequently referred to as a “restorative”, chug it or savor it.

$$$ Most Entrees over $20 $$ Most Entrees $10 - $20 $ Most Entrees under $10

03.13 | SMTX | BOBCATFANS 35

BOBCATFANS | SMTX | Good Grub Guide Vodka Street Located on The Square, this classic bistro and bar serves up amazing tapas, burgers, and brunch on Sundays. The food is beautifully presented and serves old-fashioned favorites as well as tasty global dishes that make it stand out. Dinner daily. Sunday brunch. 202 North LBJ Drive San Marcos, TX 78666 (512) 396-4260 $

ASIAN A-Tan Asian Bistro & Sushi Bar This little bistro has flat-out the best sushi in New Braunfels, always consistent, fresh and inspired. The Guadalupe Roll is very popular and a hefty size, and the egg drop soup is one-of-akind. Lunch and dinner daily. 1528 Common Street, New Braunfels (830) 620-1888 $$$

Rio Grande @ Café Comal Back in December, Pike Restaurant & Antiques changed their name to Café Comal. They are in the process of renovating the restaurant back to its original state, which used to be a Ford dealership. Antiques to admire fill the back of the restaurant. You can even purchase the table and chairs you’re seated at if you desire! This place features a vast variety of breakfast and lunch dishes, which will melt your palate. On Saturday and Sunday Café Comal features a brunch buffet, which is different each week. Breakfast and lunch daily. This mouthwatering dish, the Rio Grande, is comprised of migas, charro beans and taters, served with corn or flour tortillas. Breakfast and lunch daily. 386 West San Antonio St, New Braunfels (830) 387-4594 $$

Cool Mint Café Just off campus is a slightly hidden 1920’s Arts and Crafts Bungalow style café. With fine dining in mind, Cool Mint chef serves only the freshest ingredients. Lunch and dinner Tues-Sat. 415 Burleson St, San Marcos (512) 396-2665 $$

Gristmill Located along the Guadalupe River in historic Gruene, this massive restaurant is perfect for a family outing. It has a cheerful atmosphere, and as for the food, well, it’s just plain deliciousness. There is usually a wait, but it’s indeed worth it. Lunch and dinner daily. 1287 Gruene Rd, New Braunfels (830) 625-0684 $$

Grins A true San Marcos icon that has been enjoyed by several generations of students and locals. Order a juicy burger or chicken fried steak with a margarita and dine on their outdoor patio. Lunch and dinner daily. 802 N LBJ, San Marcos (512) 392-4746 $

Huisache Grill & Wine Bar Inhabiting a circa-1920’s building, this dining spot is great for a special occasion or just a fantastic, fresh meal. Huisache features a vast and affordable wine list to pair with any menu item. Lunch and dinner daily. 303 West San Antonio Street, New Braunfels (830) 620-9001 $$


36 BOBCATFANS | SMTX | 03.13

How Do You Roll? A fusion sushi joint where you pick the ingredients and it’s made for in quickly right before your eyes. Choose from a large selection of sauces, wraps and toppings. Try the 420 roll. Delicious and inexpensive. Lunch and dinner daily. 420 University Drive, San Marcos (512) 393-2221 $ Prik Nam Pla Thai Cuisine With especially fantastic curry dishes, this Thai restaurant in San Marcos is a gem. Try the Pad Thai and fish cakes. The service is consistently accommodating and friendly. Lunch and dinner Mon-Sat. 1917 Dutton Drive, Ste 104 San Marcos (512) 396-9919 $ BYOB

BARBECUE Cooper’s Old Time Pit BBQ Talk about amazing dry-rub barbeque. Served on the weekends is the ever so popular off-the-bone pork chop, which is so flavorful you don’t even need the sauce. Lunch and dinner daily. 1125 Texas 337 Loop New Braunfels (830) 627-0627 $$

Hays County BBQ & Catering With excellent reviews across the board, this is pit Bar-B-Q done with Central Texas tradition. The housemade cheddar & jalapeno sausage is simply amazing. Slow smoked brisket, turkey, ribs and chops satisfy. Lunch and dinner Mon-Sat. 2601 Hunter Road, San Marcos (512) 392-6000 $ Milt’s Pit BBQ Located in the downtown district, it’s barbeque Kyle residents visit over and over again. They’re the ones with the finest sauce you never saw coming. Lunch and dinner Tues-Sun. Cash only. 208 W Center Street, Kyle (512) 268-4734 BYOB $

BREAKFAST & TACOS Fork & Spoon Patio Café With a slight German twist, this café features a highly eclectic menu. From migas for breakfast, a Reuben Panini for lunch, or Chick Cordon Gruene for dinner, there’s something delicious for everyone. Breakfast and lunch daily, dinner Thurs-Sun. 651 N. Bus I-35 Suite 1150, New Braunfels. (830) 626-6999 $ Lolita’s Café This taco stand is arguably the mecca of San Marcos breakfast tacos. Two drive-thrus and a walk up window make it easy to grab and go. With ingredients made fresh bright and early, you’ll never be disappointed. If you’re really hungry try the Burrito California, ask for lots of napkins. Breakfast and lunch daily. 1501 Aquarena Springs, San Marcos (512) 392-3441 $ Pike Restaurant & Antiques Formerly an old Ford dealership, the transition to a restaurant turned out to be vintage and exciting. This place is fantastic for brunch, especially their omelets. Breakfast and lunch daily. 386 W. San Antonio St, New Braunfels (830) 387-4594 $$

