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August 2012

Honor The Past, Claim The Future, And Enjoy The Present. Buckle Up!

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SMTX Entertainment & Culture

It’s what makes Time Travel possible

10 Spud Ranch Is that a potato in your pocket or are you just happy to see me 13 The Next Big Tee But its still OK to Keep SMTX Cooler than Austin 15 Backstage w/ Chacsa JT bares all, or more of himself that is 17 Generation Next 3 Generations, 3 Stories, 1 City

About The Cover History is about learning from those who came before us. We decided to travel back in time to a place that locals often refer to as Marvelous. Because we love the 80’s, we jumped into the De Lorean and gunned it to 88! Where we’re going we don’t need roads. San Marcos Entertainment and Culture

24 Then & Now We like old pictures of SMTX

August 2012

26 Hey McFly Gun it to 88! 29 Old School Aquarena Springs I smell bacon 30 Yokona Their making a movie about the river yo! 34 Bobtail Magazine At least these guys don’t straight up copy

Honor The Past, Claim The Future, And Enjoy The Present.

36 25 Things You should know about where you live 41 Tanning No one likes a pale that racist? 42 Jacki gets Knocked Out At the Fight Factory 46 Playboy Legend Did SWT really get ranked?

Buckle Up!


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No goofs worth mentioning last issue. Yeah, we can’t believe it ourselves.


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Tidbits A River of Change

Finally In The Game Alright Bobcat football fans, the day has finally arrived. On July 10th, EA Sports released NCAA 2013, but this time around you can call the shots with our very own Texas State Bobcats. Using the games Dynasty mode, you are fully in control of the Bobcats, even recruiting high school prospects. In a virtual game of the soon-tobe Texas Tech match up, we watched the Bobcats beat the Red Raiders 52 -17. We’ll see if it holds true on September 8th.

Dear SMTX, San Marcos is a dynamic community. Like the river from which it gets its name, San Marcos  is never still. Reflecting on my stay here, I have become acutely aware of the changes that have occurred since my arrival in 1979. The single most telling change, for me, has been the university’s recent effort to erase the existence of what made San Marcos famous: Aquarena Springs Amusement Water  Park and Underwater Theater. The university’s goal, of course, is to restore the springs and the lake to the same condition they were when the Native Americans welcomed the Spaniards to this part of the world.  My friend, Shirley Rogers and I have discussed this effort from time to time as we sat on her deck overlooking what was once the prime vacation destination of Texas. Shirley says she has wonderful memories of her days as a mermaid, performing in the theater and playing second fiddle to Ralph the Swimming Pig, but she has no bitterness or regrets because times have changed and San Marcos must change with the times. Terry Serur, a friend of mine and a profile interviewee, expressed a similar attitude when a few years ago, he closed his men’s clothing store, The Varsity Shop on LBJ. Business was still good. His regular customers did not desert him for the outlet malls. The Varsity Shop was the last iteration of the oldest family business in continuous operation in Hays County. Terry simply recognized that the nature of San Marcos was changing and the nature of business had to change with it.         The  San Marcos  River  keeps flowing, and like the river, San Marcos remains a dynamic entity, always moving and often showing the way for the times to come. 

Ask The Lawyer Q.Have you been this intoxicated before?

Craft Time

BobcatFans got an exciting opportunity to get a little creative and a little messy. Café Monet offers many objects of pottery in which you can choose to decorate. From plates to goblets to dog bowls, they have it all. Although it seemed like an impossible task, we all finally chose pottery to design. It is unbelievable how many color choices they have. There are so many choices of designs, patterns, lace, stencils, stamps; the list goes on and on! We were virtually free to do whatever we wanted with our pottery. When you choose your colors and design idea, that’s when the real fun begins. We even discovered that you can bring in a bottle of wine, something we will have to remember for next time. It’s a great place to unwind and paint the stress away.

A. This is an example of a question commonly asked by police officers when a citizen is the subject of a DWI investigation, which is designed to elicit an incriminating response. For example, if answered “no”, then you tacitly admitted that is the most intoxicated you have ever been. The answer of “yes” makes you look like a habitual drunk or a repeat DWI offender which is nothing more than a subtle plea for law enforcement. Answering contrived police questions like this can make even the most innocent and sober motorists appear to be guilty.

Billy McNabb Attorney at Law

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Know your rights. Protect your future.

-Bibb Underwood is the author of Ordinary People: Heroes, Creators, Survivors (Folks of San Marcos and Hays County) #BobcatFans

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Money, Cans, Money & Cans On June 23rd and 24th, BobcatFans collaborated with local businesses to help raise money and food items for the Hays County Food Back. The community, both local residents and students, came out and gave back to those in need. We set up tents and other local organizations came out to support: CASA, Southside Community Center, Hays-Caldwell Women’s Center, and the Greater San Marcos Youth Council. Even the Mayor of San Marcos, Daniel Guerrero, came out for the cause with a basket full of cans. Talented artists from right here in San Marcos entertained floaters as they passed by. Much love goes out to Matt Begley & Bitter Whiskey, Bryan Boyce Band, and Reid Farris Band. Not to mention some of our favorite local comedians Michael Monsour, Jon Stringer, and Patrick Sirois. Overall, tubers raised $500 and 184 pounds of food for the Hays County Food Bank, an excellent achievement! Gumby’s Pizza came out and sold giant slices for $1 and donated all of their proceeds. Skyline brought a party bus and Little Guys Movers hauled the cans. Thank you San Marcos!

Special Thanks to: Texas State Tubes, The Lions Club, Gumby’s, Little Guys Movers & Skyline Party Buses!

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s i n i ik

Home Grown Goodness Bringing you fresh produce, baked goods, crafts and other homemade items; the San Marcos Farmers Market is the perfect place to do your feel good shopping. The market is open on Tuesdays at 204 S. Edward Gary from 3-6pm, and Saturdays on the Square from 9am-1pm. The non-profit organization is a prime source for homegrown goodness brought to you by vendors such as Redbud Roasters, Simple Pleasures, and Terracycle. When you head over to the San Marcos Farmers Market you support the local farmers and their delicious crops.

And this is crazy, but here’s their number… Call Me Maybe is the popular teen-pop song that took Youtube nation by storm this summer. Everyone and their mother tried to cover it, but nobody did it quite like our Texas State Club Baseball Team. With their thrilling choreography and synchronic movements, these boys have what it takes to be Carly Rae Jepsen’s personal back up dancers. Not only did they take the time to do it (and do it well) these boys mixed it with another song. Take that Harvard Baseball Team! 1,974,635 views… and counting.




