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About The Cover On the shortest and most romantic month of the year it was time to hit the classroom and figure out this thing called LOVE. In a quest for meaningful concrete answers, the realization came quickly that it was not going to happen. Love is just too complex with too many variables. The experts agree, Love’s complicated. Photograph by Eric Morales


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Dear San Marcos, I’m writing the welcome letter for the 50th issue of BOBCATFANS... I must admit it’s a pretty cool feeling. It takes a lot of great dedicated people to make it to 50 issues. Over the years there have been countless times where it felt like the world was caving in, and I desired nothing more than to throw my hands in the air and move on to something else. Lucky for me, when you have good people in your corner, it makes it difficult to throw in the towel. So why do it? The answer is PRIDE. It sounds a little idealistic I know. I’m a little idealistic. 50 issues ago I saw an opening for a publication in a small town that I wanted nothing more than to stay a part of after school. I had fallen in love with a university and a town where people have been migrating to since the beginning of time it seems. There was room to create a publication that added meaningful value to those who live and work in San Marcos—a magazine that would celebrate the community, locals and students alike, with a prideful boastfulness. BOBCATFANS Magazine’s mission is centered around creating good content and showcasing the life of our city and university in a way that is positive, yet honest. The goal of creating first-rate content comes from the belief that San Marcos


deserves quality media outlets. It is up to us to live up to that. In 2013 we are going to dig into the people, businesses, city and university like never before. The goal this year is not to be the best magazine in San Marcos, but the goal is to be the best publication we can be. That’s a bar worth setting. Striving to be great and failing is far more satisfying than living out a mediocre existence. If this were the last issue of BOBCATFANS, I am more than proud of its body of work and the standard it has set. I hope we entertain you, inform you, and give you the best “Show-N-Tell” we can every issue. Thank you to all the people, businesses and friends who helped make 50 issues of BOBCATFANS possible. If there are 50 more issues to follow, you better believe it’s only going to get better...otherwise, we are wasting everyone’s time, including our own. So with that I say to the young entrepreneurs out there with talent, guts and persistence, look for an opening in this market and go after it. Find a niche, create a quality product you can be passionate about and take a chance on San Marcos. The more intelligent and good people we have in our community, the better off we will all be. With Pride, Rick Koch - Publisher

The goal of creating firstrate content comes from the belief that San Marcos deserves quality media outlets. It is up to us to live up to that.



VOLUME CONTROL The ongoing battle between Zelick’s Icehouse and Crystal River Inn has finally come to an end, for now. This past December, the Planning & Zoning Commission reached the agreement to grant Zelick’s a three-year Conditional Use Permit (CUP). This type of permit is granted to a business to make use of their property in a manner allowed under current zoning regulations, but Zelick’s CUP comes with certain volume conditions. The noise level must be constantly monitored and stereo music must be shut down by 2 am. Any equipment used cannot exceed 75 decibels for longer than one minute between 11 pm and 3 am,

which will be measured from the Crystal River Inn property line. To clarify, 75 dB is just louder than a vacuum cleaner or the sound of a car going 65 mph on the highway. Motorcycle parking has restrictions between certain hours and the portion of outdoor games located along the shared property line must stop at midnight on Friday and Saturday nights. Lastly, no live outdoor music can be played after 11 pm. These restrictions are not outrageous, but only time will tell if they can be consistently met. But for now, Zelick’s Icehouse and Crystal River Inn have come to a compromise to remain good neighbors for the next three years.

UPDATE FROM THE DARKSIDE Since Silas Parker of Darkside Fermentation parted from the Root Cellar Café in February of 2012, many in San Marcos have been wondering, what has Darkside been up to?

importantly, though, says Parker, “the goal is a zero or low impact operation that replenishes the ecosystem and sustains itself in every possible way.”

Over the past year, Parker purchased land on Limekiln Road on the outskirts of San Marcos. The plan is to build a brewery is not moving a quickly as it’s fans had hoped.

For now, Darkside Fermentation has been making beer for weddings and small parties while construction is being planned. So far, an edible orchard of fruit trees is on site with a small farm for livestock and crops to be implemented in the future. Parker’s goal is to go off the grid and get the ball rolling for next year’s completion. Until then, San Martians will remain thirsty with anticipation!

The proposed 20-foot by 40-foot brewery itself has not yet begun building as Parker is searching for help to begin the construction process. Plans suggest the brewery will contain a music room for monthly galas with live music when a new beer is released. Most


| By Morgan Kemper |



Gil’s Broiler, located on N. LBJ near University Drive, is the oldest burger joint in San Marcos. Ruben Becerra has owned Gil’s for nearly 13 years, however it was first opened back in the mid1940’s. Due to all the recent road and sidewalk construction that has been taking place on N. LBJ, many of the businesses along the path need to remove their awnings because they are too low. The removal of the pueblo awning uncovered the original vintage “Charcoal Broiled Hamburgers” insignia. Since the awning had been up since the 1960’s, nobody really even knew it was there. As of January 16th, a brand new blue awning was added to the building, leaving it with a nostalgic look of the days long ago, before many of us stepped foot on LBJ street.

POUR SOME SUGAR ON ME? compensating “Sugar Daddy.” Oh my, oh my! According to the website, on average, these students receive $3,000 per month in allowances and gifts from their Sugar Daddy to cover tuition and living expenses. Now, you’re probably wondering what exactly does a relationship of this caliber entail? Well, we don’t really know for sure, but I’m pretty sure we all have the same idea…

What if you could go to school and you didn’t have to pay for the monetary sense? Would you be interested? With tuition costs continuing to increase, while the likelihood of finding a job immediately after college decreases, students across the country are now resorting to websites such as, which brings coed “Sugar Babies” together with a released it’s Top 20 Fastest Growing Sugar Baby Colleges and who would have guessed Texas State University made the list at number 10. Not sure what that says about TXST students or the economy, but to each their own...? If you’re appalled by this remember the time you enjoyed watching Pretty Woman, it’s the same premise, except Julia Roberts doesn’t receive a degree at the end. Just sayin.



Texas Blind Salamander (Eurycea rathbuni)

The only place this rare salamander calls home is within the caves of the Edwards Plateau region. They have no eyes because they don’t need to see, their habitat is in complete darkness. The Salamander hunts by feeling waves and sensing changes in water pressure from its prey. To survive, they require a constant supply of clean, cool water from the Edwards Aquifer.

Blood-red external gills for absorbing oxygen

They have 2 small black dots under the skin where their eyes used to be. It lacks pigment and appears a translucent white color

Only grow to about 3.5 to 5.5 inches long.

The Blind Salamander has been on the endangered species list since 1967.

10 BOBCATFANS | SMTX | 02.13

Eats snails, shrimp, and other invertebrates that live in the caves

Only found above water when flowing water from the springs push it up to the surface.


Just The Facts

WATCH THE VIDEO: search: texas blind salamander

| By Sarah McDonald |


Jim West’s Suite Caboose The caboose sits on genuine train tracks

Texas State Baseball fanatic and former Kappa Sig, Jim West, is a bit of a wild man. Hence the sign.

The original seats where taken out, reupholstered, and set out on it’s spacious deck

Seats 12 inside with room for more outside

Flat screens from every angle. Because the when the game ends the celebration begins.

Leather “Wild Man” lounging chairs

Storage for 6-packs of soda...or anything you want to keep cold.

A pretty kitchen with custom cabinets and granite countertops

The suites for Bobcat Baseball have a waiting list. A deal with a broker in Oakdale, California, TXST donor Jim West, purchased the caboose and moved it to the Texas State ballpark transforming it into his own truly unique suite. Located in foul territory along the right field line on top of an actual train track, it can accommodate at least a dozen people inside with plenty more room on it’s deck.

