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November 2011

Volume 47, Issue 2

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10 Cover by: EMILY HIGHAM Managing Editor

Seniors + Juniors = DRAMA - Page 16


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Dear GBHS, Well we are almost halfway there, one quarter down and three to go! With one marking period officially completed, we have had time to adjust and become accustomed to the new faces in our halls and classes. We know our teachers and are, hopefully, no longer getting lost on our way to class. We have a routine; however, let’s not get too set in our ways. It is important to experience new things, meet new


people, and not get too used to the same ins and outs of high school. Don’t just travel in the same social circles because it is easy. Don’t hesitate to try something out of your comfort zone. In high school, a lot is expected of us, but it is important not to lose your voice and who you are. The theme of this Banner is The Great Divide which is all about how we are all individu-

als with our own unique voice, but we are still a part of the same community. It is important throughout our high school journey to not lose sight of the future or get lost in the shuffle of the mayhem. We must not fall pray to the stereotypes of high school like bullying, cliques, or any other common cliches. I have been through the highs and lows of high school and while a routine is com-

fortable it doesn’t always allow anyone to experience the truth that is high school. So don’t sit and watch someone fall prey to the stereotypes. Be apart of this community, not just your social circle and you will discover your voice and your community like never before. Trust me. I did.

Story By: ALEXIS CASTANOS Editor-in-Chief 3


No More Loose Change - Another Reason to Follow the Rules - Kicked Out Occupying Wall Street - Bobcat Minute - Who’s That Candidate? Photo: Banner/Sivakumar



No more loose change




Photo: Banner/Sivakumar

counts won’t be connected, the student IDs will play a role in the Student Store accounts as well. Rather than typing in ID numbers like at lunch, student accounts will be accessed by simply scanning the barcode on the student’s ID card. Along with introducing student accounts, the Student Store has added new items, like Airhead Extremes and Hotchips, to their inventory. They plan to expand the store by adding more popular items as the year progresses. In order to stay in touch


Hot List

with the student body, the GBHS Student Store has involved themselves with social media sites. They have created a Facebook page, Grand Blanc Student Store 2011-2012, and a Twitter profile, @GBStudentStore, where students can follow them in order to find out about student apparel and other deals happening in the Student Store. Furthermore, to increase the amount of customers, the Student Store is targeting ninth-graders. “Freshmen are apparently intimidated by the upper-



Photo: Banner/Sivakumar


Photo: Banner/Sivakumar

Stop borrowing from the students at your lunch table and start saving; the Student Store has announced that they will be setting up student accounts which will allow students to bank money for use on products in the Student Store. But will this account be connected to the lunch account? “The Student Store can’t connect accounts since most kids would misuse their lunch account and spend it on candy,” senior manager Bailey Truesdell said. Although these two ac-

Photo: Banner/Sivakumar

classmen, so we are trying to get more into the store,” senior PR manager Hunter Lambert said. In order to attract freshmen, the store has made a special deal only for them. It allows the freshmen to buy two chips and a Kool-Aid for $1.25 on Freshmen Fridays, .25 cents cheaper than the upperclassmen price. The Student Store is open during all lunches at the East Campus.

Story by: KYLASH SIVAKUMAR Web Editor

Another reason to follow the rules Photo: BANNER/Boehnke


Discussing whether ISS or OSS is worse is a topic most students are used to. Now, they have a third major punishment to add into the mix: Saturday School. While in Saturday School, which lasts from 8-10 a.m., students are required to bring in homework and stay silent for the whole session. If a student is more than 5 minutes late, then they receive an automatic OSS for the following Monday. “So far, only an average of 12 kids is coming every

week,” assistant principal Gary Goetzinger said. “It’s too early to tell if they are a more successful consequence than ISS.” Saturday School is assigned for anything that regularly would be deemed as a one day ISS, such as texting in class. Unlike OSS and ISS, though, students will not have to miss class and learning opportunities. “I’ve never been to ISS so I can’t compare which is worse, Saturday School was not a good way to spend the

start of my weekend,” said sophomore Jonathan Leeter. Like Leeter, the majority of students think that Saturday School is worse, because they have to wake up early and can’t stay out late Friday night. Others; however, are excited for the possible Breakfast Club experience to unravel in their own town.

Story by: NICHOLE BOEHNKE Copy Editor



Iraq war ends: Costs great in lives and money

Staff Changes

News Analysis

be expected to defend themselves from invading Taliban forces. However, Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki said he does not have votes in parliament to provide immunity to the American soldiers. To keep the soldiers safe, both sides agree that the removal of U.S. forces would be the best solution. During our time in Iraq, the following advancements have been made to better Iraq: hospitals, schools, courts, and banks functioning at a higher rate; an increase in salaries and worker efficiency; and the removal of Saddam Hussein from power, which allowed freedom of thought and speech to arise. Although this war has cost us a lot as a nation, it was not for nothing. With this chapter of history closed, Obama said, “Now it’s time to turn the page.” The United States will begin a new relationship with Iraq, a relationship set between two sovereign nations. With no official declaration of victory, we will leave Iraq with our heads held high, knowing that we made a difference.


Two years ago, President Obama made an agreement with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to withdraw United States forces from Iraq by Dec. 31, 2011. Now, the approaching deadline of this promise will officially end eight years of fighting in Iraq. The cost of this war has been staggering in both lives and money. Over 4,400 soldiers, and an unknown amount of civilians, have lost their lives in the midst of combat. Furthermore, loved ones of these people have suffered tragic losses and the accompanying sorrow. Additionally, our government has spent nearly a trillion dollars on this war. These war costs have been a contributing factor to the skyrocketing of our national debt these last few years. At the announcement of our removal, the wish of many Iraqis has come true. They have blamed America for many of their problems, and see our departure as a step in the right direction. On the other hand, some Iraqis have stated that U.S. help was vital. They feel they need more assistance in training their military before they can

Bobcat Minute:

Assistant principal Matt Shanafelt has been working at Grand Blanc High School for 12 years.

Story by:

BRAD VARNER Web Editor usarmy/spc.danialherrera

Who: Assistant principal Matt Shanafelt What: He is leaving Grand Blanc to become Davison High School’s new principal. Student advisor Ron Brewer will be temporarily taking his place at West Campus. When: He applied late August when the position opened, then waited 5-6 weeks to hear back that he had been hired. How: He began as a student teacher in Grand Blanc under history teacher MarieBauermeister in 1999. Since then, he has been in multiple positions here, including coaching boys basketball. These positive, negative, and instructional situations have prepared him to become qualified and confident as a principal-to-be. Favorite memory about GB: “There have been great times in class, great times as an assistant principal, and great times as a coach, too many to name just one,” Shanafelt said. “I enjoyed every aspect of these last 12 years. It was incredible because the staff and students, I couldn’t ask for a better experience or a group of people to be surrounded by.”

Story by: NICHOLE BOEHNKE Copy Editor American soldiers have worked to make life better for Iraq’s children, now they are coming home.






“Who are we?” ask the 99 percent. “Well, who are you? If you’re reading this, there’s a 99 percent chance that you’re one of us.” The term “99 percent” refers to the percentage of the population sharing less than three-fourths of the nation’s wealth. Any person not raking in millions of dollars a year belongs to the 99 percent. These are the protesters occupying Wall Street. This movement is rapidly gaining popularity. Now, 46 percent of Americans believe that Occupy Wall Street reflects their views. Almost 1,000 cities in 82 countries are protesting. But what do they hope to get out of this? Flash back to the 1920s when speculation built up as a result of big businesses having no limits and no regulation on Wall Street. Then, without warning, the Stock Market crashed and the Great Depression was launched. It was not until 1933 that Franklin D. Roosevelt enacted the Glass–Steagall Act to regulate businesses. For a while, America witnessed growth. The new economy allowed huge projects, such as the Interstate Highway System, to be completed. Things seemed to be looking up for America. Then in 1998, the GlassSteagall Act was repealed. The limits on big businesses were, once again, removed. The economy changed.