38 BOBCATFANS | SMTX | 03.13



ilario’s This quaint little trip to Italy is great for any occasion. The menu features old style pizzas and an array of popular Italian dishes with delicious garlic bread at a reasonable price. Local TX wine. Lunch and dinner daily. 5401 S. FM 1626, Kyle (512) 268-3300 $

Brewster’s Pizza Take a drive through the hill country and stop for an amazing pizza pie, and an even more amazing beer, many of which are brewed on site. The Omnivore with spinach is a top preference, substitute wheat crust for a slight flavor twist. Lunch and dinner Tues-Sun. 9595 Ranch Road 12, Wimberley (512) 847-3299 $$

Pappa Pastas Located on the outskirts of San Marcos, this restaurant deserves to be more renowned. From appetizers and entrees to desserts, the selections are consistently up to par, as is the service. Lunch and dinner daily. 2550 Hunter Rd, San Marcos (512) 878-2433 $$

MEXICAN Chimy’s Cerveceria It’s what you get when you blend a bar with tasty mexican joint. Perfect for a quick bite or relaxing with a strong margarita after a long day on the river. Watch the game while scarfing on a ridiculous portion of fajita nachos. Lunch and dinner Mon-Sat. 217 E. Hopkins, San Marcos (512) 216-6175 $ Garcia’s Mexican Food Restaurant Now with two locations in San Marcos, this is Tex-Mex at its finest. They have terrific chips and salsa to start off with and great fajitas and enchilada entrees. Breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. 1917 Dutton Drive, San Marcos (512) 353-0099 $ Zookas Ultimate Burrito Most common response: obsessed! With unusual sauce options, this local burrito shop puts other chains to shame. Serving up endless combinations, this is truly the ultimate burrito shop. Lunch and dinner daily. 312 University Drive Ste A, San Marcos (512) 353-3913 $

Gumby’s Pizza & Buffet Here’s a typical college pizza joint, but with a lunch buffet and striking salad bar, always with daily specials and the famous Stoner Pie. Here’s a place perfect for some after-the-bar grub. Lunch buffet daily. 403 North Guadalupe Street, San Marcos (512) 754-8629 $ Zen’s Artisan Pizza Great for New York style pizza by the slice, or get an entire pie. This hole in the wall has making fantastic pizzas down to the art. Lunch and dinner daily. 700 North LBJ Drive,. San Marcos (512) 396-7445

PUB/SPORTS BAR Center Field Sports Bar & Grill This sports bar is warm and inviting with the delicious array of wings and burgers. With their huge portions and addicting french fries, you’ll have plenty to sit through an entire game. Lunch

and dinner daily. 200 West Center Street, Kyle (512) 268-1400 $ Mozie’s Bar & Grill Located in the cozy town of Gruene, you’ve found yourself standing among history. Mozie’s is very narrow and long, and the food is always enjoyable, especially the Shiner battered onion rings and famous fish tacos. Lunch and dinner daily. 1601-A Hunter Road, New Braunfels (830) 515-1281 $$ Sean Patrick’s Located on The Square, this beautiful pub features the most beer taps in all of Hays Country. From their delicious Guinness Burger to the Bangers & Mash, it has a vast food menu with a Texas-Irish kick. Lunch and dinner daily. 202 East San Antonio Street, San Marcos (512) 392-7310 $

SANDWICHES Mochas and Javas A local favorite for studying, web surfing, or catching up with friends, this coffee shop serves a variety of heavenly panini sandwiches. Breakfast and lunch daily. 700 N LBJ Drive #103, San Marcos (512) 396-5282 $

Stacker @ Vodka Street

Vodka Street Global Bistro & Bar has always been associated with being a great late night hang out, but what many people are discovering is how fantastic their food is. They serve a wide variety of juicy burgers, tapas, global dishes, and a killer brunch, with the option of unlimited mimosas! This behemoth of a breakfast stacker above includes a ravioli crisp topped with bacon, avocado, and a fried egg, then topped with another ravioli and fried egg on a bed of pico smothered in chimichurri.