12 BOBCATFANS | SMTX | 02.13

| By Jody Campbell |

02.13 | SMTX | BOBCATFANS 13


Air Squats


Side Plank

Plank on elbows

Our goal is to help you find something this year that you can stick with. Each issue, we’ll try to showcase a different form of exercise that might be suitable to your needs and personality. Some will be traditional forms of exercise and

14 BOBCATFANS | SMTX | 02.13

others will be more unorthodox. The following workout is intended as an introduction for people who haven’t exercised since their last mandatory gym class. It is intended to develop core and leg strength that, Nick Stiler, our trainer here, claims are the necessary foundations for more advanced exercises. If you don’t have core and leg strength, you’re going to get hurt, or won’t reap the maximum benefits of an advanced exercise.


Simple. Good. Habit. It’s well past New Year’s Day and you’re either still plugging away at your yearly resolution, or you’ve gone back to your old habits by now. Having an exercise routine is one of the most difficult habits to form.

Side Lunges

Do 5 rounds of these 5 exercises -Air Squats – 10 -Plank (push-up position) – 30 seconds -Wall Sit – 30 seconds -Side Plank – 15 seconds each side -Side Lunges – 10 each side The Side Lunge is the most advanced exercise here. Keep your feet facing forward and your weight on the back of your heels. Never allow your knees to pass your toe line when descending.

| Photo Eric Morales |



Grace Park and The Deer is her personal project, for which she wrote all the songs. She is at the tail end of recording her album with a cast of other stellar musicians such as Alan Eckert, Jesse

16 BOBCATFANS | SMTX | 02.13

Dalton, Mike McLeod and several others. McLeod has done some music scoring for documentary films by director Richard Linklater (Dazed and Confused, Scanner Darkly, School of Rock).

musicians, even those Austin acts like Lonesome Heroes and Roger Sellers who also enjoyed humble beginnings in San Marcos. Some of her local favorites now include Those Nights and Fire in the Pines.

Grace Park, whom you may know as the lead vocalist for The Blue Hit, is in good company with her solo project and feels grateful that everything has come to this point. She’s enjoying the musical experimentation, and amount of time that she can devote to her own song writing that being stationary (not touring) has given her the liberty to do.

Park has lived all around central Texas, but first encountered San Marcos in 2002 during undergraduate studies at Texas State University. The band, The Blue Hit, was taking off, and as the lead vocalist, she decided to alter her college plans and toured as a professional musician for several years.

She loves San Marcos, and believes it serves as a healthy environment to learn. She loves and supports her family of local


“As Women Go” begins with Grace Park’s petite frame projecting a full-bodied voice that carries clear notes across a smattering of guitar pickings. A percussive rise falls into a steady rhythm of beats, stand-up bass, and vocal harmonies. Although there’s nothing quite like listening to a song live, Grace Park’s debut solo-album, which is currently untitled, is due out in early March, and is being recorded by some of the best, up and coming musicians in central Texas.



Grace Park San Marcos

Grace Park is also a visual artist. Her husband is the founder of the locally brewed Darkside Fermentation.

| Words & Photo Eric Morales |

02.13 | SMTX | BOBCATFANS 17


Presented By


Presented By


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5 Great Bars One Fat Party Presented By

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BEADS BEADS BEADS 1000’s of all shapes & sizes shipped directly from New Orleans.

VIP Treatment Become a VIP during Mardi On The Square IV by picking up a VIP Fast Pass courtesy Great Locations. Doormen become your best friend and move you right past the lines at the bars, as well as on the red carpet. VIP badges are available at Great Locations on Aquarena Springs but supplies are limited. Ask for the “VIP Treatment” and receive a badge while supplies last. No purchase necessary. To use the VIP pass you must be at least 21 years of age.

Mardi On The Square IV is Proudly Presented By




Mardi On The Square Feb 12th The Couch In Concert Feb 14th


Full Band Open Mic Nite


Keith Hickle Live $2 Wells and Ziegan Pints


Concert Series Night $2 Ziegan Pints


Live Texas Country, Open Mic Comedy and Karaoke $3.50 Any Bomb

Fri & Sat:

Rock & Roll Piano Bar and Karaoke $3.50 Jager Bombs




Just outside Dripping Springs

Anthoney Thomas

George Leigh Mallory’s famed response when asked why he wanted to climb Mount Everest was simple: “Because it’s there.”

One of the best ways to begin rock climbing is with a gym where the necessary safety equipment is supplied, like the Texas State Rec Center. As of last semester there were nearly 60 members of the Rock Climbing Coalition, and they continue to grow in numbers. Rock climbing is best done in pairs (one 24 BOBCATFANS | SMTX | 02.13

Thomas states that any particular route or “project” can take weeks to years to master, depending on the level of difficulty. The idea is to finish a route without falling…because you will fall. So, you could climb the same rock for quite some time, while becoming stronger and faster. For Anthoney, it’s one good way to stay strong and stave off boredom. The hikes out to certain climbing spots can be breathtaking. So, for the lover of the outdoors, it’s perfect. For those who prefer A/C, there’s always the rock gym. His favorite climbs, currently are at Horseshoe Canyon in the state of Utah. But, you’ll find some great outdoor climbing within 45 minutes by Dripping Springs and Hamilton Pool at a place called Love Shack, and along some of the greenbelts in Austin. If you’re curious about the Climbing Coalition, contact Anthoney at


Armed with harnesses, rope, bolts and hangers, and dose of fearlessness, rock climbing is won by astuteness. Rock climbing is as much strategy and mental fortitude as much as it is physical endurance. Unlike team sports, or one-on-one activities, your advantage does not depend on the weakness or skill of a corporeal opponent. It’s just you, the earth and sky, and whether or not you have the will to continue. Anthoney Thomas, a microbiology major, is the president of the Climber’s Coalition of Texas State University. He began his journey in rock climbing in hopes of avoiding boredom. “It was either going to be golf, shooting at the gun range, or rock climbing,” said Thomas. The rock gym had the lowest start-up cost so he tried it out, climbed for two hours, and the next day bought shoes and harness.

climbs, the other acts as belayer), so it’s a good opportunity for friends to enjoy an activity together.


Student Recreation Center -512-245-4979 -54 feet high -Over 2,600 sq ft of climbing terrain. -Gear is provided. -Need a student ID.

| Photo Eric Morales |

live close

live college Walk to campus & the Square. New upgraded amenities. Private bedrooms & bathrooms. Free covered parking for all residents.

t h e S a n c t ua ry L o ft S.c o m 350 Nor th St | 512 .392 .9 0 66 amenities subject to change.

y a d o t 3 y 1 0 2 L L appl A F OR F



SMTX | ARGUMENT The French Press uses a medium to coarse grind. The grind must be large enough so that the mesh filter works and does not get clogged.

Timing from the addition of the water, after a total of THREE to FIVE minutes you will need to start the plunge. The finer a grind you use, the shorter the time. Five minutes is a safe start.

| Photo Eric Morales |

the finer points of the

French press


Making coffee with the french press is an oldschool art that has never gone out of style. It delivers some of the richest flavors coffee lovers crave. Because you have total control over the brewing environment (e.g.: water temperature, brew time, grind type), you can certainly add your own touch to every cup you make.

Fine roasted beans can be purchased at many local San Marcos coffee shops. The lighter the roast the stronger the coffee. Water temperature is vital. 195 and 200 degrees F

Coffee cups range from five to eight ounces.

August 2008

September 2006




During the previous football season fans watched TXST Football come within a couple bad calls of beating Texas A&M and within one game of the DI-FCS National Championship in front of sell out crowds and an ESPN audience. A story on TXST super fan “Sombrero Man” showcases his rise in popularity, making his way onto an I-35 bill board and the 2006 football season tickets.