@ Texas State Tubes

Aug. 25th Back To School Float


Hotdogs, hotties & hotbeats

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August Top Happenings Aug 2nd 9th & 16th

Summer in the Park Concert Series Plaza Park 7:30 – 9:30 pm Have a family night out Thursdays this August and kick back for some free music and quality time with your loved ones 60’s Night Costume Fundraiser Eden

Aug 3rd

LBJ Museum 7-9:30 pm The 60’s will be alive and well as you dress up to help support the LBJ Museum. Live Music, Drinks & a Costume contest. ($25 at Door)

Chasca and Mark Jungers

Aug 4th

Triple Crown 8pm Make this a night to remember by dressing up and rocking out all night. Read the interview on page 15. Trees

Aug 10th

Wake the Dead 9pm Make your way to a show for an up and coming artist that you won’t want to miss out on. New Moon Art Show

Aug 18th

Coffee Pot Bistro 8-11pm Every full moon this Art Exhibit displays amazing local art while entertaining you in the process. Cruise in Night

Aug 18th

Dick’s Classic Car Museum 5-8:30pm Here’s an opportunity to step back in time to view or show off your own classic car or motorcycle to the SMTX at Dick’s Classic Garage. Unicycle Football League

Aug 19th

Farmers Market Field (Edward Gary) With the dawn of football comes another season of the UFL. It’s the Trills on Wheels. These onewheel warriors are tough and very entertaining. College Night (Freshmen)

Aug 22nd 8 | BobcatFans Magazine

Target 10:30 PM – 12:30 AM Let us help you start college right! Music. Shopping. Refreshments. Prizes. Fun. @BobcatFans

Bikinis and Weenies 2012


s i n i k i


@ Texas State Tubes Aug 25th

Texas State Tubes Noon – 7pm Our very own BobcatFans Hotties with be serving up Weenies (hotdogs) in the middle of the San Marcos River. We secured a nice piece of land in the midway point of the float for folks to get out and enjoy the day with us. If you have never tubed SMTX before use this float to start of school the right way. This is your opportunity to relish the last days of summer while you toss some mustard on your weenie.

Back 2 School Bash

Aug 31st


Texas Music Theater Start the year with a DUBSTEP at the 6th Annual Unofficial Texas State Back 2 School Bash. AfterDark Entertainment is hosting a killer show at Texas Music Theater featuring Kill the Noise and other electrifying artists. This is one heart pounding show you’re not going to want to miss out on. The show is 18+ with a $10 cover. This is a time to dance your ass off. BobcatFans Magazine | 9


Food reviewed by Jake $alter

This SPUD’s For You Every once in a while a restaurant comes along that combines flavor with light, healthy ingredients, leaving you feeling energized and refreshed. The Spud Ranch is no such restaurant. The Spud Ranch is a small place to find big and delicious comfort food hardy enough to fill up a hungry grizzly bear. The stars of the show here are the perfectly cooked, fully loaded baked potatoes, but there are plenty more things to love at this unique local eatery. The perfect place to either fill up before heading to the big game, or to grab a lunch that will keep you going through a busy workday. Standouts from our visit include the unique Battered Broccoli and the tangy Hot Wing Spud. This could be the best place in town for gut-busting, down home flavor. New comers and San Martians would be wise to try the Spud Ranch’s hearty culinary delights. 1330 Aquarena Springs Dr #112 512.805.7783

Hot Wing Spud

The best part of our meal was definitely the Hot Wing Spud. Crispy, boneless hot wings paired with a mild buffalo sauce, melted cheese, and ranch dressing, all atop a baked potato. Sometimes baked potatoes can become bland and dry by the end of the meal, but the buffalo sauce serves to cut through the blandness and the flavor persists through the entire potato. The chicken stayed crispy throughout, all in all a delicious dish.

Texas Burger

With a name like the Texas Burger, I expect a flavorful beef patty, and thick Texas toast, and that is exactly what you get. We ordered our burger with Spud Tots and added bacon, and that’s definitely the way to go. The bacon was crispy, the toast was well toasted, all adding up to a delicious burger. The only thing I would say is that the onions could have been sautéed more, as they were a bit raw. The Spud Tots that came with the burger were great, crispy and salty. If you’ve got a hunger for a burger, this will satisfy your taste buds.

Battered Broccoli

The most unique item offered at the Spud Ranch is also one of the most delicious. Fresh, flavorful broccoli is battered and deep-fried to crispy perfection, and served with a side of creamy ranch dressing. Slightly sweet, a little sour, the perfect treat to kick off your meal.

10 | BobcatFans Magazine


Brewed Devil’s Backbone Real Ale Brewing Co.

Named for the road leading from this beer’s hometown of Blanco to Wimberley, Devil’s Backbone is a hard beer to put your finger on. It’s a Belgium Style Tripel, light copper in appearance with heavy spice notes that cut through any creaminess in this brew. Light on the palate, this beer might be improved with a wedge of orange to curb some of the spices, but as such it comes on a little strong. Neither hops nor malt play very big parts in the flavor, and the beer comes off just a little too sour. This beer is worth a try, but is really missing something and doesn’t reach its potential. Alc/V 8.1%

Rates a 3 out of a 6 in a pack.

Red Rocket

Bear Republic Brewing Co. In Scotland the moors are misty and the beers hardy, and the Scottish style red ale is no exception. Made by the good folks of Bear Republic Brewing Co., Red Rocket Ale is full-bodied with aggressive hop notes and a thick creamy head. Bottle conditioned and unfiltered, it has a fairly cloudy appearance. Don’t be scared away by the hops and the dark brown color though, this is an easily drinkable beer, refreshing, if a little filling, and a perfect break from the traditional summer beer lineup. Alc/V 6.8%

Rates a 4 out of a 6 in a pack.

Brews rated by Jake $alter

Tapped Out! There is nothing like a fresh, cold beer straight from the tap, especially if there are oodles of taps to chose from. Sean Patrick’s recently announced that they are making room for a whole new set of taps to up their draft beer selection. They hope to soon offer a selection of 70 draft beers. The most in Hays Country!


BobcatFans Magazine | 11

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The Next Big Tee

Find BobcatFans on Facebook and decide which Tee will reign in SMTX Do you like to rep’ your city? We do! A lot of shirts have come through town trying to become the “official” t-shirt of SMTX. The “Keep San Marcos Cooler Than Austin” concept was the big craze a year ago, but we figure that we have already accomplished that goal and are now ready for a shirt that defines us. We teamed up with our friends at Print This to try to come up with our next big San Marcos shirt, but we didn’t want to leave SMTX out of the decision process. We need your help deciding which shirt you want to start seeing around San Marcos. Look up BobcatFans on Facebook and then “Like” the shirt that you want to vote for. You can vote any time between now and Aug. 25th, the winning shirt will be released at our Bikinis and Weenies 2012 Float on August 25th at Texas State Tubes.