News Analysis ap/maryaltaffe

Occupying Wall Street

The 99 percent express their ideas and emotions on hand-made signs and posters on Wall Street.

From 1979 to 2007, middle class income has gone up 40 percent while the income of the top 1 percent has gone up a staggering 275 percent. With inflation and the standard of living increasing with the times, the middle class is worse off now than in 1979. Then the housing bubble, caused largely by the deregulation of banks, burst. Two of the five major banks collapsed. The American International Group lost billions. They required a bailout costing our government billions. 15 million Americans owe more on their mortgage than the value of their home, 24 million who find a full time job, 47 million need government help to feed themselves,

and 50 million who cannot afford to see a doctor. Eighty-five percent of college graduates are forced to move back home with their parents because of student loans debt and the job market. The American Dream has been shattered and people are starting to wake up to it. As for our government, 84 percent of citizens disapprove of Congress. More than half of the people do not believe their government is representing them. Seventy percent agree with the Obama Jobs Plan yet it has still not been passed. The majority no longer has a meaningful voice. These protesters are not jealous of the 1 percent. They do not hate capitalism; they simply hate what has been

done to it. People want to live in a democracy. They want to see Wall Street and the banking industry regulated and they want money taken out of politics to ensure the government speaks for the people. “This is an organized, intellectual movement lead by a cross section of society with a specific purpose,” said history teacher Troy Pottenger who has been following Occupy Wall Street from the beginning. These protesters are fighting for the people, the 99 percent.

Story By: BRAD VARNER Web Editor 7


ECONOMY: Focus on creating more jobs and making tax system more fair to middle class

Views on...

ECONOMY: Do not increase debt limit and lower gas price

Views on...

Governor Rick Perry Republican

Views on...

ECONOMY: Focus on creating jobs and lower taxes for small businesses

IMMIGRATION: Crack down on employers who hire illegal immigranats and secure U..S.Mexico border

IMMIGRATION: Build a fence to secure U.S.-Mexico border before getting involved internationally

IMMIGRATION: Increase border security, but allow children of illegal immigrants to pay instate tuition at Texas colleges and universities

ENERGY/ENVIRONMENT: Decrease dependency on fossil fuels and foreign oil by pursuing clean coal technology

ENERGY/ENVIRONMENT: Expand the usage of coal and nuclear power and loosen restrictions on domestic drilling

ENERGY/ENVIRONMENT: Explore untapped domestic oil resources and pay citizens $5,000 to buy hybrids

SAME-SEX MARRIAGE: States, not the federal government, should decide whether same-sex marriage is legal within their borders

SAME-SEX MARRIAGE: Opposes same-sex marriage and supports a constitutional amendment that makes it illegal


discrimination based on sexual orientation (supported repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”)

Herman Cain Republican

Mitt Romney Republican

Views on... ECONOMY: adopt 9-9-9 plan(divide taxes to be 9 percent business flat tax, 9 percent individual flat tax, and 9 percent national sales tax)

IMMIGRATION: Current laws can end illegal


ENERGY/ENVIRONMENT: All forms of energy should be alllowed to develop in a free market system SAME-SEX MARRIAGE: Opposes same-sex marriage and supports a law making marriage legal only if it is between a man and a woman



C A N D I D A T E ?

Representative Ron Paul Republican


President Barack Obama Democrat 2008 AP/Rick Bowmer

W H O ’ S

Although Nov. 6, 2012 is still a long way off, the race for the position of the 45th President of the United States is in full swing. With the main focus being on issues such as the economy, immigration, energy/environment, and same-sex marriage, the front-running candidates sound off on their beliefs while campaigning to win over supporters.

Views on... ECONOMY: Eliminate minimum wage and cut taxes in order to achieve economic growth.

Representative Michele Bachmann Republican

Views on... ECONOMY: lower taxes and limit government regulation of businesses

IMMIGRATION: Illegal immigrants should not be able to gain temporary legalization as guest workers

IMMIGRATION: Secure U.S.-Mexico border and enforce immigration laws

ENERGY/ENVIRONMENT: Explore domestic oil resources and try to develop alternative energy sources

ENERGY/ENVIRONMENT: Explore untapped natural oil resources to reduce gas pricesand try to develop alternative energy sources

SAME-SEX MARRIAGE: Opposes samesex marriage and supports a constitutional amendment that makes it illegal

SAME-SEX MARRIAGE: Uphold the Defense of Marriage Act (law that states that marriage is only legal if it’s between a man and a woman)

Story By: IVA MARKICEVIC News Editor BANNER 2011


Soccer Team Swag - Rising Stars - Hard Work - Running Higher - Fall Recap - Winter Preview Photo: Banner/Carey

Photo: Banner/Carey


Photo: Banner/Carey



Soccer Team Swag

Together the Bobcats work toward their goal of a deep playoff run.

Team shows off combo of skill and style.


The word swag is defined as appearance, style, or the way one presents himself. If there was one word used to describe the Grand Blanc varsity soccer team it would be swag. The team has swag whether it’s on or off the field. They were projected to place 3rd in the state this

year with a record of 144. Off the field they excel in academics with an average GPA of roughly 3.7. There is no doubt that this soccer team has swag. “When you look at all other sports, the teams, the apparel, and just overall persona is dull,”

Senior Brock Huber said. “Now compare that to a soccer team: the shoes are bright, the players are innovative, and the personalities are just as impressive as the play. That’s what separates soccer from the rest. Our swag is either despised or idolized; either way we’re

being recognized.” GB soccer has ended their regular season and they have entered their post season. They now hold the District Champs title beating Flushing, Lake Orion, and Davison. Even under the pressure to win and to meet high expectations that are at hand captains Zach Carroll, Chris Sullivant, and Max List step up and keep the team in line. Senior Laith Hasan also plays a large role in keeping his teams moral and confidence up, and

he is a well-respected figure on the team. Many of the younger players look up to these players and admire the swag-like characteristics they have. “Laith lightens the mood and helps take the pressure off during big games. He makes us all laugh and he jokes around. He keeps the team calm and ready to play,” said junior Jake Roberts.

Story By: HANNAH SCHERBA Events Coordinator

RISING STARS: Rebecca Eckblad Being the underclassman on varsity is a big deal. RE: “It can be uncomfortable because the upperHaving a 14-year-old kid take on the responsibili- classman have experience and have gone through everything before, but they still respect me because ties primed for 17-year-olds is difficult, which is I work hard.” why freshmen and sophomores on varsity aren’t AY: “What is your favorite aspect of swimming?” typical. Rebecca Eckblad transcends the norm, as a freshman on the varsity swim team. The talented RE: “The coaches have us do a big sister, little underclassman is a part of the reason why the girls sister program which really helps the team become closer. There is also always a positive mental atswim team is such a success this year. titude with the team, which is great.” AY: “How long have you been swimming and AY: “This may be early to ask, but what do you what made you start?” plan to accomplish by the end of your swimming RE: “I was 7 years old when I started. This mostly career here?” was because my older Morning practices really RE: “I would like to go sister swam as well, All-State, but more imhelp me improve my swimand it motivated me portantly become more to start early.” ming. It’s really rough but of a team player and a AY: “What events it pays off in the end. better leader.” do you swim? How AY: “Where would you are you faring this like to swim if you continued in college?” year?” RE: “Michigan State University.” RE: “The 50 freestyle and 100 freestyle. I’m doing AY: “What was your coolest memory from swimpretty well this year, but it’s different due to the ming so far?” frequency of meets.” RE: “The national swim meet in Florida. The setAY: “Swimming is known for their infamous ting was amazing, and it was such a great experimorning practices, how do you feel about ence to go through with my travel team.” them?” RE: “Morning practices really help me improve Story By: my swimming. It’s really rough but it pays off in AMANI YOUNG the end.” AY: “Are there any difficulties with being one of West Campus Sports Editor the youngest kids on varsity?”