03.13 | SMTX | BOBCATFANS 39


New Orleans Beignets @ Palmer’s Palmer’s Restaurant Bar & Courtyard is a beautifully renovated building constructed back in the 1920’s. Their spacious and relaxing courtyard showcases dozens of rare San Marcos native plants and often entertains diners with live music. With luscious cocktails and a delicious brunch on weekends, Palmer’s provides a warm and quaint atmosphere. Specifically for those with a sweet tooth who don’t mind getting a little messy, enjoy New Orleans style Beignets, Café Du Monde’s famous recipe covered in powdered sugar with Chantilly Cream. Perfected with a warm cup of coffee. Lunch and dinner daily. 218 Moore St, San Marcos (512) 353-3500 $$ The Leaning Pear Adventure out into the beautiful hill country and make sure to stop at The Leaning Pear. The chef has the gift of fusing flavors that will surpass your imagination. There isn’t a dish that will disappoint. Lunch daily, dinner Fri-Sat. Closed Tuesday. 111 River Rd, Wimberley (512) 847-7327 $ Naturally Featuring outstanding homemade quiche and yummy sandwiches, this place is great to take the edge off during your lunch break. The salads and smoothies are a great alternative for a healthy meal as well. Lunch Mon-Sat. 1102 N. Walnut, New Braunfels (830) 214-6300 $

STEAKS & SEAFOOD Bordeaux’s Serving up filet mignon and fresh seafood like it’s nobody’s business with sides that are just as scrumptious. Located in the heart of Kyle, Emeril Lagasse has dined there to enjoy Chef Larson’s menu. Dinner Mon-Sat. 108 West Center Street, Kyle (512) 268-3463 $$$

Clear Springs Restaurant If you’re mighty hungry for piles of seafood, then you won’t regret checking out this snazzy restaurant. Visitors continue to rave about the fried catfish and onion rings, which both come in very generous portions. Lunch and dinner daily. 1692 Texas 46, New Braunfels (830) 629-3775 $$ McAdoo’s Seafood Company This Cajun style seafood restaurant and bar has wonderful food and impeccable service to go along with it. Have a drink at the bar while you wait to be seated, then enjoy fresh oysters, fish, or crawfish. Overall, it’s a great fine dining experience for a night out on the town. Lunch and dinner daily. 196 Castell, New Braunfels (830) 629-3474 $$$ Myron’s Prime Steak House Sophisticated and upscale, yet relaxed, this prime steakhouse offers succulent steaks and seafood. The menu is a-lacarte, so everyone can experience a little bit of everything. Dinner daily. 136 North Castell Avenue, New Braunfels. (830) 624-1024 $$$

SMTX | happy hour Restaurants

Notes | Sean patrick’s

Cinco de marcho

Tuesday March 5th A newly celebrated holiday signaling the beginning of 12 days of liver preparation for St. Paddys.

Saint patricks day

Sunday March 17th Green beer & bagpipes. A drinking holiday fully embraced by locals.

65 taps

Home to the largest selection of draft beer in Hays County, carrying a variety of local brews.

Bobcat Nation


Sean Patrick’s

Kobe Steakhouse

$3 Frozen Margaritas $2 Cans Daily @ 3pm – 7pm 700 N LBJ (512) 667-6393

Food specials $.99 Margaritas $5 Baby Beer Buckets Mon-Th @ 2pm – 10 pm 802 N. LBJ Dr. (512) 392-4746

Half Price Appetizers 50¢ Wings $1 Off Drafts & Wells $1.50 Margaritas Everyday @ 3pm – 7 pm 202 E. San Antonio St (512) 392-7310

Various specials daily Open - 6pm, 9pm - Close 515 Springtown Way (512) 396-7200

Chimys Cerveceria $.99 Crispy Tacos Wells & Margarita specials Mon–Fri @ 4pm – 7pm 217 E Hopkins (512) 216-6175

Cody’s Bistro $1 Off Appetizers $1 Off Draft Beer $.50 Off Craft Bottles $4 House Wine Everyday @ 1pm- 6 pm 690 Centerpoint Rd. (512) 393-2867

42 BOBCATFANS | SMTX | 03.13

Los Cucos $1.99 Margaritas 99¢ Domestic Pints Mon-Tues all day Wed-Fri ‘til 7pm 1617 Aquarena Springs Dr. (512) 805-2444

Railyard $1 Off Appetizers $1 Off Mixed Drinks & House Wine $.50 Off Beer Everyday @ 3pm- 7 pm & during train 116 S. Edward Gary St (512) 392-7555

Tres Hermanas $2 Drafts, $2.50 Wells $7.50 Pitchers Mon-Fri @ 4pm – 7pm 2550 Hunter Rd. (512) 878-2405

Vodka St. Half Price Appetizers $3 Wells, $1 Off Drafts Mon-Fri @3pm - 7pm 202 N LBJ Dr. (512) 396-4260

Palmer’s $3 and $5 specials Mon-Fri @ 3pm – 6 pm 218 Moore St. (512) 353-3500

Japan Latino 3 for $25 Select Sushi Rolls 2 for $10 Appetizers $2 and $3 drink specials Everyday @ 2pm- 6pm 1328 N. I-35 (512) 878-1455

Bars Black Rabbit Saloon

Taxi’s Piano Bar

$1 Off Everything $2 Off Specialties


Mon-Fri @ 5pm – 8pm

127 E. Hopkins St (512) 667-6313

Barfish Lounge $3 Kamikaze Shots $3 Red Snapper Shots

Various specials 202 N. LBJ Dr. (512) 392-3031

Treff’s Tavern $1.75–$3 specials Daily @ 1pm – 8pm 804 Chestnut St.