Life is rough here in SMTX... NOT. (But they don’t have to know that)


What happens in 78666, should happen more often in 78666.


Being chill in the river is how we roll in the SMTX.


Tubing is what we do; let’s keep the tradition afloat!

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Your One-Stop Bobcat Shop The Only Bookstore Owned and Operated by Texas State University.

We Know Books More books at a better price, including e-books and rentals!

Everything You Need More than just books, we carry art supplies, food, toiletries, school supplies, apparel and more!

Here for you, here for Texas State 14 | BobcatFans Magazine

2nd Floor LBJ Student Center · 512-245-2273



With J.T. Martin of Chasca Chasca is changing the face of music. Literally. With their glam pop sound and their ferocious costuming, they take us on a time warp back to when rock n’ roll thrived. Taking the time to perfect their melodious art with smart composition and meaningful lyrics, Chasca goes above and beyond by taking it one step further; these guys really know how to put on a powerful show. From their musicality to their scandalous clothing, Chasca is taking the stage by storm. We got the opportunity to sit down with lead singer J.T. Martin. You should never judge a man until you have walked a mile in his high top boots.



Where does the inspiration come from for your musical concepts and stage glamour?

“We are all certainly fans of bands that put on a show and have a high degree of theatricality. The first band that I really fell in love with was KISS. So that started me out early in appreciating and enjoying that sort of spectacle aspect of performance: a lot of early to mid-70s influence. Any acts that kind of had the theatrical glam presentation really influenced me and the other guys in the band. They really put on a show that was captivating, intriguing, and mysterious. “

We kind of see a Rocky Horror Picture Show vibe from your costuming. Where is your costume inspiration derived from?

“Not just Rocky Horror but musical theatre in general. But definitely the fish nets and lingerie is a big tip of the hat to Rocky Horror. And again, Rocky Horror came out in that era where lines where being crossed as far as gender and identity [go], with rock being incorporated in the theatre and theatre being incorporated into rock. It has a huge influence on all of us as far as our musical sensibilities.”

You claim that Rock ‘n Roll is dead. Can you elaborate on why you feel that way?

“I think there was a degree of irony in that but I often think that the music industry is so sanitized, so processed. It’s such a megalithic business that what people have kind of a first access to, like what people hear on the radio, has gone through so much work shopping and wood shedding and it’s really kind of antithetically to the rock n’ roll ethic. Stars aren’t discovered anymore. There’s such a networking, business savvy that goes into the process that by the time you get the product, it reeks of over-consideration, and dare I say, hype. That statement is reflecting our disappointment in rock. It takes work to find a good band…you have to look for it.”


BobcatFans Magazine | 15



ity s r e niv 0



1. U 353-750

N E OP hr


2. Aquarena: 757-8833 3. Hopkins: 353-0000 4. Wonder World: 353-7766 5. Kyle on 1626: 268-6400




TO GENERATION San Marcos is a special place. It offers a little something for everyone, no matter where they find themselves on life’s path. Every year brings in a new wave of ambitious students, many of which are first breathing in the fresh air of living outside their parent’s supervision. Some never make it past the first semester while others eventually reach their goal and move on to turn their dreams into realities. For those who stick around, it doesn’t take long for San Marcos to feel like home. San Marcos is small, yet cozy; it’s historic, yet youthful. Although many experience San Marcos in passing, there are some who grew up here, raised their children here, and are now retired here. It’s ironic that a river runs through the heart of this town, because like the river, San Marcos is always flowing. There will always be new faces, new businesses and new ideas that flow through San Marcos. As we eagerly wait to see what the future has in store for SMTX, we honor its past by remembering that we were not the first ones here. Everyone in town has their own unique story about their time here, so why not hear it directly from them? This is a story about San Marcos told from the perspective of three generations. They are all very different: taking place in different times, involving different characters, but the setting remains the same. San Marcos is unique because of the people who live here. These are their stories...


BobcatFans Magazine | 17

Jimmie & Janet Scott This story begins back in 1950, when Jimmie Scott first arrived in San Marcos after being somewhat recruited to come play basketball for San Marcos High School. He described San Marcos as a big town, comparatively speaking, having moved from a small town where cats and dogs outnumbered the population. Back then, there were only about 2,000 students who attended Southwest Texas State Teachers College. The high school students actually went to school in the university education building back in those days. Basketball practice and games were all held in the old Evans gym that would later burn down. When Jimmy started his second year of high school, San Marcos built Lamar School, which offered high school students their own facilities and gymnasium.

Standing in front of TMT, it was the sight of their first date, know then as The Holiday Theater.

When Jimmie wasn’t playing ball, he was washing dishes at an old café, close to where the post office is today, for only 25 cents an hour. Back then, downtown was not nearly the entertainment district that it is today. Jimmy would ride his bike to work and just leave it outside. In fact, the Square did not even have traffic lights because it was so calm. There were no bars on the square back then, but there was an assortment of movie theaters to choose from. A night out at the movies, or maybe dinner out at Carson’s Restaurant were the big thrills in those days. The Holiday Theater was in the building we refer to as TMT today. Sometime later, Jimmie would have his first date with Janet at the Holiday Theater, and he must have done something right because they have been together ever since. After a year at Baylor, Jimmie returned to San Marcos and attended SWT where he played ball for a while under Coach Jowers. Eventually, Jimmie entered into the world of education after graduating from SWT. He managed 18 | BobcatFans Magazine

to get some experience as a principle under his belt when he was offered the position of dean at the San Marcos Baptist Academy, a position he would fill for the next 32 years. Jimmie Scott and the

Thea e Holiday named Th re d an r. in 1958 ie theate Remodeled arcos’ first-run mov M It was San


President of SMBA, Jack Byron, were key players in not only shaping the future of SMBA, but also in the westward expansion of campus. The academy’s original location was right around the area where the REC Center and San Mar-

cos Hall are today. They built their new facility on a donated piece of land, right off of Ranch Road 12, where it remains today. Janet remembers working on the square one day when a movie crew was shooting a chase scene for the film The Getaway in the old bank where The Vault is today. They paid all the stores to close down and a lot of locals got to be a part of that movie. Later, Jimmy and Janet opened their own children’s store which Janet ran for ten years. It was called The Lollipop and was located in the storefront where Barfish is today. Jimmie and Janet Scott are still a part of the San Marcos community. The Scotts are still happy to live in the town they grew up in, even though it’s becoming a little crowded. Janet is a fan of the outlet centers and Jimmie enjoys spending time with old friends at Quail Creek Golf course. One thing they miss about old San Marcos is how the Square used to be. They don’t spend much time downtown after dark. @BobcatFans


BobcatFans Magazine | 19

San Marcos resident since he was three, Kevin Carswell has seen the area change over the years. He has a latte to tell you.