September 2007 October 2007

Fred’ Evans Second Chance The X’s and O’s of Coach Travis Bush Football Breakdowns: UCA, SFA & NWST

October 2007 Defensive beast Fred Evans, from the 2005 football team makes the cover in his Minnesota Vikings gear. Since then Evans’ roll has increased on the Vikings defense and most recently was caught dancing after sacking the Texans’ QB Matt Schaub during a critical goal line stand in week 16 of the NFL Season. Sorry Texans fans.


San Marcos Entertainment & Culture You are only as good as your last issue! While there is definitely some truth to that, we would like to thank our readers and advertisers for seeing us through the not-so-good ones, forgiving us when we goofed up, and riding high with us when all the pieces came together and the chemistry was spot on. We toast to 50 issues under our belt, and we hope 50 more to follow. Really, we are only getting started.

o o Road t b a lTrip l P to r e South v i e w Dakota i s s u e

“Show’em State!”, the name given to TXST’s often ambiguously labeled hand sign by a couple of young Bobcats, BOBCATFANS publisher included, after an alumni association tailgate where the then director encouraged alumni to, “Do the sign” Show’em State catches on, making it’s way onto gear at the bookstore, t-shits and even the video boards at athletic events. Unfortunately the would-be name is squashed, and the university reminds people of it’s semi-original name, “The Heart Of Texas State”

July-August 2008

BobcatFans Magazine| 1

April 2007 We celebrate 1 year in business with a Sopranos spoof by putting the crew on the cover. The direction is bold and brash. The tagline reads “BOBCATS. REDEFINED.”

March 2008

Football Recruiting Class of 2007 Breakdown Preview BobcatFans Magazine| 1

March 2008 April 2006 BOBCATFANS Magazine is born. Writers include a young San Marcos City Councilman named Chris Jones, and “The Voice Of The Bobcats” Bill Culhane, who interviewed TXST Alumnus and NBA Pacers star Jeff Foster.

28 BOBCATFANS | SMTX | 02.13


APRIL 2007

San Marcos is booming and positions are being taken. The Square is at the heart of the conversation. An economic study released by the university states TXST generates $545 million in annual impact to Hays County. The city releases a master plan for downtown.

The Pride of Bobcat Nation


April 2011

March 2012

Dec-Jan 2008-09

Special Ball & Chain Edition



Blood, Sweat &


May 2010

Sharing The Bobcat Bounty: Giving Back

Also featuring:

How Dance Gave Us Robot Tale of Two Halves Clawing hisMusicway toEarsthe Atop

Bobcat TV: Can The Future Be Here?

Riding Shotgun with UPD by Dan Wehmeier

BobcatFans Magazine| 1


January 2009 The recession takes it’s toll on a young magazine while giving it a tough lesson in real world economics and the power of the national media’s ability to scare. In a three month period 80% of advertisers pull out of BOBCATFANS. The future is uncertain, depressing and scary.

Hill Country Elegance Must See Venues

Motivated Brides

BobcatFans Magazine | 1

May 2010 A very daring issue at the time and the furthest away from anything we had done before, it was exactly what we were looking for.

February 2010 Rise from the ashes. Like a poker player down to their last chips looking for the best hand to play, it’s ALL-IN time. The 1st Mardi On The Square is hosted at Harper’s Public House and redirection begins.

by Chris Lehman

April 2011

HH Fitness Talks

by Geoff Becker

Rap artist and TXST grad, ZEALE, makes the cover after impressing the staff with his mixes. In 2012 ZEALE goes on a nation wide tour opening for AWAOLNATION and Imagine Dragons. His remix of “Sail” is still an office favorite.


Uniting Bobcat Pride

February 2011

February 2011 Our friends at Chuck Nash Auto Group lend us a Corvette for the day and Boko shows up to drive it with a couple friends. It’s time to head west to the WAC and DI-FBS football.

SMTX Entertainment and Culture

March 2012

The Promise

The Grunt

The Reality

The Student The Entry Level

The Boss The Learning Curve



November 2011 Everyone is a critic, including BOBCATFANS. Some readers viewed this issue as lazy. How lazy can waking up at 6am everyday for two weeks straight to eat breakfast tacos from every place in San Marcos, 3-4 restaurants per day be? We took years off our lives for this issue and It was worth it to name The Best Breakfast Taco in SMTX! We will do it again in 2014. Taco joints take heed. The Breakfast Taco Club Speaks / Sights & Sounds Turns 25 / Dirty Dogs / Thankfulness / Young Veterans / No Shaving / Black Friday

Success isn’t easy, it’s usually a process. Local Pioneer Bank VicePresident Russell Huebner reminds readers of that when he mimics the stages of “The Evolution Of Success” for the cover. Our favorite is the first one, “The Learning Curve”

Taco Entertainment and Culture

November 2011

September 2012 Dressing the football team up in high quality suits and the strutters in gorgeous gowns made for an amazingly photo shoot at Embassy Suites. The dapper cornerback Darryl Morris steals the cover.







02.13 | SMTX | BOBCATFANS 29

TEX Hughson’s Small Town

Big Baseball Real Name: Cecil Carlton Hughson Born: February 19, 1916 in Buda, Texas Died: August 6, 1993 in San Marcos, Texas Trivia: #44 on list of top all time Red Sox at

Most Memorable Game Tex told the Boston Globe in 1988 his most memorable game was the 1946 pennant clincher against the Cleveland Indians, a 1-0 shutout. It was his fourth 1-0 win of the season. Ted Williams accounted for the only run with a first inning inside the park home run.

Fenway Loop and Yawkey Drive in San Marcos’ Hughson Heights are streets named in honor of Tex’ career with the Red Sox.

Tex Hughson memorabilia can still be found at sites like and eBay. See Tex Hughson Pitch in the 1944 All-Star Game at

30 BOBCATFANS | SMTX | 02.13

| Photo courtesy Jane Hughson | By Steve Helsing |

A grizzled veteran says there’s life after baseball. For a rookie, there is baseball before life. In San Marcos, the signs of Tex Hughson’s life are abundant: The Hughson Meat Company. Hughson Heights. A stint as vice president of the San Marcos School Board. Co-founder of the San Marcos Little League program. But before that life in San Marcos, there was a baseball life far away in Boston. For much of the 1940’s Hughson pitched for the Red Sox, playing alongside the likes of Ted Williams, Jimmie Foxx and Dom DiMaggio. Born in Buda and raised in Kyle, Hughson pitched for the UT Longhorns in the 1930’s. He can be forgiven for not being a Bobcat, as Texas State didn’t play baseball until 1985. He signed with Boston in 1937. Tex made his Red Sox debut in 1941, but his career exploded in 1942. He made the All-Star team and led the American League in wins with 22, innings pitched with 281 and strikeouts with 113. Amazingly, Tex accomplished this despite not getting his first decision until May 16th, a full month into the season. 1943 was challenging for Boston, as offensive mainstays Ted Williams, Johnny Pesky and Dom DiMaggio joined the war effort. Still, Hughson made his second AL All-Star team. In 1944, Tex compiled an 18-5 mark and made the All-Star team for a third and final time. Hughson himself joined the war effort in 1945 although his service was geared strictly towards lifting military morale through baseball. His biggest accomplishment was organizing an ArmyAir Force League in the Marianas Islands. Before going overseas, Hughson turned down an officer’s commission, saying other young men deserved it a lot more than he did.