All Day, Everyday

(512) 353-1594

141 E. Hopkins (512) 558-7399

Triple Crown

Gray Horse Saloon $2–$5 specials All day, Everyday 1904 Rand Road 12 (512) 878-8080

Harper’s Pub $2 Wells & Dom Bottles 3pm – 7pm Daily 139 E. Hopkins St. (512) 878-2448

Jack’s Roadhouse

$1.75 Shiner & XX $2.50 Big Bark & Guinness $1.75 Wells Mon-Fri @ 5pm - 8pm 206 N. Edward Gary St (512) 396-2236

Zelicks Various specials Mon-Fri @ 3pm - 7pm 336 W. Hopkins St. (512) 757-8787

$2 or less specials Mon-Fri til 7pm 1625 Hunter Rd. (512) 392-3340

Showdown Happy Minutes specials

3pm-3:15 pm, 5pm-5:15 pm Everyday

207 E. Hutchison St. (512) 392-7282

03.13 | SMTX | BOBCATFANS 43

GROWING UP San Marcos SINCE 1937

- W.C. sits back in his desk on Corporate Drive and looks across the empty field toward the Hays County Justice Center, the same field his father saw glowing when he rolled off a freight train coming home from Arkansas. 44 BOBCATFANS | SMTX | 03.13

- By Diana Hendricks Photo Eric Morales

Not since Edward Burleson, William Lindsey and Eli Merriman founded San Marcos has a developer had as much influence on San Marcos as W.C. Carson. His name strikes a familiar chord, but these days he keeps a low profile as he watches the progress of his hometown from his limestone and wood office complex near the Hays County Justice Center, off Wonder World Drive.

himself off. When he looked west toward his home in Westover, he saw a bright glow all over here where we are right now. It was the glow of burning tree embers. Roosevelt’s tree army was also at work in San Marcos, clearing trees for farmland along Redwood Road. He walked home and started his new life with my mother.”

A BISM is someone who is Born In San Marcos. But W.C. is quick to say that he was not born in San Marcos, but up in Westover on the west side of San Marcos, in his family home on Columbia Street. This was before the Westover Addition was annexed into the city limits. W.C. may not have been born in San Marcos, but San Marcos grew to include his birthplace soon enough. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. His roots in this land that has become San Marcos run deep. There is much to tell before his arrival.

W.C. was born in 1937. Longtime local barber Jimmy Scoggins described W.C., “He was born between Progress and Advance (streets) and has been doing both ever since.” On his mother’s side, W.C. is a fourth generation Hays County/San Marcos resident. His grandmother, his mother and he were born here. His four children are all San Marcos natives as well.

Pioneer rancher R. P. Carson moved to San Marcos in the mid 1920s. W.C. Carson’s paternal grandfather was said to have some connection with Kit Carson, but that lineage has never been detailed. So we will start with R.P. marrying Nevada Enright, (a pioneer name right out of an epic novel) and raising a family on a ranch in Ozona, Texas. W.C. shakes his head and smiles as he says, “My grandfather had the good family fortune to sell the family ranch and buy three acres just outside of San Marcos right before oil and gas was discovered all over Ozona.” He moved the family to San Marcos so his daughters could attend the San Marcos Academy and his son, Clyde, could attend Southwest Texas Teachers College.

W.C. admits he grew up in the best of times in San Marcos. His mother was a homemaker until he entered junior high, and then she went to work for a local doctor as a doctor’s assistant. His father was a butcher at a local grocery store after the WPA stint. “When the grocer, Lon Haynes, was appointed postmaster in the early 1950s, he took my dad to the post office with him. My dad clerked at the post office for the next thirty years or so, until he retired. Everyone knew everyone in San Marcos back then. And it was a great time to grow up.” W.C. started his career early. His mother and grandmother were his business partners in his first venture, as he sold greeting cards door-to-door beginning at the age of eight. Mrs. Thatcher Gary, one of his loyal customers, bought Christmas cards and all-occasion cards from him for five years. She used to say

“A developer has to have a good plan for taking something and making it a reality. He has a responsibility to make the best use of the land, for the needs and the interest of the community.” “I guess you’d say R.P. had the first energy company in San Marcos,” W.C. recalls. “He sold firewood down by the railroad tracks, where Dixie Cream Donuts is today. He would cut wood up on a piece of property out near Hugo, and come down here and sell it.”

that the first year, he came walking with a satchel over his shoulder with three card options, the second year he pulled a wagon with more varieties. The third year, he had a bicycle with racks on each side, and the next year he was driving a Model A Ford. But this was just the beginning of W.C.’s business adventures.

W.C. was only a year old when his grandfather died, but he came by his salesmanship and entrepreneurship naturally. As we sat in his office last month, talking about Old San Marcos, about his roots, his grown children, and the future of San Marcos, R. P.’s spirit is alive and well. We talked about community stakeholders and what draws people to San Marcos – and what keeps them here.

He moved from greeting cards to parakeets. Yes. Parakeets.