Photo: Banner/Rizik

Eckblad brings a positive attitude to practice each and everyday.She is also shown here demonstrating her freestyle form (above).


Hard Work

In the end, only one thing counts. It’s not place, or achieving a time standard, but instead it’s a time. This “time” is what all the sweat, the hours of hard work, the pushing past your limits, and the healthy habits are for. It can lead to achieving time standards, and winning a first place finish, but it always starts with the time you put up on the board. As swimmers step up on the block, adrenaline is rushing throughout their body, their pulse is elevated, and their mind is focused on the task at hand. Nothing else matters but the race that is moments away from starting. Once the buzzer sounds nobody in the pool is your ally, not even your teammates, they become your opponent, and you don’t dare to let them stop you from achieving your goal. One team in particular knows this feeling, and this is the girls swim and dive team. The team has had a very good season so far concluding their dual meet season with a 8-2 record. The Lady Bobcats won many meets, including the county meet, until losing their first meet to Midland Dow. After that loss the girls swam hard but again lost to the tough Hartland team. “Our girls were positive for both meets but Midland Dow was ranked fifth in the state, and Hartland was fast



Hopes to Lead to Big Win

all across the board, they had girls in every event so they went deep and outnumbered us,” assistant coach Charlie Corazza said. There are many assets to the team this year with incoming freshmen, key returners etc. Although there are many, the key factors going into the meet will be whether the girls have a good taper, positive attitude, and most importantly the key players. These key players have to lead the team, and swim their best at every meet, and this meet is no exception. Even though they are going to states and they will not be tapered, these girls are going to have to give it their all. The team depends on Gina Sancricca, Charlotte Sullenger, Whitney Whitehead, Rachel Eaton, Rebecca Eckblad, and Claire Pilarski. “The senior and junior class has girls that are leaders in their own ways,” Corazza said. “Jessica Daniels motivates through positive words, Gina and Charlotte lead by their actions in the pool. The girls are consistently dropping time every meet so they will no doubt swim fast this weekend.” Although they do have your key factors and assets, they also have your problems. There are not many setbacks for the Lady Bobcats but some of the few are the mentality that the team is yet to have a state qualifying time. It’s a big weight on the

Photo: Banner/R. Sullenger

The Lady Bobcats are excited for their chance at glory.

girls’ shoulders, but they stay positive by looking to their six hopefuls despite the fact that from last year, the qualifying times got a lot faster. In addition to that, the division meet will be in a pool that the Lady Bobcats have never seen or swam in, so they will have to adjust to the new pool and atmosphere. “Having a home advantage is best for our team but it will be different because we have never swam there, but at the same time it is exciting to be taking on this new challenge,” senior Jessica Daniels said. Overall the girls have done great so far and hopefully they give it everything they have with no regrets, and to leave everything they have in

the pool. “I think that we will do amazing. All we have to do is keep a positive attitude, and we will dominate,” Daniels said. Even with best times across the board, few setbacks, and hard work, the girls came up just short of the first place finish, finishing behind first place Hartland. The girls will be competing this weekend at the Conference meet at Waterford Mott High School.

Story By: JAYSON HANSEN Sports Editor



Running Higher Senior Zach Kughn looks to dominate in his final year at GBHS As the sun sets on the city of Grand Blanc, footsteps continue to consume the town’s streets. The pitter patter of these New Balance kicks belong to Zach Kughn, an all star senior runner. Since seventh grade, Kughn has been running competitively. His schedule is endless, with 40 to 70 miles logged weekly. During the summer months, a daily workout can get up to 14 miles. “I’m always trying to work harder than my competition, so that when it comes to the day of the race, I can outperform them,” Kughn said. And outperform the

competition is something Kughn has most certainly done. In the one mile, Kughn was the KLAA champ as a sophomore. An AAU National Medalist, a qualifier for the Junior Olympics (twice) and he is a 3-time Academic All-Stater. Oh and did we mention that he was the number one ranked runner in the Flint Area this year? The pitter patter continues... Kughn hopes to continue to tread his path in college. “I’m not exactly sure where I am going to go next year, but as of right now my top three schools are George Mason, Purdue, and Montana State,” Kughn said.

Photo: Banner/Carey

Always a smile on his face, Kughn pushes his teammates to to do their absoulte best.

It certainly seems as though nothing is going to stand in his path either, except his own body. Kughn has iron deficiency, a problem with his body that doesn’t allow oxygen to enter the blood flow. This, as you might imagine, is an extreme problem for someone who needs all the oxygen they can get as they push their body to its limit. But this doesn’t stop Kughn from setting -and reachinghis goals.

Photo: Banner/Carey

Kughn leads the team in more ways than one, running practices and setting goals for the group.


“I set four goals for myself every year,” said Kughn. “An individual goal, a team goal, an academic goal, and a home goal. This year is no different.” As you might imagine, his goals are quite lofty, but not out of the realm of possibility. His individual goal is simple. “Win states,” Kughn said with a grin on his face. As a team, he would like to finish in the top five at the state meet. At home, his ambitions are to sleep more often and eat more spinach (the spinach puts more iron in his body, which in turn makes him a better runner). So as the days get shorter and the leaves on the street make room for the upcoming snow, they must also make room for someone else. It must leave way for a pair of New Balance’s, carrying a dedicated student, a driven athlete and a senior who won’t quit, because he knows that the harder you work, the sky is the limit.

Story By: CONNOR CAREY Sports Editor BANNER 2011

Winter Sports Preview Let’s Go Bobcats!


Important Dates

Impact Players

Team Goals

Things That Could Hurt This Team

Girls Varsity Basketball

Home vs. Hartland Feb. 7

Kara Puidokas and Kelsey Carson

Have fun and regain passion for the sport

A young team this year

Boys and Girls Ski

Regionals TBA

Adam Novajovsky, Lauren Ulrich

Top 5 at states win regionals

Possibilities of Injuries

Boys Swim and Dive

Feb. 2 vs. Brighton

Ryan Scannell, Dan Sullivan

Win conference

Losing State Swimmers

Boys Varsity Basketball

Game One vs. CA on Dec. 6

Bart Williams, George Margaritas

Win the KLAA

Non returning collegiate athletes

Boys Varsity Wrestling

Feb. 4 KLAA Championship

Parker Wheatley, Chris O’Guinn

Win the district meet

Lack of Wrestlers

Team/ Sport


Story By: NICK SIVOSKY Video Editor

Varsity Football

Winning the western conference in the KLAA ends The Bobcats official season sending them into playoffs with confidence. “Overall the season has gone pretty well,” senior Gage Wakula said. “Losing in the beginning has helped us stay grounded and not get too cocky.” The team enters districts with a record of 7-2 after beating the Davison Cardinals 47-31. The Bobcats pushed fans to the edge of their seats as they move on with a 3OT win against Holt in the first round. They look continue their road to Ford Field as they host Midland in the district finals.

Girls Swim

Dedication is waking up at 5:30 a.m. to practice, staying up on school work, and competing at a high level. Their hard work has paid off, the Grand Blanc girls swim team has a record of 7-1. “I think our season has been really good, I’m looking forward to districts and moving forward to the regional meet,” sophomore Codi Gallagher said. These girls are primed to succeed.

Cross Country

Through smoldering heat and cold, rain and shine the boys cross country team has been preparing for the regional meet. “Don’t ever underestimate, because you never know how good your team can be,” junior Carson Truesdell said. With a record of 2-3, Grand Blanc is recently ranked No. 4 in the division and is ready to bring it on.

Varsity Volleyball

With a strong start, winning game after game, the volleyball team concludes their season with a record of 8-3. Winning the Grand Ledge Tournament the team has made history being the first Grand Blanc team to win the championship. Although they lost the district championship at Clarkston and a tough way to end the season, they are still a strong team. “We’re a family and that is what makes us stand out from all the rest, ” senior Heather Roberts said.