Kevin Carswell

The story continues with Kevin Carswell, who was born in Houston, but has called San Marcos home since he was three years old. Kevin can remember a time back when San Marcos only had two traffic lights, when you could actually drive all the way through campus on LBJ St., and when the football stadium was on the other side of the tracks. A few of his childhood memories include grabbing sodas at the drug store downtown and checking out the model airplanes at the 5 and 10 Cent store. Friday nights were spent at Marco’s, which was a pizza joint right across from where Cedar’s is today. Kevin has not only lived in San Marcos for most of his life, he has worked in San Marcos for a good part of it as well. Most people start at the bottom and work their way up, Kevin actually started below the bottom, spending summers at Wonder World Cave, now known as Wonder World Park. As a junior and senior in high school, Kevin worked in a co-op program where he would leave for work around lunch time every day. It wasn’t all work and no play though; Kevin would cruise around town with friends and hangout in an abandoned church parking lot that was across from where the post office is today. When the football stadium was by the Aquarena golf course, he and his friends would hit golf balls into the old stadium. Kevin graduated from SMH in 1984, when the high school was located in the building that serves as the junior

high today. When Kevin turned nineteen, which was the legal drinking at that time, he picked up a job as a bartender at Showdown - the place to be back in the early 80’s. At the age of 21 he began classes at SWT and during that year met his future wife on a spring break trip down in Mexico. After gaining some experience at Showdown, Kevin started managing a restaurant across the street called S.F. Austin, where Wally’s party store is today. In 1998, Kevin took a management position at the River Pub, just in time for the major flood that would strike the city, almost putting the whole restaurant underwater. In 2002, Kevin was eager for a business of his own, and when he noticed an available space right by the intersection of Sessom and LBJ, he knew he had found the spot. For the past ten

years, Kevin and his wife have turned their idea for a coffee shop into a huge success. Mochas and Javas is a local San Marcos business that currently has three locations around town. Kevin mentioned a time when Wonder World was just a gravel road and there was hardly any development past Bishop Street. Today, one of his stores is off of Wonder World Drive. Kevin has seen a lot of change in San Marcos over the years, but he hopes that it doesn’t end here. As a long time San Marcos resident and business owner, Kevin welcomes progress in this town. He hopes to see the economy grow, which will provide more jobs and better wages for our city. Kevin hopes to see more cooperation between the university, the City of San Marcos, the county and the school board as San Marcos grows.


BobcatFans Magazine | 21

22 | BobcatFans Magazine


Alison Sibley

Alison stands outside of Showplace Theater, one of her favorite hangouts during her freshman year at Texas State. It didn’t take long for Alison to feel at home in San Marcos.

Alison Sibley We conclude things with Alison, whose story is probably somewhat similar to many of the students who have been around San Marcos for the past few years. After only one year of getting to know the town, it began to feel like home. She and her roommates loved to explore and discover new getaways in San Marcos. Whether it’s avoiding the crowds in the secret river spot off of Old Bastrop Highway, or a peaceful walk in Purgatory Creek; Alison likes to spend time enjoying the beauty of San Marcos. Alison started school at TXST back in 2009 and started working in town right away. She has probably made a smoothie or poured a shot of wheatgrass for just about everyone in San Marcos after working at Smoothie Factory for over three years. As a freshman living in Sterry Hall, she enjoyed the close walk to work and also spent a good deal of time across the street watching movies at Showplace. It didn’t take Alison much time to get involved with the community. She takes part in Bobcat Build every year and enjoys giving back to San Marcos. As advisor to the Texas State Freshman Council last year, she was able to over-

see a group of students working with juniors and seniors at SMHS. Alison was recently elected as the Associated Student Government Vice President, which is encouraging because of her commitment to see students get involved in the community they love. Although Alison hasn’t been around San Marcos long, she has seen a few changes in her short time here. She has noticed a few businesses change, and she likes the addition of the food trailers. All of the recent construction is probably the biggest change she has seen. Alison is excited to see San Marcos grow, despite the fact that she is not a huge fan of the construction. As a finance major, she hopes that the growth will open doors to more jobs around the city and help raise the income level in San Marcos. Like many students entering their senior year at Texas State, Alison might not have much time left around SMTX, but that doesn’t mean that she is not excited about the future growth of San Marcos and Texas State University. She is committed to doing her part for her school and her town by setting an example for future students.

Then &


Texas State was once a small teachers college known as Southwest Texas State Normal School. Students were referred to as “normals”.

The old Municipal Building served as City Hall, the fire station & police station.

Around 1907, this brick building was built to house the A.B. Rogers Furniture and Coffin Store.

The Square featured in the 30’s. It was once a quiet place with no traffic signals and no bars.

This is not your typical now-and-then setup. In fact, SMTX’s waist line has expanded a great deal over the years. People have inhabited the area we know as San Marcos since before the dawn of civilization. The river has always been a source of life and sustenance for those who have stumbled upon it. It wasn’t very long ago that modern San Marcos was a small, quiet town with a little teachers college on a hill. Today, Texas State is one of the fastest growing universities in Texas and San Marcos is growing with it. A lot has changed in San Marcos over the years, but surprisingly, a lot has stayed the same. Much of the historic downtown still remains historic although it’s a little louder than it used to be. Old Main still stands strong, but now has a solid supporting cast around it. You might be a little surprised by how familiar you already are with the way things used to be.

Today Texas State University (TXST) is the 5th largest in enrollment in Texas. There is currently almost a half billion dollars in construction taking place on campus.

Today, A.B. Rogers brick building is a place to grab great food at Vodka St. or check out live music down stairs at Taxi’s. The building is now owned by Texas State, where it functions as a sound recording studio for students.

Today, the Square remains intact, but serves as SMTX’s downtown entertainment district.


BobcatFans Magazine | 25

Dancing while intoxicated has changed...a little.

Old Post Office with Spanish Architecture. It’s a shame they tore it down. Current location of Frost Bank downtown.

Great Scott! BobcatFans has yet to acquire a DeLorean time machine, but we did get a hold of some pretty cool pictures that point out many of the changes that have occurred in SMTX over the years. Here is your chance to be Marty McFly and decide for yourself if things have changed for better or worse.

The State Bank and Trust Co. was chartered in 1906 and moved out in 1963.

Bikinis are one thing that will hopefully never change. 26 | BobcatFans Magazine

Before the university’s preservation effort, Sewell Park was more like a swimming pool. @BobcatFans

Texas State students protesting against the Vietnam War in what is now the “Free Speech Zone� on campus.

The third courthouse burnt to the ground in 1908. Our current courthouse has stood since 1909.

JCK got a little nose job after being labeled as one of the ugliest buildings in Texas.