R.P. settled in Westover and soon, their son, Clyde, fell in love with a young Bessie Massey who lived down the lane. Miss Bessie was still in school, so Clyde left San Marcos for a while to work in FDR’s New Deal. Clyde joined the Tree Army in FDR’s Works Progress Administration, harvesting trees to build farms after the Great Depression. When his nine-month job was over, he had to hitch a ride back to Texas on a freight train. “I guess you would say he was a hobo for a week or so,” W.C. admits. “The train didn’t stop in San Marcos. My dad said it was dark when they came through town, and he recognized Redwood Road (which is now Wonder World Drive), and jumped off when the train slowed down. He stood up and brushed

“Glenn Smith, a local man, raised parakeets and he started me with two pairs. I ended up with sixty pair of birds in three big cages in the back yard. A man would drive a route up from Harlingen, Texas several times a year and buy birds from small breeders all the way to Dallas, and then ship them to New York to the Odenwall Bird Company. I sold about 300 birds a year for $3 a piece, for about five or six years,” he explained, matter-of-factly. After high school, W.C. earned a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Texas State University, and then went on to Penn State and earned a second bachelor’s degree in meteorology. A three-year stint as an Air Force meteorologist found him back in San Marcos, working on a master’s degree and considering a career in teaching. Those plans took a turn when a Kyle resident inherited some land in Westover and offered it up for sale.

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W.C. recalls, “Mr. Willis had twelve lots, 50 feet wide by 150 feet deep. He wanted to sell them for $100 each. I was working at the Frontier Western Wear store on the square to pay my tuition, and had a little coin collection in a safety deposit box at State Bank. I went to Mr. Thornton (president of the bank) and asked him if I could borrow $1200. ‘Why would you want to buy those lots? I don’t think they are worth $100,’ Mr. Thornton said. He wound up loaning me the money using my coin collection as collateral – not the land itself. I eventually wound up buying 97 lots up there on and around Hazelton and Allen Streets, and held on to them, for a few years. Then, in 1968, the school district decided to build Crockett School up there, and I sold them for $1000 a lot.” That gave W.C. a toe-hold in the local real estate market. His interest increased and he continued to invest in the community he so loved. “I’ve never been in a salaried position,” he admits. He worked for a year selling real estate for H.G. Stokes and Company in San Marcos, and then opened Balcones Real Estate and Insurance in San Marcos. Soon, state regulations and licensing became so specialized that it was difficult to maintain both licenses, so he diversified. Lionel Haverda took over the insurance side of things and W.C. built the real estate company. He recalls, “I brought together the best real estate sales team in town: Dottie Sims, Ronnie Dannelly, Joe Polanco, and Travis Tate, and we swamped the town with listings and captured the market.” He soon jumped into commercial development with both feet. “In the early 1970s, Ronnie Dannelly, Ronnie Wilson and I bought 26 acres and wanted to build Springtown Center. We got preleases for J.C. Penney, Beall’s, Wacker’s, Wuest and Zales.. But we couldn’t get a bank loan. We were trying to get a bank charter at the same time. We’d just start our own bank. We had a little trouble with the other two banks in town, not wanting the competition, but we finally got the bank charter and opened Hays County Bank, just about the same time we finished the shopping center. It was one of my early experiences with people wanting to run things the way they have always been run – and not wanting change.” Since those early days, W.C. has been a walking abstract company. He knows who owns, who bought and who sold most of the real estate in town. He has personally had a hand in buying and selling much of San Marcos through the last fifty years, and has helped to develop some of the most valued neighborhoods in our community. W.C. leans back in his desk on Corporate Drive and looks across the empty field toward the Hays County Justice Center, the same field his father saw glowing when he rolled off that freight train coming home from Arkansas. W.C. recalls the push-back people had about new residential developments near old neighborhoods, and Springtown Center – the first retail “shopping” center in San Marcos. It would surely change the way people shopped. Would it destroy the Square? 46 BOBCATFANS | SMTX | 03.13

“Change is always going to happen. We have to be ready for it, and we have to prepare and plan for it,” he said. “I love San Marcos. It is my home. I would like to drive a bicycle down Hopkins and not see a car. I used to be able to do that. But today I’d get run over. We have to look at where we are, we want to be, and learn to live together. And working together, we can set examples of good planning, preserving the things that make us special, and making room for growth.” He talked about the boom of the 1970s, and the Hays County Industrial Foundation and the San Marcos Industrial Foundation, both organizations for which he served as president. He talked about the early economic development efforts of the Chamber of Commerce and the push to bring industry to town – and the creation and expansions of WideLite, Mensor, Thermon and Butler, to name a few of the early manufacturing companies in town. He explained, “A developer has to have a good plan for taking something and making it a reality. He has a responsibility to make the best use of the land, for the needs and the interest of the community.” W.C. Carson understands the need for good planning. His sons have joined in the family business. Sons Chris and John David work along side their dad in Carson Properties. Chris handles residential building projects and other ventures, and John David has become a form based code specialist and prefers the urban planning aspect of their company. Daughter Kimberley is an accountant and handles the books and estate planning, and Rachel owns the popular Leaning Pear Restaurant in Wimberley, which is soon to expand to a new facility. W.C.’s wife, Jo Anne, is a senior lecturer in philosophy at Texas State, and has been a strong public school advocate for many years in San Marcos school district. Along with his deep roots, W.C. Carson has invested in the future of San Marcos. And it all comes back around. As an example, he explained, “As we develop this property (around the Justice Center) we are getting back to what they did when they built the square. That is what form-based code is all about. It’s a way to create a central community of residential, office and retail space within walking distance.” One of R.P. Carson’s favorite pastimes was whittling. Among his specialties was to take a block of apple crate wood, carefully carving delicate corner columns and whittling out the center, sculpting a free round ball inside the box. Patience, planning and an artistic eye come into play in such a skill – and W.C. will tell you those same traits come into play when building a strong community. W.C. has staked a lot of hopes and dreams on San Marcos, and his sons are sharing in his vision as they follow in his footsteps, among the new leaders of San Marcos.