Freshmen Soccer

Freshmen soccer at Grand Blanc High School, a school with a strong soccer tradition, is a big deal. This freshmen soccer team has proved to be a force to reckon with. This season they had an impressive record of 10-2-3. This team will contribute greatly to the soccer program in the upcoming years.

Story By: NINA BENTON Events Coordinator BANNER 2011



Judge Me - The Symposium - New Clubs - Juniors + Seniors = Drama




Story By: GINA SANCRICCA Twitter Editor



Junior Nora Hamade

Story By: SARA DIESEL Feature Editor

Photo Credit: Sara Diesel

The Symposium was a work of literature Plato composed approximately 385 BCE. This text involves A symposium is a gathering where numerous philosophers ponder the meaning of love, life, poetry, and various other pressing issues. There’s a new symposium on the block, and we’re not talking about Plato! The Symposium, introduced by senior co-presidents Megan Christian and Zach Crutchfield, is a book club that reads and discusses classical and difficult works of literature. “We strive to enhance our cultural and literary knowledge while making new friends who love reading too,” said Christian. “Symposiasts” are raving about how much fun the club is and how it creates a friendly environment for book lovers. “We wanted to make a fun environment where our fellow symposiasts and book lovers can branch out,” said Christian. They have definitely succeeded. Junior Danielle Pierson raves, “My love for books [keeps me coming back], and the people are cool and welcoming. Anybody who likes to read can feel instantly accepted.” The symposiasts would like to attract more members to join in their activities, which aim to be fun and intellectual at the same time. “I hope [to gain more members]. It would be great to have more people to contribute, get more ideas, and get more viewpoints,” Pierson said. To get into the Halloween spirit they read some spooky short stories and recently scheduled a Halloween party where they watched “The Brother’s Grim.” They are currently reading “Alice in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass” and the next book they plan to tackle is “The Perks of Being a Wall Flower”. Meetings are open to all on Wednesdays, from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. in room 107 with english teacher Daniel Clark.

Otherwise known as Gennesee Interfaith Teens, LeGIT is a club open all Gennesee County teens who wish to form friendships with fellow teens they may otherwise not get the opportunity to meet. The club encourages the incorporation of all cultures and provides for the opportunity to meet people with varying interests and hobbies in the hopes of forming ties throughout the Gennesee community. President of LeGIT, senior Zoe McCoon explained that “It is our goal to get people from all over the community, or even just people from different friend groups, because the more ties we have within our communities, the stronger the community, plus it’s just more fun to meet new people.” Parties and meetings are only some of the things the members of LeGIT experience; the group also takes part in community action programs with the hopes of helping those who are less fortunate, and in turn strengthening our community. LeGIT will be hosting a game night on Saturday, Dec. 3 from 5-7 p.m. at the Apollo Coney Island in Davison. Encouraging new members, the group will be playing games together as well as collecting donations of games to give to the Boys and Girls Club.

Photo Credit: Sara Diesel

The Symposium: A New Club on the Horizon

Senior Zoe McCoon


Focusing on intercultural communication, UNITE is a school-oriented club that is available and open to all Grand Blanc High School students who wish to take part in coming together as a student body. The club is run by teachers Suzanne Powers and Dana Shaver; however, the club focuses on its members, the student body, to take part in moving discussions along and ideas to connect the student body and community. Member of UNITE, junior Nora Hamade said, “I really enjoy the group discussions because I like to hear people opinions.” Meeting every other Thursday after school in Mrs. Powers’ room, UNITE welcomes and encourages all students to come and take part in discussions regarding culture and issues regarding moving past sociatal barriers and connecting the student body.




+ Juniors =

Photo: Banner/Karatza

we don’t want “ No, those ugly yellow


seniors thought they were funny and the other half were mad for no reason. In the end we’re fine and it’s over with,” On the other hand, senior Rachel Eckblad took the stand that the juniors “lack originality and the seniors are over it.” However, there are still some issues held on this touchy subject. Junior Courtney Utter proclaimed that the [seniors] took things way too far. “There’s two sides to every story,” she said. Junior Samantha Elias tried to ease the tension between the classes when she said, “we don’t hate each other by any means, the whole weekend got blown out of proportion and turned into a bigger deal than it needed to be, I would be mad if the sophomores did that to us, but I would have handled it better than they did.” Still, some senior girls view the situation as a legitimate issue. Senior Kylie Fairman believes

that, “seniors teepeeing the juniors is something the seniors have been doing for probably as long as interclass games has been going on and this year it wasn’t interpreted as a friendly rivalry and things, unfortunately,turned out a little differently” There were a lot of rumors that went around, for example senior Ashley Legacy said, “The juniors hid in the bushes to watch for the seniors coming to teepee their houses,” but to contradict that statement junior Lauren Shields wants to set the record straight that the juniors don’t hide in the bushes to scare the seniors. “We also didn’t stalk the seniors around town.” There was a lot of tension at Homecoming football game due to claimed of gum throwing and Interclass Games with all the signs that the seniors had portraying the juniors as copy cats, but Shields feels like both the juniors and the seniors have gotten over it. For clarification to the

seniors, junior Olivia Hool said, “No, we don’t want those ugly yellow shirts from this year.” To conclude the drama junior Kalie Lavrack believes the situation was not a big deal. “We [juniors] made shirts and got over it, the past is the past and the juniors and seniors have moved on.” To officially end the situation, the seniors believe that they always come out on top, just like their senior shirt said.



e might not like high school, but we certainly love high school drama. Not talking about the drama involving cliques or boyfriend stealers, but the drama that involves the two upperclassmen grades, juniors and seniors. It all began the week of Interclass Games and Homecoming when the juniors plagiarised last year’s junior shirts. How the turmoil originated is unclear but according to junior Madison List, “This year the junior and senior girls went at it. The events all started the night before the Interclass Games. There was pranking back and forth. Everything was simply a joke but obviously got blown out of proportion. Our shirts were hilarious, and I wouldn’t change them for anything. Half of the



was simply a joke.” Story by: RILIWAN BAKER Advertising Manager


Judge Me.


If you’ve ever listened to what was being said around to describe a student of a private university-preparatory you, then you have probably heard various jabs and taunts school. It is meant to denote proper etiquette, intelligence, aimed at different stereotyped groups and lifestyles. Howwealth, and formal/traditional apparel--the complete opever, the prejudices we associate with common stereoposites of the rudeness, carelessness regarding school, and types--“emo,” “hipster, “prep,” and “nerd”--are actually Californian attire of Hollister that are associated with this very different than the group today. meanings these terms Finally, “nerds”--vastly associated with intelligence, “I have to be were intended to have. books, and calculators--proved to be GBHS’s most respectInaccurately, “emos” ed stereotypical group. Despite some negative associations, nice to nerds often considered most were reluctant to bash “nerds.” because one day, are depressed attention“I have to be nice to nerds,” sophomore Michael Puro said, “because one of them will be my boss.” one of them will seekers who cut their wrists, listen to Fittingly enough, “nerd” is the only stereotype whose be my boss.” screamo, and “deserve prejudices today match the prejudices intended when the a hug,” according to word was first coined in the ‘50s. Nevertheless, the qualisenior Sean Roberts. Consequently, they have proven to be ties that define nerds are much more respected today than the least liked and most mocked group at GBHS. they initially were--Spain even celebrates Nerd Pride Day In truth, “emo” was never intended to serve as a steon May 25. reotype. Instead, it is a genre of music characterized by While reading through the misconceptions, you probamelodic instrumentation and brutally honest lyrics. The bly thought of certain people who you would place in each tendency of “emo” songwriters to focus on more negative/ group. However, odds are that you could not see yourself depressing topics when writing is the factor contributing fitting solely into any of these groups, but identified with to the negative generalization of listeners of the genre. characteristics of each, or most of, the groups. Maybe this Next, when “hipsters” are mentioned today, thoughts is because sophomore Pragya Khurana was right when she of indie rock music, thick-rimmed glasses, and the shoe said, “It’s easier to dish out judgment than take it yourself.” brand Toms often come to mind; furthermore, many think Stereotypes will never be able to encompass all the comof a group of people who do their own plexities of humanity Photo: BANNER/Markicevic thing without considering how cool and it is time to get rid it is. Strangely enough, this ideal to of them. stand out is what makes them, as RobNevertheless, the erts puts it, “the coolest thing ever.” majority of us are unBased on its origins, however, “hipwilling to change high ster” is someone who “follows the latschool dynamics and, est trends and fashions.” For example, instead, agree with the original “hipsters” were fans of sophomore Josh Hatjazz who adopted the trends and field who said that we unorthodox beliefs of the emerging should just “let them jazz culture of the ‘40s. Though ironic, play out.” Maybe, one history proves that “hipsters” are the day, they will not be group that originated to introduce around to separate us new trends to the mainstream crowd. anymore. Divided students each lunch at the west campus. Considered the opposite of “hipsters,” “preps” are often associated with Hollister, sports, and popularity. As a result, many think “preps” to be obStory by: noxious, full of themselves, and, in the words of freshman IVA MARKICEVIC Abbey Pinder, “too cool for school.” News Editor When correctly used, the term “prep” is actually used