Following World War II Hughson, Williams, Pesky and DiMaggio all returned to Boston. The results were magic. Winning 20 games, Tex led Boston to 104 wins and the World Series. He pitched three games in the Series against the Cardinals. In Game One, he allowed two runs in seven innings in a game the Sox won in ten innings. He took the loss in Game 4, then appeared in relief in Game 6, throwing 4 1/3 scoreless innings. While one umpire said Tex’ temper kept him from winning every game he pitched, Hughson had a sense of humor. His daughter Jane recalls one of her dad’s stories, which shows being a 20-game winner doesn’t always mean a lot. “After the games at Fenway, there were often children at the exit gate seeking autographs. One boy was quite distinctive with his mop of red hair and abundance of freckles. Tex asked the boy ‘Weren’t you here yesterday? I’ve signed several autographs for you.’ The boy said ‘Yes, but do you know how many autographs of yours it takes to trade for one of Ted Williams?’ Tex just smiled…and signed the card.” Following the pennant season of 1946, a variety of arm problems resulted in a 12-11 record in ‘47 and off-season surgery. Tex pitched two more unproductive seasons with Boston and, after being traded to the New York Giants, decided to call it a career instead of reporting. After his baseball days, he was inducted into the Longhorn Hall of Honor in 1970, the Texas Sports Hall of Fame and 1987 and the Red Sox Hall of Fame in 2002 (posthumously). At a 1986 reunion of the 1946 World Series teams, Tex was given a World Series ring and a Red Sox jacket, which he proudly wore everywhere for the rest of his life. Tex Hughson passed away in 1993 at the age of 77. He is buried at the San Marcos Cemetery.

02.13 | SMTX | BOBCATFANS 31

32 BOBCATFANS | SMTX | 02.13

02.13 | SMTX | BOBCATFANS 33

Dallas Baptist 2:00 P.M. 5/17/2013 Dallas Baptist 12:00 P.M. 5/18/2013

Cal State-Bakersfield 2:00 P.M. 4/27/2013 Cal State-Bakersfield 12:00 P.M. 4/28/2013

LA Tech 2:00 P.M. 4/13/2013 LA Tech 12:00 P.M. 4/14/2013

Northern Kentucky 12:00 P.M. 3/3/2013 UTSA 6:30 P.M. 3/5/2013

Houston 6:30 P.M. 2/22/2013

Houston 2:00 P.M. 2/23/2013 Seattle 3:00 P.M. 3/29/2013

Dallas Baptist 6:30 P.M. 5/16/2013 Cal State-Bakersfield 6:30 P.M. 4/26/2013

LA Tech 6:30 P.M. 4/12/2013

Texas A&M - C.C 12:00 P.M. 3/17/2013 12:00 p.m.

Northern Kentucky 4:00 P.M. 3/2/2013

Sam Houston 3:00 P.M. 2/17/2013


Rice 6:30 P.M. 5/14/2013 Texas A&M 6:30 P.M. 4/23/2013

Prairie View A&M 6:30 P.M. 4/2/2013

Texas A&M - C.C 2:00 P.M. 3/16/2013

Northern Kentucky 6:30 P.M. 3/1/2013

Tulane 1:00 P.M. 2/16/2013

Seattle 6:30 P.M. 3/28/2013

Houston Baptist 6:30 P.M. 4/30/2013

Baylor 6:30 P.M. 4/16/2013

Seattle 11:00 A.M. 3/30/2013

Texas A&M - C.C 6:30 P.M. 3/15/2013

Houston 12:00 P.M. 2/24/2013

Missouri State. 2:00 P.M. 2/15/2013

34 BOBCATFANS | SMTX | 02.13

There’s nothing to be ashamed of in not knowing how to behave socially around our counterparts. The only foolish question is the question never asked, right? I mean, we all begin clueless and grow and learn through our relationships and through the relationships of our peers. And for single people searching for love, we can always use all the help we can get. Love seems simple when we’re young, and our prerequisites for a love interest may have been something like, (1) he/she has to be really hot, and (2) has to listen to good music. But, most of us eventually grow up, become complex individuals, and want more. And, if we’re still single, it’s not because we don’t know how to meet and socialize (we’ve figured out most of that part by now); it’s because we can’t seem to find the right match. But is there a way to avoid the repetitious heartaches and numerous disappointments so many of us experience before finding real love? And, what is real love anyway?

-By Eric Morales-

Pictured (top) Grace Marlow, Jon Esquavel & Ava L’Amoreaux

02.13 | SMTX | BOBCATFANS 35

Defining love is a difficult thing, even for science. Neuroscientist Semir Zeki, took a close look at several topics including what happens in the mind when “love” strikes in his appropriately titled book Splendours and Miseries of the Brain. The book is a beautiful and humbly written exploration of the brain and the experience of love (more specifically, the “neural correlates of love”) and also how the brain experiences other abstractions such as visual art and literature. Since I predict that few of my readers are currently logged into Amazon. com, about to click the “place order” button for Zeki’s book, let me summarize what I learned from Zeki.

the end of science book to tell us that love is complicated. Poets and comedians have been telling us that for centuries. What’s comforting, however, is that after those eight chapters, we learn that none of us really have any definitive answers on love, scientist, poet or otherwise. Like the 14-day method, most of what we learn and share is based on our experiences, whether quantitative or qualitative. And, perhaps a good approach is combining the two methods. Let’s mix a little science with experience. And what does science do? It asks questions.

The Real Question: What Do I Want? In Splendours and Miseries of the Brain, the author states that, “the sort of person that one might want at one stage in one’s life, might be different from the sort of person one may desire later.” At your stage in life, you may still want to be with someone who can share in your intolerance for all things Chad Kroeger (the Nickelback guy), but it’s time to be a little more specific about your other needs. And this isn’t a time to be vague.

Pick forty specific needs. Try this exercise I learned from my parents (who are nearly 40 years married Following your heart and trusting that the right answer will appear are romantic and strong): Write down numbers 1-40 in list all, but experience teaches us that the only form. Then, fill the list with 40 desirable Love is complicated. way to find the answers we need is to ask attributes in the form of keywords (funny, In Zeki’s descriptions of love, I found the right questions. In the case of love, it’s good looking, healthy, enjoys camping, words like “frustration” and “emotion” to be the simplest among the mental gauntlet not only important what you ask, but who loves dogs, laughs a lot, …you get the point). Write them as fast as you can, you ask… It’s quite possible that finding of nerd words and phrases like “selective don’t worry about repetition, and don’t love might possibly happen by asking proceptivity” and “domaninergic reward stop to think or judge yourself. There is no questions that only you can answer. pathways.” Complicated, indeed. right or wrong. Make this list now. But, it’s not like we need eight chapters at 36 BOBCATFANS | SMTX | 02.13

C o m i n g FA L L 2 0 1 3

ance ! h c r y o u e R a n cahn c e n o t ou l s i dy o u r c h a n c h ! l i s s H i t R n m o n ’ t c o t t a g e ias s o u t ot hHa inlcl es i d e for August new 1 bedroom apartment D y I n N E W- D o n ’ t mo totnaygoeuar ce R a n c h ! e e r homesr cand bedroom r u h a n c h3 h a n c townhomes. t d a ry In c H i u cy !o u r c R a n c h ! ou s APARTMENTS n o l y a n l i R i n n s W o ou eo Ei s g e a t H e Hur ide i l l sti d s oiust st H tm Hills an ’N t i sm o a ’ t’ m etat a g e a t n t n n g to liv D i t o o on’ presents a t D D o t e c co c o n APARTMENTS & COTTAGE HOMES v I-n - E Irn In - D EW I i W W y y y l W y r r r E r r r E N N N u u H n an a Hu Htuor i n a N APARTMENTS COTTAGE AgP &AFa R Tll M Eof NHOMES T20 S 12 & tCH TeA iGnEa H O M iv l i v et o il i v e i min Co oOlT t oAPARTMENTS e & COTTAGE HOMES



to liv


• New 1 and 3 bedroom apartment homes • New sports courts

The Cottages at Hillside Ranch


1350 N. LBJ Drive San Marcos, TX 78666 • Walk to Campus • Wood Laminate Flooring • 2 Texas State • Satena Appliances Shuttle Routes Large Pets Welcome AT HILLSIDE• RANCH AT HILLSIDE RANC • 24 Hour Fitness Center • Free Gourmet Coffee Bar 512.393.3222 5 1 .393.322 2 www.hillsidetsu.c • Study Lounge • 1 and 2 Bedrooms For info: TEXT ‘BOBCAT’For to 47464 info: TEXT ‘BOBCAT’ to 47464 • Free Tanning • Washer and Dryer • Free Cable and Internet

