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The Savvy L.I.T

Summer Survival Guide


Welcome! LIT’s of 2013, We are thrilled to have you as part of our amazing team of people working together to make each summer at Canadian Adventure Camp the best it can possibly be! In the 8 weeks you will be here we will embark on many adventures together and have so many new experiences! Your summer as a Leader In Training here at C.A.C will be one you will remember and cherish forever. This is the summer you will learn more than you ever imagined you could, and grow into the amazing leaders you’re all meant to be! You’ll learn everything through experience and you will make mistakes. You’ll get constructive feedback from counsellors, and other staff members, as well as your peers. We are a team here and you are now part of that team! From the moment you set foot on Adventure Island this Summer, you became a leader around camp. Children are going to come to you with questions, looking for advice, and looking for a friend. Your positive attitudes, enthusiasm for camp, and understanding faces are what is going to reassure the campers that you are here for them. You’ll learn the amazing affect a simple high five between you and a camper will have on their day, the difference a 3 hour paddle has when you’re leading repeatafter-me songs, and the feeling of trust and acceptance when a twinkie falls asleep in your lap during the mellow section. Session one will be a training session for us. You will live in a cabin together without a counsellor for the first time. Take the opportunity to get to know one another on a new level and take everyone’s living habits into consideration. We will go on our L.I.T. overnight where we will explore new parts of the lake and learn how to run a successful overnight. Also during session 1, we will learn all about dealing with homesickness and preventing it when we see the signs in a camper or even a staff member. We will bond as pack of L.I.T’s, and we will get to know the camp from a different perspective than you’re used to. During the rest of the summer, you will be placed in cabin groups where you will be in a bigger leadership role and be seen as a mentor to the children. You’ll learn so much from the counsellor you’re working with, it is important to develop strong relationships with them! Remember every staff member is on your side and wants you to succeed so please feel free and comfortable asking questions, searching for advice, and making friends with everyone! Let’s make this the best summer yet!


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Welcome/ Opening Remarks


Day One




Evening Programs


Daily Schedule


Panasmuglican Games


Dealing with Stress


Age Group Notes


Words of Wisdom


Closing Remarks


Day One

Yayy! You’re all here! Today we will go over some basics and get to know each other! You may feel like you already know everyone in the room but a lot changes in a year or 2 and as a team, it is important to feel comfortable being open with everyone in the group.

We will also go over how this summer is going to run and give you all a rough outline of what to expect in the coming weeks. I say rough because there is no telling what kind of hand your cabin may be dealt! Children are as unpredictable as Temagami weather!

Today we will also start talking about our upcoming overnight! In the past, L.I.T overnights have been the highlight of L.I.T. bonding time and we intend to have the same result this year! It’s time to get excited!

What if!? If you have a question that you are embarrassed to ask or don’t want to say out loud, write it down and stick it in the “What If” box! We will address these questions throughout the session, pulling them out at random during our time together. Especially during session 1! Of course, always remember that you can come to me (Bobby) and anyone else you feel comfortable with to ask any question you have or to get advice. This is your summer to learn and grow, take advantage!


Overnights! L.I.T Overnight During session 1, we will be embarking on an amazing adventure! We will be going on a 2 night overnight so that we can all really get a sense of where we are and explore new parts of the lake. The L.I.T. overnight has always been an extremely rewarding experience for the leaders in training. In the past, L.I.T’s have expressed how much more united they felt after the overnight and how much bonding time they had with each other. On our overnight, we will also be going over and learning how to run an overnight with a cabin group. This experience will reassure you of any questions, worries, or other concerns about running an overnight.

Cabin Overnights When you embark on an overnight as a cabin group, there is a lot to take into consideration that you may not have realized before. You will be going with the counsellor of the cabin you’re in, another cabin and their counsellor, and possibly, another L.I.T. This is not a time to rekindle the bonding you had on the L.I.T. overnight, but instead a time to really show your leadership skills! Overnights can be awesome and they can be awful! That’s just the truth. Rain and attitudes can make or break an overnight. Overnights are a time to put your frustration and feelings aside and remain positive and enthusiastic for the sake of the campers.