Do you clique? - Understanding GBHS bullying - Banner Banter - Gay Marriage



Everyone has a label. No matter what age, gender, or town you live in (or how much you deny it) there will always be people to judge you. As meaningless as it may sound, life is a never-ending race to look the best and have the most, with the high school years being the introduction to the system people become accustomed to the rest of their lives. Where there are stereotypes and labels, there are also cliques. Similar to the rule of labels, cliques can be found at any age. Though it may seem as if adults would condemn such actions, they show their support for cliques every day. What would the world be if the soccer moms and gossip crews of the cul-de-sac didn’t stick together? Many may argue that cliques generally do not exist in such a culturally diverse society, and most of the students at GBHS would probably agree with that statement. I disagree. While cliques today may not be as obvious as they were

portrayed in Mean Girls, with your preps, ROTC guys, cool Asians, Asian nerds, desperate wannabes, varsity jocks, plastics, and burnouts, there is at least a discreet version of the classic stereotypes. If you walk into the lunchroom at GBHS, at first glance one would see a mix of students, not in any particular grouping or order. But, if you were a student, you would know how to dig a little deeper. People usually stick with their friends, and while not all groups of friends are cliques, it is easily noticed that, though not everyone in each group of friends looks the same, most of them speak and act the same, as well as have the same hobbies and after-school activities. Is this wrong? No. Staying with what you know is the obvious and simple choice. Even if there are people that can say they are friends with everyone, it isn’t truly everyone. It is almost like we all have a certain extent we can take our friendships to. You can handle one extreme, but not the next.


In a sterotypical world, does GBHS conform?

Do you clique?


People are people, and though I wholeheartedly believe that setting standards is pointless because people will inevitably let you down, giving someone a chance may change everything. Widening your horizons won’t make you seem inferior. All people have something unique about them. If others weren’t so quick to shoot them down, humankind would be exposed to countless amounts of new people and ideas. I suppose I should be thankful that at least GBHS doesn’t seem to shoot down those with extravagant appearances, and instead judging personalities. Whether or not anyone is the proper judge of personalities, is a completely different story. For as many times as I have heard a Homecoming queen nominee include something similar to Cady Heron’s infamous quote, “Calling somebody else fat won’t make you any skinnier. Calling someone stupid doesn’t make you any smarter. And ruining Regina George’s life definitely didn’t make me any happier. All you can do in life is try to solve the problem in front of you,” or any other line from Mean Girls in their speech to the student body, not many people actually seem to believe that. Actions speak louder than words, folks. Try not judging those around you for a change.

Story By: VICTORIA KARATZA Opinion Editor

The lunchroom is where cliques are more present.



He Said Opinion

Some guys don’t really know the term bullying; we just know horsing around and shenanigans. When we get called to the office or even called out by a teacher for “bullying” we always do that loud “Psssh” sigh louder than usual and just brush it off. When I was told that bullying was becoming a wide spread problem in Grand Blanc and neighboring communities, I was completely shocked. I thought that after all the “class bonding” exercises, and all the “motivational and anti-bullying” guest speakers we had that we would finally be rid of this problem. But clearly I was sadly mistaken. I have even been part of “bullying.” I have hazed kids on sports teams just for laughs, just to give them a hard time, but categorizing it under bullying is simply not right. We are guys: we bare knuckle box, we go on river boat gambling trips, and for heaven’s sake we make our own beef jerky. “Boys will be boys” was the go to excuse, but in an age of political correctness, it is getting harder and harder to


“just be boys.” I acknowledge that for girls it may be a problem, I only say this since I have seen a clip from Mean Girls when flipping channels, but for guys it simply isn’t a problem. Our “bullying” is only surface deep and in the moment. We don’t plan out attacks or find what the person is self conscious about and pick at it until they break down. We are guys. We just have a quick exchange of words, at most possibly a punch and we are done. We can even get into a heated argument, throw some punches, and the next day be best of friends. Heck we can even go to a local eatery and grab a drink. The stark reality is that even the law is cracking down on bullying, with proposed “Bullying Laws.” As if the school code of conduct isn’t enough, we may soon have legislation that tells us what exactly bullying is and how to handle it, but the way to handle it will be overkill and simply unfair. The bills proposed give schools superior authority over parents both substantively and


procedurally. This means that even when the parents don’t want to press charges, and both parents disregard the act as bullying, and just “boys being boys” the school still reserves the right to disregard both parents and still charge the bully with a list of charges of slander to even possible assault. The underlying point is that boys will simply just be boys, and our shenanigans, sure while able to hurt another person’s feelings, are just shenanigans, nothing more.

Story By: GREG FLIKSHTEYN Columnist



She Said


GBHS bullying

It is finally my senior and actions can be more be considered as bullying. year in high school, and easily forgotten if they On the other hand, in a I can gratefully say that I were not considered as case where one friend have never experienced bullying. Once the act of in a group possibly gets bullying throughout my bullying comes into play, shunned and rumors are 6 years in Grand Blanc those bullied victimize intentionally spread about schools. Some may themselves causing a her, this may be considered doubt the validity of this reaction that is seen by bullying due to the statement, but bullying the bully who then bullies intention of hurting her. just does not stand up to more often. This selfIt is not to be the reputation of the great victimization is simply misunderstood that force of evil bullying is that school nonexistant boards and at Grand the media to treat abusively; to affect by means Blanc High portray it to School. of force or coercion be. However, Sure, just having there are occasional fights giving more credit to a different perspective (physical or electronic), the bully by considering on the thoughtlessness of but there doesn’t seem to yourself as bullied. disrespectful people may be a person or group of True, if a person is help those slighted feel people who are habitually tormented daily by a group better. cruel or overbearing. of people or even one So stay strong, GB, and This is where I believe person for absolutely no be confident that these that blatant disrespect reason, then we may have a so-called bullies are not is mistaken for bullying. bullying case in our hands; actually bullies at all! In this case, I cannot however, rarely do we ever Simply regard them as say that I have never see this happen, and if we disrespectful people who been disrespected in my do, it is usually dealt with have nothing to do with years at GB, by students immediately. you. and teachers alike. Particularly for girls, Story By: However, it is important confrontations are less VIRGINIA CHOE to differentiate between likely than discrete disrespect and bullying for comments behind another Columnist our own sake. girl’s back. But we all Disrespectful gestures gossip, and this should not






Banter Casual Sweaters

It is getting chillier and the pumpkin spice lattes are back in Starbucks. That means fall is among us, and with fall comes fall styles, casual sweaters are a must to remain comfortable and in style.