-hole 9 AT HILLSIDE a e v a h Text BOBCAT to 47464RANCH for more information ATRANCH HILLSIDE RANCH AT HILLSIDE se We nowgolf cour512.393.3222 Hillside Ranch Apartments, 1350 North LBJ Dr., For info: TEXT ‘BOBCAT’ to 47464 512.393.3222 disc 512.393.3222


ForTEXT info:‘BOBCAT’ TEXT ‘BOBCAT’ to 47464 For info: to512.393.3222 47464

C i ve i n gL i v i n g C Co tot aLg om i nig n FA L 2 0 1L 3 L 2C CCo m g LFA 0o 13 HILLSIDEAPARTMENTS RANCH HILLSIDEA RANCH PARTMENTS




Cottage Living C o mC i nogtAPARTMENTS 2i0v1 3iHOMES tFA a gLeL&LCOTTAGE ng AT HILLSIDE 1350 N. LBJ Drive

T h e C o t t a g The e s Cottages a t H i at l lHillside s i d e Ranch Ranch


San Marcos, TX 78666 T h e1 3C5o 0t t aNg. e LsBaJt DHriilvles i dSea nR aMn

APARTMENTS &L COTTAGE HOMES C o t t a g e i v i n g HILLSIDE RANCH C o m i n g FA L L 2 0 1 3 C o Stay m i n gwhere FA you L Lplay 2013 THE COTTAGES HILLSIDE RANCH presents



APARTMENTS AT HILLSIDE 1350 N. LBJ Drive San Marcos, TX 78666

The Cottages at Hillside Ranch

Riverside Ranch presents APARTMENTS Apartments presents


Aquarena The Cottages1805 at Hillside Ranch Springs Dr

The Cottages at Hillside Ranch

Free Tanning & WiFi in Pool Area Brand New 24 Hour Fitness Center Free Internet Free Cable with HBO 1&2 Bedrooms Available Texas State Shuttle Route 1350 N. LBJ Drive Resort Style Pool with 2 Hot Tubs 5 Picnic and BBQ Pavilions Large Pets Welcome



• • • • • • • • •



t Tex TE TA TXS 7464 to 4 info for

San Marcos, TX 78666

San Marcos, TX 78666 02.13 | SMTX | BOBCATFANS 37

OK, now review your list. You may find you use different words to describe the same attribute within your list (“smart”, “funny”, “laughs a lot” means you probably value intelligence). This list will help you discover certain themes of what you really think is important in a FACT: potential match. If there are themes that According stand out over the others, that should to the U.S. tell you something about what is really census, important and what you might be willing there are to compromise on.

95.9 million unmarried people in the U.S. of which 47% are men and 53% are women

Once the list is complete, you will officially have standards. Now you just have to stick by them. Think about the potential loves in your life. Do they meet your requirements as a potential partner? If not, don’t waste another minute. Keep those folks in the “friend” category. Don’t settle for anything less than what you want. And, don’t spend energy trying to change someone or holding out for them to change. Life happens now. I know what I want. How do I get it? It may seem an unfortunate fact for the 95% of people in the world who make up the nonsupermodel population that we first size up people by looks. But let’s revisit science for a minute because it’s not all about superficial or shallow motivations. There is enough genetic information in a person’s face and skin that potential mates use to size you up subconsciously through biological imperatives. TIP:

If a man can’t

For example, symmetry in facial features decide what to has been examined and deemed wear on a date, desirable because it shows there are he might want less “flaws” in a genetic history. This is to wear blue. why glossy magazines alter the shape of Studies show faces and airbrush skin tones to appear that women are even (just watch the YouTube video for attracted to men Dove Campaign for Real Beauty). But, in blue remember, only five percent have that look, and even they have to be airbrushed. And, who wouldn’t look perfect with a little Photoshop? Regardless, the design of our body’s bone structure and how we measure up on the ecto-endomorphic scale is largely out of our control (cosmetic surgery notwithstanding). We are what we are for better or worse. This may not seem like encouragement, and you’re waiting to see what the good news is in all of this. The good news is that once we’ve figured out what we can’t change about ourselves, then we can now focus on the things we can change. Carrying a few extra pounds doesn’t automatically exclude us from love. But, being overweight does increase risk for any number of chronic diseases, lowers your self-esteem, and sex drive. So, it’s a 38 BOBCATFANS | SMTX | 02.13

02.13 | SMTX | BOBCATFANS 39

The illusion of perfection in a potential match is designed to help us fall in love. The discovery of imperfection within our partner (and ourselves) is to teach us how to love

don’t have). If you don’t have a hobby, make another list of 40 things you’ve always wanted to do. Then Own yourself. start doing it. Once you accept your body, learn Enroll in a class, to embrace it by keeping it healthy learn something. and beautiful. This will contribute to And don’t just a personality trait that is famous for have hobbies, attracting people into your life. It’s called have passions! confidence. The sexiest people I know are Having passions the ones who know how to own what they will help you have. become the person you Other ways to gain confidence can come are meant to in the form of hobbies. Do stuff. Get be. When we are allowed to be ourselves involved in something that you can enjoy alone or with friends. Having a hobby not completely, we are all beautiful, aren’t we? only allows you an opportunity to gain new Passion and enthusiasm are infectious. And passionate people are terribly skills and to become good at something, but it will also make you a more interesting attractive. Only sad, envious folks are trash talkers of happy people. Monitor person to talk to. You’ll also learn to find your thoughts. Complaining is the furthest deeper levels of happiness and fulfillment thing from attractiveness. in what you do, not what you have (or good idea to do what you can to stay as fit and healthy as possible (see page 14). Just don’t become obsessed with trying to have a body like someone else. As stated above, it won’t happen.

40 BOBCATFANS | SMTX | 02.13

Live an exciting life and exude happiness, and you’ll attract the same thing into your life.

When a man first approaches a woman, she will base 55% of her initial impression of him on his appearance and body language, 38% on his style of speaking, and 7% on what he actually says


Love does not equal happiness. Let me take a moment to be explicitly clear in case anyone is confused about how any of this will help you find love. If you spend your time wallowing, being a boring, incomplete person, just waiting around for love to complete your life and give you the happiness you’ve been longing for, you’ll never be happy. Because at that point, even if you find a keeper, your happiness will depend on whether or not that person is around. That’s not healthy. That’s not love. Love is a connection between two complete people who share in each other’s lives. Prioritize what you want in love and life, and you’ll spend less time running around with the wrong folks. Most relationships end because one person outgrows the other (i.e. actually figures out what they want and realizes what they currently have is not it). You hear it all the time. One person says, “I want more,” and leaves. There’s nothing wrong with this. Even a painful experience is valuable and can teach us something about ourselves. The goal is to not repeat our mistakes. Love is complicated, and there are no real answers to suit every situation. So, just be the best person you can be. As ridiculous as it sounds, be Love. Live an exciting life and exude happiness, and you’ll attract the same thing into your life. In the meantime, don’t settle for anyone that isn’t a perfect fit for you. Do, however, keep in mind that Ryan Gosling and Natalie Portman are actors who play perfect characters. They aren’t perfect people, you are not perfect, and your potential lover will not be perfect either. There will always be some bad to take with the good. The illusion of perfection in a potential match is designed to help us fall in love. The discovery of imperfection within our partner (and ourselves) is to teach us how to love.