Leave no trace! Take only pictures, leave only footprints! 4

Overnights! Continued The purpose of overnights is to expose the campers to the Pleasures of the true outdoors and the beautiful Lake Temagami area. These are not survival trips. They are for fun, however attendance is mandatory.

Things to Bring: Each camper will need a sleeping bag, flashlight, towel, swimsuit, shorts,t shirt and something warm. These items should be rolled up in the sleeping bag and waterproofed with a garbage bag. Wet overnights are generally not fun overnights, so make sure every camper has their stuff in a garbage bag or dry sack and make sure to bring extras!

Responsibilities: You and the counsellors will: * Order food from the kitchen (48 hours in advance)—fill in food order form found in the program office drawer. * Choose the destination & let program staff know—fill in the overnight checklist also found in the program office. * Bring the correct number of tents and cookware—found in the tripping shed under the gym. * Check the first aid kit and sign out epi pens. Make sure all camper medication is accounted for and brought with you. The medication, epi-pen, and first aid kit is with a staff member’s canoe and kept watch at all times!! * Sign out SPOT GPS system. Make sure to send OK message upon arrival.

Rain procedures: If there is rain (and looks like it will clear up), you can leave as late as dinner time BUT you must eat your camp out dinner & not eat in the dining hall to avoid confusion for the kitchen. You can canoe if it rains, but not in a thunderstorm. If a thunderstorm lasts until after dinner, the overnight will not go ahead.

Your role Overnights can be stressful for the counsellors and L.I.T’s embarking on them. Taking a large group of campers to a new part of the lake can be scary especially for first time counsellors. It is important for you to be as helpful as possible in keeping the children occupied and having fun especially when the counsellor seems to be needing some time to build a fire, sort meds, anything really! Remaining positive and optimistic can change the outcome of any experience!


Overnights! Continued Overnight routine: * Leave during rest hour. * 3 campers per canoe, usually 2 seniors or intermediates in the front and stern and a twinkie/ junior sitting “princess” * It’s the most fun on an overnight when the cabins get to go somewhere over an hours paddle away at least. When you can still see/ hear camp, it can make campers feel left out, “homesick” and not really on an adventure! * Once arrived at the campsite, the first thing we do is have the children split up into their tent groups which they can decide themselves or in a “cliquier” cabin, often the counsellor and LIT will decide the groups. * The groups then go off to set up their tents. When the older campers have finished setting up their new home for the night, we ask them to help the younger ones with their while the counsellors/ LIT’s set the fire, food station, and help any children who are struggling with their tent etc. * Once all the tents are set up, we have a snack of chips or veggie sticks or both. The next few hours are very laid back, the campers can swim, hangout, make bracelets, explore. If they seem to get bored, we can engage them in some back pocket games. * Dinner: The youngest campers eat first, then the olders then the L.I.T’s and then the counsellors. Seconds are always available once everyone has finished eating. * The rest of the evening is spent making a dessert, singing songs, telling stories. The older campers often retreat to their tents to make more bracelets, play cards, etc. It is important during this time to keep the little ones focused on the overnight until bed time as overnights are a time to watch out for homesickness!! * In the morning, all the tents come down, then breakfast, again, make sure the older campers are helping out the younger ones; overnights are an excellent opportunity for seniors and intermediates to show off their leadership abilities! * After breakfast, we all work together to pack up the canoes, clean up the campsite, and head back to camp. LEAVE NO TRACE! * Once back at camp, we make sure to get all the canoes put away, food returned to kitchen, garbage thrown out.


* Once everything is put away properly, the campers are allowed showers or a dip in the lake guarded by the counsellors. * The rest of the time until lunch is CABIN TIME. Rest, unwind from the eventful night before!