Wonder World Park (formerly Bevers Cave) is the oldest operating commercial cave in Texas.


BobcatFans Magazine | 27

28 | BobcatFans Magazine


Aquarena Springs Amusement Park Notes

Summer Hot Spot The Spring Lake Park Hotel was built in 1929 and featured a golf course, swimming pool, and beautiful rooms. Residents of San Marcos were able to use all of these amenities as long as they became members of the club.


The submarine theater was submerged once guests were inside. They entered on land and it was sunk into the water when the show began.


The original swimming pig was Missy. There were hundreds of swimming pigs over the years. Often becoming too big to swim.


Shows in the submarine theater featured the pigs, clowns and Aquamaids as the main attractions.

4. 5. 6.

“Ralph, the Famous Swimming Pig” was on the Walter Cronkite’s show, That’s Incredible. Political promoting was done underwater during the Eisenhower/Stevenson campaign.

The original submarine theater was removed to make room for a bigger theater that seated more guests and was submerged even lower.

When Pigs Swam


The gondolas were installed in 1959 and lifted guests 110 feet above the river giving them a view of the entire park and San Marcos.

Since the 1920’s, Aquarena Springs has attracted visitors searching for a unique source of entertainment. Arthur Birch Rogers purchased the land now known as Aquarena Springs with a plan for doing just that; he created a tourist attraction out of the natural beauty here in San Marcos, Texas. The Spring Lake Park Hotel allowed guests to live it up on the beautiful San Marcos River despite the coming Great Depression. To attract more tourism, Rogers’ son, Paul Rogers, added glass bottom boats for marine tours of the underwater ecosystem, but it was the creation of a submarine theater that put San Marcos on the map. Performers were completely submerged while entertaining hundreds of people. The submarine theater was constructed and allowed visitors to board the submarine which was then halfway submerged. After its viewers were comfortably in their seats, the show would begin where performers would hold underwater picnics and ballets by using a breathing tube. The performers included aquamaids and clowns that amazed audiences by their ability to not only breathe underwater with the use of a breathing tube, but also manage to stay completely underwater without floating to the top. One of the most famous performers at the springs was Ralph the swimming pig who participated in shows and quickly became a favorite attraction. Guests watched “Ralph, the Famous Swimming Pig” in his choreographed routine and could visit the pig back stage

in his pig palace where children could feed and pet Ralph. Aquarena Springs has changed ownership many times, but is now a part of Texas State University, who acquired this beautiful piece of land in 1994. In recent years, Aquarena Springs has served as a source of education about the river. As for the Spring Lake Park Hotel, it became property of the Texas River Center back in 2006, an organization devoted to river conservation. The submarine theater was recently removed in an attempt to return the river to its natural state and protect the endangered species that live under the surface. The boat tours continue to run and inform guests about the rivers inhabitants and conservation techniques.


According to the San Marcos Daily Record, the gondola sky ride was one of the three highest in the western hemisphere.


A 1954 underwater wedding of Aquarena performers was featured in LIFE Magazine. Both lined their cloths with lead to weigh themselves down.


Aquarena Springs had Hanging Gardens that overlooked the park and dazzled guests.


There was a glassblower on staff that could work blindfolded demonstrating his skill to visitors


The Submarine Theater was featured in the June 1952 issue of Popular Mechanics Magazine

Ralph, the Famous Swi mming Pig, leap into the water was know as the “Swine Dive”

The 467-ton Submarine Theater was recently removed from Aquarena Springs back in May. It required the use of one of the largest cranes in the country.

Aqua rena Sprin gs unde performe rs ge r wat t mar er in 1954 ried

Our river has a story Yako-na-/rising water/

Thanks to Dean Brenann, Paul Collins, and Anio Sepulveda, it is finally being told. Their film, Yakona, has brought light to the majestic San Marcos River as a source of life and entertainment that has kept San Marcos unique since its creation. Yakona, simply put, is an abstract narrative of the beginning of life at the river to present day San Marcos. The documentary is told from the river‘s point of view and without commentary. Yakona can be viewed from a historical and spiritual standpoint, which makes this documentary very unique. Paul states, “The goal is to try to get the story of this place as far as we can in the world.” The main objective is to educate as many people as possible, not only with the hopes of expanding knowledge of our river, but to also inspire others to conserve their own natural resources. Amazingly enough, their love for the San Marcos River didn’t begin at an early age. Collins is originally from Canada, Brenann from Michigan, and Sepulveda from Austin. By chance, the three met up while working at Texas State University in the media production department and had the unanimous idea of making a documentary over our river. The idea began simply enough with only underwater cameras and a few pictures under the surface. Two years later, it has evolved into what is now a close to complete documentary. Although they have moved on to different positions, all three are still currently employed at Texas State.

30 | BobcatFans Magazine


WRAPPING UP THE FILM With the finished product drawing near, Collins, Brenann, and Sepulveda need the assistance of the community and San Marcos locals who love the river just as much as they do. In order to finish the film the right way, they need to send it to a post production house, which doesn’t come cheap. A non-profit account has been opened to allow businesses the chance to donate to help achieve the $30,000 fee of creating a worthy documentary. San Marcos locals can also donate by writing a check to the River Foundation, specifying that the money is meant for Yakona. For more information or to watch the trailer, visit: WATCH THE MESMERIZING 90 SECOND TRAILER


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32 | BobcatFans Magazine


The Old Hays County Jail, built in 1884, has been under restoration for the past couple years with the hope of functioning as a museum in the future.

Old Hays County Jail In 1873, the residents of Hays County built a jail in San Marcos. After a prosperous decade, due in part to the arrival of the International-Great Northern Railroad, the county’s population doubled.  With the growth came the need for additional jail space.  One Kyle resident commented that the facility had, “19 men confined to a 10x12 foot cell.” Along with the size issues came concerns of prisoner escape and the suicide of an inmate from Alabama. As a result, the Hays County Commissioners allocated $11,500 to the construction of a new jail on Valentine’s Day 1884. The task, which came with a six-month deadline, fell to B.F. Donalson and Edward Northcraft. Edward would forever leave his mark on San Marcos by designing numerous buildings including Texas State’s first building, Old Main. The duo devised a two-story, L-shaped lockup comprised of the area’s best brick, wood, and limestone.  The Italianate-style jailhouse featured a single-level area for the inmates while providing two rooms downstairs (including a kitchen) and two more upstairs for the staff. The new jail opened in 1884 and served the needs of the county for 53 years.  History was made in April 1915 when Benjamin Guerrero was sentenced to death by hanging.  According to accounts, Mr. Guerrero’s final quote was, “Fine show, no?” as he puffed on a cigar.  This was Hays County’s first and only sanctioned execution.