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Home Sweet Home in SMTX

An Open House Tour San Marcos offers residents an array of ways to feel at home. With dazzling views, luxurious estates and close-knit communities, the possibilities are endless. Take a quick look inside a few local properties and discover why these folks call San Marcos home.

48 BOBCATFANS | SMTX | 03.13

Mediterranean Flare Welcome to a home where a wrought iron gate and courtyard greet you when entering this two story custom home with Mediterranean flare. Located in the exclusive gated community of the Greenpointe subdivision in central San Marcos. Slate covered floors lead you into the living room with a wall of windows giving way to sweeping views of the city skyline. This executive home boasts a gourmet

kitchen, granite countertops, a wine room and a center island that makes entertaining guests a breeze. The exquisite Master Suite boasts a fireplace with a barreled ceiling leading into the master bath with double vanities, a whirlpool tub, and a private exercise room/office. Venture upstairs and along with 2 bedrooms you will find the media room equipped with a wet bar and a balcony overlooking the whole city.

Homeowners: Darryl and Jill Yarbrough Neighborhood: Greenpointe Style: Tuscan style Build Date: 2007 custom built Builder: Jeff Chafin with Mission Homes 3500 Sq ft 4 bedrooms 3 baths

03.13 | SMTX | BOBCATFANS 49

Best part of the house Ease of entertaining‌.large grand foyer with wetbar flowing into the outdoor living space

50 BOBCATFANS | SMTX | 03.13

Homeowners: Monica Malorgio McNabb Neighborhood: Estates of San Marcos Style: Bungalow, modern, traditional Build Date: Built 1997 remolded and updated 3400 Sq ft 4 bedrooms 3.5 baths 3 car garage

Luxurious Estate

Sunday drives through the Estates of San Marcos in the early 2000’s always left quite an impression on the current homeowner. The location and view were exquisite, and the neighborhood had the perfect amount of understated luxury. When Monica, a local real estate Broker, went back into the neighborhood for a listing appointment, she knew the minute she walked into 2006 Martins Crest, this was a home she wasn’t going to list…it was a home she was going to buy. Purchased in late 2006, the homeowner has remolded, adding a bedroom and bathroom, upgraded flooring and surfaces and completely renovated the backyard and pool. Perched on 2.34 acres the 2200 square foot patio and pool lends itself to perfect sunsets and views for miles.

03.13 | SMTX | BOBCATFANS 51

A Vibrant Life San Marcos is a wonderful place to live. You have the blessings of a spring-fed river and hill country vistas right down the road, but you also have the vibrance of a community filled with a broad variety of people, from students, to young families, to retirees.

Wooden carved oriental chest in front formal living room, newly-built bookcases in the office, a midcentury modern entertainment center, and antique oriental hutch in dining room.

This home is also vibrant. Its halls and common space form a continuous circuit around the house, where games of chase and hide-and-seek begin all over again each time little feet patter through the kitchen for another round. Ample natural light and the personality of an older home make Saturday mornings perfect for cartoons, breakfast tacos from down the hill, and a massive pallet of pillows and quilts in the family room. Everyone piles in. The spacious backyard is full of pecan trees that create needed shade during hot Central Texas summers. Homemade jalapeno margaritas on the flagstone patio demark the end of weekend chores and the beginning of adult conversation while the kids defend their nearby fort against imaginary enemies.

Homeowners: Mark & Amy Tyndall Kennedy Neighborhood: Oak Heights Style: Bungalow, Eclectic Designer: Amy Tyndall Kennedy of LilViv Photography & Design 2200 Sq ft 4 bedrooms 3 full baths

52 BOBCATFANS | SMTX | 03.13

Some originals art pieces from the former Enron building in Houston, Texas; “Finnland� a pencil drawing made for their son by San Antonio artist David Alcantar; and original oil/acrylic works by homeowner Amy Tyndall Kennedy.

Original art pieces from the former Enron building in Houston, Texas “Finnland” a pencil drawing made for their son by San Antonio artist David Alcantar Original oil and acrylic works by homeowner Amy Tyndall Kennedy.