Women are less attracted to men with a “belly.” Abdominal fat lowers testosterone, which means lower sex drive and lower fertility 42 BOBCATFANS | SMTX | 02.13

Studies show that schools, colleges, coffee shops, and malls are all excellent places to flirt because people are more open to meeting others in these places. Poor locations are restaurants and movie theaters.

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512-753-3355 2990 North Interstate 35 Frontage Road, San Marcos, TX 78666

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Thea Dake, a licensed, certified social worker with nearly 30 years’ experience specializes in individual psychotherapy and relationship counseling. Thea and her husband were both trained in the Masters and Johnson (totally worth a google search) methods by the founders and have been married for 51 years. She spent a few moments answering some commonly asked questions.

44 BOBCATFANS | SMTX | 02.13

Q: How to make your partner feel better about discussing disagreements? A: I think that’s going to depend on how you’ve handled things in the past. I think your partner is going to be comfortable with things if, in the past, you haven’t taken the view of “it’s my way or the highway.” Be patient and listen to what’s being said, don’t interrupt, don’t yell, no name calling or labeling. But, most important, don’t do historic review. Don’t say “You always say this” or “You never.” If you keep bringing up the past, you’re not going to resolve the immediacy.

Q: Am I too dependent? A: What makes a relationship healthy is having two complete individuals who can contribute something to the relationship. Both of them have to have a life together and a life that is independent of each other as long as the activities they are participating in separately from each other are activities that the other partner is comfortable with. No one person can meet the other person’s every need all the time. So you have to be responsible for meeting some of your own needs. My husband loves to fly and has a plane. I’m not interested in practicing landings, so I don’t [go] and that’s fine.

Q: Common signs of cheating? A: Any time you feel there has been a change of behavior in your partner for better or worse. I think you have to be careful when suspecting cheating, knowing whether it’s external and there is behavior in your partner that leads you to question as opposed to what’s internal, meaning your own insecurities.

Q: Should we move in together? A: The biggest mistake is an assumption that moving in is a step toward marriage or that it’s the same thing as being married. I’ve had couples say, “Things were fine when we were living together, then we got married and things don’t seem to be going so well.” Marriage is a game changer. So, before you move in, there should be a lot of talking as to what expectations are of the other. Including communication about house rules. And, don’t sign a lease!

| Photo Eric Morales |

Q: How do you keep the love alive? A: Don’t be lazy. Don’t make assumptions. Don’t say, “He should have known,” or “She should know by now.” Communication is important, especially when it comes to sex. People think sex should be spontaneous, but it is every bit as enjoyable if we talk about what we’re going to do. The busier our lives get, we have to schedule in time. And, that’s not a bad thing to do. You have to make sure it doesn’t drop off. This is a person you love. Don’t take it for granted that this person’s love isn’t something you’re going to have to continue to earn.

“The biggest mistake is an assumption that moving in is a step toward marriage, or that it’s the same thing as being married” Q: When can I leave stuff at their place? A: Just don’t do it before asking how the other person feels about it, because that’s a good way to blow a budding relationship. It’s never too soon to ask. You just have to be prepared for the fact that you may not like the answer!

Q: The secret to long distance relationships? A: There is no secret. They don’t work. Not unless time has already been put in, and there are things that individuals truly share like children, a home, memories, friends, and family. You can still share those things from a distance. And, if you have a past, you can build on a future. But people who are attending different universities at 19 or 20 years old and see each other during break, it’s next to impossible to think that it’s going to be healthy or maintained. It’s just not reasonable and not what human nature is looking for at that time frame.

Q: Can you be too honest? A: Yes. Guys, when a woman asks you if she looks fat, the correct answer is: You look beautiful. But, let’s talk about affairs. If the spouse does not know, the questions you should ask are these: Are you in love with this person (your partner/ spouse)? Have you ever done anything like this before or do you plan do it again? If you feel it was a mistake, it was wrong, and you would do anything to keep your relationship, why would you want to tell your partner? Confession may be good for your soul, but for the relationship, it will probably be its demise. If it’s not an ongoing situation, move forward, don’t live in the past, and don’t repeat it. It may make you feel better to [confess], but go talk your priest. This is part of the price you pay. You’ll have to carry this; it’s not your burden to share. Of course, if the partner already knows [you cheated], to lie about it is just stupid.

Q: How often should married couples have sex? A: I don’t like the word ‘should.’ No two people are going to have the same sex drive or want to always have sex at the same time. The most important thing is to remember that sex doesn’t just take place in the bedroom. Foreplay isn’t just about sex; it’s about affection. This takes place throughout the day. For women, foreplay begins before any kind of sexual intimacy. And, yes, cuddling afterward is very important for women.

Q: Can guys and girls be just friends? A: Nope. Don’t be fooled. Unless one of you is gay, no. Acquaintances, part of a group, couples being friends with other couples will work, but when it comes to a girl saying, “He’s my best friend,” no, it’s not going to work. It will evolve into something else, and if not, one person will be left standing alone when the other finds their special someone.

Q: At what point has jealousy gone too far? A: Well, if it’s causing issues, it’s gone too far. I believe jealousy is an offspring that comes from insecurity. But, if the behaviors [leading to jealousy] are inappropriate, you’ve got to talk.

02.13 | SMTX | BOBCATFANS 45

46 BOBCATFANS | SMTX | 02.13

Lauren & Mark Lake Travis • October 26th

Photographer Jeff Loftin Venue Villa Antonia Coordinator DNA Events

02.13 | SMTX | BOBCATFANS 47

Courtney & Albert Austin • January 8th

Photographer Jeff Loftin Venue Star Hill Ranch Grooms Cake Sentelli’s Bakery

48 BOBCATFANS | SMTX | 02.13

02.13 | SMTX | BOBCATFANS 49

Ashley & Will Playa Del Carmen • June 2nd

Photographer Danny Heinlein Venue The Reef Playa Car Resort

50 BOBCATFANS | SMTX | 02.13

02.13 | SMTX | BOBCATFANS 51

Lisa & Aaron Dripping Springs • January 12th

Photographer Jeff Loftin Venue Memory Lane Event Center Grooms Cake The Sweet Stuff Coordinator Clearly Classy Events

52 BOBCATFANS | SMTX | 02.13



Slimy Love To find a delicious batch of aphrodisiac-laden oysters locally, venture to McAdoo’s Seafood Company in New Braunfels.

Oysters It is well known that oysters are the food most associated with being an aphrodisiac. This slimy mollusk of a creature increases sexual desire. When it comes down to the specifics, raw oysters have a high zinc content, which helps produce sperm and increases libido. There are also amino acids found in oysters that make you more sexually active; you cannot just go out and purchase these at your local vitamin shop. BOBCATFANS Good Grub Guide highlights the dishes and neighborhood favorites in the area’s food scene. They are reviewed and selected by the editorial staff.