Hang’em High Hays County’s first and only sanctioned execution was in 1915. Mr. Benjamin Guerrero’s final quote was, “Fine show, no?” as he puffed on a cigar.  

The facility closed in 1937 for the same reasons it had been built in the first place, frequent breakouts and overcrowding due to increased population. After its closure, a contractor purchased the site and used it for storage.  It was eventually added to the National Record of Historic Places in 1983 (nearly a century after its founding). Numerous plans for the site have surfaced over the years, but for now this limestone legacy remains a quiet reminder of this county’s past. #BobcatFans

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BOBTAIL Magazine

This rare and interesting San Marcos treasure just so happens to be right up our alley. We pay a little respect to a fellow San Marcos magazine that came about way before our time, and ended right when it began. This is the tragic story behind Bobtail Magazine... You’re probably wondering, what in the world is a bobtail? Well, according to the inaugural and only issue released, a bobtail is most likely you. In fact, anyone who lies out by the river or heads out to the square is a bobtail. It was their way of comically describing the animalistic characteristics of students and young adults who reside in SMTX. Bobtail Magazine was created in 1981 to be a play on Playboy Magazine, but with more wholesome PG rated pictures. It featured both men and women, boasting, “Over 100 of Some of the Sexiest and Most Attractive People of Southwest Texas.” Many of the men and women lining the 70 pages of photos were SWT students, but some were alumni who worked or owned businesses in town. One alumnus, Mike Martin, was asked to be a part of the cover shoot along with the beautiful Cindy Ripely. Lucky for us, Mike, who first moved to San Marcos back in 1966 on a track scholarship, is still around today. Mike explained that the Bobtail Magazine experiment ended up as a disaster. The magazine was stopped dead in its tracks soon after Bobtail staff began to pass out the free publication to students during fall registration. A young, snappy SWT Vice President forced the magazine off campus because it was not a “college sanctioned” publication. The magazine was met with so much criticism that it even kept Mike out of a job during that time. “Evidently the Vice President had seen this and was pissed off by it. When I went to interview with the university for a job…all the coaches were in there… all of these bigwigs...and he [Vice President] said, ‘What is your response to being on the cover of an unsponsored magazine?’”, explains Mike. “I was kind of upset he acted that way.” In the end Mike was actually glad that he didn’t get the job. He entered into the educational system and is still teaching today through the San Marcos Phoenix School that helps kids who have fallen behind in their education. When Mike isn’t teaching, he is tending to his horses out on his ranch. He still has a box containing over 50 unused copies of the poorly received magazine. The best part about Bobtail Magazine is the ads. Businesses such as Chuck Nash, San Marcos Hair Co., and Gristmill can be seen in the issue. It gives you an awkward, and yet awesome glimpse into 1980’s San Marcos. 34 | BobcatFans Magazine


MAG REDEMPTION! We gave Mike another shot to be in a local magazine. It was the least we could do for a guy who had a rough experience his first time around, 31 years ago. Looking good Mr. Bobtail! Pictured with his daughter Torrie


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25 Things to Know

About SMTX 1

.Cheatham St. Warehouse is where some well known Texas artists got their start George Strait,

Photos by: Dalton Campbell Models: Josh Draper & Hilary Shurtleff

This isn’t a newcomer’s guide – that would be too lame. For our new arrivals, all the way to our SMTX veterans, we have a little something here for you. There were no rules when it came to compiling this list, it is simply a list of interesting things we have come across during our time in SMTX, and we decided to pass them on. 36 | BobcatFans Magazine

Stevie Ray Vaughn and Randy Rodgers all began their careers here in SMTX. It’s hard to imagine George Strait playing every week in front of a small crowd.

The San Marcos River begins 272 .indegrees San Marcos and is a constant year round To put it in less technical terms, the water in the river comes from underground and is always nice and cool. This works out nicely during those hot Texas summers.


. We spell it like San Marcos, but we pronounce it like San Marcus This is the easiest way to spot someone who is not from around here.


14. Cars vs. Bike

Some people enjoy making their way around town on two wheels as opposed to four. Cars should be mindful of bikers and bikers should follow the rules of the road.

15 SM

. We go by SMTX not

Get it right. Not to mention that SM means something dirty.



. LBJ and Guadalupe are one way roads

Make sure your car is facing the correct direction.


. Don’t park on campus without the proper sticker Parking ticket prices are now up to $55 dollars. Take it from us; you’d rather spend that money elsewhere.


. Tuesdays are $2 you-call-it’s

A few bars in San Marcos are famous for their vast selection of $2 drinks, but keep in mind that you most likely have work or school the next day.


. When traveling, always plan on being stopped by at least one train On the bright side, this

is the perfect opportunity to catch up on your text message responses.


. When tubing, be aware that your inhibitions are somewhat distorted

This is the biggest mistake made by rookie tubers. Just keep in mind that you will not be tubing forever and eventually the use of your legs will be required. #BobcatFans

. Stay away from the outlets on the weekends Unless


. San Marcos women are the most beautiful women in Texas. Sewell

you enjoy being surrounded by mass tourists.

Park…Need we say more?

. Farmers Market 10 on the Square every Saturday

It’s more than grocery shopping, it’s an adventure. Explore some of our nearby produce, baked goods and hand made jewelry every Saturday outside of TMT. Enjoy some live music while you’re at it. (9am-1pm)


. Beer Ban in the Parks

Time is running out to drink in the parks, enjoy your last few beers at Rio Vista before 2013. Yes, you will be able to drink on the river still, just not in the parks.


. J&L breakfast Tacos are the best in SMTX That’s at least what

we claimed in the November 2011 issue of BobcatFans, and we are sticking to it.


. Texas State is the only college in Texas to graduate a U.S President We don’t have an LBJ Street,

LBJ Museum, LBJ Student Center and a LBJ statue for the hell of it. We recognize our institutions most renowned graduate in style.

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1200 Thorpe Lane in San Marcos (512) 805-7500 ď Ź


Your One Stop Car Spot!

Vehicle Inspection Full Service Car Wash Full Service Oil Change Complete Detail Shop Windshield Wiper Replacement Battery Replacement Windshield Repair FREE Car Wash A/C Service with Full Service High Quality Waxes


Oil Change

38 | BobcatFans Magazine


There is an earthquake formed 17.cave in Wonder World Park

We hear that back during the prohibition era the Wonder Word cave served as a hide out for a little poker and boozing. Hmmm…maybe we should bring this back.


. Know who our SMTX icons are Frisbee Dan,

Dancing Todd and the Sun God: all of these people help make SMTX that much better. Frisbee Dan and the Sun God (AKA: Zeus, Poseidon, Dillon) were in a turf war over Sewell Park, but Dancing Todd has done pretty well for himself as the face of local apartment finders Great Locations.