03.13 | SMTX | BOBCATFANS 53

This has been the scene for many Superbowl, New Year’s Eve, summer BBQ’s, and children’s birthday parties over the past ten years! Homeowners: Howard and Kay Nicols Neighborhood: Spring Lake Hills Style: Ranch 2780 Sq ft 4 bedrooms 3 full baths

54 BOBCATFANS | SMTX | 03.13

Several pieces by local artist Wade Butler Original oil paintings by Howard Nicols’ sister Leslie Triesch of Montrose, CO

Community On the Hill

This one-story ranch style home sits on an oversized “on the hill” lot on Mimosa Circle in Spring Lake Hills – the neighborhood that sits above the Aquarena Center in San Marcos. The neighborhood is extremely close-knit with a mix of original homeowners from the 1960s/70s along with new families (many with young children) who have moved in and updated these fabulous older homes. Each July 4, the neighborhood boasts a patriotic parade of bicycles, golf carts and convertibles, with an outdoor dinner afterwards where we get together to celebrate our neighborhood military veterans. It is difficult to complete a walk around “the circle” without stopping to talk to one or more neighbors. We have a long-standing women’s bunko group that has never really played bunko at all – it is an excuse for some of the ladies to get together for dinner and conversation each month. Everyone seems to know everyone else, and we watch out for each other. One of the former owners of this home was Mrs. Mildred Harper, who lived in the home from the late 1970s to late 1990s. Her son-in-law, Jimmy Scott (former head of the San Marcos Baptist Academy) and daughter Janet Harper Scott lived in the home with Mildred during the 1990s. The current owners, Howard and Kay Nicols, now live in the home with their son Jake, poodle Camo, and cat Inky. The Nicols bought the home from the Scotts in 2003, and over the past ten years have completely renovated the home. It has been the scene for many Superbowl, New Year’s Eve, summer BBQ’s and children’s birthday parties over the past ten years! 03.13 | SMTX | BOBCATFANS 55

Behind the Blue

Prints Pax ChAGNON

Pax Chagnon established Chagnon Architecture PLLC in 2008. His professional experience includes a broad range of building types and architectural design solutions, including mixed use design, hospitality design, multi-family residential design, medical office design, restaurant/ retail design, and single-family residential design. We picked the brain of this architect, hoping to discover what goes down before anything goes up.


Q. What’s your favorite architectural style and why? I prefer the clean lines and the pragmatic approach of modern design especially when it is able to implement the textures and colors or regional materials. However, I respect and see value in the craft and artistic expression of many traditional design styles such as Arts & Crafts or Art Deco styles.

Q. Who in the “community” do you follow and admire for their architectural ability? Lake-Flato Architects, San Antonio, for their focus on sustainable design and their approach to a contemporary regional design aesthetic. 4240 Architecture, Denver, (former employer) for their distinct focus on client needs and their ability to create beautiful places regardless of the design style.

Q. From where do you draw inspiration? Before design begins I focus on understanding the design problem. I focus on listening to the client and observing the context around me. I draw inspiration from the client’s ideals and the artistic, social, and physical context of the site.

Q. What part(s) of your education best prepared you for working as an architect? I value my halfdecade of architectural school out in Lubbock, TX.. However, the profession of architecture

is something that constantly requires one to be educating themselves on new design problems that have not been faced before. Whether it’s the technology of new design tools, the development of new building materials, or a new building type, an architect’s education is ongoing. There is always a new design problem to prepare for.

materials. I utilize building information modeling technology with Vectorworks Architect and also use AutoCAD, SketchUp, Photoshop, etc..

Q. How do you handle clients who cannot agree or make decisions? In my

A happy client. 2. To see the framing of a building go up and realize the form and shape is just as it looked in my mind.

experience, when a group cannot agree it is typically because one group or individual does not understand what the other(s) is proposing. I help a client’s visualize and understand design problems and solutions graphically. To see something, helps one to understand it.

Q. What are the benefits and drawbacks of doing remodels verses new construction projects? The

Q. How do you stay updated on the most current construction and design practices? In addition to

idea of drawback vs. benefit is dependent on one’s perspective and ability to create opportunity out of challenge.

continuing education required by the Texas Board or Architectural Examiners I keep in touch with a network of architects and consultants whom I have worked with in the past. It’s kind of an informal think tank on how to do things better.

Q. What aspects of your job are most satisfying? 1.

Q. What services do you offer your clients? Commercial and residential architectural design services. Programming, Analysis of Existing Facilities, Planning, Design, Bidding, Construction Administration

Q. How do you present to clients? What programs do you use to do your drawings? I present clients

Q. How do you go about getting new clients? All of my business is repeat business or generated through word of mouth. I have yet to figure out a better way of marketing than doing a good job and making sure your client is happy.

with 2-D drawings as well as 3-D digital models of design proposals which illustrate spatial organization, form, and

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SMTX | Artistry

“Hundreds of people will probably see the same thing and just look over it”

GOLDRUST VINTAGE When Furniture Was Built To Last

Chris Espiritu’s home office and workspace is a treasure chest of vintage couches, chairs, lamps and fabrics. Old signs, guitars, gas cans and other random artifacts can also be found. Chris says he might have the top cut off the gas can and use as a flower pot. One of the lamps by his desk fits the latest design trend of barbershop style vintage… but it’s made of steel. Finding a lamp made of steel isn’t something you see very often nowadays. Chris and his wife have a good eye for finding things that others may disregard. “Hundreds of people will probably see the same thing and just look over it,” said Chris. But, he knows what to look for. And, they are good at cleaning up their finds and showcasing them in a way that brings out their true value.

estate sales and flea markets all over the state, looking for those unique pieces they know will find a happy home. It all started when Chris, a Texas native, was living in Los Angeles working in the mortgage business. He used to find free stuff on Craigslist and would paint and fix things for his own home as sort of a shabby chic solution to home decor. As a hobby, Chris and his wife started collecting and making pieces to sell, and it worked. Chris and his wife moved back to Texas to be closer to family and to start their own family. Chris and his wife used to own and operate the Yoga Dojo (now Go 2 Danz) until they had their first child. Now, the furniture business allows Chris to work from home and enjoy his family.