54 BOBCATFANS | SMTX | 02.13


Delivery Happy Hour Out Door Seating

$$$ Most Entrees over $20 $$ Most Entrees $10 - $20 $ Most Entrees under $10



Cool Mint Café Just off campus is a slightly hidden 1920’s Arts and Crafts Bungalow style café. With fine dining in mind, Cool Mint chef serves only the freshest ingredients. Lunch and dinner Tues-Sat. 415 Burleson St, San Marcos (512) 396-2665 $$

A-Tan Asian Bistro & Sushi Bar This little bistro has flat-out the best sushi in New Braunfels, always consistent, fresh and inspired. The Guadalupe Roll is very popular and a hefty size, and the egg drop soup is one-of-akind. Lunch and dinner daily. 1528 Common Street, New Braunfels (830) 620-1888 $$$

Grins A true San Marcos icon that has been enjoyed by several generations of students and locals. Order a juicy burger or chicken fried steak with a margarita and dine on their outdoor patio. Lunch and dinner daily. 802 N LBJ, San Marcos (512) 392-4746 $ Gristmill Located along the Guadalupe River in historic Gruene, this massive restaurant is perfect for a family outing. It has a cheerful atmosphere, and as for the food, well, it’s just plain deliciousness. There is usually a wait, but it’s indeed worth it. Lunch and dinner daily. 1287 Gruene Rd, New Braunfels (830) 625-0684 $$ Huisache Grill & Wine Bar Inhabiting a circa-1920’s building, this dining spot is great for a special occasion or just a fantastic, fresh meal. Huisache features a vast and affordable wine list to pair with any menu item. Lunch and dinner daily. 303 West San Antonio Street, New Braunfels (830) 620-9001 $$ Vodka Street Located on The Square, this classic bistro and bar serves up amazing tapas, burgers, and brunch on Sundays. The food is beautifully presented and serves old-fashioned favorites as well as tasty global dishes that make it stand out. Dinner daily. Sunday brunch. 202 North LBJ Drive San Marcos, TX 78666 (512) 396-4260 $

How Do You Roll? A fusion sushi joint where you pick the ingredients and it’s made for in quickly right before your eyes. Choose from a large selection of sauces, wraps and toppings. Try the 420 roll. Delicious and inexpensive. Lunch and dinner daily. 420 University Drive, San Marcos (512) 393-2221 $ Prik Nam Pla Thai Cuisine With especially fantastic curry dishes, this Thai restaurant in San Marcos is a gem. Try the Pad Thai and fish cakes. The service is consistently accommodating and friendly. Lunch and dinner Mon-Sat. 1917 Dutton Drive, Ste 104 San Marcos (512) 396-9919 $ BYOB

BARBECUE Cooper’s Old Time Pit BBQ Talk about amazing dry-rub barbeque. Served on the weekends is the ever so popular off-the-bone pork chop, which is so flavorful you don’t even need the sauce. Lunch and dinner daily. 1125 Texas 337 Loop New Braunfels (830) 627-0627 $$ Hays County BBQ & Catering With excellent reviews across the board, this is pit Bar-B-Q done with Central Texas tradition. The housemade cheddar & jalapeno sausage is simply amazing. Slow smoked brisket, turkey, ribs and chops satisfy. Lunch and dinner Mon-Sat. 2601 Hunter Road, San Marcos (512) 392-6000 $

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory at the Tanger Outlet makes a vast assortment of fudge and other chocolate confections.

Chocolate As king of the natural aphrodisiacs, pure chocolate contains compounds, which release a psychoactive feel-good chemical, anandamide, and the “love chemical,” PEA. Cocoa also contains serotonin, which is known to promote relaxation, which is advantageous after sex. Milt’s Pit BBQ Located in the downtown district, it’s barbeque Kyle residents visit over and over again. They’re the ones with the finest sauce you never saw coming. Lunch and dinner Tues-Sun. Cash only. 208 W Center Street, Kyle (512) 268-4734 $ BYOB

Pike Restaurant & Antiques Formerly an old Ford dealership, the transition to a restaurant turned out to be vintage and exciting. This place is fantastic for brunch, especially their omelets. Breakfast and lunch daily. 386 W. San Antonio St, New Braunfels (830) 387-4594 $$



Fork & Spoon Patio Café With a slight German twist, this café features a highly eclectic menu. From migas for breakfast, a Reuben Panini for lunch, or Chick Cordon Gruene for dinner, there’s something delicious for everyone. Breakfast and lunch daily, dinner Thurs-Sun. 651 N. Bus I-35 Suite 1150, New Braunfels. (830) 626-6999 $

ilario’s This quaint little trip to Italy is great for any occasion. The menu features old style pizzas and an array of popular Italian dishes with delicious garlic bread at a reasonable price. Local TX wine. Lunch and dinner daily. 5401 S. FM 1626, Kyle (512) 268-3300 $

Lolita’s Café This taco stand is arguably the mecca of San Marcos breakfast tacos. Two drive-thrus and a walk up window make it easy to grab and go. With ingredients made fresh bright and early, you’ll never be disappointed. If you’re really hungry try the Burrito California, ask for lots of napkins. Breakfast and lunch daily. 110 North LBJ Drive, San Marcos (512) 396-8888 $

Pappa Pastas Located on the outskirts of San Marcos, this restaurant deserves to be more renowned. From appetizers and entrees to desserts, the selections are consistently up to par, as is the service. Lunch and dinner daily. 2550 Hunter Rd, San Marcos (512) 878-2433 $$

02.13 | SMTX | BOBCATFANS 55


r D y t rsi

e 0 v i n 750 1. U

N E OP hr 353-





txsubs 56 BOBCATFANS | SMTX | 02.13


83 8 7 5 7 : ena r a u q A . 2 00 0 0 3 5 3 ns: i k p 766 o 7 H 3 . 5 3 3 : orld W r e d n 400 6 4. Wo 8 6 2 : 626 1 n o e l 5. Ky

BOBCATFANS | SMTX | GOOD GRUB GUIDE MEXICAN Chimy’s Cerveceria It’s what you get when you blend a bar with tasty mexican joint. Perfect for a quick bite or relaxing with a strong margarita after a long day on the river. Watch the game while scarfing on a ridiculous portion of fajita nachos. Lunch and dinner Mon-Sat. 217 E. Hopkins, San Marcos (512) 216-6175 $ Garcia’s Mexican Food Restaurant Now with two locations in San Marcos, this is Tex-Mex at its finest. They have terrific chips and salsa to start off with and great fajitas and enchilada entrees. Breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. 1917 Dutton Drive, San Marcos (512) 353-0099 $ Zookas Ultimate Burrito Most common response: obsessed! With unusual sauce options, this local burrito shop puts other chains to shame. Serving up endless combinations, this is truly the ultimate burrito shop. Lunch and dinner daily. 312 University Drive Ste A, San Marcos (512) 353-3913 $

PIZZERIA Brewster’s Pizza Take a drive through the hill country and stop for an amazing pizza pie, and an even more amazing beer, many of which are brewed on site. The Omnivore with spinach is a top preference, substitute wheat crust for a slight flavor twist. Lunch and dinner Tues-Sun. 9595 Ranch Road 12, Wimberley (512) 847-3299 $$ Gumby’s Pizza & Buffet Here’s a typical college pizza joint, but with a lunch buffet and striking salad bar, always with daily specials and the famous Stoner Pie. Here’s a place perfect for some after-the-bar grub. Lunch buffet daily. 403 North Guadalupe Street, San Marcos (512) 754-8629 $

POMEGRANATE A prominent player in aphrodisiac lore, pomegranate was regaled as a culinary symbol of Aphrodite by the ancient Greeks. Some say the forbidden fruit of the Bible was not apple at all, but a pomegranate fruit.