. Purgatory Creek Right at

the intersection of Hunter Rd and Wonder World, this is a great place to run, bike, or go for a scenic walk.


. There are hipsters that run wild in SMTX It is OK

to feed them, as long as you purchase the food locally.


. Tailgating.

We may not always win, but we always go home happy. Texas State and SMTX can tailgate with the best of them. Go see it for yourself this fall, but we do encourage all tailgaters to go support our Bobcats afterwards.


. The Salvation sandwich from Alvin Ord’s To some

in SMTX, Alvin Ord’s is a religion in and of itself. If you get into a little too much trouble over the weekend, Alvin offers you this delicious concoction known as the salvation.


. The rock band Blue October live in San Marcos Hate us today, hate us

tomorrow; it really doesn’t matter, because Blue October is from SMTX and they are one of us. Stay tuned for information about upcoming shows in town.


. Free air at the little HEB


. Gil’s Manske Roll and 7 Pound Burrito Challenge Gil’s Broiler is a landmark

TTired of trying to dig up quarters or turn blue from huffing into a tube for an eternity? You can fill up all your tubes at the little HEB for free. Getting them to the river from there…well, that’s your problem.

here in SMTX and eating a manske roll is almost a rite of passage. What you might not know about is their man vs. food 7 pound burrito. If you can finish it all, it yours for free along with a t-shirt and mad bragging rights.

40 | BobcatFans Magazine


Charlsie Hall lays in the state-of-the-art Open Sun 1050 tanning bed at Touch-N-Tan, where fingers scanners at check-in eliminate wait times.

Great Tans

GTans’ dedication to customer service has kept their business growing by striving to keep close relationships with their clients. Airbrushing is offered for quick turnaround, and ensures a flawless tan look. As opposed to the mystic tan, airbrushing involves a person spraying you instead of a machine, which gives you piece of mind that there will be no streaks or build-up of color. If you’d like more privacy GTans has you covered. The new mystic HD can give customers a beach worthy tan, privacy intact. This machine offers new color options for a more precise look and a warming unit that serves two purposes: to keep you cozy while you spray tan and to ensure that there are no streaks by drying the tan completely. GTans has two locations in San Marcos.

Don’t get us wrong, indoor tanning can cause harmful effects, but according to the American Academy of Dermatology, it also increases Vitamin D and creates a base tan which means you won’t burn as easily in the sun. In turn, this builds up your natural SPF so you can soak up the sun without getting burned.

KEEP SMTX TAN By Morgan Martens

3 Tips for Tanning Smart (From the American Academy of Dermatology):


San Marcos may never live up to the reputation of Jersey Shore, thank goodness, but we still love a nice tan as much as the next city. At pretty much any hour of the day, someone in San Marcos is working on their tan. Some enjoy simply catching a few rays out by the river, but others prefer to maintain a steady skin tone throughout the year, not wanting to be caught in a bathing suit unprepared. Tanning beds have been a hot topic, no pun intended, for a while now, but we are not here to take sides. We’re simply here to show you a few places in town where you can get your tan on! Check out these sweet tanning salons and stay tan, San Marcos!

The UV rays can go through eyelids, which makes it important to protect them before you get in the bed


Once you get out of the bed, your skin needs a drink. After care lotion will hydrate your skin to keep your tan lasting longer and looking at its best.

Formerly known as iBeachTan, the same friendly staff and facilities are under a new name. For those of you who are new to the tanning game, Touch-N-Tan features low to high level beds and stand-up beds complete with industrial strength fans and an iPod jacks. Short on time? They’ve got you covered with finger scanners and a computer system that allows you to check yourself into the bed of your choice, for the amount of time you disire. Touch-N-Tan prides itself on having the newest and best beds in the industry while keeping membership costs down. The salon is equipped for the busy by day or party animal by night individual. From their rapid check-in with virtually no wait for a bed, to their bass infused stand-ups, they’re sure to fulfill your needs while you tan!

Lotion Tanning beds are drying. To protect your skin, tanning lotions will put nutrients and moisture into your skin before you tan. Plus it makes you darker, faster. This one is a no brainer.


Darque Tan

The constant specials for new customers and five levels of tanning beds keep San Marcos locals coming back for more. Going out of town but still want to make the most out of your membership? Members at Darque Tan can tan at any of their locations nationwide, not to mention they don’t make customers sign contracts. Memberships can be cancelled or frozen at any time. In addition, this salon is smart tan certified, meaning that their staff can tell their customers what kind of lotion to use and what useful qualities pertain to that lotion. Darque Tan equips their members with iPod jacks, cd players, and radios in all of their beds. #BobcatFans

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Round 7 Jacki

vs Fight Factory

About Fight Factory

Photos by: Lara Van Klompenburg

The Knockout!

Jacki Works Out BobcatFans has put Jacki to the test against the best trainers in SMTX. Jacki goes for the knockout blow and straps on a pair of gloves as see takes the final round vs Fight Factory.

A New Appreciation Boxing is much more than just throwing punches. In fact, it requires a lot of coordination, dedication and proper technique to even begin to master the skill. My one-on-one intro to boxing session with Tanisha was more challenging than I expected. Tanisha went over the basic moves for throwing a jab and right-hand punch with me before we moved onto utilizing the different punching bags. The jab to right-cross movement requires a precise stance, proper footwork and swift progression. Although most boxers glide through these movements like it’s second nature, it took me several tries to catch on. It took deep concentration and keen hand-eye coordination for me to even begin to get my jab and righthand punch ready to move onto the punching bags. Luckily, Tanisha was patient enough with me to go over the movements again and again.

About The Workout Warm up: I warmed myself up with some basic stretching Form: Tanisha started our boxing training session workout by teaching me the basics of throwing a jab and right-hand punch. We went over the movements several times in front of the mirror until my steps started to resemble hers. Double end bag: After I began to get my form down, I put on the gloves and met with the double end bag for a few rounds of jabs and right-hand punches. Heavy bag: After a few rounds with the double end bag, Tanisha had me move onto the heavy bag for the same basic movements of jabs and right hand punches. 42 | BobcatFans Magazine

Manny Sapeda Manny has been boxing competitively since the young age of 6. He held the Texas State Featherweight Championship title for two years while he attended school, as well as the International Boxing Association (IBA) Featherweight World Championship title for two years. Manny takes pride in training people from all walks of life and watching them develop over time. He has seen a lot of people turn their lives around by applying the skills of discipline and dedication learned through boxing. “I like to nurture the fact that I’ve gotten some kids through some rough times, because the skills acquired go beyond just competitive boxing,” says Manny. “I’ve had kids come in who are getting into trouble and then acquire a skill and quit bad habits like alcoholism, and run-ins with the law. It’s a healthy outlet that offsets anger.” Manny is willing to train anyone and appreciates the fact that more women have gotten into boxing over the years.