Sometimes they find something at Goodwill underneath a bunch of stuff, clean it up and make it available for people who they know will appreciate it. They spend their days searching for treasures at

Chris loves being a curator of “junk” furniture, and the success he enjoys he feels is due to his passion for furniture, home and personal style. The trick is knowing what to look for, and years of work-

58 BOBCATFANS | SMTX | 03.13


Chris Espiritu


Restoration w/Style


Off Sessom Dr. SMTX 78666


By Appointment Only (512) 395-7500

ing with furniture have given Chris a special appreciation for style and for quality of materials. Chris currently has a couch, for instance, that is in perfect condition but is 40-50 years old. He gave it a small facelift to update the style, and now the couch is ready for another 40-50 years because it has a build quality that is seldom found in the standards of our modern world of planned obsolescence. While modern furniture and appliances are designed to fail and fall apart within a few years so consumers can go out and buy more furniture, the older stuff was built to last. Chris’s clients, he says, are people like him—people who are interested in style, quality, and creativity. His clientele range from younger professionals and families, to older people who know good, quality furniture. He has had clients come in from as far as Dallas, Houston, and even Oklahoma to pick up purchased goods. Much of Chris’s business to date is handled through Craigslist. His clientele are people looking for deals and those who don’t want to pay what some of the storefronts are charging, which can be up to triple what Chris charges. Chris has also furnished entire houses in Austin and is on the contact list of several Austin interior designers. In fact, they gave him the name “Chris from San Marcos” because he didn’t have a business name at the time and the name sort of stuck. Chris also collects other “junk” for repurposing by artisans, sculptors, woodworkers, builders and designers. For instance, he has the bed of an old pickup truck outside his house because he saw somewhere how someone had cut out the fenders, inverted them, filled them with cushions and used them as chairs. To find Chris’s products in a local Austin/San Marcos Craigslist search, just look under furniture and type “goldrust” into the keyword search. Or visit

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SMTX | inside look

Merriman Cabin A possible loft above the main room where the kids may have slept, no longer there.

Dr. Eli Merriman, a Yale medical school graduate. No kitchen, there was a separate cabin just for cooking in case of fire. Don’t want to burn the place down.

Bed made of rope and homemade mattress. Ropes would need tightening after 1 month as they stretch out. This is where the expression “Sleep Tight” comes from

Used pegs instead of nails because nails were rare. A child’s doll resting on a small chair. Because kids have always liked toys.

A spinning loom to weave cloth.

Original window frames, new glass. Cabin was built 167 years ago

60 BOBCATFANS | SMTX | 03.13 6

The Merriman cabin was built in 1846 and is the 2nd oldest home in San Marcos. The cabin was originally positioned where Goodyear is currently. In 1950, when the Heritage Association purchased the cabin, it was moved to Aquarena Springs Center as an attraction. Since 2002, the Merriman Cabin has been located at the corner of CM Allen Pkwy and Hopkins, but this was not an easy process. A Fredericksburg company that specializes in cabin renovation completely restored the cabin to its current condition. They purchased logs from older cabins that were in better shape, and instead of a shingle roof, it is now made of tin. All of the furnishings in the cabin are antiques from the 1840s.

notes | The Relics

The Merriman Cabin, located behind the historic Cock House, was built by Dr. Eli T. Merriman. A graduate from Yale, Merriman came to Texas, from Connecticut in 1838 with his wife and six children. He served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War and became one of the three founders of San Marcos as well as the first physician and postmaster in the area. The Merriman family lived here for several years until his wife divorced him and moved back to Connecticut, taking their children with her. Merriman then moved down to Corpus Christi where he was involved in a medical practice. Unfortunately there was a yellow fever outbreak in Corpus, which is what eventually killed him.

Tools used to plant seeds.

Location CM Allen Parkway and East Hopkins San Marcos, TX 78666 October 2010 Thief breaks into the log cabin and steals irreplaceable historic items, a buffalo skin rug, an antique quilt, a crochet bedspread and an old mattress. The items were later found in a local homeless encampment and returned to the cabin. KXAN robbery and history video

| By Morgan Kemper |

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512-753-3355 2990 North Interstate 35 Frontage Road, San Marcos, TX 78666

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Hacker’s Hideout

Setting the bar for TXST Man Caves


One Man’s Junk Is Another Man’s Good Taste

Cheers To Hours of Happiness

Lazy Sundays

MAIN SQUEEZE It’s all in the wrist


Let’s have BRUNCH

Life before real estate agents


Packs Up and Ships Out

The Man With Over

10,000 Beds






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The Danger Behind Elephant Ears

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