Zen’s Artisan Pizza Great for New York style pizza by the slice, or get an entire pie. This hole in the wall has making fantastic pizzas down to the art. Lunch and dinner daily. 700 North LBJ Drive,. San Marcos (512) 396-7445

PUB/SPORTS BAR Center Field Sports Bar & Grill This sports bar is warm and inviting with the delicious array of wings and burgers. With their huge portions and addicting french fries, you’ll have plenty to sit through an entire game. Lunch and dinner daily. 200 West Center Street, Kyle (512) 268-1400 $ Mozie’s Bar & Grill Located in the cozy town of Gruene, you’ve found yourself standing among history. Mozie’s is very narrow and long, and the food is always enjoyable, especially the Shiner battered onion rings and famous fish tacos. Lunch and dinner daily. 1601-A Hunter Road, New Braunfels (830) 515-1281 $$ Sean Patrick’s Located on The Square, this beautiful pub features the most beer taps in all of Hays Country. From their delicious Guinness Burger to the Bangers & Mash, it has a vast food menu with a Texas-Irish kick. Lunch and dinner daily. 202 East San Antonio Street, San Marcos (512) 392-7310 $

SANDWICHES Mochas and Javas A local favorite for studying, web surfing, or catching up with friends, this coffee shop serves a variety of heavenly panini sandwiches. Breakfast and lunch daily. 700 N LBJ Drive #103, San Marcos (512) 396-5282 $ Coffee Pot Bistro With unique local art plastered all over the walls, this homey bistro is great for taking it easy or studying. They have a vast variety of frappes to meet everyone’s desires and an accompanying menu of wonderful food items. Breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. 129 E. Hopkins, San Marcos (512) 392-3080 $ The Leaning Pear Adventure out into the beautiful hill country and make sure to stop at The Leaning Pear. The chef has the gift of fusing flavors that will surpass your imagination. There isn’t a dish that will disappoint. Lunch daily, dinner Fri-Sat. Closed Tuesday. 111 River Rd, Wimberley (512) 847-7327 $ Naturally Featuring outstanding homemade quiche and yummy sandwiches, this place is great to take the edge off during your lunch break. The salads and smoothies are a great alternative for a healthy meal as well. Lunch Mon-Sat. 1102 N. Walnut, New Braunfels (830) 214-6300 $

02.13 | SMTX | BOBCATFANS 57

BOBCATFANS | SMTX | GOOD GRUB STEAKS & SEAFOOD Bordeaux’s Serving up filet mignon and fresh seafood like it’s nobody’s business with sides that are just as scrumptious. Located in the heart of Kyle, Emeril Lagasse has dined there to enjoy Chef Larson’s menu. Dinner Mon-Sat. 108 West Center Street, Kyle (512) 268-3463 $$$ Clear Springs Restaurant If you’re mighty hungry for piles of seafood, then you won’t regret checking out this snazzy restaurant. Visitors continue to rave about the fried catfish and onion rings, which both come in very generous portions. Lunch and dinner daily. 1692 Texas 46, New Braunfels (830) 629-3775 $$

McAdoo’s Seafood Company This Cajun style seafood restaurant and bar has wonderful food and impeccable service to go along with it. Have a drink at the bar while you wait to be seated, then enjoy fresh oysters, fish, or crawfish. Overall, it’s a great fine dining experience for a night out on the town. Lunch and dinner daily. 196 Castell, New Braunfels (830) 629-3474 $$$ Myron’s Prime Steak House Sophisticated and upscale, yet relaxed, this prime steakhouse offers succulent steaks and seafood. The menu is a-lacarte, so everyone can experience a little bit of everything. Dinner daily. 136 North Castell Avenue, New Braunfels. (830) 624-1024 $$$

So good. . .

. . .you’ll flip your bowl! self-serve frozen yogurt 350 N. Guadalupe St. (Guadalupe & University) 512-667-6720

NO PLATES CAN HOLD OUR BAR-B-QUE Preserving Central Texas Tradition!


MON - SAT 11 a.m -8 p.m.


Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Stewart Mann and the Statesboro Revue

Venture out of San Marcos for an evening filled with con artists and mistaken identity in this invigorating musical. Feb 1-24 – Circle Arts Theatre (NB)

A night for a bit of country and southern rock ‘n’ roll. Feb 8 @ 10 pm – Brauntex Theatre (NB)

Chief and The Doomsday Device Folk, or Jazz music? These guys have got all of the above. Show is 21+ Feb 4 @ 9 pm – Triple Crown

Starring Artist-in-Residence Eugene Lee, this production takes a modern look at this classic tale of greed, corruption, and the pursuit of power. Feb 12-16 @ 7:30 pm – TXST Mainstage Theatre

Randy Rogers w/Surprise Guest

O’Malarkey Irish/Celtic Session

This is Texas. Who doesn’t like Randy Rogers? Feb 5 @ 8:45 pm – Cheatham Street

Live Belly Dancing Take a few pointers from this lovely lady; you’re in for a stimulating show. Feb 6 @ 7:30 pm – Wake the Dead Coffee House

Shakespeare’s Richard III

Take an interest in a fun and different kind of music. Jam with these local Irish/Celtic musicians. Feb 14 @ 7:30 pm – Wake the Dead Coffee House

The Couch Go out for a few drinks after dinner with your special someone, or find yourself a special someone, for this Valentine’s Day Concert Special. Feb 14 – Taxi’s Piano Bar

Hill Country Jazz Festival If Jazz is your passion, then be sure to make time for this year’s special guest, Grammy Award-winning Vincent Herring. Here’s a chance to recognize some of San Marcos’ most talented jazz musicians. Feb 9 @ 7:30 pm – Evans Auditorium TXST 60 BOBCATFANS | SMTX | 02.13

Gear Up 10 Mile Run Get your ass in shape and support the San Marcos Manufacturer’s Association, which is a collaboration of local industries with a strong focus on furthering technical education. SMMA has partnered with CTMC; the proceeds from the race will provide scholarships to local students. Feb 10 @ 7am – Tanger Outlets Wade Bowen New Braunfels has produced a might fine Red Dirt singers. These guys will knock your boots off. Feb 15 @ 9 pm – TMT

The Beaumonts Hailing from Lubbock, these guys are as honky tonk as they come. Enjoy a great local show from some native Texan gents. Feb 22 @ 8 pm – Triple Crown

Stringer & Orta Live Comedy Show Let Jon Stringer & Raymond Orta tickle your funny bone and touch you in all the right places. Feb 28 @ 8 pm – Taxi’s

Mardi On The Square IV 5 Great Bars. One Fat Party! Join 1000’s of party goers as they collect beads, cups and walk the red carpet in celebration of Fat Tuesday in San Marcos. Feb 12 @ 10 pm – The Square

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A masked San Marcos citizen enjoys a carnival celebration held at an undisclosed house on Belvin Street.

Secret Historical Society It was the evening of January 6th in San Marcos, at a particular house on Belvin Street. The festivity for the Epiphany also known as Twelfth Night, the beginning of the carnival season, was being celebrated by masked members of San Marcos’ inner circle. City dignitaries, business people and pillars of the community filled the house. However, the conversation was mostly pleasure and little business. They were celebrating the efforts of those who support local historic preservation. It seemed, for them, a temporary reprieve from an uphill battle to keep San Marcos beautiful, and an opportunity to recognize those who work hard to preserve the San Marcos historic district. The coronation of a King and Queen, in the tradition of the Epiphany was celebrated formally, if not lightheartedly. The newly crowned, fêted as a pillars of the local historic conservation movement, ruled as king and queen of the Twelfth Night Masque. After the coronation and toast to the 2013 king and queen, the evening ended merrily with a fine time had by all, and with anticipation of next year’s royalty.


Laughter could be heard from the street and before reaching the door, it was opened up by a doorman dressed in a tuxedo, and in view was another man in full traditional Mardi Gras costume. The list was checked for our names, and we were welcomed hospitably. At first, it felt like walking into a house filled with Kubrik-esque characters looking at us through their masks, intentions hidden. Within moments the owner of the house welcomed us with a friendly greeting.

KREWES Familiar to most of us here in Texas is the Mardi Gras celebration of New Orleans, which is run by Krewes. Krewes are organizations that put on balls or parades during the Carnival season, some more exclusive than others. Many Krewes make it a point to support charities or honorable causes.

MARDI GRAS The season of Carnival is celebrated all over the world. The celebrations that lead up to Mardi Gras are historically more about religion than beads, booze and boobs. Details of Christians partying hard in Jesus’ name can be tracked all the way back to 361 A.D.

The felling at the end of the night was we had just witnessed San Marcos’ first Krewe.

62 BOBCATFANS | SMTX | 02.13

| Photo Eric Morales |


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