This movie was such a win. Inspired by a true story, 50/50 is an original story about friendship, love, survival and finding humor in unlikely places. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen are just a class act together. It is a must see.

New Charlie

Story By: GREG FLIKSHTEYN Columnist


Sure there are apps for the smart phones that many of us own, but really, how many apps do we really need? I think an app that tells us our girl friend’s “time of the month” is going too far.

He has left his genius in a company that he has built from nothing. Hopefully people will remember him for more than just his pods and macs.


With Charlie Sheen still “winning,” Aston Kutcher on NBC’s “Two and a Half Men” needs to step it to fill the liquor/hooker loving shoes of Sheen; but then again, not everyone can be pumping tiger’s blood.

Phone Apps

Steve Jobs

They may be pretty to look at driving throughout our average state of Michigan, but raking these leaves up is a horrible chore; but then again, building up a pile and jumping in them is never a bad thing.

College Apps

This may not apply to you middle school students, sorry, I mean Freshmen, but for seniors it is just a void of time going into these pointless essays, and realistically, who can afford college anyway?



GAY MARRIAGE: Not so queer anymore

Monumental changes occurred in New York this past summer. After a heated debate, gay marriage was legalized, finally allowing homosexual couples to participate in what used to be considered a “heterosexual right.” This raises a perplexing question: why was it just a hetero right? In this country, we have always been taught that we are all equal, right? It is contradictory to deny a same-sex couple the right to marriage and let straight couples get married every day. Yes, gay people are different than straight people because of their sexual orientation, but that does not make them any less human

than the rest of humanity. They have feelings and desires too. It is a human desire to be with the one you love unconditionally and it is up to our government to allow that desire to become a reality for EVERY citizen in the United States, regardless of sexual orientation. The only real argument against gay marriage is centered around religion. The majority of people in this country are Christians or followers of another religion that is against homosexuals. To Christians, marriage is seen as a union between a man and a woman. Anything else is seen as a sin and a perversion of the

institution. There is one major hole in this stance. Not everyone in this country is Christian or a follower of a religion that is against homosexuals. We’re the melting pot of colors and beliefs. Jack is Jewish, Jessica is Catholic, and John is Buddhist. It’s just the way it is in America. We don’t follow the same religions, so to use religion as a way to derail change and equality is wrong. Gay marriage must be legalized in every state. It is a right that every single human being on this planet should be allowed to enjoy. America was founded on the idea of equality for all. Our schools are unsegre-

gated and women can vote. The next step is allowing everyone to marry who they want regardless of sexual preference. We have to make our America a place where we can flourish in equality. For growth to take place we have to open our minds and step out of our comfort zones. It’s a hard concept, but I have faith that we can accomplish it.

Story By: MEGHAN CHRISTIAN Copy Editor

All Photos:Banner/Choe




Five Guys - New addition to a local chain - Please Excuse the name-dropping - Local Bands - Did new Jack’s Mannequin live up to expectations? - Popular Fashion




New restaurant will attract more than just five guys With an increasing amount of people moving to Grand Blanc, new restaurants are in high demand. Panera Bread and McDonald’s just won’t cut it anymore. Taco Bell and Halo Burger are the most recent additions in the city, but there’s one eatery that’s causing the most hype: Five Guys. Founded in 1986 in Arlington, Virg., Five Guys is well-known for its exceptional hamburgers, hot dogs, and french fries. There are more than 750 locations across the country. Saginaw Street can now be added to that list. The nearest location to Grand Blanc was in Ann Arbor, which is how students know about the restaurant. “They just have the best burgers,” junior Kyle Croft said. “It’s a nice lunch to have every so often.” Unlike other fast food

places, Five Guys doesn’t leave customers wondering how or when their burgers are actually made. Their employees do all of the cooking where everyone is

will make people happy, but it will also make us fatter.” He may be right. Men’s Health rated Five Guys’ french fries as the 4th most Photo: Banner/Sivosky

Five Guys’ employees prepare their world famous fries for eager customers.

able to see. “If you’re looking for a burger, go there,” sophomore Austin Davis said. “It [the new restaurant]

unhealthy food in America. A large order contains around 1,500 calories. Health issues aside, the

new restaurant has other unique things to offer. Free peanuts are available with every meal, and the employees are always entertaining. “I’m excited for the employees to yell ‘two patties!’ whenever I order a double cheeseburger,” senior Collin Kosak said. Students are clearly excited for the upcoming restaurant. Other near-by burger joints might not be as thrilled about the extra competition. “I don’t think other fast food places will do as well because Five Guys is so good and pretty cheap,” senior Kelsey Carson said. Customers will be able to find out for themselves soon enough. The grand opening of Five Guys, located on Saginaw Street near Walmart, is on Monday.

Story By: CHARLOTTE SULLENGER Facebook Editor

A new addition to a local chain The recent opening of Halo Burger is creating buzz around Grand Blanc

If you’ve driven through Grand Blanc in the past few weeks, then you have most likely noticed the recent fast food addition to our city. Halo Burger. Yes, the local based chain has just opened their 12th location, a store on Holly Road. The chain has been operating in Flint for the past 80 years and intends to keep expanding. Their burgers have been voted best in Flint and in Michigan, but the newest location is opening to some steep competion. Also new to the area is the up incoming burger chain Five Guys Burgers and Fries. It will be the first to open in the Genesee County. But Halo Burger has local support that might just measure


up to the famous name of its most recent competition. “I think it tastes better. It’s hard to describe,” sophomore Caiden Walter. “There is nothing else like it.” People local to area have grown up with the taste and feel obligated to support a Michigan based business during these tough economic times. The menu includes specialty items that would be hard to find at your typical fast food restaurant: including the legendary Q.P. Deluxe burger made with olives, along with their classic Boston Cooler. Along with a complete breakfast menu, over eight different side options, multiple styles of burgers, and vegetarian options are all something the competition does not offer.

The [Five Guys] menu has a limited selection of choices available to their customers. But has proven itself by winning multiple awards across the United States since first opening in 1986. They use peanut oil and a trans-fat free menu. Whether or not the small business chain with a local following will be successful and compete with the new trendy chain will be soon decided in recent months to come after the Five Guys opening on Monday.

Story By: WHITNEY WHITEHEAD Lifestyles Editor Photo: Banner/Whitehead

Halo Burger’s famous Q.P. Deluxe burger.



Please excuse the name-dropping Freshman Sandra Kue gives the inside scoop on acting.

At some moment in every child’s life, they dream of being a star. Whether it be a singer, rapper, artist, or actor, it is a common wish. Though for GBHS freshman Sandra Kue, that dream has become reality, with Kue acting in a few movies and commercials. Currently, Kue has been working on the set of Oz: The Great and Powerful as a munchkin/extra alongside big names such as James Franco, Mila Kunis, Bruce Campbell, and Zach Braff. She has also worked with actors like Shia LaBeouf, Patrick Dempsey, and Catherine Bell. Now, take a look into the life and mindset of Kue, an aspiring actress. Q: When did you first become interested in acting? A: Well, in first grade I started to do plays and stuff like Annie and Peter Pan. I stopped for a while after that, then when my sister was in Gran Torino it kind of sparked my interest in acting again. I started back in seventh grade, and was actually getting into stuff. Q: What are some of the more prominent roles you have had?