Overnights! Notes


Overnights! Notes


Evening Program Every night after period 8, the campers have evening program. Between the end of period 8 (7:45pm) and the start of evening program, (8pm) the campers have a chance to get back to their cabins and change so it is important to announce if there is anything special they should bring or wear such as long pants, bug spray, a sweater, a water bottle if there is going to be a lot of running around. Depending on the evening program, the amount of planning involved will change. There are 3 types of evening programs, camp-wide, snoozies, and special events such as talent show, staff show, and movie night.

Camp-wide programs are just that, evening programs involving the whole camp! These are often take more planning and organization but also get the campers ready for panasmugs so they are very important!! In general, camp-wide evening programs involve teams or sets of cabin groups such as pairing cabin 7 with Adventure Land, etc. To give the older campers a chance to lead and to give all the campers a chance to get to know each other and work together!

Snoozies are age specific. The Twinkies and Adventure Land boys head to the Twinkie Lounge to watch a movie with Skip so if you are lucky enough to be an L.I.T. to a twinkie cabin you will get to go as well! Juniors, Seniors, and Intermediates have separate, age specific, programs planned for them by 1-2 counsellors per age group. Even though the evening program planned and run specifically by you L.I.T’s is generally a camp-wide one, it is always appreciated when you give your opinion and input towards snoozies! If you have an awesome idea, tell someone!!


Evening Program Your role During evening programs, the counsellors running it will assign you to an activity or station along with another counsellor or L.I.T. Make sure to keep the children engaged and enthusiastic and stay in character of whatever the program may be! Make sure that the instructions are clear and that everyone is participating and understanding the task at hand.

We will also be planning and executing our own evening programs. During these we will decide the theme or activity etc. And assigning counsellors to their stations and duties. Since there are so many of us compared to 2-3 counsellors for other evening programs, it is important to make sure that our evening program is super amazingly awesome, creative, and fun! We will: °° Come up with a theme or activity °° Organize the campers as such that they can and will participate actively (teams, cabin groups, etc.) °° Make any necessary decorations, place food orders, etc. All well in advance! (At least 3 days) °° Make counsellor cards so everyone knows and understands what is going on and what they will be doing °° Set up any necessary costumes °° Circulate to make sure that the program is running smoothly, or if need be, participate in the program. °° CLEAN UP!


Evening Program Use the following space to plan out or take notes on evening program!


Evening Program Use the following space to plan out or take notes on evening program!


All Day Everyday 7:00 AM

Wake up. Counsellor of the day, sometimes accompanied by an L.I.T. C.O.D’s usually start wake up around 6:45 and make it around to all cabins by 7. Counsellors also should have their own alarm clock just in case!

7-7:30 AM

Morning Dip! Campers, counsellors, and L.I.T’s make their way down to swim bay to dip in at least up to their shoulders. Make sure to be keeping a close watch on the younger campers and perhaps wade in with them!

8-9:00AM 9-9:45 AM 9:45-10:30 AM 11:15-12 PM 12-1:00 PM 1-2:00 PM


2-3:15 PM 3:15-4PM


4-4:45 PM 4:45-5:30 PM 5:30-6:30 PM 6:30-7:45 PM 8-9:15 PM


10:30-11:15 AM

Rest hour is cabin time. During this time it is important to make sure the campers are in some way resting. This is also a good time to work on cabin offerings and cabin cohesion!

While tuck may seem like free time for everyone, it is important to be on the lookout for cliques and homesickness during this time. Make sure to make an effort to interact with and sit with campers during tuck, especially those who seem to have no one else to sit next to.


After evening program, the Twinkies and juniors head back to their cabins for lights out. The seniors and intermediates have social. Intermediates: Social until 10 PM Seniors: Social until 10:30 PM



Panasmugglican Games! Panasmugs happens on the middle Sunday of every session. A team of 4-6 counsellors work together to create a theme and activities that go with the theme to last the whole day. During session 4, you, the L.I.T’s will work on your own panasmugs! You will come up with a theme, activities, decorations, and teams to last the whole day and have 3 prizes at the end!