Fight Factory is located in the heart of downtown San Marcos. Manny opened the facility in October of 2009. He previously owned a gym facility before leaving the business to take care of his father whom had been diagnosed with cancer. After his father passed away, he decided to open up another gym right in San Marcos, which is known as Fight Factory. Fight Factory has five boxing and MMA trainers. It offers both one-on-one and group training sessions. A membership is not required to utilize Fight Factory’s offerings because patrons can pay per session. Since Fight Factory is child and beginner friendly, it attracts all different types of people; from professionals to amateurs; from soccer moms to children. Although a good percentage of people that train at Fight Factory compete, many people just workout recreationally. “I’m a firm believer in building talent, and that the most talented are the ones you bring up yourself,” says Manny, “It’s a lot of hard work behind the scenes for everyone.”

“I was training women in my gym in Austin back when they weren’t even supposed to be fighting,” says Manny. @BobcatFans


where Winners Eat


Wyatt Constantine TXST Fencing By Chris Lehman

People have pitted their minds and bodies against one another on the field of battle for centuries.  In the late 15th century, Diego de Valera wrote the first known book on fencing.  His teachings reached throughout Europe during the Renaissance. Today, fencing is a worldwide sport that is popular with amateurs and Olympians. Wyatt Constantine and the members of the Texas State Fencing Club continue this tradition. The swordsman admires the elegance of the sport.  He believes that, “Everyone is unique in their technique and how they move. It is cool because you don’t have to be an athletic superstar to be good at it, your intelligence and patience is just as important as your athleticism. I’ve always been tall and skinny and didn’t do well at ball sports, but I definitely found a sport I loved in fencing.” There are three different swords in modern competitive fencing—the foil, the sabre, and the epee. The goal is to strike your opponent, but each weapon has different rules.  Foil fighters can only get points when the tip of their sword hits the rival’s torso.  They wear a metallic vest called a “lamé” which registers when they are hit by the sword.  Sabre fencers wear a lamé as well, but they can hit anywhere above waist with a slashing motion.  Constantine considers epee the purist form of fencing because the fighter’s entire body is fair game.  A competition is won when a competitor reaches fifteen touches or has the most points at the end of three, 3 minute periods. This is preceded by a series of five touch round robin bouts, where you fence with about six other fencers. Texas State competes in the Southwest Intercollegiate Fencing Association (SWIFA).  This Lone Star league features UT Austin, Trinity, Houston, Baylor, Texas Tech, and Texas A&M.  The Aggies are their biggest rivals right now. They have quite a few experienced fencers.  Favorite style of sword? “Epee for sure, for me, it’s the most dynamic and the most revealing.” Favorite Swordsman?  “Seth Kelsey from the US Olympic Team and Nikolai Novosjolov, an Estonian” Favorite thing about San Marcos in the fall? “Sewell Park early in the morning. It’s really pretty when it’s quiet and the suns’ out” Preferred type of fence: White Picket or Chain Link? “White picket for sure. Chain link is a little too urban for my taste.”



BobcatFans Magazine | 43

Inside look

Brew + Skee

Going Back In Time at Black Rabbit Saloon The ‘80s: a decade where pop culture thrived, the pursuit of money was celebrated and Tom Cruise was sane. Prince, Madonna, and Michael Jackson were blasted from boom-boxes. The Brat Pack movies, E.T., Star Wars and Back to the Future were sold out in every theater. Many memorable notions from the ‘80s are now long gone. But thanks to Black Rabbit Saloon we can have a little of the 80’s back. Beer and games?...Yes, please! Black Rabbit Saloon is a new bar opening on The Square and will take you back in time. With their selection of games and an old school drink menu, this is definitely going to be a cool hangout spot. They’ve also installed four lanes of SKEE-BALL. You can go play a round with some friends or join the skee ball league and compete in tournaments. All that hard work at Chuck E. Cheese as a child is finally going to pay off. This place will have everything you need to satisfy that inner craving to step back in time every now and then.

Photos by: Eric Morales

44 | BobcatFans Magazine



Try the Square’s NEWEST FRESH idea!

BUY 1 Chicken Teriyaki Bowl and get 1 at 50% OFF from 2 pm to 6 pm thru 9.15.12






512.393.3303 #BobcatFans

BobcatFans Magazine | 45




Fact or Fiction

Did Playboy Rank SWT as the biggest party school in the nation? It was a time when free love drifted through the air along with the scent of other substances. Legend has it that sometime back in the mid ‘70s, Southwest Texas State University was ranked by Playboy Magazine as the #1 or #2 party school in the nation. But is it true? A few discoveries ignited interest in the subject. First the concept of the “All Campus Party,” something that occurred on a regular basis at the Hays Civic Center in the 70’s. During this SWT era, it was Greek life that ruled campus, and many fraternities and other campus organizations would team up to put on GINORMOUS keg parties. According to local historian and student at the time, Rodney van Oudekerke, the All Campus Parties would tap as many as 250 kegs in one night. That is a ridiculous amount of beer, which lead to a second discovery; SWT was party central for surrounding universities. It was common place in the 70’s for UT, A&M and Baylor students to travel to San Marcos to throw down hard with Bobcats. “The rumor when I came here was that Playboy said SWT was the number two party school in the nation, I can’t remember the school that beat it, but Playboy conducted a poll and SWT was included,” says Buck Larson, a journalism student at SWT back in 1977. Playboy had in fact done a survey for an article titled “What’s Really Happening on Campus?” back in 1976 and named UCLA #1 in campus action. It is very possible that students from SWT had been included in this survey, and as word spread, the story might have been embellished. This looks to be the origin of the SWT party school ranking legend. In fact it was not until the September 1987 issue that writer Wayne Duvall compiled Playboy’s first list of the nation’s 40 top party schools. SWT did not even get an honorable mention. Following the ‘87 listing, there was not another ranking done until 2002. The legend falls under the title of FICTION, although a excellent case can be made for SWT being the greatest party school in Texas during the 1970’s.

Photos by: Eric Morales

46 | BobcatFans Magazine

Since then Texas State has worked feverishly in restoring the image of the university’s educational integrity. In 2010, Playboy ranked the University of Texas as the #1 party school in the nation. It goes to show that maybe students at Texas State are paying closer attention to their studies than most people give them credit for. @BobcatFans

RAL•LY /‘ra•le/ VERB: To Come Together for a Common Purpose...on The SQUARE

August 2012  
August 2012  

In light of our annual "Back to San Marcos" issue, we have decided to take SMTX back in time. Hop in our DeLorean and explore a land of swi...