A: I was in Transformers: Dark of the Moon as an extra, and ran around with a bunch of little kids, screaming my head off, getting chased by a Transformer. I’ve been in a new movie that is coming out called Oz: The Great and Powerful. I was like a munchkin-villager person, but I was next to James Franco, and I welcome him, saying like, “Oh, we’re so glad you’re here!” And then I was in a movie called Last Man Standing with Catherine Bell.

you see actors in real life kid. Patrick Dempsey was actual being stuck-up and on the set of Transformsuch, that’s what he is like ers. He reminds me of all of the time. He only James, but more mature talks about himself and and polite. He doesn’t talk he smokes on set and he about farts and odd stuff demands things and he like James does. treats everyone like crap while they are working around. Then there’s Story By: James Franco who is VICTORIA KARATZA Opinion Editor really nice, and very, very funny. Like, he talks about anything, and he is so open to you and likes to make people feel special. He danced with all of the kids after they cut the scene, so they are at least on set. He asks how they got the job and stuff like that, and he’s just a great guy. I’ve met Joey King from Ramona and Beezus in a bathroom once while I was doing my business, and she came into the room where I was waiting after and Photo: Banner/Karatza she sat with me and Kue is currently still on call for the Oz movie. played with my hair. She was a really nice, hyper

“Shia LaBeouf is a horrible person, he’s like a total jerk... Then there’s James Franco who is really nice, and very, very funny.”

Q: What is the storyline of Oz: The Great and Powerful? A: It is mainly about how the Wizard of Oz happened. How Oz became Oz and the story behind it all. Q: What are some of the actors like off-set? A: Shia LaBeouf is a horrible person, he’s like a total jerk. Like, in movies where



Team Jacob

Girls all over the country have taken their love for fictional characters to a whole new level. Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight Saga has caused a battle between Edward and Jacob fans everywhere. Tshirts, backpacks, and posters are often purchased to show support for Team Jacob or Team Edward. While I’m not obsessed with the series, or either character, Team Jacob is the obvious choice. His 6’7” frame, muscular build, and tan skin clearly give Jacob an advantage. His teeth are perfectly white, and Bella describes him as “sort of beautiful.” This doesn’t even compare with Edward’s pasty skin and disgustingly unkempt hair, which makes him look like he hasn’t showered in days. Jacob is always warm and inviting, while Edward is cold and frigid. When it comes to personality, there is not a contest. Jacob is always cheerful and excited to see Bella, as well as being adventurous and doing anything to have a good time. He respects Bella’s decisions, listens to her, and never bosses her around. Unlike Edward, who acts like he is Bella’s father and treats her like an infant who can’t make decisions for herself. Edward is also sullen and extremely argumentative. He never seems to be enjoying himself at all, and I can’t imagine wanting a boyfriend who constantly seems to be PMSing. Throughout each book, Jacob has protected Bella to the best of his ability. From being attacked in the woods to nearly drowning, Jacob has been the one to come to her rescue, not Edward. The only time that Edward protects her is when he’s the one who puts her life in danger in the first place. Bella can count on Jacob 100 percent of the time. Not only does Edward have flaws, so does Bella’s relationship with him. In order for Bella to be with him, she would have to leave


Team Edward vs.

her family and friends for good, which obviously is not an ideal life. Also, Jacob is much closer in age to Bella, whereas Edward is over 100 years older than she is. (Robbing the cradle much?) Edward cannot even sit down and eat a real meal with Bella unless blood is the main course. (Yeah, that’s real appetizing). Obviously between a werewolf and a vampire, fur is the way to go. Jacob is superior, hands down. I mean, who would want to cuddle with an ice cube?

Story By: CHARLOTTE SULLENGER Facebook Editor

People have to acknowledge that the Twilight Saga is made up, as in FICTIONAL. Edward and Jacob are fake characters. Often times, some people take it way too seriously and terrible things happen when the Edward vs. Jacob debate arises. But, when reading the books and watching the movies, it is clear that Edward Cullen is definitely the most attractive choice for

the ridiculously dependent Bella Swan. Edward has never had nappy long hair that looked even worse in a ponytail. His style is very classy and sophisticated, with an old-fashioned sense to it. He has impeccable bone structure. As the author Stephanie Meyer describes, vampires are the “most attractive beings” in the world. So, this makes Edward gorgeous. Not only that, he will never have to worry about smelling like a wet dog -- gross. As well as being clean cut, Edward is a musician, and playing piano makes him 10 times more attractive. Even though his character is 17, he has over 100 years of wisdom because vampires do not age. With so much time, he is talented at other things too, making the relationship even more beneficial for Bella. She would be dating someone closer to her age, rather than someone she could practically babysit. In regards to Bella’s heart, she is in love with Edward. Although she can’t do anything on her own, Edward still loves her anyway. He provides and protects her all of the time from “dangerous” vampires, along with being a romantic and making her happy. Unlike Jacob, Edward has self-control. He kisses Bella with her consent, contrary to Jacob, who was nailed in the face with a fist for doing just the opposite. Jacob’s lack of maturity shows when he runs away from his problems that he is unable to handle. Because Bella is so emotionally unstable, she needs someone who is not dramatic and someone she can depend on. The last person Bella should be with is a werewolf who throws temper tantrums like a child. Bella just needs to put the dog out and stick with Edward.

Story By: ALEXIS REID West Campus Editor



Local bands aspire to forever broaden their horizons


that we want to share that with anyone who wants to listen.” Other band mates include vocalist Johnathan Belanger, guitarist Brian Mills, bassist John Mira, drummer Gregg McDougall, and Collin Friday on synth/keys. Likewise with Something Like Forever, The Third Horizon has experience performing.

Photo: Leshock

Third Horizon wants to take another direction with their music. They consider themselves to be a Christian/alternative band. Lead guitarist Tyler Kahn said, “The Third Horizon was created in December 2009, myself joining in May 2010 replacing Matt Belanger on the guitar. We created The Third Horizon,

Something Like Forever band spending bonding time together.

Photo: Khan

Since it’s too cold for DTE, concerts at the Palace can be expensive, and the radio keeps playing that same Rhianna and Drake song, it’s good to have local bands that offer students a good sound at a good price. A chill, pop punk/alternative band to check out is Something Like Forever. After forming the band in April of 2010, the band has come a long way and has big hopes for themselves. Band members include lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, senior Michael Leshock, bass player, senior, Collin Hervey; lead guitarist and backup vocalist, senior Jonathon Rechsteiner; and last but not least, senior Tyler McDougall on drums. The band originally was just Leshock, Hervey and McDougall. However, Rechsteiner joined three months ago from his old band, A Beautiful Plague. “I’ve been in the band for about 3 months, although the other three have been together much longer. We’re all like brothers. Collin and I have been playing music together for at least a year or two,” Rechsteiner said. The band had a gig with other local bands such as Easy Vibe and Panic Synapse at a new venue in Burton on Oct.8. The band also plans on having a Halloween-themed show while performing in costumes. Something Like Forever has bigger goals than just staying local. “We hope to travel out of state in the near future,” Leshock said. “We have a pretty big chance of getting a pretty big/important show in the future as well.” Another band called The

The Third Horizon takes a different direction with their music.

not just to change names or appearance, but also to take a different direction with our music. When we started playing together before this project, we intended to be a heavily Christian/faith based band, but we never really achieved the sound and message we wanted until The Third Horizon. We all share our faith and it’s such a huge part of all of our lives

“We’ve played shows as close to home as our hometown of Flint, to being offered an indie spot at a large festival in Kentucky. Flint’s ABC 12 featured a story on us going to Big Ticket 2011 earlier this year. I love making the long road trips, anticipating a great show,” Khan said. “Our most successful show was either this year’s 2011 Big Ticket Festival on the

Indie Stage, or last year’s 2o3 Instruments of War. We really liked these shows in particular because we could tell the crowd was just as excited to be there with us as we were to be on stage sharing the message of Christ with them. It was surprising to see how many people knew the words to our songs. We are planning on having a show in the area sometime in the next two months.” With great success, The Third Horizon is growing up and continue their lives in different directions. McDougall plans to move out to Los Angeles in early 2012. The band still meets and talks to each other all of the time, but with busy schedules it’s harder to coordinate. “At first I was really shook up about the whole thing, but I’ve come to realize that what we’ve had and what we’ve done was incredible and it was exactly what all of us needed throughout our high school and life experiences,” Khan said. “We’re still unsure about our future as The Third Horizon, but we trust that God will give us what we need as he always has.” Both Something Like Forever and The Third Horizon have Facebook profiles and band websites. Both demonstrate hard work and dedication for their love of music. All of their amazing talents have paid off and brought them high success. With plenty of upcoming gigs, the future looks bright for both bands.