It is meant to be a change of pace from regular programming—it is a high energy,fun filled theme day!!

Picking a theme Panasmugs have had a variety of themes over the years. It can be anything you can imagine that would be executable! In the past themes have been based on movies, books, popular trends, and many more creative! Some things to consider are: Is it gender neutral? (Will both boys and girls enjoy participating?) Is it suitable for all ALL age groups? Do we have enough time to execute it? Really though, there is almost NO theme too extreme!! Throw in your best ideas!! GET CREATIVE!

ACTIVITIES Organization and creativity are what make a successful panasmugs! Activities should include a wide range of events including some physical, intellectual, creative, etc! It is important to have some that only little people can do well at and to make sure the same campers aren’t winning all the events. It is not mean to be an overly competitive day, but one where everyone is participating in and enjoying!

TEAMS Campers are divided into teams the night before with team leaders who are usually a pair of senior campers. The teams are assigned a colour so that they can wear that colour during panasmugs.


Panasmugglican Games! TEAMS Campers are divided into teams the night before with team leaders who are usually a pair of senior campers. The teams are assigned a colour so that they can wear that colour during panasmugs.

Schedule There is no morning dip on Panasmugs and we start an hour later than usual. The campers sit with their teams and there are designated staff tables distributed throughout the dining hall. The people who are on the panasmugs team are in charge of set up. Morning: 10am-12noon Lunch (B.B.Q): 12-1pm Rest Hour: 1-2pm Afternoon Part 1: 2-3:30pm Tuck: 3:30-4:15pm Afternoon Part 2: 4:15-5:15pm Closing Ceremonies: 5:155:30pm Dinner: 5:30-6:30pm Movie Night! 7pm

Plan in advance! °° °° °° °° °° °° °°

Plan a theme for the day Plan an opening skit or ceremony for the night before-be sure to coordinate times with evening program or dinner. Divide and designate colours for teams and post them in the dining hall during evening program so campers can be ready the next morning in their team colour. Set up and use costumes and props Make any necessary decorations, set up any necessary music a few days in advance! Food orders are due at the beginning of the session MAKE A PLAN FOR LIQUID SUNSHINE!!


Panasmugglican Games!

Your role During sessions 1-3 you will be assigned to activities during the day where you will be running an area with another counsellor or 2. Make sure at this activity, you are remaining super upbeat and going along with the theme! Dress up, paint your face, get props, anything you can do to enhance the Panasmugs experience! Make sure to keep kids who may be sitting that activity out or who have already gone engaged and enthusiastic! We award team spirit points so make sure to remind and award them for that. As mentioned previously, during session 4, you will be conducting our own panasmuglican games!! During that session, you, with the help of some staff members throughout the session, will be in charge of setting the theme, making the schedule, teams, decorations, and ensuring the day is running smoothly. By this time you’ll have recently seen 3 successful panasmugs and many before that I’m sure, so you should have a good idea on how the day will run. On the day of your panasmugs, you will not be running activities but instead, walking around, preferably in costume, checking on the activities you have planned and attending to any issues that may be arising. You will be keeping people’s spirits up and planning any extra skits that may enhance the day! That morning, you will wake up earlier than usual to get everything set up and running. It is useful to have costumes laid out for the counsellors to just grab as they arrive at the program office that morning. On this day, do not be shy when directing someone where to go or how to act at their station. This is YOUR panasmugs and you need it to run the way it has been planned! As stated before as well, organization and enthusiasm are key elements in a successful panasmugs! During movie night this night, you will be joining the staff in the lounge for our mid-session staff meeting.


Panasmugglican Games! Use this page to write down any ideas or planning for Panasmugs!


Panasmugglican Games! Use this page to write down any ideas or planning for Panasmugs!