Story By: ALEXIS REID West Campus Editor BANNER 2011

People and Things:


Did new Jack’s Mannequin live up to expectations? Andrew McMahon and the rest of the Jack’s Mannequin crew are back after a long and much anticipated wait with the album People and Things, continuing the band’s previous sound and not straying far from their roots. Though, after waiting for the new album since late 2009, the question of whether or not it was worth the wait has emerged. Jack’s Mannequin is a pop rock band from Orange County, California. In 2004, the band was merely a side project of Andrew McMahon’s, lead singer and pianist, while his other band Something Corporate was on hiatus. Due to McMahon getting diagnosed with leukemia during his transition between bands, Jack’s Mannequin had a rocky start. Years later, McMahon has not only been in remission, but during those years has managed to release two more studio albums with Jack’s Mannequin and organize a reunion tour with Something Corporate. Being a long time fan of both

Jack’s Mannequin and Something Jack’s Mannequin’s sound. For some, Corporate, my opinions are distinct. consistency is good and for others, As a whole, People and Things was variety is more favorable. not a let down, The album but at the same opens with “My time I was not Racing Thoughts,” amazed by the a poppy and upliftalbum. Out ing sounding song of the three with lyrics that albums Jack’s contain an obvious Mannequin meaning that shows have released, the downsides of Everything In relationships. The Transit, The song sets the tone Glass Passenger, of the album and and People proves to have a and Things, theme many can Everything In relate to. Photo Credit: Stereo Productions Transit will “Amy, I,” the remain my favorite due fourth track on the album, to the album’s overall sound. produced with Matthew Thiessen People and Things was almost of Relient K, has become one of the predictable. It mixed the tone of each most popular songs off of the album previous album and also had a more to date. mature feel (McMahon himself said McMahon returns to his infamous this was a “relationship” album), mentioning of weather in the lyrics, yet People and Things did not seem “Snow on the ground in Tennessee/ to attempt to add anything new to North came to south on the top of

the trees,” nevertheless, this track does have a unique beat that differs from his previous songs. Personally, the tracks off of People and Things that stand out most and are worth listening to are, “Television,” “Hey Hey Hey (We’re All Gonna Die),” “Restless Dream,” and the Best Buy bonus track that was an unreleased (and first song McMahon recorded under the name of Jack’s Mannequin), “Locked Doors.” You can’t deny People and Things. For new fans of the band, you can appreciate the spot-on pop rock sound, and for old fans of the band, you either love the album and its consistency or love the album even though you would have enjoyed seeing it take a different direction. As far as lyrics go, McMahon keeps on telling a new chapter of his story, continuing where he left off on The Glass Passenger.

Story By: VICTORIA KARATZA Opinion Editor

Popular fashion seen throughout the halls Walking down the halls, despite the extremely large student body, you will most likely see everyone dressed nearly the same. While some students choose to be individuals, most choose to follow the current trends. Since the start of the school year a noticeable look around school has been the bohemian inspired trend. This look includes loose fitted shirts, grandpa sweaters, and feathers for girls. The boys have been seen wearing skinny jeans and corduroys. Which is inspired by teenagers of earlier generations in the nineteen seventies. The feather epidemic started late this summer and has spilled into the current school year. While some students such as freshmen Sara Abdelkader enjoy the trend.


“I think feathers are cool and a great way to express yourself,” Abdelkader said. Others just don’t get it. “Feathers, what? You’re not a bird,” junior Sean Milwood said. Some girls might be hesitant to wear something with the word grandpa in the name but others are inspired by the look and have incorporated it into their wardrobe, wearing the sweaters with belts and skinny jeans or over leggings. “I think the sweaters are cute comfy and vintage,” freshmen Valencia Lucas said. They can be found in second hand stores, your dad’s closet, and even now in certain stores at the mall. As far as her opinion on boys wearing skinny jeans, freshman Alli Berry said, “It depends on the guy and how tight they are.”

This was the common response. Boys wearing tight jeans similar to girls doesn’t seem to be a trend many people are in favor of. While some boys find them more comfortable and appealing than traditional flared jeans, the vast majority of boys don’t plan on trying a pair on anytime soon. As far as footwear, boots seem to the major choice for most girl students. The ever popular Uggs are yet again everywhere you go. But a new boot trend turning up around school is rain boots and combat boots. “Combat boots, that’s always been an epidemic that has never caught on,” said Milwood. Only time will tell if these trends are just a fad or here to stay.

Photo: Seventeen Magazine

Celebrities have also been seen flaunting the feather trend.

Story By: WHITNEY WHITEHEAD Lifestyles Editor 29


Photo: BANNER/Rizik

I speak Chinese I have several fedoras. I am quite a nerd. My favorite color is green. I love ‘80s music. I love computer programming. I lived in China for 3 years. I play the tenor saxophone. I aspire to be the President of the United States one day.

“Wo de míngzì shì Morgan Breneiser”

Interviews By: MATT RIZIK Design Editor

(My name is Morgan Breneiser)

OLIVIA RUTHERFO T E RD ME My favorite color is pink. I’m in the Drama Club, and I love it. Last year, for a “one act,” I was a rubber chicken factory worker, and I had to dress and talk like a chicken. In 10 years, I see myself on Broadway. I can do crazy makeup. Sometimes, I wear two belts and get tons of questions for it. I like to stand out, to be different and unique.


Photo: BANNER/Rizik










a n


n e


a p



o r




I love Cosby sweaters. I like the smell of crayons. I play ukulele, piano, marimba, guitar, and drum set. My favorite author is Stephen King. My mother makes yarn animals. I likes tetherball and ping pong. I enjoy wearing scrubs. My favorite movie is Pulp Fiction. My favorite musicians are Dead Kennedy’s, Iwrestleda- bearonce, The Faceless, Mickey Avalon, and Ra- diohead My favorite TV show is “Wilfred”

Photo: BANNER/Nowakowska

Interview By: JESSICA GARZA Photo Editor

Morgan Ulseth senior, rockin’ it on the tennis courts.


Photo: BANNER/Garza




John-Sage Snipe Gabriel, junior, sporting his favorite Cosby sweater.

CAPTAIN INSPIRES Senior and new captain of the varsity tennis team, Morgan Ulseth, has always tried to commit whole-heartedly to everything she participates in. Being on the tennis team for all of her high school career and now being a senior captain, has shown her willingness and eagerness to participate and make an impact on everyone she is associated with. Madisyn Olivo, last year’s only freshman on the varsity team, said, “Morgan is so bubbly and energetic. I didn’t know anyone on the team when I first joined last year, and she was so welcoming.” Ulseth’s perpetual kindness impacts everyone in different ways, but it is always positive. “Being captain is not only fun because of pick-

ing uniforms and designing sweatshirts, (because we have to look good of course!)” Ulseth said, “but it’s also an honor to be a role model and a friend that people can come to.” Being captain comes with many responsibilities, but she says all of the good rules out the bad. Being on a sports team in high school is not a walk in the park. Everyday practices and weekend tournaments can drain you from your academic and social life, and leave you with nothing but sore muscles and ibuprofen. “With tennis classes Monday through Thursday, and practices on the weekends, Genesys is where I spent most of my time,” Ulseth said. Not only is there a 3-month season in the spring that the tennis players have to look forward

to, but there is the entire marathon of off-season activities with classes and tournaments that will help them get ready for that sprint of a spring season. Senior year is always a bittersweet situation. Excitement of graduation seems to be battling with the fear of moving on from high school. But trying to make the best of it, Ulseth looks forward to her exciting commitment as captain of the varsity tennis team, trying to go out with a bang during her last few months as a senior.

Interview by: OLA NOWAKOWSKA Photo Editor



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