Dealing with


Having all these extra responsibilities can and will take a toll on your mind and body. It is important to pay attention to what your body is telling you and address it as it comes. If you find yourself getting irritated easily, becoming frustrated over planning or dealing with difficult campers, becoming homesick, or find yourself getting frequent headaches or just feeling not right, you may come to realize that you are in fact stressed out and there are many ways of dealing with this. • Stop and recognize what is going on before you say or do something rash. • Take a moment, get some water, hydration is very important while at camp and being dehydrated can cause all kinds of mood-change, sickness, aches.. Etc • Often at the time of realization, you can’t address the situation because you have other responsibilities, and that’s OK, just try to think ahead to the next time you have a period off, rest hour, tuck, basically the next opportunity you’ll have to take more than a minute to yourself. • Once you have that time realized, focus on the present and keep going until you can get to that moment. • Take a walk, read a book, write a letter, talk to someone you trust or just anyone who is open! (L.I.T’s and staff only please haha) • Breathe, stretch, figure out what it is that is stressing you out and take control of the situation. Realistically what is it you have to do that is stressing you out? Is it a huge deal, or did it just seem like one a couple hours ago? If it is bigger than you’re comfortable with, tell someone. Tell me (Bobby), I’m always ALWAYS here and open to talk to you ANYTIME ANYWHERE. It is my job to make sure you are having the best experience possible and remaining positive and comfortable with the situation! • Get someone to guard you and take a quick dip. Heat can definitely contribute to stress! • Take a shower! • Fold your clothes or clean your area (it helps!) • Make a phone call • Relax and realize you’re at camp! Remember you’re all brilliant, hardworking, independent young women and future counsellors! You can handle anything!





Notes on...



Notes on...



Notes on...



Notes on...



Words of Wisdom “I think advice would be not to be scared to break off from the LIT group to form relationships with other staff members. It’s an awkward position to be in but the sooner you do that, the easier the transition will be from camper to staff. Also, campers will respect your authority more. Lastly, don’t be afraid to try new things, learn new skills, or look silly because those are the times that are the most rewarding and memorable.

“Just try your best to reach the goals you set for yourself in the beginning of the summer and with each new cabin group/ age group try to make the campers have the best experiences. Try to figure out which age group you work well with and prefer. Lastly, have fun and learn a lot because it gets you prepared for being on staff!! :) “ -Justine Lezon L.I.T 2011

-Elyse Lezon L.I.T 2009

“-Use your downtime to rest up, being an L.I.T is a lot of hard work and you’ll need to use your breaks wisely, reading a book or making a bracelet was always nice and relaxing break for me! -Make the most of your L.I.T overnight! It was the highlight of my L.I.T year, make sure you actively participate in it and have fun! It is really a great way for all of the L.I.Ts to bond. -Stay positive, everyone has rough/tiring days but don’t let those days get the best of you, because for every tough day you have there will be so many more amazing unforgettable days to look forward to!”

“Keep an open mind, don’t be afraid to try new things, and don’t take constructive criticism to heart.” -Bailey Jones L.I.T 2012

“Give it all your best for the time you have at camp. Never forget that you are here to learn. And have the best summer of life!” -Mac Connet L.I.T 2011

-Sonia Srocchi L.I.T. 2011


I have no doubt in my mind that you’re all absolutely amazing and perfect for the L.I.T program here at C.A.C. I was absolutely thrilled to find out who would be taking part this summer! I am here for all of you everyday, anytime, anywhere. If you have any questions or just need to talk. If you need help with anything, or need advice. Please do not hesitate to approach me! I hope this handbook helps you this summer and I hope you truly feel prepared for the upcoming summer as a Canadian Adventure Camp staff member! Every staff member on the island is a resource for you. Ask them questions, observe their actions, work with them! Everyone is here to help you find your way. Lean on each other. Help each other. Teach each other. Share experiences and skills with each other! I hope this has been your BEST SUMMER EVER!!


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